What the bailout does to capitalism and the dollar

As we have seen, organizations that are too big to fail, fail big.  The US government is the biggest of them all.

For credit to work, people who need credit should not get credit.  You should only be able to get credit if you can prove you do not need it.  The major purpose of the bailout is to ensure that people who need credit will continue to get it.

For capitalism to work, to produce good results, rich people have to be smart.  Therefore stupid and greedy rich people need to be swiftly separated from their money.  As recent events demonstrate, the financial sector is dominated by stupid greedy rich people.  One major purpose and intent of the bailout is to prevent them from becoming stupid greedy poor people.

But if stupid greedy rich people continue to run the financial system, and the financial system continues to make credit available to those that need credit, rather than those that are most likely to be able and willing to pay their just debts as and when those debts fall due, then we are going to have more and bigger financial crises like the one we just had.

“Too big to fail” results in everyone putting their wealth in the hands of organizations that are too big to fail – which as we have seen are generally run by morons, resulting in bigger failures.  Eventually, most wealth will be in the hands of the biggest organization of them all, the US government, which is run by the most stupid morons of them all.  And then that too will fail.  The day will come when you  will get paid in nice crisp dollar bills, but they will not be worth much.  This has been the most expensive financial crisis in history.  If the bailout goes through, expect the ultimate financial crisis, when the US government itself goes broke, around 2020 or so.

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