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No enemies to the right

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

No enemies to the left has been working great for the left, and no enemies to the right has been working great for us.

If you declare someone to your right your enemy, you wind up dancing to a tune called by leftists.

Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day recently criticized Spencer and the Nazis as fake right – criticized them not for being too far right, but for being too far left, for being socialist. He did not criticize from the left, but from the right. He is correctly maintaining a position of no enemies to the right. You can argue that his criticism was too harsh, that he was cutting off communication, but his action was not an example of enemies to the right. Socialism is leftist, and Nazis are leftists who have been left behind by the rest of the left as the rest have continued to move further left.

People who want to smash or steal stuff belonging to Jews are mistaken. That never makes us rich, it makes us poor.

Non Jews should be removed from state and quasi state power in Israel, and Jews should be removed from state and quasi state power in the US. But if you go smashing up a Jewish pawnshop or a Jewish distillery, you are allowing covetousness and envy to distract you and make you do stupid things. Taking or smashing other people’s stuff is a bad idea. Land and women can be usefully and effectively stolen, but the trouble with socialism is that more complicated forms of wealth tend to get messed up in the transition. Jews in exile tend to specialize in precisely those forms of wealth that are not usefully confiscatable.

No enemies to the right

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Observe that no enemies to the left works great for the left. Obama was an office boy to Bill Ayers, communist and terrorist, and no one ever asks him to disown communists and terrorists.

Similarly observe that no enemies holier than oneself works great for Islamists:

“Hello, I am a moderate Muslim, a very moderate Muslim, with extensive connections to immoderate Muslims and considerable influence over them, so give me a basket full of degrees from high status universities and a big cadillac with girls in the front and sacks of money in the back, or else my immoderate friends might be displeased with you.”

If we disown Nazis then we have to have to disown those one step removed from Nazis, and then we have to have to disown those two steps removed from Nazis, and then we have to have to disown anyone whom the left points the finger at and screams “racist” at, and then we are cuckservatives.

If the lips are gone the mouth will feel cold. Having actual unironic Nazis in the alt-right makes it safe for me to be in the alt-right, since leftists will be too busy having mental breakdowns at the actual unironic Nazis to have mental breakdowns at me.

The left has a thousand points of evil and madness, while anyone who disagrees on a single one of those points is “literally worse than Hitler”. The alt-right is everyone who is “literally worse than Hitler”.

Typically one alt-rightist is “literally worse than Hitler” because he disagrees on one point, while another alt-rightist disagrees on a different point, so typically two alt rightists have nothing in common except the nine hundred and ninety eight points where they agree with the left.

How then should we deal with disagreements within the alt-right?

One cannot debate everyone, but you should never criticize a fellow alt-rightist you are unwilling to debate. And if you do criticize them, and do not wish to debate them, retract, apologize, and affirm alliance against the common enemy.

Remember you grew up immersed in leftism, that your media shows a radically false picture of life. In the media fathers and husbands are always wicked and/or incompetent, and generally bad for women and children, female sexuality is always chaste and pure, blacks are always magical, women never divorce men for foolish and wicked reasons, all criminals are affluent white males. So if you disagree with your fellow alt-rightist there is a very high chance that you do so in ignorance, foolishness, or even wickedness, since you were raised on media that presents evil as clever, nice, and high status, and good as stupid, nasty, and low status.

Always criticize a fellow alt-rightist as a brother, not an enemy. If you criticize your brother, it is because you want to speak to him, and him to speak to you. If you criticize your brother, you must first be willing to learn where he is coming from, you must first want to learn where he is coming from.