Byran Caplan assures us that progressives have the easy painless cure for unemployment, but somehow, due the pernicious influence of cruel heartless free marketers who just do not care about the unemployed, the government is just too right wing to apply the magic.

The magic cure is, of course, to print more money. If it has not worked yet, obviously that proves we have not printed enough. Whosoever doubts this obviously does not care about the unemployed as deeply as Bryan Caplan cares.

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  2. let it burn says:

    we’re told debt doesn’t matter. then print up $10 million for everybody. we’d all be in the 1% and life would be grand. right?

    print the heavens, for the childrens!

  3. Faust says:

    The answer is free markets. Every social institution that the left has implemented has increased poverty. No better example can be the war on poverty and the welfare system which has enslaved the lower classes into soft gulags.

    With free markets, or near about, the poverty rate was declining in America at a steady rate. If socialists really cared about the poor they would donate to charity, which they do at far less than the conservatives. The left blames their own failures on someone else. Children, ID culture, projecting their own failures outward onto their enemies, never willing to accept the responsibility for failure.

  4. Thales says:

    “Stimulus” is just socialism writ small.

    It’s a desperate plea to the universe via one’s countrymen to repeal the socialist calculation problem just this once and allow the labor and capital that would be directed by those trillions of dollars to just magically “get it right.”

    Of course, it’s absurd: if once, why not all the time? Which is really what the Left in its heart-of-hearts wants anyway.

  5. VXXC says:

    ** The Original Plantations were in Ireland, i.e Ulster. This is how the Scotch-Irish get the Irish part.

  6. VXXC says:

    We don’t have anything approaching a Free Market.

    I would go to war for sound money, so of course Caplan like most of this crew of Chart-latans is wrong.

    *But* consider Paddy and his Potato.

    Due to the Plantation System’s Rack Rent, the produce of the Kern was sliced by scores of others prior to it’s final slice to: >Lord > London Bankers > Crown. The 36 others between were sub letting/sub renting/lesser gentry. Planted there under the original Plantation System.**

    The closer to Paddy the more violence and less money. The Closer to the Crown the more nobility, money, and less Violence.

    But you cough up that potato or you’re evicted and you starve on the road.

    Combined with the Penal Laws this ensures that Paddy will NEVER rise again.
    [we should note it didn’t work].

    So Paddy – by design – is not only feeding himself and family with the potato but 39 others. *SO* if anything goes wrong under this High Equilibrium system designed to keep Paddy alive just enough to labor, and the self interest of 38 people between Paddy and the Crown ensures it perpetuates this for centuries, IF ANYTHING goes wrong with Paddy’s Produce then disaster strikes more than 30 people. Obviously far worse for Paddy side of Scale than Crown side of Scale.

    Of course this was the age of experts rising – Like Ricard. Who apparently like Caplan is unaware of what’s actually happening outside Tenure Manors.

    What’s happening is EXACTLY the Rack Rent Paddy’s Potato economics with Caplan and his ilk being fed with a slice of My Potato.

    Gee. What’s a Paddy to Do?

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