Gain of function research

January 15th, 2022

Supposedly Fauci was funding research in China and other places to develop a vaccine against the Sars viruses.

But, Darpa knocked back one of his front organizations because it proposed, among other things, gain of function research. But Fauci continued with that research regardless.

Gain of function research is not what you do if you are developing a vaccine against an existing disease. Gain of function research is what you do if you are developing a bioweapon, and their “vaccine” research did not look much like vaccine research, but like parallel development of a bioweapon and a vaccine against that bioweapon. They were developing a vaccine not against Sars viruses found in the wild, but against their own custom much transformed and much adapted to humans bat virus.

A virus does not particularly want to be a bioweapon. Natural selection favors the virus evolving to the appropriate harmfulness for its mode of transmission, which for viruses transmitted flu style is you sick enough to cough and sneeze and dribble snot everywhere, but healthy enough to walk around and live your normal life, while infecting other people living their normal lives. If the virus kills you, it dies too. If the virus incapacitates you, the snot does not spread far beyond your pillow.

Cholera can be cheerfully lethal, because its spores can survive outside the body a very long time. RNA viruses are fragile, so need to be spread in a more targeted fashion. If they are stuck on your pillow, they are going to die before they get to travel anywhere interesting. The basic difference is that cholera can survive soap and water, survive washing machines, can survive in dirt and on dirt, in rivers and streams, while China flu cannot.

Allegedly the virus was extremely lethal when it first appeared in China, with people dropping dead in the streets from their blood oxygen levels dropping right down without them being aware of it. I don’t know if it is true or not, but this mode of killing people has been rapidly diminishing. Maybe there was more of it when the virus first hit China. A pattern of high but rapidly diminishing lethality is common with new diseases. It is also what we would expect from a bioweapon gone wild.

After the first few months in the US, it became apparent that excess deaths were no longer showing up in social security statistics. They cooked up fake deaths from Covid, and now they are hiding real deaths from the vaccine.

Why would the medical establishment cook up a bioweapon?

Power. They are demanding, and getting, gigantic amounts of power.

It is kind of obvious however, that the vaccine that they developed is a total failure. An unprecedented number of young healthy people are dropping dead of heart attack and stroke, there is an epidemic of brain fog that everyone is piously ignoring, and the vaccine does nothing to prevent the spread of disease, with likelihood of being infected in a fully vaccinated household equal to the likelihood of being infected in an unvaccinated household.

So why are mandates being introduced and threatened that you cannot go places unless vaccinated. It is obvious that vaccination cannot protect anyone else.


Their bioweapon is not working, and their vaccine is not working, but they are rolling along as if both their bioweapon and their vaccine worked, and are applying a total all channel propaganda offensive that both of them are working.

Because our enemy’s science projects are managed by Shaniqua, neither of them are working. If the virus was ever dangerous, it is now no more dangerous, and probably less dangerous, than the old flu. Very soon after the bioweapon was released, total death rates went back to normal, and even back when they were above normal, it was far from clear whether this was an effect of the disease, or an effect of inappropriate use of ventilators. You still need an oxygen mask with China flu a lot more often than you are likely to need an oxygen mask for the old flu, but this is unlikely to kill you, while a ventilator is highly likely to kill you. Not that an oxygen mask is safe if worn for a long period. Pure oxygen at normal atmospheric pressure is going to burn you. But pure oxygen inhaled through a mask is a lot safer than a ventilator. Air enriched in oxygen, rather than pure oxygen, is reasonably safe. It is advisable to breath oxygen no purer than needed to bring your blood oxygen levels up to close to normal.

Is the vaccine more dangerous than the old flu? Yes it is, considerably more dangerous. During flu season lots of people got flu, and the total death rate went up a little bit, but kind of hard to tell against background fluctuations. With the shots and the boosters, the death rate for working age people has gone way, way, up.

The clot shot

January 8th, 2022

In my first post of this series I said:

It is early days yet, but it should be showing up in the death statistics. Has not killed that many so far, though it has killed far more than a normal vaccine.

Well I have been monitoring the death statistics, the excess death rate, and numerous indicators that should correlate with clot shot death rate and getting confusing and contradictory information – information so confusing and contradictory as to reveal that many, probably most, governments all over the world are massively lying about the excess death rate.

What we are seeing is a whole lot of excess death among young healthy people whose deaths are apt to cause attention, like professional players on the football field, or airline pilots in flight. We are also seeing one organization reporting excess deaths and abnormal levels of hospitalization, and another organization not reporting it, or saying it is the holy and awesome covid demon when it obviously is not, or saying several contradictory things at once. It is not happening, it is happening and caused by Covid, and yes lots of people are being taken to hospital with heart attacks, but they are totally fine, no big deal, and it is absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the vaccine. Similarly, stats for scabies and Epstein Barr. I am seeing massive indications of massive though poorly coordinated lying all over the place, rendering excess death statistics in the same league as the American Consumer Price Index or Soviet statistics. Recollect the statistics in Orwell’s 1984. That is what they are worth.

And I have for some time been seeing indications of a large and unprecedented increase in the death rate of young and working age people, far bigger than the excess death rate that occurred during China flu pandemics, indications of a substantial reduction in life expectancy, but it was difficult to accurately say how big. But big.

And then I saw this, which you have probably all seen, but here it is again:

“We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. “The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

The other shoe just dropped. Now we know how big.

Key points:

Deaths among 18-64 year-olds (who don’t normally die) are up by 40% in 2021 vs. pre-pandemic levels

This is huge. HUGE. They’ve never seen anything like this before in their history. Normally death rates don’t change at all. They are very stable.

… The CEO of a major Indiana life insurance company, OneAmerica, claimed last week that death claims are up by a whopping 40% among working-age people (18-64) since the Covid vaccines became widely adopted. This is a company with tons of data, having been in the business since 1877 and holding $74 billion in assets. CEO Scott Davison said that a 10% increase is a once-in-200-year occurrence. …

He did not actually say “since the jab”, and if he had done so, would have surely been Epsteined, but the dates he gave correspond to the jab. He saying Covid is causing it, but the dates he give are jabs, not pandemic, and if it was actually China Flu causing it, we would not be seeing massive coordinated official lying about the excess death rate, and we would not see this story systematically buried. It would be shouted from the rooftops every five minutes. Even though he piously said all the right things in favor of forcing the vaccine on everyone, the way the press and government reacted revealed that everyone read this story as I did. Despite his pious words, they all knew heresy when they heard it. If there was the slightest plausibility to the idea that Covid is causing this, if there was any way it could be spun as an indication of the awesome holy might of the awesome holy Covid Demon, we would hear it on every channel all day.

That they instantly reacted by burying, rather than shouting about, casualties equivalent to a major war reveals that they knew. They have known for quite some time.

Which jab is by the way, not a vaccine. It merely something that dumb official scientists too pig ignorant to understand what they were doing made by decorating it and themselves with random fragments of things great scientists have done in the past that were arguably somewhat related to vaccination. It is snake oil that bears some rather random relationship to an actual vaccine. Vaccine science has been going downhill since 1944, vaccine technology downhill since 1974, and now vaccine technology has fallen off the cliff at the edge of the hill. It is the sudden collapse of technology as the coming Dark Age starts to bite. Other technologies currently in decline are likely to follow. If we do not rectify social decay, pretty soon we are going to be growing crops by scraping the ground with a harrow that uses bits of stone, as people did during post Roman Empire dark age, and people will tell us that overpopulation is causing famine, and we must act now to throw virgins in the volcano to protect us from Climate Change.

This is indeed huge, but probably not news for most of my readers. What is relevant to this blog is how our officially unofficial state religion is dealing with it.

By lying about it of course. Official excess death statistics have been blatantly false for some time.

But in order to coordinate a lie, you need the holy faith to tell the liars this is a noble lie. “Well, yes, it does seem that we are killing people, quite a lot of people, a huge number of people. But we must not let the people that we are killing, that we intend to kill, know, because it might promote vaccine hesitancy. Killing lots of people is a regrettable but acceptable price for making sure everyone worships at that altar of the Awesome and mighty Covid Demon. THIS IS A GOOD THING”

I have been telling you for some time we have an official religion of demon worship and human sacrifice. Here is the proof.

I am not telling you the news that the Jab is killing a lot of people. You knew that already. I don’t cover the latest news. Plenty of other people doing that. I am telling you the news that our masters know full well that they are killing a lot of people, and have chosen to go full speed ahead anyway. When they started cooking the excess death statistics, they knew. They know they are mass murderers, and feel good about it. The more they murder, the holier they are, and we are seeing intensifying competition to be the holiest.

And our enemies’s reaction to this data reveals that they know this.

In addition to unusual excess deaths I have also been seeing an epidemic of permanent disability – permanent brain fog, permanent partial heart failure that makes it impossible for the victim to put out any effort for any length of time without his heart screaming at him to stop. The brain fog is sufficiently common to have a substantial impact on car accidents. Chances are you have been seeing noticeably more erratic driving lately.

Also, an epidemic of illnesses suggestive of the destruction of people’s immune systems, notably scabies.

The CEO of one America cannot give us hard numbers on it, yet because temporary disability claims are only now starting to turn into permanent disability claim, and if he keeps giving us hard numbers, is likely to meet same fate as those Friends of Clinton who were overly talkative, but it is starting to look as if most of the long lasting temporary disability claims are going to turn into permanent disability claims.

The very short term and immediate effect of the jab is to massively worsen your vulnerability to China flu. Then it gives a few months of protection against severe China flu, but no substantial effect in reducing your chances of being infected, and it probably increases your chances of spreading it to friends and family. Then it stops being protective, and puts you at higher risk of infection, of spreading the disease, and of suffering very serious consequences from the disease. Whereupon they want to give you another jab. And another. It looks like the protective effect of each successive jab may well be shorter, and the dangerous consequences worse, though it is hard to tell as yet, because of massive coordinated lying about the question.

This could be Original Antgenic Sin, or it could be general damage to the immune system, or both. Needless to say, no one is looking at it very hard to find out what is going on, and anyone who tries too hard will probably be Epsteined or put on a ventilator for his own good.

What is the motivation? Well, it is a holy religion and you have to be holier than the next guy, or else you are likely to sleep with the Friends of Clinton, and also it is likely that the fags want to everyone else’s immune system destroyed the way theirs is destroyed.

Bottom line is that they hate us, they want us to die, and they want to kill us. And in the end there well may be no other way for us to survive except we kill them. And since you have to bring a gun to a gunfight, and faith to holy war, if we have to kill them and manage to kill them, we will have to do so in the name of the Lord. Holy wars tend to turn very nasty, but it may well turn out that nothing less will allow us to live.

Chinese tech

January 3rd, 2022

Chinese engineers are weak at creativity. They have an alarming tendency to dutifully follow and implement specifications literally without regard for what the specifications are intended to achieve. But this should not slow catch up too much, as they are smart, industrious, and dutiful.

As general rule, engineers from the periphery of the Han Hegemony, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, are a lot better at tasks that require insight and judgment – not a big gap between them and whites. Thai and Khmer are inferior, lacking Han smarts though Thais have Korean judgement.

Contrary to this cheerfully racist generalization, Taiwan is now the leading manufacturer of the best computer chips. Intel and AMD depend primarily on TSMC (Taiwan) and Samsung (Korea)

White technology has been stagnating, because Shaniqua with a Harvard PhD is project lead, and Japan, Taiwan, and Korea are now well ahead, except, of course, in rockets.

Well, if Taiwan is out in front, why cannot China be out in front? I am guessing that Taiwan simply had a head start because of more intercourse with the west and with Korea. A little leaven leaveneth the whole loaf. You don’t need too many creative people. I conjecture that TSMC filled the gaps with a handful of foreigners. There are lots of people from the periphery of the Han Hegemony in Taiwan.

Last time I checked, an all Chinese desktop was about four years behind today’s desktops, and more expensive, because the Chinese government, suspecting hardware backdoors, twists party members arms to buy Mainland Chinese. And Mainland Chinese are having trouble getting production up, even of chips four years out of date. They have long planned to catch up, but catch up is mysteriously not happening.

Biden has decided to cash in on this tech lead by banning Taiwanese and Korean chip makers from supplying advanced stuff to China, with the chief target being Huawei.

Huawei’s smart phones are TSMC chips running Google software. And they are not allowed to obtain that stuff any more, and if they do somehow obtain it, not allowed to export it.

Huawei are investing heavily in existing Chinese chip building facilities. This New Years eve, promised to be back in the export business real soon now. An important announcement coming up some time this year. Which is not the same thing as promising to be back in the export business this year.

They have been buying up businesses, making alliances with businesses, and hiring people who are in the general vicinity of TSMC. Buying people who are not directly involved in chip making, but have a lot of chip making connections. Maybe they have been importing some leaven. Or maybe they are just hiring spies. Well, obviously they are hiring spies, but is hiring spies all that they are doing?

If they are merely hiring spies, will not do them any good. You can give a Chinese engineer the recipe, and he will follow it to the letter, with the result that it will not work. But I get the feeling that they have already figured this out and have already done something about it. China has been hiring spies for many years with conspicuously underwhelming results. If they have addressed their fundamental problem, I expect China to be beating everyone in chip making in a few years, as Taiwan has been beating everyone. Huawei is betting the house on catch up yielding imminent results. They are acting as if they believe that the fix for China’s stubbornly persistent tech lag is imminent.

In response to this post, a Varna has drawn my attention to a Russian report, 2020 September.

China is hunting for specialists for the production of electronic components in South Korea. Back in August, there were tons of vacancies on local sites for electronics professionals with excellent conditions.

This is likely to solve China’s chip lag problem. Huawei’s confidence suggests that this program is bearing fruit. I predict that competitive Chinese made chips will arrive this year or sometime in 2023.

Since Huawei seems to be leading the charge, they will probably be derived from the Arm cpu design, which draws less power than the X86 architecture. Huawei wants to produce phones, but the Chinese communist party wants made in China desktops and laptops. Likely they will find themselves getting Arm laptops.

Preparatory to this, Arm China recently declared independence from Arm, both hijacking Arm’s intellectual property, and indicating intent to develop Arm based chips beyond the current Arm design. Breaking away from Arm only makes sense if they expect that they will not need further intellectual property from Arm.

Yarvin’s finance plan

January 2nd, 2022

This is a very late response to Neurotoxin’s excellent review of Yarvin on finance.

But I don’t care that it is late. The Dark Enlightenment does not need an accurate understanding of the existing finance system until it is time to eat their lunch, which will not be for a few years, and I am writing for the ages, not for this week, this year, this decade, or even this century.

The key takeaway from Neurotoxin’s post is:

most of the assets they hold – thinking mainly of hedge funds here – are already included in the “market-priced financial assets” that Moldbug mentioned in his previous paragraph. That he doesn’t grasp this should by itself make his fanbois question his guru status.

Yes, Yarvin does not understand how the finance sector works. Albeit accurately understanding how it works is impossible, because a game of three card monte is under way, but to eat their lunch, going to need a rather better understanding of it than Yarvin possesses.

The finance system is a quasi state, nominally private system, with a whole lot of people, mostly located in skyscrapers in the blue state megalopoli, who are on the revolving door between regulators and regulated, getting obscenely rich looting, smashing, and burning those parts of America that are still producing actual wealth.

The Yarvin program for fixing the financial system is pretty much the Cultural Marxist program for fixing capitalism, applied to finance in particular, rather than to the actually productive sector. It has the same flaws, but a better excuse, in that it proposes to smash up something that is confiscating wealth, rather than to smash up something that is actually producing wealth.

Short of the Yarvin plan is confiscate everything, print up sackloads of money, then genuinely reprivatize, only now with the right people owning stuff. Which means you have not genuinely reprivatized, and you still have your revolving door between regulators and regulated, plus you have set a precedent for printing sackloads of money and abolishing debts, which means that no one is going to trust the money and debt issued by your brand new finance system. (Which is going to be staffed by people on the same revolving door as your old corrupt finance system, who have a vested interest in issuing worthless money and worthless debt.)

The basic problem with the existing finance system is that it cannot work except with a virtuous ruling elite. We lack a virtuous ruling elite, and there is no way to produce a virtuous ruling elite unless you have a virtuous King, who backs and is backed by a virtuous state religion, plus a couple of generations of elite raised in this system. We need to fix the financial system rather sooner that that.

So, we need a system based on blockchains, triple entry accounting and what our enemies are calling Web 3.0, which is to say, we need a system where identity of servers is rooted in secrets controlled by the person behind the identity, rather than on secrets controlled by certificate authorities, because the metadata about transactions needs to go over the same system as the transactions themselves, and the reputational information regarding transactions needs to be secured by that system, rather than our enemies.

Then we will be able to eat our enemies’ lunch.

The most advanced, best, and complete implementation of web 3.0 is Yarvin’s Urbit. Which is not to say it is very complete or very good, but it is what is there.

The trouble with Urbit is that even when he was Moldbug, he was careful not to piss off our enemies too plainly, and now that he is Namefag Yarvin, will not go within a hundred miles of pissing off our enemies.

So Urbit is not designed to eat our enemies’ lunch. It is closely integrated with the most enemy controlled blockchain of them all, Ether, and a large part of the considerable difficulty, inconvenience, and expense of getting onto Urbit is its integration with Ether.

Namefag Yarvin is content to lick crumbs and trampled fragments of chicken from the floor, while a banquet is being consumed on a table above his head. Something rather like Urbit could be a very great threat to our enemies, but so far they have successfully made sure that it is not. He should have pursued integration with the lightning network, which would not have given him so many breadcrumbs and trampled bits of chicken as integrating with Ether, but would have given him a path to grabbing the whole banquet.

Merry Christmas

December 25th, 2021

A merry Christmas to all, and peace on earth to all men of goodwill.

End of pretence of democracy rescheduled to 2024

December 13th, 2021

Shortly after the election was stolen, I predicted that Republicans would never win anything ever again, and that Trump would go to prison, soon to be followed by most of the Republican party.

But, it seems that I was running on Musk time.   If you want to know what our enemies are up to, listen to what they accuse us of. Social Justice Warriors always project.

Hat tip PJ Media:

The Atlantic’s Barton Gellman wrote breathlessly, “the ballots cast by American voters will not decide the presidency in 2024. Thousands of votes will be thrown away, or millions, to produce the required effect. The winner will be declared the loser. The loser will be certified president-elect. The prospect of this democratic collapse is not remote. People with the motive to make it happen are manufacturing the means. Given the opportunity, they will act. They are acting already.”

“The democratic emergency is already here. We face a serious risk that American democracy as we know it will come to an end in 2024, but urgent action is not happening.”

So, if the usual inversion applies, 2022 will not be too blatantly democracy 2020 style, but 2024 will be.

Recap. The Democrats in 2020 had the usual fraud in place to deal with the expected Trump landslide, but got a Trump Tsunami instead, so had to stop the counting, and dump in lots of hastily printed ballots at four in the morning. These additional fraudulent ballots were centrally printed in the middle of the night, so unlike the fraudulent ballots issued earlier did not have the downballot candidates filled in.

The expressions of alarm reflect concern that the usual deniable fraud is not going to suffice, and they are going to have to go about it in a more obvious fashion, and stop worrying too much about pretending that democracy is still operating. But they figure the mask will fall off in 2024. Which does not mean it will stay on in 2022 – it fell off in the early hours of 2020 November the fourth, but they hastily put it on again and announced that no one had noticed.

Satanic symbolism at the vatican

December 3rd, 2021

The papacy is maintaining a studied ambiguity as to whether they worship God or Satan

Outside view of papal reception hall

Inside view of papal reception hall

Close up inside view

This resembles the infamous Socinian ambiguity when they were conducting entryism against the Church of England in the late seventeenth, early eighteenth century, as to whether Christ was God or an enlightened Jewish community organizer who was regrettably less enlightened than their much more enlightened selves.

I have noticed that when someone preaches the parable of the Good Samaritan as that we must love all people of all races everywhere equally, rather than that we should love our neighbor, and anyone who is neighborly to us counts as a neighbor even if he is far from us, and any actual neighbors that act unneighborly do not count as neighbors, he flinches from the short affirmation as if I was aiming a flame thrower at him.

This is consistent with the hypothesis that Christian Churches today have a big problem with entryists who are literal demon worshipers.

Check if your pastor can give you the short affirmation.

Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

The power and effectiveness against our enemies of this affirmation suggest that we have a lot of literal demon worshipers around

However I would add that while Catechisms and Creeds should be unchanging forever, shill tests need to be adapted from time to deal with the latest group of enemy entryists. The Filoque is the result of the error of sticking your shill test against your latest entryist infestation in your creed. The above shill test is a pastiche of bits and pieces of various creeds that trial and error shows me have proven effective against the enemies we are dealing with today, the currently effective bits. We will probably face different enemies in a few decades or centuries. Not intended as a replacement for the existing and ancient creeds. Intended to set our current enemies on fire.  Creeds are for friends, shill tests are to identify enemies posing as allies in order to do you harm.

And to clear your palate after being exposed to the above ugly, disgusting, depressing, and blasphemous images

The Great Cathedral in Russia

White men are once again building Cathedrals.

The end of gold

November 20th, 2021

Gold has been great insurance against crisis and collapse for five thousand years.

Now it ends.

The gold bugs are whistling in the dark.

Currently there is about ten trillion in gold value held in private hands, about one trillion in crypto currency, primarily bitcoin. So gold still dominates crypto currency by capital value. But volume of crypto currency transactions dominates volume of gold transactions, because it is a lot easier and safer to move crypto currency around than to move gold around.

If technology collapses, if the grid goes down, as well it might, you will be able to buy stuff with gold and you will not be able to buy stuff with crypto currency.

But you will be able to move to some place where technology has not collapsed, and take your assets with you in your head. Try doing that with gold, and it will be confiscated.

Gold is a hedge against social and societal collapse, and crypto currency is a hedge against social and societal collapse. Social and societal collapse looms, but gold is going down, and crypto currency going up.

This is going to continue. Gold is going to be demonetized, because crypto currency is simply better money. When gold is demonetized, its value will fall to its industrial and decorative value, which I would guess to be something like ten percent of its current value. Though by that time a Big Mac will probably cost a few billion US fiats. It will take gold a long time to demonetize, as it took silver a long time to demonetize.

For the past fourteen or so years, the US government has been going hog wild on printing money, and people have been prophesying monetary doom. I expected them to be correct, but I did not prophesy doom, because I figured I would wait to see some signs that doom was actually arriving. There is a lot of ruin in a nation. Well, I have been waiting longer than I expected, but now I see signs of monetary doom. But probably not till 2023, 2025, or so. Could be 2022, but I don’t really expect it in 2022.

The likely sequence will probably be long drawn out. People who are hanging on to their fiat money waiting for prices to return to “normal” will slowly give up, and when enough of them have given up things will get wild. And after things have been wild for a while the government will take some drastic actions, and announce normality has returned. And enough people will believe them that for a short while it will seem that normality has returned – at a much higher, but seemingly stable, price level. And then roller coaster will suddenly take another dip. After a few such dips, the increasingly frequent announcements of normality will cease to have the desired effect and we get full on hypeinflation where you just cannot buy stuff for US dollars, and if you can you are uncertain about the number of zeroes that are appropriate.

The US dollar and British pound have had a very long run – compared to all other fiat currencies. But the life expectancy of fiat currencies is not very good. The anglo social order is ending. What replaces it, is up for grabs.

Not the Babylon Bee

November 15th, 2021

Somewhat after the last minute, they have proceeded with the real case against Kyle.

A bunch of peaceful protestors peacefully protested by smashing cars and setting buildings on fire.

The militia showed up toting guns, Kyle among them, to stop this.

The peaceful protesters felt this was extremely provocative.

Kyle saw a fire, and unwisely went towards it alone carrying his gun and a fire extinguisher. Ziminski was smashing up cars, and either Ziminski or Rosenbaum or both had lit the fire – we know Rosenbaum had lit other fires.

The prosecution claims, on quite improbable grounds, that Kyle pointed his gun at Ziminski. According to Kyle’s testimony, he did not notice Ziminski until Ziminski started shooting at him, but under the circumstances Ziminski would feel threatened by an armed militia man showing up while he was peacefully smashing cars and so forth. He would feel as if someone was pointing a gun at him and suggesting that he stop peacefully smashing other people’s cars and peacefully setting other people’s property on fire.


It really does not make any difference whether Kyle pointed the gun at him or not. If you are peacefully protesting, armed militiamen are threatening.

We have no reason to believe that Kyle pointed a gun at Ziminski. We have strong reason to believe that this incident started with Ziminski firing warning shots at Kyle, or shooting wildly at him and repeatedly missing. But the prosecution theory is that this incident started with Kyle provoking Ziminsky, which he indeed did, and thus that Kyle had no right to self defense, because the incident was started by Kyle and the rest of the militia provoking peaceful protesters.

There the protesters were peaceful destroying aggressive hostile capital, and the militia provoked them.

Therefore attacking a militia man was totally legitimate.

And, because provocation, they had every right to attack the militia man, and the militia man no right to self defense.

Yes, this is the prosecution theory – and this is the theory of all those arguing that Kyle is guilty. This is not the Babylon Bee.

The bottom line argument is that the militiamen, Kyle among them, started it by inhibiting peaceful protesters from peacefully protesting.

Kyle was there to help protect businesses: Provocation.

We need to think ourselves into our enemy’s shoes. If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

The enemy does not know that wealth and value is created. He thinks it just springs forth from the fertile soil, and evil capitalists lock it up. The enemy is a chimpanzee wandering in the urban jungle. So when he destroys stuff, he is doing a good deed and should be commended. When he prevents the creation of wealth, as with Biden’s moves against oil production that have sent the price of fuel skyrocketing, he is redistributing it back to the the rightful possessors.

The enemy saw the destruction of Kenosha as constructive, rather than destructive. They are doing it so that our grandchildren will have a future. (They don’t have grandchildren – they are doing it for us.)

Envy is wanting the successful man to not have what he has. The envious are supposedly motivated by wanting the other guy’s stuff, but they want to smash it, rather than take it.

If you actually want the same kind of things the other guy has, rather than wanting to take what he has away from him, you are going to admire and respect, which is going to facilitate you learning from him and imitating him. If you want to destroy what he has, you are going to hate. Admiration and respect facilitates learning and imitation. Hatred and contempt facilitates destruction.

Critical race theory seems to be tightly focused on the tale that all the science, technology, and industry of western civilization was stolen from the brave and stunning warrior women of subsaharan Africa.

Envy is hating and despising who has nice things for what he has. The normal behavior is to admire and respect someone for what he has, which facilitates imitation, and thus facilitates getting what he has. Admiration of people who have what you want is adaptive. As I am found of pointing out, a hot wife and a flying palace helped Trump get votes. Envy is uncommon, pathological, maladaptive, and self destructive, characteristic of broken people with a death wish. Our enemies are broken people who want to die and want the world to die with them, hence the popularity of Satanism among them.

The faith of the Cathedral is largely a collection of rationales for envy. So the woke tend to be people who suffer passionately and extraordinarily from envy. So, peaceful protest. Carrying a gun to protect businesses is provocative.


The strange acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse

November 14th, 2021

It looks like Kyle is about to be acquitted, probably on all counts, including the count of carrying a gun while seventeen. Bizarrely, Kyle is being acquitted merely because it is glaringly obvious that he is a hero and straight shooter who was defending himself against vicious savage subhuman trash trying to murder him.

Huber and Jump Kick Man attack

Huber and Jump Kick Man attack

Gaige Grosskreutz attempts to murder Kyle

Gaige Grosskreutz attempts to murder Kylie

Why did this extraordinary miscarriage of justice, allowing a politically incorrect man to walk free merely because obviously innocent, happen?

Well, watching the prosecutors, they seemed to have drunk their own koolaide. The fix was not put in, because no one thought the fix was needed. White supremacist slaughters unarmed peaceful protestors peacefully protesting. Simple. Open and shut case.

So they failed to fix the evidence, the jury, the judge, and the defense lawyers.

I am just not seeing the “Oh $%!#, its hopeless” behavior until it is suddenly revealed that it is hopeless.

Their questioning of McGinnis only makes sense if they thought that Kyle ambushed Rosenbaum, rather than Rosenbaum ambushing Kyle, and expected the evidence to show that, even though everyone in the world saw Rosenbaum attack Kyle, as he had attacked so many other people.