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Monsters among us

Friday, April 20th, 2012

One curious and difficult to explain aspect of the left, is the tendency to hate what is good and true and  to love monstrous evil and barefaced lies.  Thus, for example, compare the worshipful treatment of China from 1956 to 1972, with the high pitched moral outrage directed at China when the Chinese government ended mass murder and artificial famine in the late seventies, and set to replacing slave labor and command with wage labor and profitability in 1981.  Similarly their affection for Islamists.  While the left is evil, the company they love to keep is apt to be astoundingly evil, with the result that old fashioned Christians, those few of them that still remain, are apt to suspect demonic infiltration rather than communist infiltration.   You will still today get denial that the old China used mass murder, artificial famine and slave labor, combined with hearty condemnation of the current use of wage labor in China.  Similarly, no one notices when our “allies” ethnically cleanse Christians from their lands, having already rendered those lands judenrien.

Below the fold, you will find an outlandishly disgusting video, which reveals that leftists frequently lack the gag reflex, are disinclined to turn away in horror and revulsion from that which is horrible and revolting.  A bunch of leftists, smiling, giggling, and joking, simulate cannibalism on a living person, and don’t realize how it is going to look when normals view the video. (more…)

Stultum facit fortuna

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Whom fortune wishes to destroy, she first makes mad.

Consensus leads to the madness of crowds, not the wisdom of crowds.  As we move to a government ruled by consensus, and intrusively pervading every aspect of society with its power, madness and evil prevails. (more…)