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Christianity yields to Zoism

Monday, July 9th, 2012

(That is Zoism, the politically incorrect term for primitive religion, not Zionism, the theory that Jews need a homeland and heavy weapons because people keep trying to kill them)

Theoretically, most western people still consider themselves Christian – including those that think that Jesus gay married Buddha and from time to time the loving couple visit earth in a flying saucer. But it is not the Christianity of 1950 or 1960. In the period 1900 to 1970, “Christianity” underwent changes that would have rendered it scarcely recognizable to anyone from the past two millenia, changes that render it psychologically inconsistent and no longer viable as religion. Christianity’s time has ended, and the question is what system shall replace it, the main contenders now being Islam, itself afflicted by a related deadly ailment, and state sponsored Gaia worship. Mormonism and Orthodox Judaism are the healthiest remaining deistic religions, and will win in the long run if deism wins, but it is not obvious that deism will win. (more…)

Gay Marriage: A modest proposal

Monday, September 5th, 2011

It is apparent that the modern institution of marriage is profoundly ill suited for producing and raising one’s biological children. I suggest, therefore, that just as we no longer use the word “gay” to mean merry and light hearted, we introduce a new word and new kind of contract, reproductive contracts, for people who intend to have children together and raise them. And for “marriage”, allow anyone to marry anyone, or any group of people or animals, for any length of time five minutes or longer. Thus three men, a horse, and a dog, could marry for seven minutes to have sex in the alley between Van Ness and Polk Gulch, but let us have a different word, and a different contract, for the case where the intent is to bear and raise children. (more…)