The US Government is launching a big propaganda offensive on how hurtful sequestration will be, and keeps issuing lists of the horrible horrible horrible harms sequestration will cause.

What the sequester reveals is that the great majority of government expenditure consists of paying people to support the Cathedral and the Democrat party.  Most of these horrible harms looks to me remarkably like a bunch of mostly nonwhite people getting laid off or having their grants delayed, non white people who are theoretically getting paid to do stuff that I don’t want done, but are more likely being paid to vote Democrat and engage in Democratic party activism.

For example there will be less TSA agents.  Oh the horror!

I can’t see how any of these can possibly lose the Republicans votes.  For example head start (free child minding for black sluts receiving welfare for popping out fatherless children) is going to be cut.  How many black sluts vote Republican?

Now I am not a typical voter, but the victims of these supposedly horrid cuts are not typical voters either.  They are, for the most part, paid democrats.  Obviously the government must be trying to cut stuff that affects swinging voters as much as possible, but is coming up with mighty slim pickings.

What about military cuts?

“Maintenance and repair of five ships …”  What is being cut is the ability to swiftly project military power to far away trouble spots.   Far away strangers, whose race, language, and culture differs from my own, will alas have to defend themselves for a while.  Poor things.  How sad for them.

The Pax Americana is going to be trimmed back two percent, which I suppose means that people far away who are not like me will enjoy two percent less peace.  If we had been stealing the oil and ravishing the women, I would worry about the cuts, but instead our troops have been heavily armed nursemaids.  We build schools for our enemy’s children, on the theory that being nice to Muslims will inspire them to convert from Islam to progressivism, which schools our enemies blow up.  Somehow, schools for our enemy’s children are not on the sequester list, probably because people would care about them even less than they care about repair and maintenance for some ships.

The absurdity of the wasteful, frivolous, and politically one sided expenditures that are being cut explains why western governments around the world are running ever bigger deficits and spending an ever larger proportion of GDP.  Buying a left electorate costs money.  Buying an ever more left wing electorate costs ever more money.  For example Obama wants more free childcare for sluts on welfare because he wants more sluts on welfare.

Presumably they are trying to come up with the least wasteful, least frivolous, and least politically one sided things to be cut, the things that people will care about the most, the things that will most hurt the median voter, and what they come up with instead is child care for sluts.



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