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The poverty of the billionaire ruling elite.

Saturday, October 29th, 2022

Musk is immensely rich because he creates capital.

Nancy Pelosi, and the entire FIRE economy, are immensely wealthy because they help themselves to capital that other people create.

We have a criminal and stupid ruling elite.

And no matter how much money such people have, they remain poor. Their yachts sit in the marina. They own nice mansions that were built by people of wealth and taste, but lacking taste, do not live in those mansions, They own them as status symbols, and live in trash places. They own them because other people judged them magnificent, not because they can tell the difference. When they buy a yacht, it is not to sail it to beautiful and interesting places, but to have a higher mast sitting in the marina than the mast of the other billionaire’s yacht that is sitting in the marina.

Nancy Pelosi’s beard called in a forty year old male whore, who beat him up.

And so we got to see photos of where Nancy Pelosi’s beard lives and where the whore lives.

The whore lives in trailer that is as filthy, ugly, and garbage strewn as you would imagine. I know nice people who live in nice trailers. Trailers near other nice trailers. One look at this whore’s trailer, you know he is drug addled whore who is likely to attack you and rob you.

The beard lives on billionaires row, in a “mansion”. Which is to say a house considerably bigger than any of my houses, and doubtless worth thousands or tens of thousands as much, also considerably uglier, with an entrance way far inferior to any of my houses, a garden far inferior to the gardens of any of my houses, a view far inferior to the view from any of my houses, in a crime infested neighborhood (“Billionaire’s row”) where if you leave something in your car and the car unlocked, it is going to walk, unlike any of the neighborhoods of any of my houses.

One of my houses is surrounded by a horde of McMansions. There are a lot of things I do not like about those McMansions. But each and every one of them looks nicer and has a nicer entrance way than the beard’s mansion. The beard’s mansion is to nice mansions, as the whore’s trailer is to nice trailers.

These are trashy people, everything around them turns to trash. They turn everything they touch into trash, whether a mansion or a trailer. Nancy Pelosi, her beard, and the beard’s whore are all alike.

Nancy Pelosi, her beard, and her beard’s whore all all the same quality of person. They are all trash, and in a civilized society they would be confined to a ghetto for human trash, a ghetto serving the same function as the town dump for household trash, so that civilized people can pretend that trash does not exist, and do not suffer the crime that follows human trash around like flies and cockroaches.

You wonder why modern buildings are ugly? Ugliness and physical degradation follows corruption and sexual deviation. It is like evil in the old fantasy games. You can tell the bad guys just by looking at them and their surroundings.

A living creature maintains its own order by increasing the entropy of other systems. The lion eats the deer and turns it into poop. A healthy society has to continually fight social entropy, which means it has to continually dump social entropy outside of itself. And that is what ghettos are for. They serve the same function as a sewer. A palace without a sewer will soon start to stink. The ugliness of the modern world is due to a lack of sewers for human sewage. It all started when the Victorians allowed Florence Nightingale and her ilk back into polite society. A palace needs a sewer, and civilization needs ghettos. And it needs to keep human sewage from escaping those ghettos.

Murray on the decline of marriage

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

The right tends to have orgasms over Charles Murray, because he is a rightist that is tolerated by the regnant left, albeit barely tolerated, therefore wonderfully high status as compared to the rest of the right, since regular rightists are not tolerated by our masters, therefore regular rightists are low status. Is it not wonderful to be allowed to get close to Charles Murray, who is allowed to get close enough to our masters for them to spit on him?

But, if he is tolerated, he has to be far to the left of reality, indeed almost as far out in la la land as any Dean of Diversity Studies. From where I stand, having confidence in evolutionary psychology and the wisdom of our ancestors (but I repeat myself), I can barely see the difference between Charles Murray and the Dean of Diversity Studies.

I now critique his latest interview: (more…)