Britain falls

When the Roman empire in the west fell, it was decades, nearly a century, before Romans realized it had fallen. Falling is a process, which is hard to recognize at the time. A recent post in Gates of Vienna leads me to believe that in decades to come, future historians will date the fall of most of old Europe to Islam to 2008, or not long after.

The first step in subjecting Europe to dar al Islam is to establish liberated zones where the writ of the Christian state does not run. This is well under way in France, and is now beginning in England.

When state operatives, such as firemen, show their faces, they get thumped.  And if they want to show their faces without getting thump, they had best accept and enforce law acceptable to Islam. This produces, or in the near future will produce a number of benefits for the Muslims within such a zone. For example they won’t have to pay for electricity, nor pay rent to kaffirs, nor may kaffirs refuse to rent to them merely because of a well founded fear that no rent will be paid and no eviction will be possible. If a Muslim within such a zone commits crimes against kaffirs, police have little enthusiasm for looking into the matter, which situation will in future produce substantial benefits for Muslims at the expense of kaffirs, if it is not doing so already.


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