China’s boom

China in the 20th century had two major revolutions, a civil war, a World War, The Great Leap Forward [sic], mass starvation, the Cultural Revolution, arguably the most tyrannical dictator ever and he didn’t even brush his teeth, and now they are going from rags to riches without even a business cycle burp.  While the world plunges into major recession, China is suffering a barely noticeable hiccup, and has become the locomotive that is pulling the rest of the world out recession.

How so?

I say it is Cypherpunk economics.  The Chinese economy, the non state part of the economy, is run by overseas Chinese through vpns from servers located in tax havens.  And so long as China does not kill the golden goose by blocking those vpns at the great firewall of China, I predict that its economy will go from strength to strength.

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