The underground economy continues

I, and others, have been assuming that the takedown of Silk Road represents competent action by the NSA.

Outside In, however, points out the interesting coincidence that the takedown of Silk Road follows, rather than precedes, the appearance of competition to Silk Road.

Atlantis, however, appears to have skedaddled with its user’s money, thus this looks like a successful shutdown of the online black market, hence likely to be primarily state action.

So, contrary to the headline, the underground economy does not continue.

6 Responses to “The underground economy continues”

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  3. VXXC says:

    To paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt…if the Mexican or Black has Huevos and you don’t…

  4. jay says:


    “It does, but only if you’re an offline Mexican or black”

    So doing it offline is more feasible? How do they manage to escape detection?

  5. Red says:

    >So, contrary to the headline, the underground economy does not continue.

    It does, but only if you’re an offline Mexican or black. Taking down the silk road and grabbing a lot of white and Asian drug dealers reminds the public the black market is for minorities only.

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