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Stop the @#$%^&* whining!

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Yair Lapid self pityingly whines “why do they hate us?”, “us” being in this case the Jews, though it could equally well be any group that is economically successful and reluctant to murder innocents.

What a maroon! It is same reason as they hate everyone, only more so. Just look at everyone else who gets hated then murdered.

The most recent event was in Kenya, where a party won the election on a platform that sounds like a euphemism for “Kill the Kikuyu”. (Fortunately the government burned the ballots.)

Why do they hate the Kikuyu? Well the number one item on the list that Kikuyu tend to occupy jobs that require ability, enterprise, ambition, foresight and patience. Another big complaint is that when Kikuyu farm land, a small amount of farmland supports a surprisingly large number of Kikuyu at a surprisingly high standard of living – at least it surprises the people who are so much enraged. They conclude that the Kikuyu must have benefited unfairly from some kind of evil plot.

Check back to the most recent genocide: Hutus massacring Tutsis: What is in the complaint list: More of the same!

And let us look at which nations and individuals are still backing the Hutus. Who wants war crimes charges against the Tutsis for defending themselves against genocide: Same people who want war crimes charges against the Jews for defending themselves.

Recall Hitler’s indictment of the Jews:

Von 100 Ärzten 52 Juden, und von 100 Geschäftsleuten 60 Juden. Das Durchschnittsvermögen des einzelnen Deutschen betrug 810 Mark. Das Durchschnittsvermögen des einzelnen Juden betrug 10.000 Mark.


Of 100 doctors 52 were Jews and of 100 businessmen were 60 Jews. The average assets of individuals amounted to 810 German marks. The average assets of individual Jews was 10,000 marks.

Let us go back to a recent mass murder that was bigger than the holocaust of the Jews: The liquidation of the kulaks. What was the indictment against the kulaks? And who endorsed that indictment: Same people who now indict Israel. The campuses and the intellectuals were jumping for joy when the liquidation of the kulaks was under way. During the liquidation of the kulaks the intellectual who had graduated with a thesis titled “the hermeneutic negritude of linguistic lesbianism” thought to himself “How dare those damned Jews kulaks become so well paid as doctors and lawyers when the oppressive capitalistic American imperialist world order refuses to reward me for my brilliant studies of the hermeneutics of language oppressing black lesbians.

So cut the damned whining. You sound just like the people who are trying to murder you.

When you go for a run, there are dogs that will see a running man, and seeing running, will see prey, and attack. You have to thump them viciously, and they soon learn to keep their distance. If they don’t, you were not vicious enough. Similarly, when people see wealth, they see high status, and when they see high status without brutality and murder, they think they see weakness, and so they attack.

And when they hear whining, they hear weakness, and so they attack.

Stop whining. Kill someone.

To the man who wrote the thesis about the hermeneutic negritude of linguistic lesbianism, wealth without strength is a crime, whining shows weakness, and to him, only murder shows strength. To stop him hating, you have to kill people in a fashion that he is likely to believe is murder. He is never going to comprehend economics and the creation of wealth any more than the dog is going to understand running for exercise.

Stop whining, start killing.