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The Death of Libertarianism

Friday, February 28th, 2014

What is libertarianism?

Stephen Landsburg complains that Arizona law protecting religious people from being forced to enthusiastically support and endorse gay marriage is unlibertarian.

Bryan Caplan, a libertarian and theoretically an anarcho capitalist, wants the Mexican underclass moved here to live on welfare, crime, the production of anchor babies, and voting Democrat.

Esr recently used exterminationist rhetoric against “racists”. I doubt he knows what “racist” means, but those that put that exterminationist rhetoric into action will know that “racist” is simply a hostile word for white.

As the Overton Window moves ever leftwards, there is no more room for anti statism, and so libertarians, seeking to remain inside the Overton Window, have abandoned their anti statism, becoming just another variant of progressive, thus totalitarian statist. (more…)

The USG immigration problem

Monday, February 17th, 2014

The problem is that people we are allowing in have too much power over us. Also, most of them are stupid people, and when their children go to school, the Cathedral teaches them to hate us and attack us.

When nonwhites have the majority, whites will be a market dominant minority, like Jews or overseas Chinese. In nonwhite countries, market dominant minorities seldom exist, because they get exterminated or expelled. In the middle east, sometimes enslaved.

Smart fraction theory implies that intelligence primarily produces externalities, benefits for other people.

Thus, people of below average intelligence produce large negative externalities.

The policy of the King of Dubai, assuming that policy to reflect the best interests of an undeniably able monarch, indicates that even when stupid people are not allowed welfare, not allowed to vote, are subject to an ironfisted law enforcement system that completely eliminates the kind of crimes that stupid people might commit, are subject to the iron fisted control of employers, who may at any moment expel their employees back to their home countries to face the horrors of those governments that they democratically elected, even with all that, stupid people still have substantial negative externalities. (more…)

Working class consciousness

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

Working Class consciousness (in other words envy and covetousness) runs into economics: “The Chamley-Judd Redistribution Impossibility Theorem” which tells us that redistribution from capitalists to workers is impossible, and trying to do so merely buggers the economy making everyone worse off.

This conflict between reality and ideology brings you nazism and communism.

The Chamley-Judd Redistribution Impossibility theorem is economists admitting Ayn Rand was right while trying to sound as if they are not admitting it. The economy needs savings, investment, and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs will arrange to get a good chunk of the wealth produced, and if you try to stop them, you will discourage, or altogether stop, savings, investment and entrepreneurship.

You try to distribute from the capitalists to the workers, and somehow it does not happen. Obviously an evil conspiracy. So you round up the usual suspects. Somehow, this fails to work. Obviously the conspiracy must be bigger than you thought. So you round up everyone vaguely connected to the usual suspects. And you wind up killing them.

Yes, there are perfectly real conspiracies, as the previous post reveals, and some of them, such as the one revealed in the previous post, contain a curiously large proportion of Jews, but this is not what causes economic differences between capitalists and workers. The usual object of conspiracy is political power. This causes economic inequality between people in political power and people out of political power, but other forms of inequality are more resistant to politics, and attempts to politicize other forms of inequality will have disastrous effects.

The inequality between Jewish tax farmers and the peasants had political origins and was reasonably answered by political measures against tax farming. The inequality between Jewish Estate managers and the people who worked on those estates, the inequality between Jewish money lenders and European borrowers, and the inequality between Jewish vodka merchants and Russian drunks did not have political origins, hence trying to remedy it results in you killing the Jews, not to mention capitalists, kulaks, foreign educated intellectuals, and whatnot. And after they are killed, your peasants are still screwed. Indeed they are even more screwed.

Hence successful official belief systems prohibit this fallacy. Believing it gets punished by social disapproval and exclusion from the levers of political power.

Cathedral imperialism revealed

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

We hear Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt discussing what role which people will play in the post coup Ukraine government, revealing that the Ukraine “opposition” are puppets, entryists, cogs in the Cathedral machine, loudspeakers for microphones held in Harvard.

They discuss what orders they will give to which Ukraine politicians, and what jobs they will assign to which Ukraine politician, like the CEO discussing new employees with HR, revealing that the “Unrest” in the Ukraine is a Cathedral plan to install a puppet regime.

Presumably this phone call was tapped by the Russian KGB, and then released by them to Youtube.

Trouble is, Cathedral puppet regimes have generally been disastrous, most infamously in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, the Congo, and Haiti.

This is not the colonialism that Neoreactionaries favor for the same reasons as North Korea is not the monarchy reactionaries favor.  Good imperialism is order supplied from outside.  Cathedral Leftism is disorder supplied from outside.  The old colonialism would punish, subdue, or enslave the worst elements of society.  Cathedral imperialism, most infamously in Rwanda, encourages them to run amuck.  Rhodesia was the old colonialism, Zimbabwe the new imperialism.

Hurrah for the Russian KGB! (more…)

Sunshine Mary nails it

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

We have been discussing the demographic transition – the tendency of peoples to fail to reproduce, examining varying nations, religious groups and such to see what makes a difference and what does not.

Sunshine Mary has proposed a theory which I think fits all our data.
Ten changes that need to happen in order to promote society-wide traditional sex roles.

The only way that it is safe for women to engage in traditional sex roles – keeping the home, nurturing the young, caring for the old, ministering to the sick and the poor – is if they can depend on the support of a husband and kin network. And the only way it is safe for men to engage in traditional sex roles – providing for and protecting women and children – is if their investment in their families is protected from destruction and theft by corporations, governments, and the women themselves.

One might suppose Saudi Arabia to be a counter example, but Saudi women are exposed both to easy divorce, and to state intervention to raise the status of women.

One might suppose China to be a counter example, but the excess of males caused a rise in the status of women, and an ensuing sexual revolution, since those females could play around, and still get married.

Entryist attack

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Some time ago there were some thoughtful critiques of the Dark Enlightenment, Reaction, and Neoreaction, worthy of thoughtful and lengthy response.

More recently, there was a lot of childish name calling.  Racist

And, predictably, the next step would be entryism.

Patri Friedman, fresh from screwing over Libertarianism and anarcho capitalism, promises us a more politically correct Dark Enlightenment.

I think I need to recap some of the more offensive hate facts of the Dark Enlightenment, for example what happened to Rhodesia, the Congo, what is happening to South Africa, the benefits of slavery in the United States, the consequences of affirmative actioning women into roles for which they are unsuited, and Whig treason against Britain in the revolutionary war, and recommend these hate facts for inclusion into the canon, as an immovable obstacle against a more politically correct Dark Enlightenment. Though, of course, Radish has already done much fine work along these lines.

The collapse of fertility

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Spandrel has a post wondering where all the babies went, and whenever I propose one of the usual suspects, for example no fault divorce, denormalization of masculinity, and such, he says “Ah, but many Muslim countries also have fertility collapse”.

Good point. So let us look at a Muslim country with dramatic fertility collapse, and see if we can find any of the usual suspects. (more…)

Darkness is the norm

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Copper production shows three peaks: The Roman Empire in the west, the Song Dynasty, and modernity.

The Roman Empire in the west and the Song Dynasty had about seven times the preceding and following level of copper production, thus while those civilizations were going concerns, they had far more production and wealth than the rest of the world put together.

When the Roman Empire in the West fell, its GDP dropped about a hundred fold.

So, looking at the past few thousand years, the norm has been relatively brief periods of civilization in relatively small parts of the world.

I would guess the problem is that the state lacks the cohesion and self discipline necessary to refrain from devouring civil society, and anarchy lacks the cohesion necessary to keep the roads safe and property rights secure. Technology can advance during anarchic periods, often quite rapidly, but the amount of wealth, as indicated by copper production, shipwrecks, and such, tends to be very low indeed during such periods.  Despotic states, on the other hand, have higher wealth, probably because they can make the roads safe over a large area, but are apt to end technological progress, and often reverse it. (more…)