And Tango does not make three

Singapore and Hong Kong resist “International Community” dominance, taking gay books off the library shelves.

Now that Trump is disinclined to back Blue Empire soft power with Red Empire hard power, Blue Empire soft power is running into severe head winds. Recall Duterte threatening to give Soros a helicopter ride if he came to the Philippines.

One of the books removed is “And Tango makes Three”, a book that schoolchildren in countries under Blue Empire domination are forced to read.

The story in “And Tango makes Three” is about two cute homosexual penguins who adopt a baby penguin. Supposedly this is a true story, or based on a true story, but of course it is a lie. The two real life penguins on which it is based have never had sex with each other. They were buddies. It was a bromance. Gays are a signaling hazard, and this signaling hazard prevents male on male cohesion. That David and Jonathan loved each other facilitated David becoming King of Israel, because it facilitated cohesion among David’s mighty men. If David and Jonathan had had sex with each other, he never would have become King of Israel, because there would have been no cohesion between him and his mighty men. Gay men do not cohere, and gay penguins do not cohere.

That males could cohere, and could build a strong society, required that gays be put to death. Nations, tribes, peoples, cultures, and religions that forcefully suppress men who also lie with mankind, as they lie with women, conquer nations, tribes, peoples, cultures, and religions that do not or cannot. Israel has not won a war since it had gay parades, women in the front line, and gays in the military.

Chinese soft power actually works, being based on thousands of years of history and deep understanding of the use of soft power. Progressives know no history, because everything before the current year is shameful and hateful, so they cannot do soft power very effectively. Their “soft” power is actually based on terror and mass murder, as for example Libya and Syria. Peoples and nations submitted to their “soft” power in fear of what happened to people and nations that failed to submit.

Hard power requires suppression of gays, among other things. Soft power requires knowledge and understanding of history. Thus the “international community” is weak, both in soft power and hard power, and now, as in the last days of the Soviet Union, this weakness is showing. The Soviet Union lost soft power, because they ceased to believe, and hard power, because socialism wrecked their logistics. The “International Community” cannot do soft power, because of self imposed ignorance, and cannot do hard power, because of gays and women in the military, and because people are getting sick of unsuccessful attempts to use hard power.

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  1. alf says:

    I never really bought the ‘gays are a signaling hazard’ argument. I signal bromance just fine. Perhaps it is a slightly bigger problem in public society, but not the main problem I’d say.

    The main problem with gays imo is that you can not say the truth, which is that gays have mindpopping sex-lives including the entire alphabet of STDs, that they create drama like women, that they are likelier to be pedophiles, that they are unreliable. Unlike fathers, they’re just not so invested in the future. I wager they even hold some resentment towards fathers for being naturally invested in the future.

    • peppermint says:

      If men can get away with acting like faggots, then they can get away with acting like faggots. It doesn’t have to happen every time, it just has to be on the table.

      • glosoli says:

        >If men can get away with acting like faggots, then they can get away with acting like faggots.


  2. peppermint says:

    His Majesty Donald Trump is our lord and redeemer as young White men. All the young White men I know are distinctly more comfortable now than they were last year.

    Perhaps Reagan could have won except that the university’s status was raised by the mass un and underemployment of young White men as an accidental consequence of the civil rights act which merely was meant to boost the status of niggers and jews and reduce the status of ordinary Whites.

    Without the civil rights dodge of requiring a college degree, everyone wouldn’t look up to university faggots like Tim Berners-Lee who thinks the Internet is for building an RDF graph with URLs everywhere instead of RDF being for people to store data in in a way that they are comfortable. was restricted to putting the whaargarbl in the module system with the consequence that people need to put com. at the beginning of their imports instead of ns: at the beginning of most expressions.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A woman from the Australian LessWrong and Effective Altruism community killed herself. She left behind a note saying she wouldn’t have killed herself if it was possible for a man to be her “sacred, cherished protector” and for her to be “his soother and his country”. Worth reading.

    • Theshadowedknight says:

      I looked those people up and read her post. Tragic, but she sounds like a headcase. Those people sound like people who do not want to be people, and want to transition into a community of organic computers. She was trying to reconcile limbic desires with logic and reason, and it ended in her killing herself. If her logic ended in self-termination, I suspect that it was faulty, especially given her definition of sexual violence as a touch on the thigh and a kiss.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        That woman is absolutely nuts.

        “He kissed me on the neck so I responded in with the absolutely correct response from the total autist behavior guide and said ‘I don’t want you to kiss me'”

        These are only two of the sexual assaults she managed to somehow survive in her 38 years – by the way, did she mention about 50 times that she’s attractive? Cause she is. She totally is.

        Her suicide at 38 probably had NOTHING to do with the amount of “sexual assault” she’s had to survive dropping rapidly as she approached 40 – nope, nothing at all.

        Did I mention that she had a pretty face and that getting fat was totally a choice that she made to reduce the amount of sexual assault she had to deal with? Because she did.

        • Steve Johnson says:

          She gets crazier as it goes on!

          “Something that would have worked to save me is if someone clever enough and trustworthy enough offered me protection. I would repay them by cherishing them. The level of enthusiasm and dedication I would offer would be a costly signal that I really needed them. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to offer sex in exchange for bodyguard services and security work. I didn’t keep this relationship between protection and arousal a complete secret of course, but I couldn’t advertise it widely enough to make it likely to succeed, especially given that I am selective, and that some of my enemies are a challenge. I needed someone special.”

          What the fuck is she talking about? This is the basic deal that women and men have! Woman becomes the man’s property and the man protects his woman. How does she think this is some weird quirk of hers? In reality she got to 38 years old and somehow no man ever wanted to offer this to her or she was offered this deal many times and never accepted.

          Either way by the time she’s 38 and completely off the rails, no loss.

          • jim says:

            Before the age of thirty two, was offered this deal many times because all women get offered the deal until around thirty or so, brutally shit tested the man offering the deal, because all women always brutally shit test the man offering the deal, and he, of course, failed the shit test because the Less Wrong environment emasculates men and empowers women. Polyamory results in the defect/defect equilibrium of pimps and whores. Everyone loses, no one gets what they want. Women get what they loudly demand, and are strangely unhappy and dissatisfied.

          • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:


            I hate to use that term but this is a massive horseshoe, she basically advocated for traditional marriage starting from radical feminist premises.

            All the people in her movement seem utterly insane and sound like they don’t have any close family or friends.

        • jim says:

          Fat, pushing forty, and supposedly suffers unbearable amounts of sexual assault.

          Back when she was hot, the amount of sexual assault she suffered was entirely bearable.

        • jim says:

          Fertile age women are precious, far more valuable than men. Mothers are valuable.

          Fat cat ladies past fertile age, no loss

          • Theshadowedknight says:

            I am probably not going to lose much sleep over her passing, but she was once a fertile woman, and the lack of manly control over her life ended up killing her. I am more sad for myself, because she reminded me of what I cannot have. My strongest reaction was to the parts where she describes a traditional marriage in the most autistic language I have ever seen. I want that, but I will not have it.

            • StringsOfCoins says:

              Only because you refuse to take the red pill on women. Personally I’m done trying to help out you guys. I explain to you how to treat women and what attitude works, go so far to explain why it works as well, and all I get is insults from my lessers. I then dox myself and prove that I am correct with my own life as an example and you losers, who can’t stop yourself from believing in a fairy tale of women, then instead go insult all the women I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with.

              Under enforced monogamy you’d get a fat bitch for a wife who would resent you. Under feminism you get nothing at all. Or you know you could accept the truth about women and do something about it. Either way I dgaf. I got mine and if I get bored with this one I’ll go take another. While you guys and sputter and rage and cry about how only dumb loser sluts like guys like me. I’m sure believing that makes you feel much better when your alone at night with your dirty sock or toilet paper.

              • jim says:

                Reading through your red pill stuff, it is pretty good.

                You need to assemble it into a blog post.

                Or a series of blog posts.

                You are a successful reactionary, for economic success with biological failure is still failure. Which is why the fat old cat lady from Less Wrong offed herself.

                I would love it if you do a red pill pua blog on the domain. https://<example>

                I could collect all your comments and email them to you, or put them into draft posts before you changed the password, and you could edit them into posts.

                • StringsOfCoins says:

                  I have a lot LOT of old red pill content, on an old blog, along with my old trp red pill account, my posts at tam, rational male, roissy’s gold standard blog, and even back to the spearhead. However I have learned a lot and stopped drinking so heavily so I believe I can do better. I will write up a quality post and send it to you. And see if I can do more.

                  They will not be close to daily click bait or even weekly though. In my old age I took a twenty something wife away from some other guy and she is currently 7 months pregnant. I enjoy telling people I’m on my third family, which causes the married women to start shit testing me to see if I’ll cheat with them. I want to try to do this one family right though, and being a convicted criminal with a record trying to turn myself into a beta means a trade union job. So I work very long weeks and am often too tired to write by the time I can write these days.

                  I’ll start working on an introductory post to what status actually means from a woman’s point of view. And it isn’t a stoic autistic retard with big muscles who can quote kant after he gets home with his $10k paycheck. Those guys wives fuck me while they are at work, then off themeselves when I decide to take their wives and they try to confront me and I don’t even bother to beat them. I just laugh and they die inside. Leaving me their house and their retirement.

                  Just as trust fund girl dates me because I tell her that I am going to choke her to death and want to watch her die, marries me, and I divorce rape her. And now she wants to be my friend, again, cause she’s approaching 40 and no amount of plastic surgery and private trainers can make her current guy into a reckless criminal with multiple families. Nor make her private trainer somehow pass shit tests. As if muscles somehow make you pass shit tests.

                • jim says:

                  Great. What should the url <example> be?

                • Vlad says:

                  Are you the guy whose best run was as a shiftless bum sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor of your mate’s basement?

                  I’d read the shit out of that shiznat.

                • jim says:

                  Never imitated the lifestyle of a shiftless bum.

                  I have spent a fair bit of time in poor whiteopias, but always as the affluent white outsider, after the fashion of Green Acres.

              • Theshadowedknight says:

                I have been around. I know what women are like. I am not an idiot.

                The problem is that one must be incredibly socially adept, and I have a handicap in that regard. There is only so much I can do, and women are unfortunately beyond that.

                • peppermint says:

                  Women are very easy to interact with because their behavior is simple, direct, and practical. Autism is a problem in coordinating with men and not having good relations with men or a good excuse for it is a problem with women.

                • jim says:

                  Maybe you are doing better than me, because I get hard to pass shit tests all the time – though since I lost weight, not quite so hard to pass. Maybe it is because I am old.

                  For example I was in a tall building with my girl, and the fire alarm went off, and there was a group of people at the fire door, and they were not going through the fire door, so she refused to go through the fire door, so I had to grab her hand and tell her I was going to drag her like a sack of potatoes, which is domestic violence in front of witnesses by a man with substantial assets and an as yet unblemished lack of criminal record. Stuff like that never stops. I always have to take risks.

                  Of course, having passed the shit test, she and the entire group at the fire door docilely followed me like sheep, but I have to bust a move every single time.

                • jim says:

                  Being socially adept takes practice. Being socially adept in a way that impresses women takes practice and balls. You are pretty smart, so practice.

                  Talking to people across a substantial IQ gap is tricky, but ninety percent of game is non verbal. Talking to stupid people is like talking to dogs, and talking to chicks, even smart chicks, is like talking to cats. Check out Heartiste on palmistry and cold reading.

                • Yara says:

                  He’s reasonably intelligence, but if you read his blog you find he lives in white trash land.

                  And for some reason doesn’t like the term “white trash”, like he denies the existence of low-class scummy whites, or something.

                  And he wonders, while living amongst white trash, why White Trash Things™ keep happening to him.

                  And bans anyone who altruistically tries to point out the obvious.

                  Clearly he should take the series of actions most likely to raise the quality of people with whom he interacts. He could go overseas. He could move to Boulder. But he probably shouldn’t continue to languish in Bumfuck, Nowheresville, Deep South.

                • jim says:

                  > And he wonders, while living amongst white trash, why White Trash Things™ keep happening to him.

                  Links? Examples?

                  I also doubt the existence of white trash. If a place is overwhelmingly white it is safe, peaceful, pleasant, civilized, trustworthy and trusting even if I am a stranger there, and even if there are a lot of poor people around.

                  If white trash exist, they tend to live in places where there are a lot of nonwhite trash. Diversity results in everyone conducting themselves to the lowest common denominator in self defense. Stick poor whites in whiteopia, they magically turn into non trash. Magic dirt actually works on whites. To the extent that I see bad white behavior in whiteopia, it is white visitors from a diverse location.

                • Bob says:

                  When people see pictures of my extended family, they say they look like white trash. They are all below the average US income, but the town they live in has low crime, mailmen who know the people they deliver to, the people solve their problems without running to the cops or the gov, and it is made up of only… “white trash”.

                • jim says:

                  Sounds like every poor whiteopia I have ever visited.

                  And are they actually poor when rich people in Silicon Valley pay millions of dollars for homes in safe places, and still dare not let their children out of sight? They have what rich people pay millions for, and do not get.

                • Bob says:

                  If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to share a story about how trashy “white trash” are and how “terrible” it is to live around them.
                  Before my grandmother passed, she was almost blind and almost deaf, but managed to live on her own, with her daughter living next door. When the deliveryman can to drop off a package, she thought she was being robbed, grabbed her pistol, and shot through the wall… that didn’t even face the front of the house. The man went next door to my aunt, “Your mother tried to shoot me. Here’s her mail.”
                  My aunts knew if they took her pistol away, she’d get another, and if they took the bullets out, she’d notice. So they replaced the bullets with blanks. No ERPO, no nursing home, no problem.

                • peppermint says:

                  When people say White trash, they mean trailer park people, anyone with less than median income, who don’t live in the exciting city and don’t have buzzword-compliant work.

                  White trash actually is the faggots, heroin addicts, coalburners, oil drillers and yerrow fever freaks, catladies, bugmen, the people with no future. These lumpenproletariat can be turned against the muds simply if they stop thinking they are in coalition with the muds against the middle class. They are already in competition with muds for the same place in society.

                • Yara says:

                  slang and grammatical incorrectness
                  coarseness of manner

                  Watch an episode of Cops. Or that show with the paternity tests. (I don’t watch much television; in fact, I don’t even own one.) No one wants to live in a working-class area, even if it’s “100% white, one-drop approved”. There are many terrible things to be said about the current year, but the existence of a detectable quantity of “worthy poor” isn’t one of them: every nook and cranny of America has been “scholarshipped” to death. Move to one of their regions – whole counties! in some cases – and you’ll never have another interesting conversation again. It’s enough that state power merely leaves them in peace to do their work for the good of the nation.

                  Military towns have the loosest of loose women.

                • jim says:

                  What you see on television is a lie, issued by people who hate us and seek to destroy us.

                  Go see an actual white working class neighborhood. Better still, stay there for a while. It is very nice. My son, who is far from being white working class, lived in one for long period, because he could get a home with an ocean view at a reasonable rent. I suppose the people with the ocean view were not working class, but every one else was.

                  You probably will not have interesting conversations in such a place, but you will get trust, trustworthiness, and safety.

                • StringsOfCoins says:

                  I live in a white working class area. I do not get good conversation, rather conversation about niggerball and did you see that other guy beat up some nigger on TV? Having conversations is optional.

                  But I can leave my wife at home with my doors unlocked and know that nobody is going to rape and murder her then burn my house down. Or steal my car and my TV. Instead I can come home and the tattoo covered roofer who rents the duplex across the street will tell me he saw some “shady” characters walking down the street so he grabbed his baseball bat and sat in his front yard.

                  Very shady characters, you could say.

                • glosoli says:

                  Let’s be honest, she’s not your wife.

                  That you committed adultery with her should mean death for both of you.

                  You may feel you are something special in this life because you can ‘game’ whores (you’re not), but your eternal soul is going to be deader than a dodo unless you repent.

                  Stupid sinful people like you, promoting degeneracy, are part of the reason why your lands are cursed, and there will be no way back.

                • glosoli says:

                  >Talking to stupid people is like talking to dogs, and talking to chicks, even smart chicks, is like talking to cats.

                  I have 2 cats, and also love dogs. I will spend some time pondering how I speak to each species, as I wasn’t aware of any difference.

                  Could you explain please?

                • jim says:

                  No, I cannot explain, but there is a difference.

                • glosoli says:

                  I know what you mean.

                  I think a sign I saw at a boarding kennels would explain it though:

                  ‘Dogs think they’re human, cats know they’re gods’.

                  Cats ‘shit-test’ us all the time. They know they shouldn’t do things, but they will keep doing them anyway. They have virtually no self-control, but we seem to love that cheeky spirit in them. Dogs, once trained, are much more obedient.

                  All of the above no doubt translates into the way we speak to them. My tone with my cats is mostly amused exasperation, plus frequently calling them stupid, but they amuse me. Sounds much like a woman (if my memory serves me well enough).

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            Hey Jim, remember when you killed Frances Myatt? Now Scott-sempai has gone and done it, too!

            • jim says:

              I told Scott this would happen.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                Delicious, isn’t it?

              • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

                Who’s the “Scott” you’re referring to, Jim? Not the slate star codex one I’m assuming?

                • jim says:

                  I told Scott of Slate Star Codex that because he hangs with evil people he would be convicted of the thought crimes that I commit and he does not, and that when the terror comes, he will likely be executed, and people like me likely not executed.

                  Well, he has not yet been executed, and has not yet been convicted, but he has been accused.

      • jim says:

        > I looked those people up and read her post. Tragic

        Not tragic. Hilarious.

        She suicided for attention, and claimed victim status for social status.

        She suicided because as she got older and fatter, she dropped off the bottom of the booty call list of the men she desired. The suicide was an escalated demand for the attention she was no longer getting, and an escalated claim for social status.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      Haven’t read it but rule of thumb- female suicide is attention seeking. If you are a women looking for a good man, there are entire countries with massive male female sex ratio disparities. If you are looking for hard, tough men, it isn’t like Russia is an obscure country.

      • Eli says:

        Which explains why so many Russian women dream of marrying foreign, especially Western, men.

        No, women like this don’t “want” Russian men. Not capable of even thinking in that direction. They are simply not capable of admitting to themselves what they really want, because crimethink. What their animal self wants is a man to take absolute possession of them, likely even to flog them mercilessly, to prove that he is their sovereign. But they can’t admit it to themselves and end up in a state of utter depression, especially, acutely feeling that their precious years are ticking off and they’re becoming irrelevant — which can manifest in drama, all the way to actual suicide.

        • jim says:

          She became sexually irrelevant, and offed herself.

          Had Islamic state won when she was under thirty, would have been auctioned off naked and in chains, would have had an owner able to pass her shit tests, would have had seven children and twenty grandchildren, would lived to ripe old age, loved, and surrounded by children and grandchildren.

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          Russia decriminalized beating your wife. Certainly more alpha then the average American.

          There are Russian women who do look for overseas men… just like there are white American women who look for foreigners as well.

      • Anonymous 2 says:

        If you are a women looking for a good man

        I got a certain impression that hers wasn’t a pragmatic approach to resolve her problem.

    • jim says:

      Yes, shit test escalated all the way to suicide.

      Looking for an owner, pushing thirty eight, could not find one. Keeps ramping up the shit tests to psychotic intensity, like Kate in “The taming of the shrew”.

      If she was twenty eight rather than thirty eight, I might believe she had been sexually harassed, and was over reacting as a shit test, but fat and thirty eight, she is imagining all this stuff as a shit test.

      • Anonymous 2 says:

        I have noticed that certain women grow more and more odd over time, but that then having kids (or, more usually, one artisanal childe) blows this fog away. The superextended childhood might not be healthy for all of us.

        • Eli says:

          Agree wholeheartedly… in thoughts (but reality of deeds is a bit different).

          • jim says:

            Hard to grow up when marriage and children has been essentially criminalized for men. You cannot have a marriage without passing shit tests, and these days passing a shit test is domestic violence (for unkind words, or even unkind silences, count as violence, just as hitting on a chick counts as sexual assault).

    • PowerVitamin says:

      She is just the inverse of the 18 year old incel who shoots up a school (goes out in a blaze of glory. The difference is in the ways males and females let out aggression. But the intent is very clearly the same: “if I have to a miserable life, everyone else should too.” Her article is very carefully crafted female incel aggression. She wants to make all of the women reading it feel bad for not getting as much attention/success as her and wants them to feel jealous and insignificant while making herself the victim, while condemning all men, and etc, etc, etc.

      These things are always to epitome of self-absorption. It’s all about me. She wants every kind of emotion, positive or negative from all sexes and she wants to make a more miserable life for all men and women in the future.

      Like you guys already said, she’s 38 and there’s zero chance she finds an equal or better in her field. So she will never be loved again. It’s the same thing that incel felt before shooting up that school.

      Jordan B Peterson said it, women and men both have to let out aggression. Women have to so it in emotional / verbal ways to counterbalance their lack of physical strength. Her SMV as a top end data scientist at 38, puts her below the SMV of the 18 year old school shooting incel.

      Sorry ladies. Better learn from this story and intertwine your story with children or you miss-out on the majority of life.

      • PowerVitamin says:

        Eh, I wish i could edit this for grammar. I typed it on my phone. Some words auto-corrected wrong.

        Nicely = incel

        It’s the same thing that incel felt before shooting up that school.

        • jim says:

          Fixed it.

          • glosoli says:

            You don’t get that kind of service at other blogs.
            Well played Jim.

            (For the avoidance of doubt, this is a serious compliment, no sarc, it’s little things like this that make us guys the best in the world).

      • peppermint says:

        Nasim Aghdam did the job no American man would. When will feminists and third worldists celebrate her?

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      Far less rational than she fancied herself. Also saddled with an absolutely monstrous ego. The tiniest slight is blown up to a cosmic disaster, it’s always someone else’s fault, we should have appreciated her genius more, and the wounds are nursed so they will never, never heal.

      “Please be glad that some people can kill themselves.”

      A suitable ending, then. And now she has headed for the Hell she has requested, no dammit, that she demanded and deserves.


      We might at this point ask if making the Bay Area a free range conservatory of high-functioning untreated autists was really a good idea. They just seem to worsen each other to unbearable levels.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      From the header

      I, the person posting this article, have no capacity to evaluate the claims made against the individuals named below. However, I chose not to redact the names, in accordance with Kathy’s wishes. I am choosing to remain anonymous; I do not wish to be contacted by any of the people mentioned here.

      That’s a fairly unique disclaimer by the way.

    • pdimov says:

      “He touched my thigh at Signal Data Science where I was living and training to become a data scientist. I moved my legs away. He touched my thigh again. When I went to report him to Julia Wise of CEA, he was already banned from EA Global.”

      I literally cannot even.

  4. Rick Sean says:

    I recently discovered that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides absolutely no protection for gays. None ! A nation can put a death penalty on homosexuality and it’s completely ok according to the book. (death penalty is not prohibited either) Persecution for homosexuality is not a valid criterion for asylum requests either.

    Not only that but it says right there in article 16.3 that the heterosexual unit family requires protection by the state. Doesn’t that implies same sex marriage to be illegal ? I think so.

    All of that is not incredible since it was written in 1948 when homosexuality was still illegal in most western countries.

    But what’s funny is that we’ve become so ‘progressive’ that even the UDHR is now a fascist document if interpreted as intended. How long util it’s considered hate speech to quote it ?

  5. Anonymous 2 says:

    Also taken off the shelf: Daddy, Pappa and Me. Perhaps it was too much like ‘two dads are better than one’, the Australian case which made Russia stop gay adoptions. I wonder what happened to the poor kid.

  6. I don’t know. There is some power, probably soft, that is still preventing Europe from showing basic sanity on immigration matters.

    I mean, for example, for Italy, turning the Aquarius away is nice but the core issue was the Italian Navy itself picking up people in rickety boats close to the African coast and instead of shipping them back to Africa, they shipped them to Italy. International law does not demand it because the nearest safe harbor is Tunis. I don’t know if Salvini managed to stop this. My guess is not, because if they are not shipping them to Tunis the international media would be full of it, and if they were not saving them from those not seaworthy boats then the international media would be full of photos of that. My suspicion is that Salvini may talk tough but the Italian Navy is still bringing the shipwrecks to Italy.

    Since 2015 Angela Merkel looks as if someone was blackmailing her. She is not being herself.

    Soros is a good indicator. Austria joined Hungary in denouncing him, but he is still very much welcome in the Brussels EU headquarters.

  7. Dave says:

    But James Buchanan was openly gay! Only rampant homophobia makes historians rate him our worst president ever. Well, that and letting the country slide into civil war.

    I’ve long marveled how Leftists around the world fantasize about America’s downfall, not realizing that if all US armed forces disappeared, their liberal socialist democracies would be taken over by right-wing death squads in a matter of weeks.

    • The Cominator says:

      “Now that Trump is disinclined to back Blue Empire soft power with Red Empire hard power”

      I’m curious how afraid most of the other countries in the world really were afraid of this and with what mechanisms (short of the Iraq solution) this was enforced prior to Trump especially outside the Middle East.

      “But James Buchanan was openly gay! ”

      No he was a closet gay, being openly gay would not have been tolerated at that time.

      • jim says:

        > I’m curious how afraid most of the other countries in the world really were afraid of this and with what mechanisms (short of the Iraq solution) this was enforced prior to Trump especially outside the Middle East.

        Mass murder and terror in Syria, Libya, Ethiopia, and the Congo.

        Obama dropped thirty thousand tonnes of bombs on Libya in 2011, primarily targeting civilians.

        The policy and program of vaginally impaling Tutsi women in the Congo with very large objects was carried out by Congolese troops, but these troops were paid by the “International Community” and operating under cover of UN air and artillery support.

  8. Alrenous says:

    I often wonder if sodomites could be outlawed, but tacitly accepted as long as they stay in, for example, San Fran’s Castro district. Mainly to suppress their urge to have it legalized everywhere.

    • jay says:

      No bailouts for their destructive behavior however. If they end up dying from diseases they shouldn’t be helped in any way.

    • peppermint says:

      > let’s let faggots, niggers, jews, and other undesirable elements have the most valuable real estate in the country

      • Alrenous says:

        As always, anyone stupid enough to fall for this is too stupid for me to care about.

        • Yara says:

          You mean, the plain fact that California is geographically, meteorologically, and agriculturally the most valuable real estate in the world?

          It’s the crown jewel of America, a literal paradise on Earth, which is why certain “””elements””” have handed it over to 50 million brown squatters.

          Make Beach Boys Great Again

    • S.J., Esquire says:

      outlawed, but tacitly accepted

      Yes, this is what should be done, but it’s important to realize why. There are people who will say, “You know, you’re never never going to eradicate it by criminalizing it, so that’s the wrong approach.” What this misses is that criminalizing the behaviour and forcing it underground allows normies to avoid being forced to deal with it, and this is the primary benefit of having it underground.

      • peppermint says:

        This is an important point. What we want with faggots and heroin and porn and whores and people sneezing without covering their noses and baryatrics is for normies to have the right not to see it. In order for that to be a right, police need to be able to arbitrarily harass people who try to insolently do these things in front of them. The tooth in police harassment is arrest and further formal punishment.

        Americans instinctively reject laws against behavior that isn’t strictly criminal because we have a long history of being ruled by virtue signaling joymops. That’s the angle the virtue signaling joymops and jews used to convince Americans to put up with everything.

        • Mike Hoffamn's fiancée says:

          “ruled by virtue signaling joymops”

          peppermint, where are you from? england? great, great saying.

        • S.J., Esquire says:

          Yes, exactly. Worth reiterating that very few people outside of the purest Puritans are actually hateful. I really don’t GAF what people “do”, as long as I don’t have to see it and my kids don’t even have know about it.

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  10. Chase says:

    It does feel as if we are on the precipice of…something. The exhaustion of neoliberalism/post-modernism is as palpable as it is intolerable for those who can feel it. I care more that what comes next comes soon than what it looks like. That might end up being bad for me of course, but at this point, let’s just do it.

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