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Libertarians support ethnic cleansing of whites

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

The libertarian position has always been to go with the left on everything except economic leftism.

As the left abandons economic leftism, and at the same time goes lefter and lefter, this leaves libertarians indistinguishable from leftists, and libertarians going lefter and lefter.

And as the left goes frothing at the mouth batshit insane, the libertarians froth with equal enthusiasm.

The highest point of absurdity so far is Reason magazine backing the official narrative on the McKinney pool takeover by black kids

Police responded to a fight that had broken out between a girl and a mother. A video of the encounter establishes that the fight did indeed take place, but it only involved a couple people—not the large swath of teenagers who were later detained by officers. When the officers arrived, they treated all the minority teenagers as suspects and ignored the white kids.

The problem was not that a fight had broken out. The problem was that a fight had broken out because a bunch of black teenagers had invaded someone else’s pool without permission.

So Reason magazine no longer supports your property rights if you are white.

Racism is an anti concept

Friday, May 16th, 2014

We do not have a word “deskism” for someone who thinks differences between kinds of desk matter, and who has strong preferences in favor of some kinds of desks and against other kinds of desk.

No one can be racist against white people, and all whites are racists. That is why it is not racism when a bunch of blacks beat up a white man who happens to be passing by. When they do that, they are being anti racist. When you try to give “racism” some meaning other than “Beat the daylights out of honkeys”, you are trying to push muck uphill.

“Racism” never had the meaning that some reactionaries and extreme right wingers are trying to give it. And it never will, because there is no need for a word with the meaning Zippy is trying to give “racist”. It is like gays trying to force us to pretend that the word gay still has the meanings cheerful and happy, rather than filthy, disgusting, weak and depraved.  It is not in the nature of words to work like that.  If there was a place in the language for a word that means what Zippy wants “racist” to mean, we would have had that word a thousand years ago.

The word “racist” was invented at the start of the twentieth century  invented by Trotsky for the purpose of destroying western civilization.  It has never meant what reactionaries and right wingers would like it to mean, and it never will mean that.  Words mean what they are used to mean, not what people claim they mean or say that they mean, and people just are not naturally inclined to use a word the way that Zippy would like them to use the word “racist”.  Language does not work like that.

If there was a place for a word with that meaning, we would have had such a word before Trotsky.

They are pushing muck uphill when they try to keep the pleasant associations of gay, but they have the power. Zippy is pushing muck uphill when he tries to call blacks who beat up whites racist, rather than the anti racists that they so obviously are, and he does not have the power.

“Racist” means what it means, and what it means is that blacks are entitled to beat the hell out of whites, and whites are not entitled to fight back.  We saw that in the Zimmerman incident.  The supporters of Trayvon implicitly admitted what they explicitly denied, that they assumed that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman.  They simply felt that Trayvon had the right to do so, and Zimmerman had no right to defend himself.  That is what racism means.  Zimmerman was a racist, because less black than Trayvon, therefore deserved his beating.

Trayvon was obviously motivated in part by hatred of those less black than himself, because, according to retard girl’s testimony, when he reached his father’s house, he turned around and said he was going to get that “creepy cracker”.  But scarcely anyone called him a racist for that, which shows that is not what “racist” means, shows that even the tiny handful of reactionaries and extreme right wingers that are trying to give it the meaning “someone who thinks differences between kinds of human matter, and who has strong preferences in favor of some kinds and against other kinds of humans”, cannot bring themselves to actually use it in that sense, because it would sound mighty strange to actually use it in accordance with that meaning.

“Racism” is an anti concept because actual usage and purported meaning completely contradict each other.  It purportedly means Hitler-nazi-genocide evil, and actually means white, as proven by actual usage, as for example in the Trayvon Zimmerman case.  Zimmerman was a racist and Travyon not a racist, just as an air conditioned capitalist tee shirt factory which has eight hour shifts but limited toilet breaks is a sweat shop, but a communist slave labor camp in the tropics where the slaves are worked to death in baking heat on nineteen hour shifts  is not a sweatshop.

Similarly “prejudice”.  What is prejudice?  Is it a belief one assumes true without adequate empirical evidence?  Obviously not.  “Prejudice” means “hate fact”, or “low status belief”.

Words mean what they are used to mean.  And scarcely anyone calls Martin Trayvon racist.  Not progressives, not me, and not Zippy.  Zippy is not going to spontaneously call Trayvon “racist” to describe the fact that Trayvon was in the habit of attacking people less black than himself, any more than Zippy is going to spontaneously call me “gay” because I am in a good mood.

Radish explains what racism means

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

This is an old post of Radish’s, but it took a while to sink in, so now I summarize it.

Radish is replacing Moldbug, with lengthy, slow essays, that marshal all the facts without clearly pushing the conclusion, leaving a mental time bomb to slowly detonate as the implications slowly dawn.

Racism, racist, etc are new words. We did not have them before 1930 or so (earlier sightings in google ngrams appear to be false positives). Now if one looks up the official supposed meaning of “racism”, the alleged meanings are incoherent, stupid, and mutually contradictory, originally the babbling of clever sillies, now the babbling of the merely stupid. So not only did we not have a word that meant what it supposedly means, we still don’t have a word that means what it supposedly means.

Words mean what they are used to mean: When a bunch of blacks go looking for some white person to beat up, and beat the hell out of him, without bothering to steal anything:

Do progressives call them racist?
Do conservatives call them racist?
Do libertarians call them racist?
Do reactionaries call them racist?

So “racist” is merely a hostile epithet for white, same meaning as “honky” or “cracker”, a mere term of incoherent abuse, a preparation for ethnic cleansing as in Detroit, or genocide as in rural South Africa.

And that is all it ever was. All the other supposed meanings were mere rationalizations by clever sillies.

Words mean what they are used to mean. If we look at actual usage, rather than claimed usage, “racist” is merely a hostile epithet for white, preparatory to state or private violence against whites.

Racism explained

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Yet another excellent post by Radish.

All whites are racist. Only whites can be racist. Therefore all whites need to be attacked and beaten up – starting of course, with someone like a small woman who cannot and will not fight back.

This post categorized under culture rather than politics, because politics implies that there is some conflict and disagreement on the issue, whereas culture refers to universally shared and accepted values.

Racism and Deskism

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

What is “racism”? Why is the belief that the appearance and origin of a desk has a good correlation with the desk’s value and usefulness not known as “deskism”, and why is “deskism” unlikely to to destroy one’s career, whereas the belief that the appearance and origin of a human has a good correlation with various desirable or undesirable characteristics is a horrid and unthinkable sin.

Use of the word racism

Use of the word racism