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It is the past that changes

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

The future is certain, it is the past that changes.

Moveon had a web page demonizing General Petraeus as General Betray Us

Obama appoints General Petraeus in charge of Afghanistan, whereupon the page not only instantly disappears from, but also instantly disappears from Google’s cache. When the past changes, Google’s spiders are quicker of the mark than they are for normal updates, suggesting human intervention to correct the past lickety-spit.

General Petraeus is infinitesimally to the right of the fired General McChrystal.

The policy that should be followed in Afghanistan is not that of General Petraeus, General McChrystal, President Obama, or President Bush, all of which are following infinitesimally different variations of the same lunatic extreme left policy:  COIN.

The correct policy would be that of Lord Cromer, who brought peace, prosperity, and freedom to Egypt with only five thousand men. Unfortunately that policy was already politically incorrect in 1907.