Why Are Finland’s Schools Successful?

Progressives suggest it is because Finland is so wonderfully progressive.

However, a refugee from Finland took a look at that article, and reports that it is because progressives lie like rugs:

no different from the now infamous official state radio programs in 70’s Finland that proclaimed how much better everything is in the Soviet Union, with our useful idiots reporting from their visits to some artificial Potemkian model kolkhoz that was superior to the Western world in every way. Really, this whole article is just beyond parody. But damn, now I know how those Russian defectors back in the day felt like every time the useful idiots “educated” them how their own lying eyes had deceived them.

Somewhat similarly, I notice that not only does Cuba have wonderful health care statistics despite the total absence of medicine or treatment, but also European countries have wonderful health care statistics even in those countries where they apply involuntary euthanasia (barbiturates) to everyone who shows up with some potentially expensive ailment. There is no legitimate hospital use for barbiturates other than keeping patients quiet while they undergo some painful or humiliating procedure. If you keep them quiet while they are just lying in a hospital bed, they are apt to die of it.

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