Europe is falling

Observe in this video the British police are as frightened and weak before Muslims, as the British police are terrifying and dominating over Britishers in other videos.  The British state is as contemptible to its enemies as it is terrifying to its subjects.

The fear and weakness we see in this video, we also saw when the Iranians over ran the British in the Persian gulf, and when the British fled before the Shia militias in Basra.

In this video, the Muslims rule the streets, and not only are the British frightened, weak, ashamed, and apologetic, but the British police, normally so arrogant, violent, and destructive, normally filled with brutal contempt for the merely law abiding middle class British civilians, are frightened, weak, ashamed, and apologetic.

The British state that has such contempt for Britishness, that it confidently will remake the British in its own image, in this video shows its true weakness and shame before Islam.

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