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Racefail 09

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Hear the sound of the left ceasing to be the smart party, and becoming the stupid party:

On the Livejournal science fiction blogs, there is, or recently was, a passionate debate called  Racefail 09, wherein lots of bloggers accuse other bloggers of being racists.

Those accused of racism are those that are very left wing and very politically correct – they are those least likely to be guilty, most likely to be devastated by the accusation, and least able to defend themselves against the accusations because any defense would itself be politically incorrect. No one is accusing the likes of John Ringo. Instead the accused are people who are constitutionally incapable of calling a spade a spade. The accused are people who are normally clever with words and therefore can normally lacerate, devastate, and dismiss critics with ease – but are paralyzed by politically correctness from defending themselves against this accusation.

Therefore, the accusations are not motivated by concerns about race, rather, “racism” is merely the standard accusation that left wingers make these days, especially against each other.

None of those making these charges are the brightest bulb in the batch. They are all from the shallow end of the gene pool, the wrong edge of the bell curve.

So this looks to me not like anti racists going after racists, or even people of color going after whites, but more like the stupid people going after the smart people. “Racist” is these days merely an epithet that stupid people use a lot, much like “fascist” used to be.

And when that epithet is hurled, all the good leftwingers must dutifully join in, explaining that they were never friends of so and so, just as in 1928, there was a sudden dearth of Trotskyists, and in 1956, an equally sudden dearth of Stalinists.

A long predicted consequence of political correctness is finally coming to pass. Forbid thought, and soon your movement will be governed by those unable to think.

The Khmer Rouge, a party of very smart people, proceeded to execute all the smart people. America’s left cannot execute all the smart people – yet. But it can cast them out of its ranks.

Not Science

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Recently the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization) dressed itself in the robes of high holy science, and portentously announced that the wrath of Gaea was upon us. Other scientists asked for the details of the evidence, but alas, the highly scientific scientists of the CSIRO found themselves sadly unable to provide the evidence.

American empire is not working

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

I have long argued that the US should focus on destroying its enemies and not attempt to hold ground. Global Guerrillas observes that

it was only when the Army/Marines attempted to hold ground that the US military ran into trouble. These advocates maintain that the US military should never hold ground in the future

Who are “these advocates”?

Britain falls

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

When the Roman empire in the west fell, it was decades, nearly a century, before Romans realized it had fallen. Falling is a process, which is hard to recognize at the time. A recent post in Gates of Vienna leads me to believe that in decades to come, future historians will date the fall of most of old Europe to Islam to 2008, or not long after.

The first step in subjecting Europe to dar al Islam is to establish liberated zones where the writ of the Christian state does not run. This is well under way in France, and is now beginning in England.

When state operatives, such as firemen, show their faces, they get thumped.  And if they want to show their faces without getting thump, they had best accept and enforce law acceptable to Islam. This produces, or in the near future will produce a number of benefits for the Muslims within such a zone. For example they won’t have to pay for electricity, nor pay rent to kaffirs, nor may kaffirs refuse to rent to them merely because of a well founded fear that no rent will be paid and no eviction will be possible. If a Muslim within such a zone commits crimes against kaffirs, police have little enthusiasm for looking into the matter, which situation will in future produce substantial benefits for Muslims at the expense of kaffirs, if it is not doing so already.