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The history of leftism against freedom

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Today’s state is the left, and the left is the state, as is apparent when one traces the funding of Occupy astroturf to itself.

Recapping Moldbug on the history of the left:

If we trace back the American left through the years, decades and centuries, we find the roots of today’s distinctly anti Christian and disproportionately Jewish left were nominally Christians, the super protestants of the 1940s, who in turn have plausibly Christian roots – the prohibition movement, the early feminist movement, the movement to raise the age of consent, the movement to give women the vote, and the anti slavery movement:  “Onward Christian soldiers”. (more…)

Speaking truth to power

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

The big lie is not equality. The big lie is not that women are naturally virtuous. The big lie is not that gays want monogamous marriage. The big lie is not the magic negro.

The big lie is that the Cathedral is holy. Every item of propaganda issued by every Cathedral spokesman has the subtext “I am holier than thou”, and it is this subtext has to be attacked in the same utterly venomous and fearless manner that Jesus attacked it. (more…)

History interpreted as left singularities

Friday, April 5th, 2013

History is one damn thing after another, and any attempt to make sense of it necessarily leads to leaving out lots of important stuff.  Thus making sense of it by looking at it in one way does not necessarily falsify making sense of it by looking at it in another way.

The trend from around fourteen hundred AD to the present has been for states to become ever stronger.  On the other hand, was not the trend from four hundred AD to one thousand AD. Of course, it might be a bad idea to bet against a trend that has been running strong for well over six hundred years, but here is why I am betting against it: (more…)