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Racefail 09 explained

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Constantinople drew my attention to “This way lies fascism” which explains the conflict of which  Racefail 09 is part.

The left claims authority to convict people for thought crimes committed in other people’s dreams.  The hearer can find an offensive meaning without concern for authorial intent, and the author is guilty regardless of his intended meaning.  This leads to conflict, Racefail 09 being part of that conflict.

Under Racefail 09 rules, you have no obligation to understand other people’s intended meaning, and if you cannot follow what they say, and so confabulate up an offensive meaning, you are superior, you win, they are inferior, and they lose.

The smart, and those fluent in words, often express themselves in ways that are subtle, which the stupid and ignorant find hard to follow. Reading words that are hard to follow, they feel offended.  Racefail 09 rules guarantee that if they feel offended, their offense must be justified.

Thus Racefail 09 rules tend to be popular with the stupid and incoherent, and unpopular with the clever and those good with words.  Since the reader has sole authority to decide the writers meaning, and the writer is at fault if the reader decides on an offensive meaning, Racefail 09  is a pretty good deal for people who have trouble following other people’s words.

Cause of International Inequality

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Arnold Kling is much puzzled by the inequality of nations. I don’t know why. The answer is pretty obvious.

Firstly, you require capitalism, which requires not mere formal laws recognizing private property, but a culture of respect for entrepreneurship, for property rights in productive capital and freedom to do business. With that respect, the laws are unnecessary, as in today’s China. Without that respect, the laws are useless, as in Argentina and Russia.

Secondly, given capitalism, you require people able to operate modern capitalism, able function in a business encompassing numerous people – you require people whose verbal IQ is higher than 105. By and large, the capitalist portion of the economy, the portion that produces wealth, will be proportional to number of people with an IQ higher than 105.

If we look at countries that are reasonable capitalist, and these days a large part of the countries of the world are reasonably capitalist, the GDP per head is fairly closely proportional to fraction of the population with a verbal IQ higher than 105, the smart fraction.