Anime and decadence

Japan is decadent and is committing suicide with impressive grace and style. This is intentional Cathedral and MacArthur policy.

It does decadence very well, and decadence is attractive and entertaining. A little poison, every now and then, makes for an agreeable life, and a lot of poison, in the end, makes for an agreeable death.

In the course of watching more anime that I should, I have observed that the ideas projected in anime are invariably corrupting and self destructive, and probably a major cause of Japan’s epidemic of shut ins who live in their mother’s basement, watching hentai and playing video games all day.

Been watching various Japanese anime which increasingly indicate a terrible testosterone deficit in Japan, and probably are part of the cause of the deficit.

I recently randomly sampled an episode from the anime series Cat Girl Planet. Science fiction harem anime about cat girls. Sounds good.

Episode five, starting in the middle. Big pirate battleship whose all female crew wear a cross between sexy maid costumes and sexy pirate costumes.

They are under attack by umpteen different and mutually hostile groups, among them a couple of pirate girls wearing bunny costumes and teensy weensy itsy bitsy bikinis, two girls wearing powered battle armor suits, with almost identical uniforms but belonging to different and opposed factions, a bunch of identical robots, and probably maybe some more factions

Oh, I forgot, also under attack by the male protagonist and his super powered cat girl friend.

Unfortunately, her super powers, and her mind, are gone, because she is in heat. To restore her to normal, she needs to be laid, but the protagonist, the only male around, fails to take the hint.

Maybe I forgot them because they fail to do anything brave or manly unlike all the other teams.

Much dramatic action girl combat ensues, action girl on action girl. Finally the big confrontation.

Whereupon the male protagonist, the only male on the entire ship, and if he was not surrounded by extremely feminine girls, you would think him a girl also, proceeds to lecture people with moral lesson of the day – which moral lesson does not seem particularly relevant, but everyone is so impressed by this that they stop fighting.

The protagonist fails to do anything brave or manly, fails to hit on any girls, and fails to respond appropriately when girls hit on him.

The story line requires that the cat girl be restored to her normal self by the end of this episode or the start of the next. I suppose a bad guy is probably going to wind up servicing her off screen, demonstrating that manliness and hitting on girls is bad, but was not inclined to watch the rest of this series to test this theory.

Watched Btooom!

The protagonist has never hit on a girl, never intends to attempt to hit on a girl, lives in his mother’s basement playing video games all day. Never intends to get a real life woman or a real job. His single mum is getting increasingly pissed with this.

We see a flashback to his schooldays:

Evil horrible oppressive to women horrible sexist horrible bully at school learns that the protagonist loves some schoolgirl from afar. From very far. Evil Bully tells protagonist that evil bully is interested pumping and dumping that same schoolgirl, but he will hold back so that protagonist can score some sex.

Protagonist declines to hit on girl. Evil bully tells him to man up and hit on the girl. You will get no sex if you take no action he tells him.

Protagonist declines to hit on girl. Evil bully tells him to get moving or evil bully will hit on girl.

Protagonist declines to hit on girl. Evil bully tells him to get a move on, damn it.

Protagonist declines to hit on girl. Evil bully hits on girl, pumps her and dumps her. She cries a lot. Oh the horrible outrage.

Protagonist savagely attacks evil bully. Evil bully declines to fight back, even though he could easily beat the crap out of the protagonist. This is probably even more humiliating for the protagonist than being beaten up. The girl beloved from afar never has any idea why the protagonist attacked the evil bully.

It is perfectly obvious that the evil bully is going to become a successful man in a high status job when he grows up, and the protagonist is going to grow up to be a total loser. Further, the evil bully is not evil at all. He is mentoring the protagonist, trying to give protagonist a little bit of the fathering that he has never known and desperately needs, to help the protagonist to not become the total loser that he is growing up to become.

In the Btooom! universe fathers are invariably evil and a bad influence, and children are better off without them.

In the protagonist’s video game universe his player character has an in game wife. His fellow players tell him there are no women on the internet, and the player playing his wife is probably a fat fifty year old male. His in game wife declines requests for her real life identity, leading the main character to suspect “she” probably is a fat fifty year old male.

By an extremely improbable plot contrivance, he gets thrown into a real life adventure with the player playing his wife, who turns out to be an incredibly hot chick very much resembling her in game avatar.

Aaaand – still won’t hit on her. In fact, despite having completely heroic adventures, he remains the total loser he always was, never growing an inch.

I originally decided to watch Btooom! because of an online review that it oppressed and degraded the female love interest, though in fact the male protagonist is horribly castrated, and is incessantly bullied and oppressed by the female love interest, on whom he never makes a move.

Instant girlfriend plot, in that they wind up living together in an abandoned building. He risks his life to get food. She does not cook. Building is indescribably filthy. She does not clean. She treats him with absolute and total lack of respect. And did I mention the lack of cooking and cleaning? Good. I will mention it again just in case you forget.

He never hits on her. She never does any housework for him. The place where they hang out continues to look like a homeless squat. Skipping forward to the end of the series, he still has not grown an inch. At the end of the series, she assumes the position (on a couch that is no cleaner than when they first arrived) but instead of screwing her, or better, telling her to clean the couch so that it is fit for screwing on, he talks to the demons in his head.

Now I can see there is a moral argument for him refraining from slapping her around and telling her “I saved your life umpteen times per episode, so put out, woman” but she desperately needs to be slapped around and told to do some cooking, cleaning, and lose the bad attitude. Just as the protagonist would have been a whole lot better off if evil bully / mentor had beaten the crap out of him, she would have been a lot better off if the protagonist had beaten the crap out of her.

The moral universe of both animes is that masculinity is bad, the behaviors that lead to success are bad, male sexuality is disgusting and evil, while female sexuality is pure and chaste. Fathers are absent and/or evil in both animes.

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  1. W.S. says:

    This is a good discussion. While we’re on the topic of anime, I’m curious as to what everyone’s thoughts are on Neon Genesis Evangelion.

    It’s a pretty well known anime, (in)famous for its bizarre Lovecraftian horror, Illuminati conspiracies and convoluted psychology, packaged as a super robot show. But it ties it all up with a central theme that is basically summarized as “Don’t be an otaku grass-eater. Don’t fear rejection or failure, because those things are part of life, and the only alternative to those things is not living at all. Accept reality and live to the fullest, no matter how absurd it is.”

    It also attempts to subvert and deconstruct lots of the elements of degenerate anti-masculinity in anime:
    -The protagonist is forced to grow out of being a cowardly, limp-wristed nice guy, and his later reversion to those behaviors is portrayed as a tragic fall
    -The protagonist’s father being cold and absent is portrayed as being no excuse for his failures, since he is ultimately responsible for his own decisions
    -The bitchy “tsundere” gf carries mountains of baggage and becomes suicidally insane
    -The cute alien girl… well, I shouldn’t give spoilers for those here who haven’t watched the show

    It should be mentioned that it also deconstructs giant robot fights in general with half the problems revolving around issues with the robots’ power supplies.

    It is a great irony that much of NGE’s fanbase consists of the otakus that its plot aims to soundly rebuke. It seems as if many people who talk about the show forget about what it actually is like to watch it, and only want to think about the “fanservice” and “waifus.”

    Thoughts on this? Where would you say NGE falls on the redpill/bluepill scale?

  2. Konkvistador says:

    I am reminded of this quote by Hayao Miyazaki:

    “You see, whether you can draw like this or not, being able to think up this kind of design, it depends on whether or not you can say to yourself, ‘Oh, yeah, girls like this exist in real life. If you don’t spend time watching real people, you can’t do this, because you’ve never seen it. Some people spend their lives interested only in themselves. Almost all Japanese animation is produced with hardly any basis taken from observing real people, you know. It’s produced by humans who can’t stand looking at other humans. And that’s why the industry is full of otaku!.”

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  4. Displaced Gaijin says:

    Probably the original, prototypical harem series was Urusei Yatsura, from the early 80s. In that, the teenaged protagonist male was a lecher. He had a girlfriend, but was always hitting on other girls and looking for every opportunity to cheat. He eventually is surrounded by a half a dozen hot alien chicks, one of whom he’s forcibly betrothed to. He had a good traditional girl, but it wasn’t enough, then he gets an insanely attractive, alien princess of an entire space empire, and he still can’t stand the idea of being tied down to one woman and so he still goes after every girl in sight. The conflict from the fact that every girl he might go after has a different positive attribute but gets him in trouble with all the other girls, cannot be further distinguished from the current harem anime, which can probably be traced back to Tenchi Muyou, where the main character is a complete goddamn pussy that literally cannot get fucked even if a nude girl jumps on him in the bath. It extends through to today with To Love Ru Darkness, where the protagonist is even more completely herbivorous, and the girls are completely hyper-sexualized.

    I have heard the “herbivore” teenager phenomenon started in the mid-1990’s. I can tell you from my gaijin experience in Japan in the early 1990’s that it hadn’t taken hold yet, but this was also probably the golden age of anime and video games in Japan, the peak. You never had more options at that point if you wanted to drop out of humanity. I don’t know which caused the other, but the two definitely created a vicious circle that in part got them to where they are today.

    Someone up-thread mentioned that people that enjoy anime are a minority. This is true, but I read a stat a while back that there’s something like ten times as many anime series on Japanese television today than there was 20 years ago. It is only one part of the picture, but a growing one.

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  6. Zach says:

    There’s something weird about art. For example, rap is generally terrible, but can a few of you white folks appreciate something like this?

    I think this is relevant given that Jim went all art house, now accepting he likes what he likes, with no cross corroboration.

    Just try… I know I know… 😉

  7. Zach says:

    You read it here first folks:

    Jim argues that adaption, in natural selection, happens rather quickly!

  8. Jefferson says:

    You’re watching the wrong anime, Jim. Rune soldier, about a dude so alpha he ignores the broads he hangs around with and is into a super hot elf chick, Hunter x Hunter (pretty much no female characters and a bunch of alpha dudes), Cowboy Bebop with the female lead portrayed as an untrustworthy harlot, etc.

    The movies I make my son watch include Castle in the Sky and Porco Rosso (both from before Miyazaki went full prog), and he watches Digimon lately, with a male lead who seems to have almost exclusively positive traits. Hell, I prefer that he watches Anime since Western shows *only* portray males as knaves. A dude being chivalrous is only bad if he’s getting nothing in return from the women, which happens less in anime than in western media.

    • fnd says:

      How old is these animes. Most animes i like is from the 80’s and 90’s. Berserk is one of my favorites.

      • jim says:

        My impression is that testosterone has been falling steadily, and decadence rising steadily, since as long as I have been paying attention, but I have not made any careful study of the question.

        It was just that latest animes I watched were quite disgusting.

        The “Devil is a part timer” was recommended on the basis that the Devil (the main character) is reasonably manly, but he really is not. It pretty much fits Mackus’s denunciation of harem anime.

  9. Ivan .M says:

    Well, didn’t WWII remove around 2.1 million extreme-T guys from the Japanese gene pool? I’d imagine those men would’ve sired a disproportionate amount of children had they lived.

    Doubt that working hours were no different before MacArthur. Salarymen, in particular, appear to be slaving away longer and harder than ever. Historical stats on average hours in corporate jobs should clear this up. Current population density might actually be significantly higher, messing with fertility.

    For the first time, Miss Japan is a mongrel, and Syrian detritus is being entertained for asylum. Is the State Department attaching strings to Pentagon commitments against China? No clue.

    Love anime from the ’80s. Enjoyed a lot of ’90s stuff too, but one could see the emasculation creeping in by then. Today’s shows are mostly intolerable. Favorite male protagonists include Ryo Saeba from City Hunter and Jubei Kibagami in Ninja Scroll.

    • R. says:

      >>Well, didn’t WWII remove around 2.1 million extreme-T guys from the Japanese gene pool? I’d imagine those men would’ve sired a disproportionate amount of children had they lived.<<


      Japan had a conscript army with extremely brutal discipline. In the end, they were ineffective against properly trained an armed opponents.

  10. Michael Anissimov says:

    Have you seen The Legend of Galactic Heroes?

    • jim says:

      No, I will give it a go if you recommend it as low toxicity.

      • Mackus says:

        Its very good, I’d say. For one thing, democracy is portrayed realistic, complete with what happens to you when you are idealistic, very talented soldier who happens to be loyal to democratic system.

        • Zach says:

          Ahhh reading your description Jim might want to make a pass on the two below if he hadn’t already seen them.

          I find Anime to be artistic. Hardly ever a political commentary worth listening to.

          So, therefore…

      • Zach says:

        Fist of North Star (the original)
        Ninja Scroll

        I haven’t watched a lot of it, but I do recall enjoying those two a lot when I was younger.

      • pwyll says:

        Haven’t seen it yet myself, but I regularly see Legend of the Galactic Heroes praised as *the* most NRx-aligned anime, and very entertaining to boot. There are 110 episodes however, and I haven’t wanted to start before I knew I could finish.

  11. DeOctavius Jones says:

    Dis nigga serious?

  12. Dave says:

    Over many centuries, Japan did to men what Norman Borlaug did to wheat, breeding a race of low-testosterone, diligent, honest, obedient serfs who would work together instead of competing. For men who lacked the desired traits, “this sword cut through five bodies [of executed criminals] in one stroke” reads a typical test report scratched onto the tang of an old katana.

    Reproduction wasn’t a problem; parents matched up young men with suitable women and ordered them to make babies. Until, that is, Gen. MacArthur introduced Western concepts of dating and women’s rights.

    • Just sayin' says:

      They seemed kind of manly during WW2… heck, so did Europeans. Now cucks. Genes might play a role but it is probably more than just genes.

      I think that there is probably some truth to the blank slate theory… but only when it comes to making people worse.

      • A.B Prosper says:

        Partially. In Japan is most assuredly not the pill however, that was unknown till population decline was well under way and its still rare.

        My guess is its urbanization and opportunity costs, having sex is fun for most people but there are always strings attached, more so in modernity. There are more things for people to do now and so people knowing sex has consequences and is trouble to procure, do other things, Its perfectly rational .

        Japanese work is hell and I can’t blame young men for not wanting the salary-man life, not only are workers disposable they are also expected to be willing to work themselves to the exclusion of a personal life sometimes to death, Its not worth the tiny amount of status a man gets and the young men have figured that out.

        The old system “a life for a lifetimes” was a bad trade but it worked to a degree for a few decades, As Dave said, ingrained natural serfdom and shame culture worked together

        Also life in Japan is very expensive, take housing for example, Japanese houses are disposable (torn down every couple of decades) and cost 3x as much as houses in say the US . Japanese workers are well paid but they do not make so much money that they have anywhere near a comparable standard of living. Thus children are even more expensive so the opportunity cost is higher even when wages are high enough and many Japanese are poor and can afford basically zero children anyway.

        What we have is a typical situation where its not possible for the leaders to learn anything since their job depends on them not knowing it, so nothing can be fixed.

        Assuming Japan keeps its corporations from overrunning Japan with foreigners for short term work, it will be fine in the end anyway. The population will drop to a sustainable level than stabilize at that level

        No idea what that is though, maybe half current.

        • Corvinus says:

          “The real solution is eliminating the Cathedral from society, not easy, expelling or eliminating most Lo-Hi’s and making sure the economy provide stable jobs and status for men.”

          In other words, genocide. Thanks, Pol Pot.

          “i suggest trying to learn from heartiste…”

          Absolutely horrible advice. He embodies the decline of Western Civilization with his “pump and dump” lifestyle and insistence that men not marry and have children.

          • Steve Johnson says:

            The solution in Cambodia was to eliminate the Khmer Rouge before they wiped out the country but a fool like you would say that’s genocide. The Cathedral isn’t going to stop so I guess you’d better go meekly slit your own throat rather than advocating “genocide”.

            About marriage and kids?

            Roissy says “don’t stick your dick in a bear trap”

            NR says “we need to change our laws and society so that having a wife and children isn’t sticking your dick in a bear trap”

            Progressives deny that there is a bear trap.

            Corvinus says “go stick your dick in a bear trap”

            Every reaction to current family law and societal structure makes more sense than yours.

          • A.B Prosper says:

            I think the gap here is that a lot of people, maybe yourself feel that Western society can be saved in some humane kind way or maybe by just having children and raising them right

            I strongly doubt it and if it came between the survival of a functioning society and not doing the unthinkable , I’d choose the unthinkable.

            we aren’t there yet but where we are, finding a good woman and raising a quiver full of children is not an option for most men either.

            It might be time to prepare for war and for the unthinkable, to gain wisdom , to harden hearts and if somehow we manage to fix things before its too late, we’ll be wiser and stronger for our work anyway

            • jim says:

              Evidently you are new reader.

              One of my much repeated proposals is that everyone on welfare, and everyone with no visible means of support, will from time to time face inquiry on his character. Those blacks that are niggers, and those whites that are wiggers, shall be sold into chattel slavery. This will discourage reliance on welfare, and encourage people to have visible means of support. It will get people who need supervision under supervision. Also debt slavery.

              Obviously democracy is not working. A well functioning regime will necessarily pursue the interests of group that is mostly or entirely men, and not necessarily a very large proportion of men.

              In a well functioning society, the social status of women will resemble what it was in the 1950s. For the 1950s to be socially sustainable, have to roll the legal status of women back to what it was in 1790.

          • A.B Prosper says:

            Jim, I’m familiar with your ideas. I just see them as unworkable.

            Sooner than later machines will make most all of us obsolete. Its not 1790. Every year machines consume one more job gone. I work with people who make the solutions and each year they get a just a notch more capable an more importantly cheaper

            This and lack of trade control is why labor force participation is at an all time low.


            Also every slave means a poorer freeman and creates an incentive to make more people slaves for cheaper labor. Including by fraud as was quite common in the South and elsewhere well into the 1930’s and later, they didn’t call it slavery but it was a sentence of hard labor for some trumped up crime. This is unjust at the very least.

            That hunger for cheaper labor is what started the current mess . Had we not had African slaves in the 1st place, we’d have had almost none of our current problems including a demand for socialism.

            Its also what lead to South African near genocide of Whites , if you want land you take it , have enough population to hold it and and you work its yourself instead of using cheap indigenous labor.

            You also can’t keep cutting wages, some material good have fixed costs and cannot do to material and energy limits drop below a certain threshold. Deflation is certainly possible but all this means less currency and a few lower prices. No promise that wages meet costs.

            lastly debt slavery is a bad idea. It discourages borrowing and encourages saving too much Saving is good but yes there really is demand destruction from high savings If I make say 50k modern money, pay 5000k in minimal taxes and presuming roughly even costs, a smart person is not going to borrow as if they lose their job, it becomes a life sentence. Thus he wills save around 30% or more as Japan and China do.

            This means real purchasing power of 30k which is an entire economic tier lower,

            This changes a lot of economic calculus, less borrowing for everything and probably less children . We have seen that In Japan.

            Upside smart people will pay off houses, save money for emergencies and be thrifty. Downside you have much smaller economy, much more static and assuming a no intrusive state, so a low demand for borrowing, very low yields,

            Its highly deflationary. The easy assumption is that the entire economy will be at least 25% smaller maybe much more depending on how much credence you give Keynesian money multipliers

            That might be a worthwhile trade off unless it results in a lower birth rate do to opportunity costs. And no, again its not 1950 or 1790, baring a collapse into tyranny, opportunity isn’t going anywhere. TV and Porn and the Internet an all that mean a lower birth rate patriarchy or not.

            You cannot magically make people want traditional relationships from on high , you can change the incentives and let it work out but baring a dictatorship, its not going to happen. And even trying it means your rebels will turn on you. Most of them are anarchist-libertarians types and small state types.

            Even if you can make it happen assuming people will suddenly hire tons of ditch diggers or servants or whatever is foolish. Tech like Tractors and and Running Water and Vacuum cleaners and Washing machines especially are like late 19th century aren’t going anywhere and mean a lot less demand for servants

            Ending dysgenic breeding through mass enslavement is plausible in some sense, destroy the food supply, create a state willing to use nightmare weapons but it won’t resolve the problem and numbers have a quality of their own and they may take you with them.

            One option to consider is to pay people not have children with an inverse welfare system. If you are unmarried and have no income, so long as you have no kids and avoid illegal drugs and such, the state will pay you not to reproduce.

            To make it work though you’ll have to pay married people too otherwise you diincentivise the poor and working classes from getting healthy and that gets expensive.

            Also with a lot of people certain to be out of work, you might end up wiping out your working and lower classes and a good chunk of the former middle . This would bring joy to the Cathedral till too few people can run things and it all goes to hell

            There are no solutions and no easy way to implement hard core patriarchy since neither men nor women especially wanted it in the 1st place,

            baring Mad Max you’ll never see 1790 again and best be used to it

            Oh yeah a last ramble, its possible to simply end Welfare if you a re willing to put up with urban unrest and millions of deaths

  13. jay says:

    If you aren’t aware there are a few anime that celebrates masculinity. Jojo Bizarre adventure, Golgo 13, Captain Hurlock and Fist of the North Star.

    And a good politics anime is Legend of Galactic Heroes.

    But they seem to be gems in the pile of bullshit you refer to in your post.

    • Mackus says:

      Oh yes, Legend of Galactic Heroes, saw entire series, movies and side OVAs. “Sieg Kaisar” indeed. My only main problems with Reinhard were, that in politics he supported some welfare state in order to weaken aristocracy, and in private life was monogamous despite becoming *spoiler*. Other than that, out of those you mentioned, I’ve had heard only about Fist of the North Star, because it was (affectionally) parodied in Seto no Hanayome.

  14. Mackus says:

    Those animes you mentioned sound quite shitty. I am curious what other shows you would describe as “most decadent”, and which would you call “least decadent” Jim, because I watched quite a lot anime a while ago, though not the most popular ones like Naruto or Bleach.

    Anime can be quite insidious, in that characters will engage in seemingly traditionalist behavior, like going to shinto shrines, being proud of their nation and traditions (you almost never see modern western cartoon characters going to church or being patriotic, unless they are strawmen, or its wedding), but often it will be devoid of actual substance, they lack “traditional core”, that makes such actions meaningful. The characters are oriental versions of Churchians.

    The though I had on Anime genre “harem”, which is misleading name. Main characters are often total losers, and probably so are authors of those series.
    The most cliche type is: MC likes one girl (“the heroine”). Plenty girls like the MC. Girls throw themselves at MC. MC won’t fuck any of them, or even talk much to one girls he likes (“loving form afar”). Bonus point if “the heroine” is one who beats him up regularly (tsundere. but without actual dere). Another bonus point if MC is total loser “nice guy”. Another point if “the heroine” is being a bitch to shit-test the MC, who keeps “being nice” and “you never hit a girl!” (though its painfully obvious that makers of anime conveyed concept of shit-test without realizing it exists, by accident). In the end, MC rejects other girls to be with “the heroine”. Its like gender reversed version of anime authors own school experiences, when they liked a popular girl who turned them down to be with a jerk, so they made up a reality where “nice guy” is the one who turns down girls who chase after him.

    Thats why only decent harem animes are where above cliche is completely averted, due to either: MC actually scoring with other girls, having a spine, calling out “the heroine” on her bs to the point she actually changes for better (or dumps her), or has some badass qualities that would justify him being chick magnet. Or at very least give MC traumatic backstory that would justify him being broken shell of a man (like watching his family burn alive as todder. lookin at you, Emiya). Out of Manga, animes, and Visual Novels, I would qualify Omamori Himari, Tsukihime, Highschool DxD, Majikoi, and Persona 4, as decent ones. Of those who have more than one medium, generally: VN is better than Manga, and Manga is better than Anime. Anime are tootless, and “sfw”, Manga are alright, and characters shine in VN (they have actual harems…)

    “moral universe of both animes is that masculinity is bad, the behaviors that lead to success are bad, male sexuality is disgusting and evil, while female sexuality is pure and chaste.”
    Try School Days anime then. Men AND women portrayed are total idiots. (in VN, both genders are slightly better, and MC is not treated as evil)
    Or examples I gave earlier, where male sexuality is not shamed.

  15. Mister Grumpus says:

    I very much appreciate your work as always.

    You’ve gotten me to thinking again. You’ve got me to thinking about how I don’t hit on women either. Why? Well because frankly I don’t like them all that much, or at the very least, I don’t like having one in real life all that much.

    But the anime bully? He hits on women all the time, and I bet he likes women just fine.

    See, I’m sure I’ve gotten the logic all wrong here. I think to myself that I don’t pursue women because I don’t like them much. But really, it’s probably the other way around: That I don’t like women that much because I don’t assume a more commanding role with them, and therefore don’t experience the positive benefits of an Actual Relationship that can result from such active behavior on my part, and re-active behavior on hers.

    (What the F$&K were you when I was 8?)

    • Michael says:

      you have likely diagnosed yourself correctly and if you’re under 60 i suggest trying to learn from heartiste before its too late im skeptical a beta can learn but his commenters claim some success. as a natural with a number approaching 200 in my mid fifties several children some of who i actually helped raise and quite a few long term relationships. Id point out there’s another malady with similar symptoms.As the law has changed over the decades yoking these bitches has become increasingly like playing with high explosives. one miscalculation can fuck your whole world. this causes a level of stress that in your fifties gives you the fuck its , of course indifference to them intrigues them if at that age youre still noticeable. thers good women out there too but theyre out there in Idaho and they get married young, the rest might be good women like my daughter but if they re smart they went to college and the internet and got brainwashed . sure you can use your charms too turn em out but at any moment the cathedral might remotely detonate them and if youre not ready when the timer starts counting youre toast

  16. Mark Citadel says:

    “moral universe of both animes is that masculinity is bad, the behaviors that lead to success are bad, male sexuality is disgusting and evil, while female sexuality is pure and chaste.”

    Are we really so far behind? Just look at how faggotry has become a status symbol in America. Western Modernity is like a virus. Japan didn’t stand much of a chance.

  17. Contaminated NEET says:

    Maybe the anime industry has gotten too good at giving its main customers exactly what they want. It’s so specialized in making entertainment for young shut-in loser men that its product doesn’t appeal to anyone beyond that core anymore. The same thing happened to popular music in the US, with teenybopper girls in place of NEET boys.

  18. Dr. Faust says:

    What does the average IQ of a population need to be in order to maintain progressive thought? Would it be accurate to say that only white and asian societies are smart enough to support this ideology? If the left reproduces laterally won’t dysgenic reproduction destroy the ability for the mean to understand progressivism?

    I was watching a documentary on the antichrist the other day when two Christians were debating how the antichrist could unite muslims and christians. Both would regard the other’s miracles as demonic and resist them. My first thought was that the progressivism was a religion and would unite all of the others under its banner. But are muslim countries smart enough to understand this ideology?

  19. spandrell says:

    Anime certainly doesn’t help, but it isn’t as popular in Japan as people often assume. It’s a minority taste, particularly the shut-in crowd and other sexual market losers.

    The sexual markets in places like Korea and Taiwan are if anything worse than Japan. I think the easy answer is that Asian males aren’t very alpha by nature; so depriving them of legal mastery over their women just removes the whole point of mating. Men don’t enjoy women they aren’t allowed to dominate, and women don’t enjoy not being dominated either.

    But yeah, the sheer omega-hood of the Manga industry writers is cringe inducing.

  20. A.B Prosper says:

    Japan suffers from other problems than too much anime and bad ideas implanted by the Cathedral

    Really men basically have no incentive to take on the usual gender role and were I Japanese I’d opt out too. We think its bad here, its far worse there,

    1st Japanese women basically take all the money by long custom and put men on an allowance they decide. So the men are slaves

    2nd The Japanese work environment is soul crushing leaving men basically no time for anything other than a quicky at the love motel. Being worked to death, karoshi in Japanese is quite common

    3rd Until about the 90’s or 2000’s or so, this was the trade for basically a guarantee of lifetime employment, That’s gone and a lot of men are basically perma-temps with wives that still expect the old system

    from here

    For decades, Japan’s big firms were famous for their deal with employees: The corporation was a big family that looked after its workers for life. In return it expected total dedication SNIP

    It’s no longer true. Instead, more than 17 million people in the world’s second largest economy are now “irregular” workers, or temps, according to government statistics.
    That’s nearly 34 percent of the workforce, up from 25 percent in 1999 and just 15 percent in 1984.

    That’s a huge change the culture hasn’t adapted to.

    4th Japan is very expensive and insanely crowded. Its safe and orderly and peaceful but its a mouse utopia and bound to drop anyone’s T levels like a brick.

    On the whole so long as Japan stays pretty much homogeneous and it seems to be that way, there is no long term downside to population decline so long as it stabilizes someday and they can keep what they have.

    And yes I know lots of growth based business and ideologies or youth focused ones whine,oh well.

    And in case anyone asks, no violent rebellion is not an option.. Japan doesn’t really have a strong religious ideology or a nationalist one (blame the US for that) and is sufficiently homogeneous there is nothing to rebel against.

    Since people are miserable, the rebel the best way they can, by dropping out and living for themselves,

    • Alrenous says:

      Tokyo is insanely crowded and expensive, between everyone having to cozy up to the government and everyone wanting to leech off the government, most of the rest is pretty spacious. Kyoto is probably also afflicted by legacy crowding. England has a noticeably higher population density overall, and since Tokyo -is- very crowded, there isn’t much left to spread around.

    • jim says:

      Japan has been safe and orderly and peaceful and crowded and rigidly hierarchical with long working hours for a very long time, yet before MacArthur, produced extremely manly men who had lots of sons.

      • A.B Prosper says:

        Yes true. The Post war period has been terrible for Japan. Pretty much everything the US touches turns to garbage

        However I will note the population of current Japan is twice that of Imperial Japan. IMO
        Its past its maximum healthy social and cultural carrying capacity much as we are.

        My theory is that every society can only support a certain number of people in a certain population density without starting to fall apart for social rot.

        How large this number is will depend to a degree on the ethnic makeup, the history of the people , technology and religious values. If the Cathedral’s malign influence could be done away with, it will be higher if the religion is patriarchal, conservative and natal and in a modern urban society there is ample work.

        Take Germany for example, after WW2 and before the Cathedral or at least the Frankfurt school Germany was in period of significant depravity on par with modernity in places and there was also a massive population increase at that time.

        what i think and I can’t prove is a few decades after social and cultural carrying capacity is exceeded , the society turns septic.

        My impression from a cursory look at German population is like Japan its maximum capacity is about 40 million. Ours was about 150 million to maybe if we met the above criteria highly, and were say 85-90% homogeneous maybe 200. We too are way above carrying capacity.

        Now this has nothing to do with how many people it can physically support , so long as the food is distributed, it can grow indefinitely. C.f EBT

        What it does mark for is civilization.

        Imagine there are 2 basic “strains” of human, High IQ ,Low Time Preference with High here being 100+ on a human average , call these people Hi-Lo’s and Low IQ, High Time Preference, call these people Lo-Hi’s

        Hi-Lo’s are civilization itself and the Lo-Hi’s barbarians. Because of differences, Hi-Lo’s like us can a only support a finite number . How much this varies but its for the most part a lot lower than we have now.

        The Lo-Hi’s however can support as many as they can feed which usually is lower but we’ve been propping them up with aid.

        So civilization is eroding on both ends.

        And yes in case you ask, there are a few Hi-Hi’s and Lo-Lo’s, the former are basically crazy and the later aboriginals. Neither contribute much to modernity.

        Also re: population booms several things can cause these,

        Among Hi-Lo’s its usually a vast increase in a standard of living, and sometimes delayed natalism

        The US in the 50’s was mainly Hi-Lo’s for example was both people wanted more children but could not afford them from the 30’s to the 40’s so once they could, baby boom. Had there been no Cathedral and no immigration, we might have had a fairly stable population around 250 million, nearly 90% Hi-Lo and been far better off but social forces convened and we got this mess

        Among the Lo-Hi’s free resources (c.f Africa) or attempted genocide which is what happened in East Timor (The Indonesians tried to wipe them out) and is happening in Afghanistan.

        Its quite similar to what happens with feral cats, when people try to kill them of and you can’t get them all, you end up with more feral cats. That’s why cats at least here in California are catch, fix , release which works acceptably well. Well not on humans anyway.

        To get the Lo-Hi’s in check, you only need to push them out and stop feeding them either by simply ending food sales and containing them or by more genocidal action kettling them somewhere they can’t get food.

        The later however is politically and morally unacceptable to most and a has been ;long before the Cathedral . Its also quite difficult to do successfully.

        So we get what we have here,

        Now a Christian religious revival might increase the population a bit and even the social carrying capacity some, but it won’t actually solve the issues.

        The real solution is eliminating the Cathedral from society, not easy, expelling or eliminating most Lo-Hi’s and making sure the economy provide stable jobs and status for men. Do that and your population will achieve its natural bounds which might even be higher than 200 million.

        Of course how one does such a thing, that’s the question. I won’t call it impossible but its pretty near close. I wouldn’t even try.

        • Michael says:

          if the cathedral wanted to do that they could and do it humanely and remain legitimate. this is what makes them evil they eliminate any humane option to an existential threat

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