Satanic symbolism at the vatican

December 3rd, 2021

The papacy is maintaining a studied ambiguity as to whether they worship God or Satan

Outside view of papal reception hall

Inside view of papal reception hall

Close up inside view

This resembles the infamous Socinian ambiguity when they were conducting entryism against the Church of England in the late seventeenth, early eighteenth century, as to whether Christ was God or an enlightened Jewish community organizer who was regrettably less enlightened than their much more enlightened selves.

I have noticed that when someone preaches the parable of the Good Samaritan as that we must love all people of all races everywhere equally, rather than that we should love our neighbor, and anyone who is neighborly to us counts as a neighbor even if he is far from us, and any actual neighbors that act unneighborly do not count as neighbors, he flinches from the short affirmation as if I was aiming a flame thrower at him.

This is consistent with the hypothesis that Christian Churches today have a big problem with entryists who are literal demon worshipers.

Check if your pastor can give you the short affirmation.

Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

The power and effectiveness against our enemies of this affirmation suggest that we have a lot of literal demon worshipers around

However I would add that while Catechisms and Creeds should be unchanging forever, shill tests need to be adapted from time to deal with the latest group of enemy entryists. The Filoque is the result of the error of sticking your shill test against your latest entryist infestation in your creed. The above shill test is a pastiche of bits and pieces of various creeds that trial and error shows me have proven effective against the enemies we are dealing with today, the currently effective bits. We will probably face different enemies in a few decades or centuries. Not intended as a replacement for the existing and ancient creeds. Intended to set our current enemies on fire.  Creeds are for friends, shill tests are to identify enemies posing as allies in order to do you harm.

And to clear your palate after being exposed to the above ugly, disgusting, depressing, and blasphemous images

The Great Cathedral in Russia

White men are once again building Cathedrals.

The end of gold

November 20th, 2021

Gold has been great insurance against crisis and collapse for five thousand years.

Now it ends.

The gold bugs are whistling in the dark.

Currently there is about ten trillion in gold value held in private hands, about one trillion in crypto currency, primarily bitcoin. So gold still dominates crypto currency by capital value. But volume of crypto currency transactions dominates volume of gold transactions, because it is a lot easier and safer to move crypto currency around than to move gold around.

If technology collapses, if the grid goes down, as well it might, you will be able to buy stuff with gold and you will not be able to buy stuff with crypto currency.

But you will be able to move to some place where technology has not collapsed, and take your assets with you in your head. Try doing that with gold, and it will be confiscated.

Gold is a hedge against social and societal collapse, and crypto currency is a hedge against social and societal collapse. Social and societal collapse looms, but gold is going down, and crypto currency going up.

This is going to continue. Gold is going to be demonetized, because crypto currency is simply better money. When gold is demonetized, its value will fall to its industrial and decorative value, which I would guess to be something like ten percent of its current value. Though by that time a Big Mac will probably cost a few billion US fiats. It will take gold a long time to demonetize, as it took silver a long time to demonetize.

For the past fourteen or so years, the US government has been going hog wild on printing money, and people have been prophesying monetary doom. I expected them to be correct, but I did not prophesy doom, because I figured I would wait to see some signs that doom was actually arriving. There is a lot of ruin in a nation. Well, I have been waiting longer than I expected, but now I see signs of monetary doom. But probably not till 2023, 2025, or so. Could be 2022, but I don’t really expect it in 2022.

The likely sequence will probably be long drawn out. People who are hanging on to their fiat money waiting for prices to return to “normal” will slowly give up, and when enough of them have given up things will get wild. And after things have been wild for a while the government will take some drastic actions, and announce normality has returned. And enough people will believe them that for a short while it will seem that normality has returned – at a much higher, but seemingly stable, price level. And then roller coaster will suddenly take another dip. After a few such dips, the increasingly frequent announcements of normality will cease to have the desired effect and we get full on hypeinflation where you just cannot buy stuff for US dollars, and if you can you are uncertain about the number of zeroes that are appropriate.

The US dollar and British pound have had a very long run – compared to all other fiat currencies. But the life expectancy of fiat currencies is not very good. The anglo social order is ending. What replaces it, is up for grabs.

Not the Babylon Bee

November 15th, 2021

Somewhat after the last minute, they have proceeded with the real case against Kyle.

A bunch of peaceful protestors peacefully protested by smashing cars and setting buildings on fire.

The militia showed up toting guns, Kyle among them, to stop this.

The peaceful protesters felt this was extremely provocative.

Kyle saw a fire, and unwisely went towards it alone carrying his gun and a fire extinguisher. Ziminski was smashing up cars, and either Ziminski or Rosenbaum or both had lit the fire – we know Rosenbaum had lit other fires.

The prosecution claims, on quite improbable grounds, that Kyle pointed his gun at Ziminski. According to Kyle’s testimony, he did not notice Ziminski until Ziminski started shooting at him, but under the circumstances Ziminski would feel threatened by an armed militia man showing up while he was peacefully smashing cars and so forth. He would feel as if someone was pointing a gun at him and suggesting that he stop peacefully smashing other people’s cars and peacefully setting other people’s property on fire.


It really does not make any difference whether Kyle pointed the gun at him or not. If you are peacefully protesting, armed militiamen are threatening.

We have no reason to believe that Kyle pointed a gun at Ziminski. We have strong reason to believe that this incident started with Ziminski firing warning shots at Kyle, or shooting wildly at him and repeatedly missing. But the prosecution theory is that this incident started with Kyle provoking Ziminsky, which he indeed did, and thus that Kyle had no right to self defense, because the incident was started by Kyle and the rest of the militia provoking peaceful protesters.

There the protesters were peaceful destroying aggressive hostile capital, and the militia provoked them.

Therefore attacking a militia man was totally legitimate.

And, because provocation, they had every right to attack the militia man, and the militia man no right to self defense.

Yes, this is the prosecution theory – and this is the theory of all those arguing that Kyle is guilty. This is not the Babylon Bee.

The bottom line argument is that the militiamen, Kyle among them, started it by inhibiting peaceful protesters from peacefully protesting.

Kyle was there to help protect businesses: Provocation.

We need to think ourselves into our enemy’s shoes. If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

The enemy does not know that wealth and value is created. He thinks it just springs forth from the fertile soil, and evil capitalists lock it up. The enemy is a chimpanzee wandering in the urban jungle. So when he destroys stuff, he is doing a good deed and should be commended. When he prevents the creation of wealth, as with Biden’s moves against oil production that have sent the price of fuel skyrocketing, he is redistributing it back to the the rightful possessors.

The enemy saw the destruction of Kenosha as constructive, rather than destructive. They are doing it so that our grandchildren will have a future. (They don’t have grandchildren – they are doing it for us.)

Envy is wanting the successful man to not have what he has. The envious are supposedly motivated by wanting the other guy’s stuff, but they want to smash it, rather than take it.

If you actually want the same kind of things the other guy has, rather than wanting to take what he has away from him, you are going to admire and respect, which is going to facilitate you learning from him and imitating him. If you want to destroy what he has, you are going to hate. Admiration and respect facilitates learning and imitation. Hatred and contempt facilitates destruction.

Critical race theory seems to be tightly focused on the tale that all the science, technology, and industry of western civilization was stolen from the brave and stunning warrior women of subsaharan Africa.

Envy is hating and despising who has nice things for what he has. The normal behavior is to admire and respect someone for what he has, which facilitates imitation, and thus facilitates getting what he has. Admiration of people who have what you want is adaptive. As I am found of pointing out, a hot wife and a flying palace helped Trump get votes. Envy is uncommon, pathological, maladaptive, and self destructive, characteristic of broken people with a death wish. Our enemies are broken people who want to die and want the world to die with them, hence the popularity of Satanism among them.

The faith of the Cathedral is largely a collection of rationales for envy. So the woke tend to be people who suffer passionately and extraordinarily from envy. So, peaceful protest. Carrying a gun to protect businesses is provocative.


The strange acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse

November 14th, 2021

It looks like Kyle is about to be acquitted, probably on all counts, including the count of carrying a gun while seventeen. Bizarrely, Kyle is being acquitted merely because it is glaringly obvious that he is a hero and straight shooter who was defending himself against vicious savage subhuman trash trying to murder him.

Huber and Jump Kick Man attack

Huber and Jump Kick Man attack

Gaige Grosskreutz attempts to murder Kyle

Gaige Grosskreutz attempts to murder Kylie

Why did this extraordinary miscarriage of justice, allowing a politically incorrect man to walk free merely because obviously innocent, happen?

Well, watching the prosecutors, they seemed to have drunk their own koolaide. The fix was not put in, because no one thought the fix was needed. White supremacist slaughters unarmed peaceful protestors peacefully protesting. Simple. Open and shut case.

So they failed to fix the evidence, the jury, the judge, and the defense lawyers.

I am just not seeing the “Oh $%!#, its hopeless” behavior until it is suddenly revealed that it is hopeless.

Their questioning of McGinnis only makes sense if they thought that Kyle ambushed Rosenbaum, rather than Rosenbaum ambushing Kyle, and expected the evidence to show that, even though everyone in the world saw Rosenbaum attack Kyle, as he had attacked so many other people.

The radicalism of the new regime.

November 6th, 2021

Namefag Yarvin predicts fifty years of the Brezhnevian stagnation.

I predicted that that revolutionary change would ensue as fast as Russia, where the Kadets were in power and then out of power so fast it gave them whiplash. I predicted that the Republicans would never win another election in America, and they just won some, falsifying my prediction.

But …

This is free money being handed out to friends of the federal reserve.

We are not currently on the course the Russian revolution took. The American deep staters are not the Russian deep staters and the Democrats are not the Kadets, to my surprise and contrary to my predictions. We are however on the course the French Revolution took, and the Democrats may well be the Girondists. The Girondists lasted a lot longer than the Kadets – but they went to the guillotine soon enough.

Naturally the politicians want to hand out a whole lot more free money. This is the path the French Revolution walked, for with with the removal of the King, power fell into far too many hands. Far too many people could stick their hands into the till.

The spending part of the “Build it back better” bill will spend about four trillion a year, about 20% of M2 per year.

The taxes that are supposed to pay for this are a soak to the rich package similar to disastrous soak the rich packages that have been tried over and over during the last sixty years in country after country.

There are plenty of unproductive rich whom you would really rather not have around, for example the friends of the federal reserve, and most of the FIRE economy, the blue state economy composed of Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Education. The dissolution of the monasteries was a really great and highly successful soak the rich program, and we urgently need another along the same lines, but, needless to say, this program is going after the productive rich, primarily Musk and people like Musk, rather than unproductive and useless rich, and the record of similar programs over the past sixty years is that they result in a major drop in revenue, so the taxes that are supposed to pay for this, rather than raising money, will probably,set us back another trillion or two. They are based on hatred and envy, not rational economic calculation.

Even on static analysis, ignoring the fact that you always get more of what you subsidize and less of what you tax, they don’t pay for the program, but on static analysis, they will raise about two trillion a year for a four trillion program, meaning that if the fed puts its friends on short rations, and static analysis was correct, you would only have the money supply increasing at about ten percent a year. Which is still considerably more than siegnorage will bear. But if, as is more likely, they lose money rather than raising money, and if, as is likely, the fed is unable to put its friends on short rations, then the money supply will grow at about forty five percent a year, which is roughly similar to what happened following the French Revolution.

What happens when a government tries to rely on seignorage, on printing money, more than seignorage will bear?

Well at first people think the shortages and scalper prices are a temporary abnormality, and they horde money, intending to buy stuff when prices and supply returns to normal. After a while inflationary expectations set in, they realize prices are never going to return to “normal”, and they start treating money as radioactive. As soon as they get some money, they immediately convert it into something real, for example brandname goods in sealed boxes that they can sell on ebay, or something that is not being rapidly debased, such as bitcoin. And when this happens, the government can no longer benefit by debasing the stock of money, because the real value of the stock of money collapses, and there is not much left to debase. Then you get hyperinflation.

Will we get hyperinflation? Maybe not, but if we don’t, it will be because power that is at present dispersed into far too many hands is grabbed by a single hand. Which single hand will likely have power grabbed from it in due course by another single hand.

All FIPS compliant cryptographic libraries are backdoored and in the pocket of our enemies

November 2nd, 2021

As are many non FIPS compliant cryptographic libraries. We know from the Snowden leaks that the NSA has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to make sure that cryptographic implementations have backdoors supplied for the NSA.

A good way to make money is to construct a cryptographic library, and, if it gets to be widely used, a mysterious and secretive generous benefactor will show up.

To resolve the dragnet problem for passwords, since I cannot help using backdoored software, what I do is have a long master password, from which I generate for each account a ninety six bit random gibberish password.

Any one cryptographic algorithm is usually fine by itself – nothing is wrong with AES256 and SHA256, though there is something very wrong with AES128 as usually used. Used correctly, AES128 is fine, but it never is used correctly.

But any one cryptographic algorithm is useless by itself. To do anything useful, has to be integrated with several other algorithms, an api provided to access and use that integration, and then another library has to use the cryptographic library through that API. And that integration, api, and libraries using libraries, is where the mischief usually is.

Typically you have one flaw, which is obscure, complicated, relatively harmless by itself, and another flaw in something totally unrelated, which is also obscure, complicated, and relatively harmless by itself. You put all these flaws together, with industrial scale precomputation and industrial scale collection of hashes of secrets, and all the encryption falls apart. The Snowden slides would seem to suggest that the NSA has broken the SSL TLS algorithms used in most vpns.

Every major state spy agency, and several private agencies, attempt to collect every face that has ever appeared on the internet, every email address, every username, and every password, and link them together.

The mechanism that the fips compliant libraries, or rather the software that uses them, provide to collect the passwords, and to link them with usernames and email addresses is that they reveal the hashes of email addresses, passwords, and usernames to passive listeners. And the agency collections hundreds of millions of such hashes.

If you have one hash, and you want to try ten billion things to see if one of them gives the correct hash, takes a while. If you have a million hashes, and you want to try ten billion things to see which ones match one of your hashes, takes about the same amount of time. So this form of leakage is primarily useful to those that collect the leaks on an industrial scale. The backdoors are provided to be convenient to those that seek to sweep up all data, not convenient to those who want to eavesdrop a particular conversation.

Let us suppose you want to have free wifi wherever you go.

It used to be that whenever someone signed on with his wifi network, the unsalted hash of his password was transmitted in the clear. So every time someone goes in and out of range of his wifi network, his cell phone transmits the unsalted hash. (Actually it is more complicated than that, I oversimplify, but the end effect is that a passive listener gets the hash of the password.)

This was inconvenient for the agencies, since people do not sign into their wifi all that often, so the Wifi protocol was modified on some slender excuse to continually retransmit the hash all the time, regardless of whether anyone needs it, wants it, or can use it.

So, you have a background process on your laptop collecting these hashes, and once a week or so, you let a process run overnight that tries a hundred billion passwords against a every network you have been in range of. Most of the passwords will be revealed. And now your laptop can sign into a free wifi network wherever you are. Handy.

Which gets interesting if it is the network of a big corporation, because you are now inside their firewall, rinse and repeat similar tricks to get their administrative passwords. Then hold their data for ransom.

If you comment on a WordPress blog, the standard worpress avatar plugins give you an avatar. And somehow, for some entirely inexplicable reason, the blog sends the avatar image, the username, and a hash of the user email address to a central repository. Supposedly the WordPress plugin avatar privacy does not do this, but I was recently informed that it does the equivalent in a more roundabout way, which I have now fixed.

This post was inspired by Let’s talk about PAKE, a post on how to do login by password correctly – so that the server does not know, and cannot learn, the password. Using the opaque zero knowledge protocol, the server never knows the password or the hash of the password, and the client never knows the per user salt, or per user key stored on the server, no hashes of interesting information are exchanged. If the server is evil, or the bad guys seize the server, everything is still encrypted and they have to run, not a hundred million trial passwords against all users, but a hundred million passwords against each user. And user can make the process of trying a password far more costly and slow than just generating a hash. Opaque zero knowledge is designed to be as unfriendly as possible to big organizations harvesting data on an industrial scale. The essential design principle of this password protocol is that breaking a hundred million passwords by password guessing should be a hundred million times as costly as breaking one password by password guessing. So this post is not about the opaque password protocol. It is about why it is needed.

The Jab

October 31st, 2021

I was expecting a significant rise in the excess death rate among young people.

If it is happening, it is less impressive than I was expecting. The claim that the jab is saving lives is not obviously and outrageously stupid. It is not obviously true either.

What it is, however, doing, is sodomizing people’s immune systems.

It has long been known that the jab does not prevent you from getting China flu, nor spreading it. What it is claimed to do is prevent you from getting really ill as a result. But to verify this claim we would need doctors and patients to not know if the patient had been jabbed, since it is obvious that in practice the purebloods get treated by the medical industry in a way completely different to the way they treat the jabbed, radically different.

Supposedly the vaccine studies had double blind studies, neither patient nor doctor knew who had the vaccination, but actually, they lied. They just went through the motions of science, were not actually interested in the answers.

Maybe it does reduce the severity of symptoms – it seems likely that it should. It is plausible that it does, we just don’t have data. We just don’t have enough trust and trustworthiness left for scientific research to be conducted when there is money on the table.

But, I hear you ask, “what is this stuff about sodomizing the immune systems of the jabbed?”

Well, get this British National health service data, before it gets “corrected” Vaccine surveillance report week 42, page 13

Covid 19 rate per one hundred thousand among persons ages forty to forty nine vaccinated with two doses, 1731
Covid 19 rate per one hundred thousand among persons aged forty to forty nine not vaccinated, 773

What has been happening is that the rate of Covid infection among the jabbed has been rising steadily and rapidly, and now substantially exceeds that of the purebloods.

This is consistent with the widespread circumstantial evidence that the jab buggers your immune system as well as your blood clotting system.

I was seeing data that shows the jabbed are less likely to spread the disease, then data that they are at least as likely to spread the disease, and now data that they are far more likely to spread the disease. Looks like any immunity wears off fast, while impaired immune function is lasting.

Worse, if it is indeed the case, and it likely is, that the jab reduces the severity of the symptoms, we have a Marek’s disease problem. The jabbed are breeding the virus for greater lethality. The jabbed are dangerous to the purebloods.

Bitcoin time

October 23rd, 2021

I have been diversifying from Bitcoin to ADA, because I was profoundly unhappy with Bitcoins scalability, and with its implementation of the lightning network, and I recommended that other people do so.

This turned out to be a bad idea.

The bitcoin lightning network substantially eases the scaling problem for an order of magnitude or two growth, after which scalability is likely to start biting again.

The bitcoin lightning network’s problems appeared to be insoluble to me, because of the way bitcoin works, and because I was just not seeing the will or coherent organization needed to fix them.

The taproot update to bitcoin, however, makes it possible to fix the lightning network, and suggests the existence of will and organization capable of fixing it, and with intent to do so. I conjecture that the recent rise in bitcoin is substantially driven by this prospect.

The biggest immediate problem with the lightning network is unrelated to the issues that taproot addresses: backup. Backup of your lightning network is broken, unless you are merely the client of some big node,.

The big point and big value proposition of cryptocurrency is that you don’t have to suffer client status, with all its grave costs, dangers, and inconveniences. It is client status that is the problem that bitcoin was originally created to fix.

To recover your lightning wallet you need both the master secret and the current state of your lightning wallet. Which you probably lost in the crash. Backups will not work, because the state of your lightning wallet, unless you are a mere client of a single important node, is likely to change frequently and unpredictably. The current backup solutions are a collection of complicated half assed workarounds which are likely to mostly work most of the time, provided you know who all your counterparties are, they are still around, and they are honest, well behaved, and well intentioned.

The correct solution is that every time your wallet state changes, it should send a copy of the state change, not the entire state, just the change in state, encrypted to a secret that only the possessor of the master secret can generate, to a couple of backups in the cloud.

Then if your lightning wallet crashes, you could recreate it from your master secret by re-running all the state changes from the beginning.

I don’t know why this was not implemented. Perhaps it is just that they had, and have, more pressing problems to deal with, but now that there is substantial, and rapidly growing, money in the lightning network it becomes a lot more pressing. I intend to go lightning, once backup is adequately addressed, and am going back to bitcoin right now.

Gold, crypto currency, and hyperinflation

September 19th, 2021

The fed is printing a pile of money, and what is happening to that money is as obscured and obfuscated as the claims about inflation.

We have for some time been seeing shortages of critical products, typically special products with sticky prices. A contractor cannot get his final payment for lack of a three hundred dollar part, and goes bankrupt. These shortages are increasing and we are now starting to see shortages of basic products, the most basic of them all being labor itself, and very high inflation in products that do not have sticky prices, such as lumber. This prefigures a lot of inflation already baked into the cake, which inflation will greatly exceed inflationary expectations, which are low due to normality bias. There has been quite a lot of inflation lately, considerably exceeding inflationary expectations. The shortages and the inability to maintain monetary discipline which underlies those shortages prefigure a great deal more inflation, exceeding inflationary expectations even further.

Hat tip Pseudo-Chrysostom for the image.

The official inflation numbers have long been detached from reality. They have now, rather suddenly, become rather more seriously detached. They are about to rapidly become a great deal more detached.

The underlying cause is collapse of cohesion and discipline among the elite. They are just unable to stop all sorts of people helping themselves to the printing press, which lack of control and discipline prefigures hyper inflation – not tomorrow, not probably next month, probably not next year or the year after, but not far off.

Hyperinflation does not happen all at once. It starts with wave of startlingly bad inflation, then a wave of relative stability, and people think normality has returned. But it has not. There is another wave, and another, each with more inflation than the last, each with more rapid inflation than the last, and the waves coming closer and closer together, finally blending into one continuous wave until no one knows what prices should be, and the money just stops being useful.

Asset prices are inflating, as people with access to easy money buy real assets, but in the final stages of inflation, asset prices no longer keep up with inflation, because the money ceases to be useful as a measure of value, and assets are illiquid. Someone has a trillion dollars, is not sure whether he should invest in a house with it buy or a hamburger. He is hungry, so he buys the hamburger.

Gold and crypto is hedge against hyperfinflation. Anyone who buys bitcoin intending to sell it for fiat money is a fool,, because investing with the intent of selling presupposes that it is a bubble. Outsiders cannot profit from a bubble. You cannot get out of a bubble sooner than everyone else, because by the time you know it is time to get out, everyone also knows it. (Unless of course the government is the buyer of last resort, or is funding wetbacks with no id, no income, no job, and no assets to take out million dollar mortgages, as in the great Minority Mortgage Meltdown) The primary argument for bitcoin is that fiat is a bubble, hence the hodl strategy. Pay no attention to the latest news, because you know the final destination. Dips are a buying opportunity, assuming the hodler noticed the dip, which he probably did not.

When one does book keeping and accounting, one wants the entries in the assets and liabilities column to be as directly as possible connected to real things that have real value. In contrast, the fed balance sheet is unreadable, and its flows incomprehensible – this has gone beyond normal government incompetence and looks more and more like three card monte. The budget and the debt limit and all that have become as meaningless and irrelevant as the Queen travelling in a stage coach to open the British Parliament.

Silver, these days, is an industrial metal. In the long depression, it was spontaneously demonetized, because people used banks and banknotes for small transactions, and it has been steadily demonetizing further and further. In a hyperfinflation, it might remonetize for transactions of moderate size, but I don’t think so. Crypto currency renders it irrelevant.

The real value of silver relative to other resources, like oil and iron, is likely to remain approximately stable, but as people see what is coming, the real value of crypto and gold, relative to resources and goods, is rising, with crypto rising far faster than gold. If, as I think likely, crypto currency results in the demonetization of gold, gold is going to fall in real value relative to resources and goods a very long way, while silver will remain relatively stable. Stability sounds good, but you will not be able to buy food, guns, and ammo with it.

Elections and voting

September 10th, 2021

Democracy died on 2020-11-04, so I have been paying no attention to elections, electoral integrity laws, and all that.

But, due to normalcy bias, lots of people have:

In the run up before the 2020-11-03 election, the Democrats massively escalated all their regular routine fraud, sufficient to deal with a massive Trump landslide.

But instead of a massive Trump landslide, they got a colossal Trump landslide, so in the early hours of the morning of 2020-11-04, halted the counting, and proceed with hasty, panicked, and incompetent last minute fraud. Which last minute fraud was only applied to the federal election results, with the result that a lot of states went Republican at the state level.

And, theoretically, the states control the election process. So those freshly minted Republicans think they are onto a good thing. So, a bunch of election integrity laws.

Also, a whole lot of laws against critical race theory.

The laws on critical race theory appear to be having absolutely no effect. Law has ceased to matter. The laws on election integrity are likely to be similarly ignored. Only Republican scrutineers backed by physical violence are likely to have a significant effect on election outcomes. To attain a fair and honest electoral outcome, Republicans would need to deploy the methods that Julius Caesar and the NSDAP used attain a fair and honest electoral outcome. Such methods are likely to produce a fair election only once.

But it looks like the Republicans are going to try another ride on this merry go round. It will may well be their last ride. I count my survival prospects much better than theirs.