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The evil empire

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Wikileaks Cable 10Paris58 reveals the extent of US rule over Europe.  If Europe is further left than the US, broker than the US, and more $@$%# than the US, this primarily that the American ruling elite has a freer hand in ruling Europe than in ruling the US, due to the US constitution, and the American tradition of liberty.

In Cable 10Paris58, the writer announces that France is insufficiently left wing, therefore an American program of intervention in French internal affairs is required to move France further left.

“Gay Pride” is another illustration of the same process.  When the US implemented “Gay Pride” in the US, it implemented “Gay Pride” world wide.  And what is a gay pride parade called in Spanish?  el día del Orgullo Gay

The use of the American neologism “Gay” reveals who is calling the shots, who planned and organized this event.

Let us reflect on Aristide’s rule in Haiti:

The US intervened in Haiti to install Aristide at gunpoint and it also intervened in Haitian society and culture to convince Haitians that this was a good thing, was benevolent and progressive.

The US demanded an election. It then demanded an election rigged in Aristide’s favor. He won, was overthrown. US demanded with threat of violence that he be reinstated. He was reinstated again, overthrown again. US invaded, installed him on the presidential throne with the guns of US marines, and, just to make sure Aristide did not get up to any mischief, surrounded him with an all white praetorian guard.

You will probably read all over the internet and the mainstream media that the numerous occasions in which Aristide was removed from power were evil American plots by evil America to deprive Aristide of his immensely popular and well deserved power.  Each of the supposedly anti American sources saying that stuff is a US state department muppet – someone from the state department has his arm up the speaker’s @$$ and his fingers are moving the speaker’s lips – pretty much in the way the praetorian guard were moving Aristide’s lips.

They are indeed anti American – because the US state department and the US ruling elite is anti American.

Just look at the races of the actors.  The people who installed Aristide were white Americans.  The people who guarded him were white people of undisclosed nationality.   (Not all that undisclosed – when everything fell apart, Aristide’s praetorians were rescued from black Haitians by the US marines)  The people Aristide fled were black Haitians.

It is not the Joos, it is Harvard and the State Department, not a sinister Jooish plot, it is a sinister Harvard plot.  It is a government conspiracy to impose more government on those who can least resist it – the French being less able to resist than Americans, and the Haitians being less able to resist than the French.

The 1994 intervention in Haiti is not in itself all that important, Haiti being just a small pimple, but it is important in what it reveals – like Cable 10Paris58 it reveals the true face of US imperialism.

Losing to Islam

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Islam is theocratic.  It intends to conquer. Shariah law, as interpreted by most Muslims, treats women fine.  Trouble is, as interpreted by all Muslims, even Sufis, it requires that infidels submit to law that makes them second class to believers and that Muslims fight to impose such law – and we are in fact submitting to such law.  The rather small Sufi minority merely propose less drastic measures to impose inferiority.

East Lansing, Michigan Police Department offers $10,000 reward in Qur’an-burning case

The department is offering $10,000 for any information that would lead to the identification and prosecution of those responsible for this act.

In November 2009, a high school senior was suspended in order to protect him from violence when he wrote an essay criticizing perceived special treatment for Somali Muslims in his school. In Dearborn, Mich., Christian missionaries were arrested for proselytizing at an Arab festival. In Minnesota, the state accommodates Shariah’s prohibition on interest payments by buying homes from realtors and reselling them to Muslims at an up-front price. Thereby providing Muslims with preferential access to homes at the expense of infidels.  Apparently the Constitution requires separation of Church and state, but no separation of mosque and state.

While Christianity is forbidden in government schools, Islam is preached and sponsored by the state.

Molly Norris, the Seattle cartoonist whose artwork sparked the controversial “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day!” has gone into hiding, changed her name, and so forth.  The state is not protecting her.

Similarly for the Sweden Democrats.

In much of Europe, including England, people who criticize Islam are capriciously prosecuted

One supreme court justice has proposed that burning the Koran be banned – though none would suggest similar courtesy for the flag or the bible, or the 9/11 dead.  When an obscure church proposed to burn the Koran its website was  shut down, its insurance policy has been canceled, and its mortgage has been called in by its bankers.

In England two men were arrested for watching a video of a Koran burning

Muslims are abducting infidel women, raping them, getting them pregnant, and forcibly marrying them as additional wives, and everyone is closing their eyes to it.

Our official moderate Muslim, Imam Rauf, is curiously evasive about 9/11.

How many Christians reacted violently to Piss Christ? Not a one, zero.  How many Muslims reacted violently to cartoon Mohammed?  Hundreds of thousands committed criminal acts, millions cheered them on.

All the great leaders of Islam were war makers, military leaders, conquerors, slavers.  This just is not a pattern you see in Christianity.  Not only did the original prophet of Islam massacre defeated populations, every subsequent great Islamic religious leader acted similarly – some better, some worse, but all directly commanded wars, personally led them, and took extreme measures to subjugate the defeated population.  In contrast, absolutely zero great Christian religious leaders has done this – you do not see popes and bishops leading armies, burning towns, and personally ordering the rape of the women of the conquered.

Christian fanatics generally lock themselves in dungeons and meditate.  Islamic fanatics blow themselves up.

Christian leaders that combined the role of military and religious leader have always been a marginal phenomenon, and phenomenon that  occurred only among those directly at war with Islam: the Knights of Malta and the Knights Templar.  Further, those combining Christian religious and secular power have frequently led their followers to disaster by recollecting Christ’s command to forgive one’s enemies and turn the other cheek at some highly inopportune moment, as Grand Master Bolheim of the Knights of Malta did.

Just as there is in all the world not one Christian who called for violence against the creators of Piss Christ and Andres Serrano, there is in all the world not one Muslim very few Muslims who condemned the fatwa against Molly Norris.  In that sense, every single Christian in the entire world is opposed to holy war and seeks peace, and every single Muslim in the entire world supports holy war and seeks conquest.

Let us imagine the situation was reversed, and some notable Christian preacher was to call for the murder of Andres Serrano. Obviously, if this happened, which it never would, every other notable Christian leader would condemn that call. Compare and contrast with the call for the murder of Molly Norris.  Not every Muslim has called for the murder of Molly Norris, but not one Muslim has condemned the call either.

Headless body in Gutless press

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Mark Steyn ridicules the mainstream press’s fear of Islam:

the killing of Aasiya Hassan seems to have elicited a very muted response.

When poor Mrs. Hassan’s husband launched his TV network to counter negative stereotypes of Muslims, he had no difficulty generating column inches, as far afield as The Columbus Dispatch, The Detroit Free Press, The San Jose Mercury NewsVariety, NBC News, the Voice of America, and the Canadian Press. The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle put the couple on the front page under the headline “Infant TV Network Unveils The Face Of Muslim News”.

But, when Muzzammil Hassan kills his wife and “the face of Muslim news” is unveiled rather more literally, detached from her corpse at his TV studios, it’s all he can do to make the local press — page 26 of Newsday

Yellow bellied surrender monkeys

Monday, August 11th, 2008

In the last ten years or so we have been hearing a lot of disturbing reports about Britain – reports of a society of fearful and servile subjects, of criminals acting with impunity, of the British accepting second class status to Islam.  Maybe the gun lobby is exaggerating British submission to criminals, maybe racists and war hawks are exaggerating British submission to Islam, but this story of cowardice and betrayal from Basra fits with what we have been hearing about self defense in Britain and freedom of religion in Britain.

The authors, however blame the leadership, not the troops, so perhaps with a more manly leader, such as Margaret Thatcher, the old British would reappear.  On the other hand, the similar humiliations in the Persian gulf, and the very similar cowardice and betrayal in Helmand province are worrying.  Doubtless it was the leadership that betrayed Helmand province, but was it the political leaders that caused troops to surrender on the Persian gulf?

“Governance in the Wilderness”

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

“Governance in the Wilderness” is merely a retranslation of the same Al Quaeda document earlier translated as “the Management of Savagery” or “the Management of Barbarism”

The author concluded that 9/11 was unsuccessful, in that it failed to intimidate Americans, and the American retribution was severe. He correctly predicted that the attempt to set up a new Caliphate in Bahgdad was much premature, and would be defeated, as it was. He recommends large amounts of small scale intimidation, which prescription we see being very successfully applied in the Middle East, France, and England.

Europe is falling

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Observe in this video the British police are as frightened and weak before Muslims, as the British police are terrifying and dominating over Britishers in other videos.  The British state is as contemptible to its enemies as it is terrifying to its subjects.

The fear and weakness we see in this video, we also saw when the Iranians over ran the British in the Persian gulf, and when the British fled before the Shia militias in Basra.

In this video, the Muslims rule the streets, and not only are the British frightened, weak, ashamed, and apologetic, but the British police, normally so arrogant, violent, and destructive, normally filled with brutal contempt for the merely law abiding middle class British civilians, are frightened, weak, ashamed, and apologetic.

The British state that has such contempt for Britishness, that it confidently will remake the British in its own image, in this video shows its true weakness and shame before Islam.

Mark Steyn predicts the end of Israel

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

These days friends and enemies alike smell weakness at the heart of the Zionist Entity

“Arabs will soon be demanding one democratic state — Jews and Muslims — from Jordan to the sea. And even those who understand that this will mean the death of Israel will find themselves so confounded by the multicultural pieties of their own lands they’ll be unable to argue against it.”

Bush’s idea of exporting democracy to Muslim lands has turned out to be a disaster. World War II was against theoretically against nation state dictatorships. This war is a holy war. Our enemies can win elections, and frequently do.

Muslim moderates sighted

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008


How can you tell a Muslim moderate?


His throat is cut from ear to ear.

Iraq the model” reports a large bunch of moderates from Iraq, but a severe shortage of them from anywhere else. The question then is: is it safe to be a moderate in Iraq because US troops have created a democracy, or is it safe to be a moderate in Iraq because the country is still under US occupation and US troops are apt to arrest Iraqi leaders who misbehave?

The Long War Journal” reports that the Iraqi government is corrupt, and that if the US were to withdraw tomorrow, there would be civil war, so I am inclined to bet on the latter – that it is possible for a Muslim to be a moderate in Iraq because the place is still substantially under US martial law.