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Faking global warming

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

I have often mentioned before that the those impressive graphs of rising surface temperatures are faked, as if everyone knew, and everyone agreed, inadvertently imitating the mock consensus style of the warmists, without giving a citation.  Here is the article that exposed the fakery for the US weather stations

The method is simple:  The raw and adjusted data is available from the United States Historical Climatology Network Monthly Temperature and Precipitation Data though in not very readable form. When converted to readable form, the unadjusted data shows no global warming, the adjusted data looks like any doomster graph from GISS.

In his other articles, Michael Hammer analyzes the adjustments.

Cooking the data

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Steve’s Climate Audit has found yet another entertaining example of carelessness or dishonesty by the Anthropogenic Global Warming holy Gaia rollers, as he does ever week or so.

I think the underlying mechanism of all these many errors is that the holy Gaia rollers massage the data one way, then they massage it another way, then another, and another, until they come up with a result that is on message, without ever bothering to think about what these various data massages mean.

“Global” means “let us throw any data into the pot that we can find, without regard for accuracy or even relevance, and if we cannot find any data sufficiently global, let us just make it up”, and “analyze” means “let us find obscure statistical excuses for chucking out any data that is off message, while pretending we are still taking account of it rather than rejecting it”.