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Externalities of IQ

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

“Hive mind” is in error by comparing the individual correlation between income and IQ with the national correlation. Correlations are dimensionless quantities, and we need a quantity with dimension “increase in income per IQ point”

From Scott’s graph of income by IQ decile, I conclude that within a nation, individual income increases by a factor of 1.024 per IQ point, that for IQs in the normal range, average income for people of that IQ within a given nation is proportional to 1.024^(IQ)

This closely agrees with Dallards result, obtained from different and independent data, that the average income for white males is proportional to 1.025^(IQ)

From La Griffe’s table, I construct a graph of log of national income against IQ, draw a trendline, and conclude that between nations, income increases by a factor of 1.099 per IQ point, that the average national per capita income is proportional to 1.099^(IQ).

This curve (exponential in IQ) gives a better fit than linear in IQ, and as good fit as smart fraction theory (linear in the proportion of people above a certain threshold).

From which we may conclude that the only a quarter of the benefit of IQ is internalized, that three quarters of the benefit goes to everyone else.

And that therefore importing inferior people people will lower your income much more than you yourself being inferior.  Inferior people benefit by going to the countries of superior people, but destroy what they come for.

Note the the neoreactionary classic gives a clear explanation of why national IQ matters. Because ruling IQ matters. A couple drive through the Congo. Everything has gone to shit since the white rulers left, everyone is trying cheat and rob everyone else, and often enough, trying to eat everyone else.  Cannibalism is not common, but it is a lot more common than one would prefer. Every so often an entire village comes after them with machetes, presumably intending to eat them.

In France, forty percent of births are African, and this fraction is rapidly increasing.  It is worse than Brazil, but France is still France, rather than Brazil, because pure blooded whites still rule.  From which we may conclude that in a few decades, French cuisine is going to feature people more than snails and frogs.

James Deen rape and porn

Friday, December 11th, 2015

The very Jewish and quite politically correct pornographer James Deen has been accused by eight female porn stars of raping them.

The accusations are all obviously false in that none of the pornstars are bringing charges or suing him, probably because he has videotapes of most of the “rapes”.

What is obviously happening here is that pornstars realize that they are hurt, humiliated, degraded, and their souls are being destroyed, but the culture gives them no words with which to express the thought except “rape” and “consent”.   But female consent really is not all that significant.  Consent does not make it good, nor lack of consent make it bad.   Thirty year old women are only marginally more competent to consent than nine year olds.

James Deen tells us (and since it is all videotaped, doubtless truthfully tells us) that all the BDSM is done with safe words and carefully negotiated boundaries.

I have done a bit of BDSM also, and never used safe words or negotiated boundaries.  Safe words and negotiated boundaries are contract negotiations, and you get contract negotiation in sex that is done for money.  The safe words and boundary negotiations are not an indication that all is well, but rather an indication that something is terribly wrong.

Trump has a good chance

Monday, December 7th, 2015

I, and Trump, have always expected that at some point the Cathedral would change the rules to block him because racism.

But now it looks as if they are comfortable with him as Republican candidate, because supposedly Hillary can beat him.

Hillary is a stupid drunken carpet munching bitch.  No matter what polls may say, people are only saying they will vote for Hillary because they know that that is what they are supposed to say.   If Trump becomes Republican candidate, as is highly likely if nothing extraordinary and obviously undemocratic is done to stop him, and if he then starts to lead on Hillary, and then the government does something extraordinary and undemocratic to stop him, that is likely to lastingly discredit democracy.

Mass immigration, and the ensuing fall in living standards and rise in rape and murder, has caused the half boiled frog to show ominous signs of twitching.  The standard response to a twitching frog is to allow the outer party, the conservatives, the appearance of power so that they can conserve the gains made by the left until the frog calms down and the left can resume boiling the frog.

Standard operating procedure would be Trump wins, illegal immigration is halted, legal immigration, like that which brought in the recent jihadi mass murderers, continues, jihadi terrorism continues and escalates, then in eight years illegal immigration quietly resumes again despite loud announcements to the contrary.

But as the left moves ever leftwards, it becomes harder for them to pull off their standard operating procedure.  They are reluctant to slow down just because the frog is showing signs of life.

So, predicting Trump gets the Republican nomination, predicting that he easily outpolls Hillary, predicting that he will win unless the government does something undemocratic to stop him, which it well may, predicting that if elected, he will find the permanent government highly uncooperative, and that anything he manages to do, will be quietly undone.  Predicting high risk of crisis that the left causes, and does not need to cause, that just as they are engaged in proxy war with Russia and are spoiling for open war with Russia for absolutely no sane reason, they are spoiling for proxy war and open war with the American voter for absolutely no sane reason.

To state the same prediction in different words:  Either Trump wins or the left does something considerably crazier even than the crazy stuff we have recently seen to stop him.

Technological decay

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

I have long argued, and commenters on this blog have long been disputed, that science died shortly after World War II, replaced by official state religion wearing lab coats as priestly robes, and using test tubes as aspersoria for holy water.

The age of science began with the Restoration and the Royal Society.  The Royal Society’s motto was “Take no one’s word for it”.   Feynman, in his address “What is Science?”, rephrased this as “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” Now, however science consists of taking the word of secret anonymous committees meeting behind closed doors, committees that refuse to show their evidence, data, calculations, and method of calculation even while demanding trillion dollar programs, gigantic human sacrifice, and challenged by freedom of information requests.

I have long argued, and commenters on this blog have long been disputed, that since 1972, the west has been in technological stagnation or outright decline in most everyday fields, in an ever increasing number of fields. Yes, DNA reading and computer disk drives keep improving, but clothes washing machines have gone to $#!&, and there is a reason why people are nostalgic for the old muscle cars.

Observe our ability to build and operate tall buildings has been diminishing since 1972.

The highest level of technology is found in war. Soldiers are to take control of or destroy men and assets. Tanks, artillery, mortars and Armored Personnel carriers are to destroy soldiers. Ground attack planes and helicopters are to destroy tanks and armored personnel carriers, and air to air fighters are to destroy ground attack planes, and other air to air fighters.

So the highest level of technology, and the greatest expense, is found in the air to air fighter. A people’s capability to build and operate air to air fighters is the most sensitive barometer of its technological level, and a vital factor in that people’s capacity to win wars. You get air superiority, so the other side cannot use tanks against your soldiers, and you can use tanks against their soldiers, and artillery against their population centers and assets. You flatten their population centers and destroy their assets so that they cannot feed and equip their soldiers, and then your soldiers take charge.

And as you know, American air to air fighters have been getting slower and slower, more and more expensive, less and less maneuverable, flying less and less high, and carrying less and less ordinance. But now they are stealthed, right?  And Russian fighters are not stealthed.

Stealth can be beaten by sufficiently advanced electronics – you need two radars in substantially different locations whose radar is coordinated – one paints the target with a radar beam, and the other views the scatter from a substantially different angle. In response to the Turkish attack Russia now has part of the technology to beat stealth deployed in Syria: AEASA radars that can spray beams out in several thousand completely different directions per second. Does it have all of the technology deployed? Does it have the capability to coordinate two AEASA radars so as to see through stealth? Maybe. Probably. Though we will not really know until we see a major air battle between Russia and another advanced power.

Further Russian air to air fighters can fly faster, fly higher, are more maneuverable, and carry more ordinance than American air to air fighters. The recent display of Russian capability in Syria seems to be giving the Pentagon a nervous breakdown.  The Su-34 is every way superior, except for the very important defect that it lacks stealth.

When Dubai wants to build a tall building, it hires western experts. But those western experts are expatriates, semi permanent exiles from the west. They have foreign wives, girlfriends, and concubines. They don’t build tall buildings in the West because a horde of bureaucrats would shake them down for bribes (politely laundered through “consultants”, aka bagmen) and because they could not get any decent pussy in the west.

Our increasingly diverse ruling elite loses cohesion, in part through diversity, in part through selecting for cowards and liars. Because of this loss of cohesion, if you want to build a tall building in the west, you have to bribe a thousand priestly bureaucrats (whose self justifications are increasingly priestly – mostly they are protecting Gaia) and each of these thousand bureaucrats wants his pet consultant to collect ten percent of the surplus value that would be created by the building, adding up to a demand for one hundred times the value, while the King of Dubai is likely to content himself with a mere fifty percent of the value.