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Herman Cain charged with making a woman feel bad about herself

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

And if a woman says whatever it is that she is saying (not that anyone is telling us what she is saying) the man must be guilty, right? (more…)

Fun hate fact about the bell curve

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Today’s hate fact is hyperexponential decay.

The normal survival function (the number of cases in a normal distribution that are more than x, one minus the cumulative distribution) approaches zero as x increases hyperexponentially, which is to say, very fast. This often makes it possible, under many common circumstances, to draw conclusions about individual cases, to infer a particular person’s character and or ability from his race or sex, and to infer a particular individual’s race or sex from his ability or character, to draw conclusions about particular identifiable people from average racial characteristics. (more…)

The degeneration of Britain

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Three facts that have recently been in the news:

  1. The reversal of the Flynn effect.  The British youth of today really are dumber.
  2. Violence, drunkenness, laddie, and home invasion burglaries, where drunken lads smash into someone’s house and terrify the inhabitants.  The British crime rate is about double the US crime rate, and threatens everyone, whereas the US crime rate is very low outside areas with large numbers of protected minorities.
  3. Cowardice and surrender by the British army – for example humiliating capitulations in Basra, Helmund province, and the Persian gulf.

I conjecture a common cause for all three:  About a quarter of British children lack a natural father, about half lack a natural father at some stage, a problem caused by welfare and easy out divorce laws with that favor women leaving their husbands.  Also, there are few male authority figures in primary and secondary education, a problem worsened by dumbing down and feminizing traditionally male subjects such as maths and science in an effort to close the achievement gap between boys and girls.

Bastard children tend to be stupid and violent:  Mothers nurture, fathers discipline.  Not “Fathers traditionally discipline, Mothers  traditionally discipline”, but rather natural fathers, (not step fathers) are innately inclined to discipline, mothers innately inclined to nuture.

Bastard male children tend to be unmanly.

The reason that lack of father causes criminality and cowardice is obvious:  Why should it cause stupidity?  I conjecture that the close presence of a powerful authority who is smarter and wiser than you pressures you to keep up mentally, exercising your mind, just as the close presence of an athletic peer would pressure you to be more athletic.  Also the efforts to reduce the boy girl gap in maths achievement are likely to have a direct detrimental effect on IQ test scores for both males and females