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Believing in male supremacy will make you more attractive to women.

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

If you believe that you are entitled, that women should obey, submit, serve, that unless you are buying sex by the hour, women should be sacrificing their own good to serve you, then red pill behavior comes naturally.

If, on the other hand, you believe that women are equals, then it seems obvious that you should treat them “fairly” – which is to say, as if buying sex by the hour. Even if you know the red pill intellectually, it seems horribly unfair that women should respond to you doing good to them by doing bad to you, and equally unfair that the more you demand from women, the more you get.

If you don’t know the red pill, but believe that women should submit and obey, you will naturally act red pill. If you do know the red pill, but believe women are equals, then doing what gets you laid will seem artificial, unnatural, repugnant, and immoral, and women will seem bad when such behavior works.

If you think of woman as equals, you cannot judge yourself to be a good man when you do what gets you laid, and you cannot judge a woman to be a good woman when you do what gets you laid, and then she obeys you, has sex with you, and serves you.

But such a woman is a good woman. Women are content to serve, and should be content. Only whores are equals, and equal women are whores.

Why MRAs are whiny mangina losers

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

The Men’s Rights Activist program is real equality for men and women, wherein women make their own decisions and take the consequences of their own decisions.  It is a logically consistent and libertarian position, but can never be an emotionally consistent position because it is a cold, callous, nasty, hateful position that no one believes in, no one supports, a position that can never be popular.

The only logically and emotionally consistent position.that can ever be popular, is Pauline male supremacism, male supremacism in accordance with the doctrines of Saint Paul the Apostle, a position that condescends to women gently and affectionately..

Don’t be a Men’s Rights Activist.  Be a Male Supremacist.  It is more likely to be politically successful, and you are more likely to get laid. (more…)

Men’s Rights Activists are whiny losers

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

The reason men’s rights activist sites are so whiny is that they accept the progressive ideology of equalism, and in their own lives they treated women as equals, and of course deservedly got treated like shit. They complain that men and women are not truly treated as alike, and therefore men get the short end of the stick. (more…)