Georgia color revolution

June 13th, 2024

The Ukraine is not a nation and has never been a nation. It has always been a province of empire, with its boundaries arbitrarily redrawn from time according to administrative convenience. It has always been ruled, then as now, by satraps of empire who regard themselves as imperials, and the locals as mere expendable provincials.

Imperial policy is to use up every last Ukrainian against Russia. They are starting to run out. Next up, Georgia.

Georgia was color revolutioned, but the color revolution did not stick. Georgia is a real nation, with an ancient and glorious history of resistance to empire. Georgians want to remain Georgians, rather than be dissolved into homogenised brownish globohomos soup. They want to be part of Europe, and part of Nato, but do not want to pay the price of their history, the culture, their race, their faith, and their identity being erased, their statues of great men pulled down, their Churches destroyed or turned into shrines of Gaia and gay sex, their old and beautiful buildings bulldozed and replaced by demonic postmodern eyesores.

Tearing down statues and appropriating and repurposing sacred places and symbols is what the conqueror does to the defeated.

The color revolutionary uniparty was united on Europe and Nato, but when the bill came due, lost enthusiasm and is now suffering severe disunity on the issue, a disunity that is more within both branches of the uniparty, rather than between the two officially separate branches of the uniparty. The uniparty system of tweedledum and tweedledee parties looks as fake as it is when the big political issue of the day cuts within the uniparty.

There are currently twenty six thousand globohomo funded ngos in Georgia — though more likely three ngos wearing twenty six thousand hats. And they are working on a second color revolution with intent that the bill be paid with interest, and Georgia faggotized and thrown into the meat grinder against Russia.

I don’t speak Georgian, and I don’t know what is going on in Georgia. But I do know what is going on in the English speaking world, which is where color revolution are prepared and organised. “Georgia’s democratic backsliding” “Oligarchy”. “the Georgian regime” The British minister of Defence, in the course of bellicose warmongering speech announcing weapons and training for Ukraine, announces that Britain “will support the legitimate aspirations of the Georgian people” Perhaps in the same manner as Britain supported the legitimate aspirations of the Libyan people by bombing them flat. “If ngos are not allowed to operate freely we can predict the outcome of the next election in Georgia” Indeed we can. Perhaps Modi should take notice.

Georgians, it seems, aspire to being globohomogenized, and Britain will support their aspirations.

The usual suspects assure us that the bill requiring ngos to register as foreign funded is unpopular, and the overwhelming majority of Georgians oppose it, and support Georgia being converted from a nation to administrative unit within the uniform European Union with a uniform moral faith, uniform demonic architecture, and a uniform lack of past and history. And also say that if ngos are forced to register, the political outcome in Georgia is going to be radically different. Recall the radical and dramatic change in the cultural atmosphere in Russia when all western agents self deported. similarly Hungary. When Orban took some measures to deal with Soros and transferred control of state universities from his foreign aligned enemies to his allies, things suddenly got a whole lot quieter in Hungary.

In Slovakia, tensions between the ngos and Slovakians are rising, as the ngos keep demanding the erasure of the Sovakian way of life, culture, faith, history and identity. But perhaps because Sovakia has little experience of being a nation, matters have not come to a head the way they have in Hungary and Georgia, Hungary and Georgia being real nations with long history. Although nationalism is a form of leftism, historical and biological identity is rightist. The Slovaks are mighty weak on historical identity, but they have biological identity and cultural history.

Intelligence and religiosity

June 5th, 2024

According to statistics that are likely out of date and obsolete there is a negative 0.2 correlation between religiosity and intelligence. A 0.2 correlation is substantial.

Of course, this relies on the definition of woke and progressivism as not religions. There is apt to be a positive correlation between adherence to the state religion, and intelligence, because you have to adhere, or at least pass as adhering, to the state religion, in order to be a member of the state or quasi state elite. And smart people are apt to do whatever it takes to get into the elite.

So, the state religion will have more of the smarties, and the other religions necessarily less. Unless, of course, the state religion is really stupid, and anyone smart is suspected of heresy, and therefore is not allowed into the state and quasi state elite.

For several decades, an IQ north of 140 locked you out of the elite. Then an IQ north of 130. These days it is starting to look more like an IQ north of 100, and it takes an IQ of at least 105 to make stuff work, to do almost any productive task unsupervised and self organised.

Because a state is necessarily based on a synthetic tribe, because faiths are synthetic tribes, and any synthetic tribe is going to have the characteristics of a faith, it has always been the case that adherence is required of members of the state and quasi state elite, and all states always are going to require adherence. Always have and always will. Separation of Church and State is always a lie. The question is always: what is the State Religion to be?

But some religions are considerably dumber than others.

The French Church of Reason, which was the enlightenment acknowledging what it is apt to deny, that it is a religion, was clever silly. Its priesthood had to be very very smart, in order to understand the very clever rationalisations for believing very silly things.

Similarly, Orthodox Judaism. You have to be mighty smart to understand the reasoning as to why gross violation of the Lord’s commandments constitutes the strictest adherence to them. As I have often remarked, the Talmud is in large part a vast collection of lawsuits against God which the Jews believe they won and God lost.

It is striking that Orthodox Jewish contribution to science and technology is absolutely insignificant, while Jewish contribution is considerable, and often very impressive. I conjecture that if you believe in a God that can be fooled and bamboozled with too clever by half rationalisations, you believe in a nature that can be fooled and bamboozled by clever lawyer tricks and bureaucratic bullshit, which as Richard Feynman observed, leads to attempting to launch rockets that blow up. As Feynman observed, nature cannot be fooled. Islam suffers a related a problem, because of its belief in a capricious and changeable God. If you believe in a God that can change and lie, you believe that Nature can change and lie. When debugging code, you are too likely to give up on Schrodinger bugs, like the infamous bug where LibreOffice could not print on Tuesdays, which kept being marked “will not fix”.

Unix and Linux has a notorious problem with reliably identifying file types, which has led to no end of bugs, due to shotgun parsing. It should have been immediately suspected that this was yet another one of those. In retrospect, the bug was not a Schrodinger bug at all. A Schrodinger bug is never a Schrodinger bug in retrospect. It is always something that should have been one of the usual suspects. I don’t think Islam was to blame for the “will not fix” dismissal of this bug, but Islam encourages the mindset that led to “will not fix”. “$#!% just happens, nothing one can do about it”. When one Linux program is passing a temporary file to another Linux program created by a different group of engineers, and something funny happens, file type misidentification should be on one’s list of the usual suspects.

The primary cause of Boeing’s Starliner moon mission just not getting off the ground, parts falling of Boeing airliners, and repeated “unusual extreme turbulence” events severely injuring Boeing airliner passengers and crew, seems to be tech lead Shaniqua, but tech lead Shaniqua’s “$#!% just happens, nothing one can do about it” mindset is clearly visible. Nasa gave launch approval with a “will not fix. $#!% just happens, nothing one can do about it” failure in the valve system, on the basis that the observed failures would not have led to any great harm. But if one valve fails mysteriously, and it does no great harm, another valve could fail mysteriously, and cause catastrophic mission failure. This is similar to what led to the Challenger disaster. They figured burn through in the Challenger booster was not doing enough harm to lead to catastrophe — but had no idea what was causing burn through, or why some burns burned further through than others. And one day it burned all the way through, which some people accurately predicted, and permanently lost their careers for accurately predicting.

Getting back on topic. The enlightenment faith was a very clever religion, a too clever by half religion, a clever silly religion. And an excellent example of this was the extraordinarily brilliant philosopher George Bernard Shaw, who believed in all sorts of completely stupid things. For example he visited Soviet Russia during the great Holodomor famine, and believed that the Soviet Union was doing a great job of looking after the peasant masses and that food was abundant.

But as our officially unofficial faith became holier and holier, it became sillier and sillier, and people just gave up concocting and learning clever rationalisations. The last clever rationaliser was Scott Alexander, who came up with no end of amazingly clever rationales for the grossest stupidity, and was predictably purged on suspicion of heresy.

Anyone really smart in the elite is really old or recently died, for example Larry Summers and Kissinger. The slightly younger ones, for example Hillary Clinton, are midwits, and the new generation of the elite is just stupid. It looks like the mean IQ of the Harvard intake is south of a hundred.

The Dark Enlightenment is smart and takes as its fundamental principle engaging with empirical reality through the scientific method, rather than finding clever reasons to ignore reality after the fashion of the Enlightenment and peer review. (Though these days I increasingly see peer review ignoring reality without bothering to find clever rationales for doing so.) The Dark Enlightenment is dark because, as Christians would say, mankind is fallen, and as the Dark Enlightenment says the same thing in game theoretic language, attaining cooperate cooperate equilibrium on a large scale is difficult.

Science is inherently a priestly profession. And if the official religion is unduly focused on the next world, it is apt to be stupid. And we see a lot stupid variants of Christianity. What made late seventeenth century, early eighteenth century Anglicanism such a great religion is it managed to endorse the scientific method as explained in the Sceptical Chymist. If nature is the direct manifestation of the will of a God that cannot change and cannot lie, then someone who directly has observed nature with his own hands and own eyes has special authority, and peer review and priestly consensus does not. Recall that the Puritans rioted and attempted to shut down the Royal Society, because the King was granting the scientific method status that they felt properly belonged to priests and prophets.

Well it does properly belong to priests and prophets. Prophets like Elon Musk and Richard Stallman, and priest prophets like Linus Torvalds. It belongs to the technomages. And the official state religion just has to make its peace with such people, as Charles the Second’s Anglicanism managed to do. Newton was rightly ordained and rightly buried in Westminster Abbey, even though his intellectual curiosity led to him dabbling in no end of heresies. The state and the state religion just has to do its best to include such difficult people in the state religion, because it has to include them in the state and quasi state elite, or else the state will wind up with a stupid state religion and a hostile elite outside the state and state religion.

A lot of versions of Christianity are infamously somewhat stupid: Young Earth creationism is faithful to an overliteral interpretation of scripture and is stupid. I have good authority for arguing that it is overliteral, since Saint Augustine argued it was overliteral, neglecting the spiritual meaning for an interpretation as history and geography, long before anyone knew it was stupid. Mariolatory is stupid and a gross violation of scripture and Christian morality.

Right now we have problem with perverts in the schools, in child protective services, in the scouts, in every quasi state institution that can give a pervert access to other people’s children, with the schools and similar services sexually mutilating other people’s children. And Christians are very quiet about this. By and large, it is the stupidest versions of Christianity that are quietest. Russian Orthodoxy is not quiet, but the credit for that belongs to Putin’s nukes, not to its doctrines. It is a lot safer to criticise Western state immorality and heresy when located in Russia.

Current state of the scaling problem

June 1st, 2024

A whole lot of shills have been posting a whole lot of mostly valid criticisms of Bitcoin, and I have been silently suppressing them, because I doubt their capability and willingness to have a genuinely informative discussion of Bitcoin, rather than randomly and unresponsively spewing fear, uncertainty, and doubt from scripts compiled by morons who did not understand these problems in the first place.

But the issues need discussion anyway.

When Bitcoin was just a gleam in Satoshi’s eye, the scaling problem was foreseen, and in 2016-2017, it bit.

If we don’t do anything to fix it, then Bitcoin scales by everyone having only a custodial wallet, because only banks and megacorporations can afford the transaction fees, and Bitcoin by slow and imperceptible degrees becomes a CBDC, as was foreseen from the beginning. And since Satoshi had his idea, we have been casting about for solutions. And since the scaling crisis started to bite, casting around for quick fixes to get a bit more scaling to postpone the crisis for a few more years, Lightning Bitcoin being one such quick fix, and L-BTC another.

But high transaction fees are biting Lightning. The number of channels has stopped growing, and more and more people are using custodial lightning wallets. (Partly because genuinely self custodial full routing lightning wallets are really bad, and are designed for someone with good linux administration skills who generally uses the command line, and has a dozen linux computers in his basement without screens or keyboard, with which he interacts over his home network by ssh and xrdp. Partly because setting up a bunch of routing channels is expensive, and rapidly getting more expensive. Partly because existing tools for setting up a useful set of channels are not very useful. These lightning tools are designed by a small group of insiders working full time at lightning related jobs to be used by a small group of insiders working full time at lightning related jobs.)

Lightning, like the bitcoin base layer, is turning into a custodial solution.

L-BTC works, and Blockstream plans to use it to take down SWIFT. But they have a permission and trust based consensus system, which centralisation makes a whole lot of scaling easy, but unlimited scaling hard. The more you scale that, the more it turns into a CBDC.

Well: Now we know in principle how to solve the problem. The final and permanent solution being recursive snarks, and the use of recursive snarks to shard the reliable broadcast channel. Which Polygon is planning to implement for the Ethereum ecosystem, but has not yet quite implemented.

Litecoin’s bulletproofs, which are almost snarks, and are based on the same technology (polynomial commitments) also support sharding in principle, though not in Litecoin as implemented today, but no one has quite figured out how to support contracts on bulletproofs, other than contracts which are purely scriptless scripts.

Polygon’s alarmingly centralised and anti privacy solution scales without limit.

Giap’s blog has the latest hot information about the latest and greatest techniques for polynomial commitments and all that stuff, but unfortunately very little information as to how fast these actually work on real world problems and how big the proofs are, because as yet very few of these techniques have actually been applied to the real world problems we need to solve.

There are three kinds of useful polynomial commitments. (I am ignoring DARKS as useless)

KZG10, used by Polygon, is based on pairing elliptic curves which have constant time scaling. Unfortunately operations on pairing curves are very slow, and operations on pairing curves with useful security are very very slow. So Polygon has gone with a pairing curve of only eighty bits security, which is not enough. Breaking this requires the breaker to search approximately 280 cases. Which is breakeable in reasonable time for a vast system of special purpose asics analogous to the bitcoin mining network.

Also KGZ10 requires trusted setup to establish a special trusted set of curve parameters. It is very difficult to do trusted setup in a way that anyone should trust, and Polygon has not even tried to do so.

FRI, also used by Polygon and Starkware to implement zkstarks, which are a kind of snark, are fast, because hashes are so much faster than elliptic curves and vastly faster than pairing curves, but inconveniently large. So you don’t want to communicate them over the internet as part of your protocol, and in Polygon’s implementation, they always get passed around in a big data center, hence centralisation. And they scale as log(d)2, which for problems of interest is apt to get inconveniently larger, so Polygon combines them with KZG10 to control the size.

IPA uses ordinary elliptic curves, which are reasonably fast, even though vastly slower than FRI’s hashes, small enough to be passed around over the regular internet, though much bigger that KZG10, and need no trusted setup, and scale as log(d). These are used by Litecoin for bulletproofs.

The relevant libraries for IPA based proofs are Halo2 and NOVA. Which are not exactly libraries, more like technology demonstrations. You have to write your own library. The available source code is not really in a useful state. You have to pull it out of Litecoin and Elements. To implement recursive snarks over a Merkle tree with the snark recursion paralleling the Merkle tree recursion it would be necessary to extract Polygon’s code for doing hashes inside the proof engine, move it to IPA and HALO2, and then implement recursion using NOVA.

Monero does not scale. Litecoin’s mweb addresses are not scalable, but would not be hard to make scalable by sharding the hogex. It would be necessary to introduce yet another new form of address, which would be the same as an mweb address except that it would run on a sharded reliable broadcast channel.

Polygon’s aggregated blockchain is shardable because of recursive snarks, but Litecoin’s bulletproofs, though they have lesser capabilities that snarks (hard to do contracts in a bulletproof) have most of the capabilities of snarks, among them sharding.

You can prove anything with bulletproofs, including, as in Halo2, snarks, but it is apt to be slow and the proofs large. So you have to optimise for a particular use case, and when you have optimized, your bulletproof based system is no longer general purpose, thus its commits are no longer snarks. Which ties your hands if you want contracts.

Litecoin addresses the contract problem by pegging money into and out of the hogex. Which if combined with sharding would mean that contracts could only function within a single shard. But that is acceptable for a whole lot of contract applications, and you could always connect a regular contract to a scriptless script, which can operate between shards and between separate blockchains.

Litecoin’s bulletproofs have no trusted setup, and 126 bits cryptographic security, which should suffice for a few centuries. I have not really looked at Blockstream’s Elements yet.

Future war

May 21st, 2024

An enormous number of men died, an enormous number of tanks and fighting vehicles were expended in the battle for Avdeevka. Advdeeka was the key strong hold in the line of strong places the Ukrainians have spent ten years building in the Donbass.

And the key to the battle of Avdeevka was the Terrikon, an artificial mountain fortress with a flat top covered by maze of bunkers, and the top surrounded by low walls, so that those below could not see those on top, nor shoot at them. From the Terrikon, those on top can see and kill people twenty kilometers away, from reasonable safety and comfort. As long as the Ukraine held the Terrikon, Avdeevka could not fall. Once the Russians took the Terrikon, Avdeevka could not stand. The flat top was big enough that pounding it with artillery blind was pointless, for the material around the trenches and bunkers was like concrete. And even if artillery had a drone spotter, you had to land the shell right on the target, and artillery was not sufficiently accurate, the fortifications being tiny and very strong.

The Russians expended huge numbers of men and tanks repeatedly trying, and repeatedly failing, to take the Terrikon. An enormous number of men died, and an enormous number of tanks and vehicles, were expended in the endless and endlessly repeated World War I style battles for the Terrikon. They kept trying to have World War style II battles, but it always devolved into World War I style battles, which are always terrible and horrifying. Until Russia gave White’s 114th brigade the job of taking it, and permission to do it their own way. They took it with zero casualties, and little use for the mountains of million dollar equipment deployed. Zero casualties in the 114th, though I suspect that there were quite a few casualties in the column of tanks used to distract attention.

White privately raised funds to buy some drones. The battle was mostly won by a single drone operated by White, plus a whole lot of electronic warfare. His drone looks like an ordinary good consumer grade drone, presumably modified for war. Maybe worth a few thousand dollars, while the tanks and all that cost millions of dollar each. The cost of those drones was the cost of a few shells. His team had only three drones at any one time, though they lost quite a few drones in the process.

Hat tip Simplicius the Thinker “Ukrainian streets deserted“. Scroll to the end of his page. First part of his page covers the fact that the Ukraine collapsing from the inside, not from the battle front. The future of war is the mini documentary at the end of his page.

White used drones, men on foot, stealth, distraction, misdirection, electronic warfare, and drones. Mostly he used one single drone. He took the blood soaked Terrikon with zero casualties. There are many drones and drone operators in this war, but a very small proportion of drone operators are responsible for the vast majority of damage inflicted on the enemy, as in knightly medieval warfare where battles were apt to be primarily decided by the valor, strength, and skill of a single exceptional knight, the Terrikon was in large part taken personally by White himself, through the drone he operated.

He pounded the Terrikon by drone for quite a while, then, when the Ukrainians were distracted by an entirely irrelevant column of tanks, pounded them some more. Most of them broke and fled, and were killed while fleeing. Then his men, deeply hidden in stealth, suddenly came out of stealth and stormed the Terrikon, killing the holdouts, who were hiding in the remaining bunkers and trenches — mostly people too wounded to flee. Those few who remained were too demoralised to offer effective resistance.

The job of the tanks was merely to attract attention and shellfire, so that shells would be landing on tanks that did not matter, rather than on men who mattered. When the Ukrainians should have been bombarding the Terrikon, and bombarding the remnants of their own troops abandoned on top of it, they were instead shelling an irrelevant column of tanks.

The Russian high command refused to believe that White’s Brigade had taken the Terrikon, so they ran up the flag, and sent out the video on social media.

Notice: Aristocratic warfare — a single man makes the difference. Aristocratic logistics — White fought with his personal weapons, rather than relying on the vast and stupendously expensive logistic bureaucracy. Artillery mattered a lot, the thunder of tanks mattered a lot as an attention getter and as an artillery sponge, but largely it was one drone operated by one man. The Ukrainians broke and fled under drone warfare, and only then did his men move.

Aristocratic governance is born in aristocratic warfare, and the first side that wakes up to this is likely to conquer. The Holy Roman Empire was born with Charles the Hammer almost accidentally creating aristocratic governance. The Russian government gave White some medals. Should have given him lands and a wife.


The Ukraine is not a nation

May 15th, 2024

The Ukraine never has been a nation. It has always merely been a province of empire. Ukrainians oft got conscripted to fight in the wars of far away empires, but even when the empire ruled through local satraps, as it does now, the local minions of empire failed to act as if the Ukraine was a nation.

Here are Ukrainians celebrating independence day. Notice the near total absence of anyone celebrating. Compare with the enormous turnout everywhere in Russia for victory day.

And today the local minions of empire in the Ukraine are not acting as if the Ukraine is a nation.

Three recent incidents reveal this. That defences along the Northern front were paid for, yet for the most part not actually built, that the Russians discovered a very long pile of materials for building defences that had been dumped among the trees by the edge of the road and, most all, Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, playing guitar and singing with a Ukrainian rock band at the Barman Dictat in Kiev.

The Ukraine has a trucking crisis, making it difficult to move food to where it is needed, because so many truck drivers have been conscripted to fight in the front lines, rather than transport stuff to the front lines. A Ukrainian conscript who lost both legs at the knee was demobilised for lack of legs, and then, legless, conscripted again. But, it would seem that is not a problem for nightclub entertainers. Kiev, thanks to the mighty influx of American money, has more bars and nightclubs than it did before the war.

According to CBS news, that it is party time in Kiev is a form of defiance of Russia. The young men in the CBS photos are evidently at no risk of being summoned to the front. The imperial minions in Kiev are acting like the war is a gold mine, and they have struck it rich.

The minions in other imperial provinces along the border watch the party enviously, and wonder if they too could strike gold and retire to the South of France.

If the Ukraine was a real nation, the local elite would not do this stuff, or if they did do it, would be more furtive about it. The local elite has no plans for making peace with Russia. They don’t care and it is not their decision to make anyway. They have plans for moving to the South of France. They are building and purchasing mansions, and in Zelensky’s case, a palace, as far from the Ukraine as they can, and as the war approaches its end, stealing as much as possible as fast as possible.

As the time available to steal stuff grows shorter, and the prospect of long term employment as the empire’s satraps in the Ukraine grows more remote, the imperial minions naturally focus more on stealing whatever is not nailed down, and burning down what is nailed down so that they can steal the nails, and focus less on preserving imperial rule. Global American Empire rule over the Ukraine is collapsing. The battle field is merely a lagging indicator. The collapse starts in the luxurious nightclubs of Kiev first, and the battlefield eventually follows later. The apparatus of imperial rule in the Ukraine is about to relocate to the mansions in the South of France.

The same malaise is visible, though not in such advanced form, even in the heart of empire. The inability to increase arms production is partly de-industrialisation, partly diversity, equity, and inclusion, partly the decline of science and technology. But it is also partly that military industrial complex is more focused on how much they can steal before the roof falls in than on increasing arms production.

The Ukrainian collapse begins

May 12th, 2024

Russia has activated its fresh Northern Front forces, who now find themselves fighting the tattered remnants of Ukrainian forces who had earlier been chewed up on the Eastern front, and sent to guard the Northern front to give them a break. These fresh forces do not have fresh leadership. They are led by battle hardened veterans who have been through hell and back.

In modern warfare, you cannot follow Kagan’s moron plan — concentrate your forces on a narrow front, and punch through. If you try it, you are just creating a target rich environment for the enemy to have fun with.

A broader front favours the attacker, a narrower front the defender. The Eastern front is so broad that it is rather permeable to people sneaking through, and on May tenth, the Russians activated the northern front, making the front line a whole lot broader.

The Russians have been loudly signalling and very publicly organising an attack for May fifteenth — which was widely believed to be feint to pull Ukrainian forces off the eastern front. As feint, it succeeded, leading to some small Ukrainian collapses on the eastern front, a little village here, a little village there, a hill or two, a patch of trees, a few trenches.

Then on May tenth, the Russians launched several small reconnaissances in force across the northern front. Some of which were horribly defeated, but most of which were startlingly successful, so within a few hours, the successful ones were followed up by a thunder run. (Which sounds a bit like Kagan’s stupid plan, but these are broad front thunder runs, not narrow front thunder runs, so maybe not quite as stupid.)

Well, in modern warfare, thunder runs have a horrifyingly bad record, so the Ukrainians will likely manage to stop it somewhere somehow. Modern warfare favours the small, swift, sneaky, and unexpected, and quietly changing the day by five days should not have been all that surprising, though it looks like it was. The Ukrainians got caught with their pants down. But the key and fundamental Ukrainian problem is that they are just running out of Ukrainians. Too many have died. And having a whole new front and a whole lot of fresh Russian troops to deal with suddenly makes that problem a whole lot worse. Too many have died, and today a lot more are dying.

Left internal quarrel

May 3rd, 2024

As you know, our college campuses are being rocked by massively astroturfed protests funded and organised by anti Zionist Jews who hate you and want you dead, against Zionist Jews who hate you and want you dead.

At which protests the same astroturf who looted and burned with absolute impunity to protest the holy martyrdom of Saint George Fentanyl Floyd are getting a bit of the police violence that they strangely failed to get while looting and burning.

I conjecture that the anti Zionist Jews who hate you and want you dead are feeling aggrieved because explosives that were supposed to be sent to Eastern Europe to kill white people are instead being sent to Israel to kill brown people.

The interesting thing about this is that the people organising and funding these protests obviously do not care about ensuring that the next election gets rigged sufficiently to allow Biden to be appointed again. Clearly they are in favour of the next election being rigged sufficiently to allow Biden to be appointed again, but it is low on their list of priorities. These protests make Biden look bad, and reveal that the horde of browns brought in to live on crime, government employment, welfare, and voting Democrat are no more keen on voting Democrat than they are on working for a living.

I am pretty sure that the real vote for Biden, real in the sense of physical people physically showing up at the polling booth on election day, is somewhere down around ten or fifteen percent. Observe what happens when Biden shows up physically to meet ordinary physical people in person at a Democratic party stronghold as compared to what happens when Trump shows up physically in a Democratic party stronghold to meet ordinary physical people.

If the left is at each other’s throats during the election, their ballot box stuffing is likely to get messed up.

Who stabbed Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel?

April 24th, 2024

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and several worshipers were attacked in an absurdly vicious and completely over the top manner, guaranteed to outrage people.

And yet the stabbing was strangely ineffectual. It is very easy to kill people. It is not that difficult to do it with bare hands if you can get the upper hand, and with knife of suitable size, trivial. If I made a sucker knife attack on someone with the intent of killing him, it would be entirely undramatic. He would be fatally wounded so fast you would not see it happening. You would just see a whole lot of blood and me fleeing abruptly, followed by him folding up. The Australian government has attempted to ban the video — whether sincerely or in a deliberate effort to Streisand it, I am not sure, but the ban was, predictably, utterly ineffectual and wildly counterproductive. It merely resulted in everyone downloading and uploading the video.

The attacker says “Allahu Akbar” so that everyone will know this is a Mohammedan attack on a Christian. But the odd thing is, Bishop Emmanuel has not said or done anything that would particular piss off Mohammedans, while he had said and done lots of things that outrage the demon worshipers running the west, including calling them demon worshipers. I am pretty sure you could get away with his infrequent mild mannered criticisms of Islam (that Islam and Judaism are false religions) in Dubai, while I routinely say much worse things: That Mohammed’s visions were of a demon — literal or a projection of his own evil, that a Mohammedan that does not murder innocents is a bad Mohammedan, and that Islam is inimical to science and technology because it worships an inconstant God who can change and lie. And no one seems to take offense.

What has outraged people his his criticisms of the demon worshipers ruling us.

I am fairly sympathetic and supportive of Islam. I say Mohammed was right about women, the Taliban are fighting for their freedom and restoring order, peace, and prosperity to a land endlessly ravaged by war, that we need to postpone renewing the crusades until we have dealt with the common enemy of demon worshipers. And, like Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, I say the Jews are attempting to genocide the Palestinians. Muslims generally seem to perceive me as a frenemy, and I am sure that they would similarly perceive Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, who, unlike me, has always preached the human dignity of people of all faiths.

I suppose in a sense I preach the much same thing, in that I say that the Peace of Westphalia should be applied to all faiths, but I also say it will need to be imposed on Dar al-Islam with a big stick, and that Cortes had the right answer for demon worship. We can worry about Mohammedanism after we and the Mohammedans have dealt with the big problem: Demon worship ruling the west — a topic Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel has addressed frequently with vigor.

Since the attack, an army of shills, most of them with Tel Aviv network addresses, have been vigorously using it to promote war between based Christians and based Muslims — a position that, of course, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is vigorously opposing right now, and that I also oppose.

I post this in support of the wonderfully based and outstandingly Christian Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel. He is not as based as I am — I have not seen him preaching that for a faith, a people, a nation, or an empire to successfully reproduce it has to have families, and that to have families, men need to impose stable monogamy on women with a stick, lest Miss Average waste her youth, her beauty, and her fertility banging Mister One-in-thirty. But he is certainly more Christian than I am. I have a bit of difficulty forgiving my enemies.

Part of the horror of this attack is that he failed to take any effectual action to protect himself, while I am still mostly killer ape, and wear civilization like an ill fitting suit. But there is a place in Christianity for men of violence, without which it could not have survived and won. I am a big fan of Saint Theodore the Varangian. Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel says he fears nothing and no one, and observing the attack, he speaks the truth. But sometimes, a more forceful method of dealing with evil is appropriate. Sometimes, fearlessness needs to manifest more in the style of Saint Theodore the Varangian.

After the Ukraine war, Nato

April 18th, 2024

It seems unlikely that the Ukraine war will end in a negotiated settlement. The Ukrainian muppet state is already starting to disappear, with most of the high elements of the state having moved to mansions in the South of France, Italy, and Canada. They don’t seem keen on America for some reason I am at loss to understand. Zelensky has purchased a palace in London, which is not a strong vote of confidence in the continued existence of the Ukrainian muppet state.

Those elements of the state apparatus that are still around are increasingly acting like mobile bandits rather than stationary bandits — grabbing what they can preparatory to moving on, and applying state violence capriciously and arbitrarily without regard to the long term state objectives of maintaining order and productivity. Likely that by and by, there just will not be enough of the muppet state left for the elements of the state to get away with using violence under color of authority.

If the Ukrainian muppet state simply vanishes, chances are that the Russians will not intervene to restore order, as this would be contrary to their objective of obtaining a neutral and non aligned buffer zone between themselves and NATO. With luck, we may gain a modern example of how to organize a state from nothing. Or at least how not to do it. Ancient states were created from nothing through relationships of blood and marriage, but we are likely to see a state created from nothing through computers running on Starlink internet and generator power or solar power.

On the other hand, the normal process of state creation is that mobile bandits get sufficiently large and well organised that they face no serious opposition within a well defined turf, and quietly and slowly settle down to stationary banditry. Which is a long, slow, bloody, and destructive process. And one that the Russians may not have the patience for. Russians want a strong cohesive and neutral state capable of keeping out agents of foreign powers, capable of taking responsibility and exercising power over state level threats that happen on its turf.

We shall see. But the topic of this post is not what happens to the Ukraine after what remains of the Ukrainian muppet state skedaddles, but what happens in Nato after what remains of the Ukrainian muppet state skedaddles. Even if Ukraine develops a strong cohesive non aligned state, Nato and Russia are going to keep on pushing where their borders are adjacent. What is happening to Kalingrad is intolerable to Russia and Russians, and Russia is sure to do something violent about it after the Ukrainian muppet state vanishes, even if Nato engages in no further acts of menace and aggression — and it surely will engage in further acts of menace and aggression.

Russia has had centuries of Kalingrad type problems, and for centuries has been resolving or attempting to resolve those problems with immense and terrible violence. This is unlikely to change no matter who governs Russia in future, short of it being conquered and converted into a muppet state of the Global American Empire.

Russia is an empire, and naturally fissiparous, but the gradual escalation of threats, menace, and violence by the global American Empire has led to unprecedented unity and patriotism. These days, even the Chechens are enthusiastic Russian patriots. Russians have deep and horrifying memories of World War II, and when they look westwards, they see the German Wehrmacht in 1940. They are psychologically prepared for total war that could very easily go nuclear, though they do not expect nuclear war happening suddenly out of the blue.

The most recent Nato escalation of war on Russia was a small scale invasion of Russia past the borders that Nato recognizes. It was only a reconnaissance in force, a test of Russian capability, will, and cohesion, but it pissed off the Russians no end.

The Polish and American Nato forces operating from Nato bases in the Ukraine were wearing “Free Russian” hats, and the Nato bases are prominently labelled Ukrainian, and everyone in Global American Empire thinks this makes it totally not a Nato invasion of Russia, just a proxy invasion of Russia, a view not universally accepted by people who live in Russia.

Because the Global American Modus Operandi since 2010 has been slow and creeping escalation, on the slow boiling the frog model, no one in Russia expects nuclear war any time soon, but the Russian government and individual Russians are preparing for nuclear war eventually.

You will recall how the US could not tolerate Soviet Empire bases in Cuba, and this nearly led to nuclear war even though there was absolutely no threat of an Imperial Soviet Invasion of the American homeland. Russians perceive a very real threat of Imperial American invasion. In the end, either the borders of the Russian homeland will be neutral states, or the nukes will very likely fly.

Ukraine begins to crumble.

April 11th, 2024

The Ukraine begins to crumble. The Ukraine has about six months of war material left. There army has been severely depleted of men willing to fight. Zelensky has been ruling illegally since March 31, when the last constitutional fig leaf of paper pretence at democracy expired. The pool of potential conscripts is empty – they could easily lower the age of conscription to eighteen or to fifteen, but due to flight and failure to reproduce, that is not a substantial pool.

The death and injury rate among the men that have already been conscripted is horrendous, and is growing faster and faster.

On the other hand, Russian advances have been insignificant so far. A ditch, then a tree, then another ditch, then a house. Remember Bakhmut. That was quite a while ago, and Putin murdered the general who accomplished it, which is not good strategy. Today there is much excitement because the Russians have gained a small and shaky toehold in Chasov Yar. The centre of Chasov Yar is about ten kilometres from the centre of Bakhmut, and the Russian toehold about five kilometres from the western edge of Bakhmut, so it took the Russians all this time to advance five kilometres.

But this painfully slow rate of advance largely reflects Ukrainian strategy of sacrificing very large numbers of troops to hang on to very bad positions. They keep feeding enough troops into a killing field that the Russians cannot take it. So the Russians kill the men that are defending it, and the Ukrainians feed in more men. Ukrainian strategy seems single mindedly focused on what will look good in next week’s Washington power point presentation, and avoiding what will look bad in that presentation, rather than on winning the war.

A Ukrainian strategy aimed at winning the war would be to make Russians pay the highest possible price for their advances, and Ukrainians the lowest possible price for inflicting that high price, and then negotiate when the Russians got tired — it would mean a willingness to fall back from weak places. The entire Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive consisted of Ukrainians in weak places fighting Russians in strong places.

Washington loves its frozen conflicts, but the Ukrainians are paying an unpayable price to keep this conflict frozen.

I watched Kagan on Youtube lay out his plan for the Ukrainian Greatest Counter Offensive. (Or maybe it was his wife’s plan, or Blinken’s plan, but he seemed to think it was a great idea, and that he was a great military expert on warfare). Well I am not a great military expert on warfare, but I thought that the plan was idiotic, and that he was idiotic. Some time later I learned that the Pentagon also thought the plan idiotic, and the Ukraine’s top general thought the plan was idiotic. Nonetheless, the Ukrainians attempted to carry out the plan. Which tells you where the power is. The power is with people who have family reasons for wanting Ukrainians dead.

So, the question is, how long before the remaining part of the Ukrainian army just decides to vanish?


If the Ukraine was a real nation, their army would be only about half way to collapse, and they could probably continue the same way to 2026 or so. But I think Ukrainian patriotism is mostly fake. The Ukraine has never been a real nation, but a satrapy that empires fought over, not with. I say Ukrainian patriotism is fake and gay, that people say patriotic words because it is easier and safer, and in due course they will say pro-russian words, and scarcely notice the change. Their Ukrainian patriotic words are not really their words, they are Global American Empire words, and Global American Empire is falling.

We shall see if I am right.

Know your enemy, know yourself, win every battle. Know yourself but not the enemy, win some, lose some. Know neither the enemy nor yourself, lose every battle

The Global American Empire does not know itself nor the enemy. They cannot see that to the ordinary Russian in the street, this looks like the lead up to World War II with Nato as Wehrmacht, that fear of the west and the tyranny Russians suffered in the 1990s has remarkably united the naturally fissiparous Russian empire.

And similarly, they believe that Russians seek liberation from Putin, see him as a tyrant, and long to be liberated to Global American Empire rule and for peace by surrender. Hence the remarkably stupid US “Free Russian” invasion of Russia. They thought the oppressed Russian masses would rise up to join them for liberation. The Russians got some electronic devices from the bodies of the “Free Russians” — which recorded a mixture of Ukrainians speaking Ukrainian with Ukrainian accents, and Americans speaking English with American accents.

Our rulers believe their own economic statistics, such as 3.5 percent inflation and low unemployment, hence the disaster of economic sanctions against Russia, which in practice did far more harm to the American Empire than the Russian. All GDP statistics are fake, but Global American Empire GDP statistics are fake and gay. Hence American incapacity to support this war logistically. When America goes up against China, the disparity in economic capability is going to be far more extreme.