Observing Hillary’s performances, it is kind of obvious that she is a drunk or druggie who cannot be trusted to be sober for a public appearance, or else she is suffering from some premature brain disease, or very likely both.

The email scandal is a storm in a tea cup. She committed umpteen felony offenses that could in theory send her to jail for zillions of years, but so does everyone. Everyone runs their own email server away from their employers and subordinates, and keeps data that could be potentially used against them on a thumbdrive. Everyone keeps a few spare identities here and there. It is like her husband smoking dope and raping women who had agreed to come to his hotel room in the middle of the night. I have never purchased dope, nor smoked it in private, and I notice that those who do tend to be losers, but once in a while I have been with a bunch of guys who are passing some grass around, and one needs to be sociable, and her husband is famously sociable. Nobody cares about his dope smoking, and feminists care even less about his rapes. The only people who ever worried about his rapes are Democrats-are-the-real-racists cuckservatives. Rape, like dope smoking or concealing or destroying information, is a crime that tends to be selectively prosecuted, and receives highly selective indignation. Consider for example Polanski. That was not statutory rape of a thirteen year old, that was actual rape, in the sense that Samantha continually said no and made some resistance. Does anyone care? Feminists don’t. Chances are that the top secret data was lot more secure on Clinton’s private thumbdrive than on the government official top secret system, because Clinton had real motive to secure it.

Hillary’s “health” problem – that she cannot be trusted to be sane and sober – is rather more serious. How did the democrats wind up anointing this drunken carpet muncher to be president?

Answer: Quid pro quo for sticking to her husband in spite of his innumerable infidelities. It is reminiscent of the harem politics of decadent empires.

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  1. SOBL says:

    The Dems are stuck with her because:
    1. Decades ago that Voter Rights act forced “majority minority” districts which is the real curse of gerrymandering, and they never can elect a black/hispanic statewide because they have to out-black the opponent to get the black vote (Ex: Bobby Rush clowning Obama).
    2. Dems with their handlers decided to junk the white working class and Southern vote in favor of blacks and hispanics. Sanders and Webb are ghosts of the old whites who used to vote Dem. The future of that party has no place for whites.
    3. After Obama it became almost mandatory to be non-white to be their figurehead leader. Gov Schweitzer from Montana is a competent man but he did not run.
    4. Dems were cleaned out in the statewide elections of 2010-2014. Their bench was empty. Look at theri VP choices, Sen Kaine, and then homo Sen Booker or neophyte ceremonial mayor Julian Castro.
    5. Dem strongholds like CA and NY are run by their well developed machines so to climb the greasy pole one is usually slick and that does not bode well for the national election: Brown and Cuomo come to mind.
    6. Eliot Spitzer was too dangerous for Wall St so they took him out. If not, he’d be cleaning Clinton’s clock right now.

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  3. vxxc2014 says:

    Normal people don’t disclose classified information because normal people don’t touch it.

    Even then some of this stuff was not only TS but S.A.P – special access permission. That’s above TS/SCI [Top Secret/Secret Compartmentalized Information].

    My own working theory is since the Clinton’s are pure play for pay criminals of public office they simply overlooked that they were mishandling classified. It never occurred to them that Classification mattered.

    • B says:

      They seem too stupid/sociopathic to grasp the importance of classified info. In their world, there is no such thing, only your criminal associates’ secrets which either can sold to the highest bidder or is dangerous to divulge.

      • pdimov says:

        They know what classified is, they knew they were mishandling it, they just don’t care. Rules are for mortals.

        • jim says:

          Rules are for mortals.

          Rules are selectively imposed and enforced. Everyone commits numerous federal felonies every day. There are so many rules these days that rules are not really for anyone any more – unless they want to get you for reasons entirely unrelated to the supposed rules.

          • pdimov says:

            Not all rules and felonies are alike. We all know that smart people are often afforded certain flexibility with respect to rules and procedures in the name of efficiency. (Smart people interpret rules as damage and route around them, so to speak.)

            But that’s not what we have here. First, classified is Serious Business, Really. Second, Hillary is dumb as a post. Third, she was intentionally mishandling classified info not in order to do her job more efficiently, but for her own private purposes.

          • ron says:

            Yes, but there are some that are worse than others.

            Even given the worst conspiracy speculation, the Bush’s at least have a concept of rules and order. The Clintons have shown no such concept at all.

            Assuming both have goals against the common good, one side will at least approach the matter in a way that can be mitigated or even turned back. The other side corrupts the people themselves.

            I can approach a conservative and show lies and falsehoods from his side and the conservative will be upset to see it. A liberal will have no such concept. In some cases they will admit it openly and not even care.

  4. BillyC says:

    She is quite simply a MONSTER.

  5. John Morris says:

    You would have a good theory if not for one problem. Hillary ran her own server to prevent disclosure of the data in exactly the way it is now being disclosed. In other words she was too incompetent to wipe the server well enough to keep the FBI out. Her crime isn’t mishandling classified info, it isn’t even treason; it is stupidity.

    We must assume that China and Russia’s intelligence services are more competent than the FBI, especially since we have to assume many forces within the FBI did not want to find anything for fear of what would happen next.

    This wasn’t a thumb drive, it was a Windows Server connected to the public Internet and it was never even subjected to a security audit since it’s existence was a semi-secret. If everything that ever passed through it isn’t in the hands of our opponents they aren’t a threat, they being as incompetent as she is.

  6. Toddy Cat says:

    “it is kind of obvious that she is a drunk or druggie who cannot be trusted to be sober for a public appearance, or else she is suffering from some premature brain disease, or very likely both.”

    I think that, deep down inside, everybody knows this. The woman has serious problems, and is physically in no way fit for the Presidency, never mind her repugnant beliefs. A think that a lot of the support flowing to Bernie Sanders (who as a Socialist is daft by definition, but who is at least sentient) has to do with the surreptitious recognition of this fact.

    • peppermint says:

      Do you know the 15-40 year olds who post about Sanders on Facebook?

      It’s not about electability of a Democrat. They want his national socialism and agree that the government has been protecting the Jew bankers for too long.

  7. G.G. says:

    Hmm. I knew not that John Barleycorn was a campaign supporter.

  8. bob k. mando says:

    i eagerly anticipate a robust Cruz / Trump vs Hillary debate.

    watching this retarded cunt stroke out and die on live television wouldn’t be ‘instant karma’ … but it would be a start.

  9. B says:

    > Everyone runs their own email server away from their employers and subordinates, and keeps data that could be potentially used against them on a thumbdrive.

    Nobody in their right mind handling classified information (meaning, information classified even as confidential or secret, not to mention TS or above) keeps it on a separate email server or on a thumb drive.

    There is supposed to be an air gap between networks of different classification.


    Taking the stuff from one network and either keeping it on your person or putting it on another network (without properly sanitizing it first) is evidence of either criminal intent, incompetence or insanity, like carrying a glass vial of hydrochloric acid around in your pants pocket. Millions of people in the US work with classified materials in their daily jobs. Rarely, somebody takes a classified laptop or thumb drive home and loses it on the train or whatever, at which point everyone who hears about it breaks out in a cold sweat, imagining that vial of HCl shattering in their pants pocket. There are (if you are an ordinary mortal) very severe consequences to this sort of thing: at a minimum, loss of clearance and future unemployability.

    Example: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/crime/article29506825.html

    This dude was a reservist civil engineer (works for Intel as a civilian), and I would be very surprised if the material he mishandled was classified above SECRET. Based on the size of the files (200MB) I assume he took work (survey maps) home.


    There is no non-sinister motivation I can imagine for Hillary to keep this kind of stuff on her personal server, other than total disregard for security and personal incompetence. Anecdotally, the Clinton White House handled classified info this way as a matter of procedure:


    “[under George H.W. Bush] all the regulations were followed, right down to a cover sheet being essential if the document had had any sort of classifications. The securing of classified documentation in safes. The burn bags that were used if any sensitive material was to be disposed of. All of this was familiar to me and followed every security protocol that I had experienced in the past.

    When the Clintons came in this was one of the things that I found appalling right from day one. And it went hand and hand with the disdain for the military. The military was present in the White House in the form of presidential aides. The aide that carried the nuclear football, just as an example. And in the Bush White House they were respected, as they should be. In the Clinton White House, they were disdained. To see it treated this way and to see these people treated this way was disturbing.”

    • jim says:

      like carrying a glass vial of hydrochloric acid around in your pants pocket.

      As it happens, I have lost a lot of pants that way. No kidding.

      I also at one time carried a plastic vial of hydrofluoric acid. But that, I was more cautious with since hydrofluoric acid eats flesh the way hydrochloric acid eats pants.

      This was back in the days before the EPA prohibited everyone from playing with dangerous chemicals. Those were the days.

      • B says:

        Depends on dilution. Anyway, you know what I mean. There is no possible non-criminal upside, and the potential negative ramifications are huge.

  10. Alan J. Perrick says:

    The women I admire most for what they do are those women who play the supporting role well. They often instruct other women and also instruct children, an important task indeed involving more than half of mankind. Women don’t belong as personalities in public life, though and certainly not behind podiums. What an embarassment, what a shame…

  11. pdimov says:

    “Chances are that the top secret data was lot more secure on Clinton’s private thumbdrive…”

    Some say that she sold that data. So not very secure.

    “The FBI has 150 agents working this case and they have expanded this to be a public corruption case. That means they found much more than just mishandling of classified information.”


    • jim says:

      Sure they have. Everyone commits several federal felonies every day. So, if there are people who want to find felonies, will find them.

      • Mackus says:

        Heh. In immortal words of Soviet prosecutor, Andrey Vyshinsky:
        “Give me a man, and I’ll find a law [to charge him with]”.

  12. Jefferson says:

    I keep pointing out to people that she had brain damage from her alcoholism/drunken falls. They laugh awkwardly.

    • jim says:

      You get a nasty bang on the head, senility is apt to set in a whole lot earlier than it otherwise would have. Ditto too much alcohol.

      Their laughter is nervous for they fear that lightning might strike them for speaking impiously of the powerful.

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