English pay the Jizya

The Daily Mail Online tells us
“Less than one in twenty street robberies and burglaries solved”

Naturally I thought the unmentionable planet Jupiter must be in sight, and suspected that these mysteriously unsolvable crimes might correlate with that.

“Rushcliffe in Nottinghamshire had the lowest rate of solved crime in 2017, while the most crimes were solved in Uttlesford in Essex”

So, I looked up Google Earth, for the main town of Rushcliffe, which is West Bridgford.

And then I looked up the main town of of Uttlesford, which is Saffron Walden, which has only two mosques. (Which is nonetheless two more than the number of churches)

Surprise surprise, white working class:

Muslim predation on infidels is legal, white self defense illegal.

[Hat tip a certain reactionary Jew in high places whose name cannot be spoken]

Naturally the Daily Mail proposes more money for policing, but more money for police will merely make white self defense even more illegal than it already is.

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  1. Sam Norton says:

    Jim – long time reader, first time commenter, simply because I know of what I speak – there are no mosques in Saffron Walden; there are many churches; and Saffron Walden is an extremely affluent part of England, not working class (lots of commuters to Cambridge or the City).

    • jim says:

      Google Earth shows two mosques and zero churches. Google Earth street view shows most people living in big blocks of flats with no gardens or very little gardens. Affluent people have gardens. There are some affluent people there, some nice large gardens there, but there a lot of people, probably the great majority, living without gardens.

      • Sam Norton says:

        Why trust Google Earth rather than eyes on the ground? I’d be very interested to know actual details of such mosques. As for churches, see here: http://www.stmaryssaffronwalden.org/ – that’s just the principal Church of England one, but there are many others.
        On demography/affluence, “As Saffron Walden has a higher level of residents born in the UK than the national average and a lower rate of residents either born in other EU countries or outside the EU, it does not have a significant immigrant population.” https://www.ilivehere.co.uk/statistics-saffron-walden-essex-33235.html
        Anyhow, it’s just a minor point really. If you had used Luton rather than Saffron Walden as your example, I wouldn’t be quibbling.

  2. Yara says:

    via plebbit:

    One of my absolute favorite things:

    After a PhD student finishes their [sic] dissertation defense and the committee discusses while the student is outside the room.

    I love opening the door to bring the student back in and simply saying “Doctor”.

    17 times and counting.


    selected replies and retweets:




    My advisor opened the door and said “Everyone, Dr. Shults.” I was the first in my family to even go to college. I cried. My dad cried. And the best part of the day was when my 18 month old daughter yelled “yeah Dr. daddy.” That moment changes realities for so many.


    (author description: “Husband, Father, Social Justice Advocate, Ally to the Historically Marginalized, Feminist, Politically Progressive, Academic, Christian in deed, not just name”)


    In my 20s a male friend told me, he thought that he helping, that I should not get my PhD as ‘men don’t like women with too much education’. I did not listen & went to @Cornell & immediately met @dougwebberecon who did not mind my career goals.


    (author description: “Moderately to extremely obsessed with my four dogs and the Philly restaurant scene.”)



    raze the universities

  3. Anon says:

    Jim please ban this low IQ broken record. It is a waste of time and bandwidth to scroll past his long idiotic comments. He lowers the quality of discussion on every site he visits.

  4. Alrenous says:

    I looked up the crime stats for England and Wales, 2002. Compared it to 1898. Per capita, total violent crime is up 97 times. Not 97%, that’s 9700%.

    Robbery is up 171 times. 17000%. I literally can’t even.

    Remember, 2002 is before the refugee crisis. This crud is 15 years old at this point.

    • I went to Cologne, Germany a few months before the New Years party mass sexual assault case. I immediately got a vibe that something is off. Young white men on the street looked very soft and nerdy, typical gamers. I went to a mall and just like everywhere else in the late afternoon, teenagers were hanging out in front of it. Lots of white girls. Lots of brown boys. No brown girls, no white boys. The brown girls were probably under strict parental orders to stay home, and the white boys got either intimidated into staying off or could see they cannot compete. The brown boys looked enviably masculine. Usually well muscled, but even when not, already a booming voice and a significant beard at 16-17. The sexual dynamics were just obvious.

      Admit it. There is no way those soft white boys will do anything about it, not now, not later if (big if) they become policemen and are supposed to catch criminals who out-macho them, no armed uprising, no unarmed uprising, no nothing. Maybe votes. Maybe an AfD-CSU does something with the situation but I don’t think they can reverse it. At this point their only hope is fighting immigration with immigration, such as Estern Europeans.

      Or use their natural advantage in brains, organization, technology, science, but I have no idea how.

      • jim says:

        The natural advantage of whites over all other races, even east Asians and Jews, is coordination and cooperation – which has been turned against us by our priestly class. Need a more martial priestly class. The last time we got a more martial priestly class it was because Charles the Hammer told the priesthood to damn well get on board with his program.

        • colleen ryan says:

          No doubt we are capable enough still jews and slants are plenty at coordinating and cooperating too anything less than complete eviction of non whites and rebooting white nations on explicitly ethnic basis will only set them back a bit. war is whats needed. war will cause men to be restored over women and cause browns and slants to flee home, blacks to riot and attack leftists, and jews to quiet.war will correct a large part of our problems too many non white males.from there all is possible those ready for war will be ready for post war and can influence post war. besides being ready for war one thing is absolutely crucial communication must be kept open and secure and anon. The left is desperate to seal the deal they sense victory slipping from their jaws just as they thought they were undefeatable they are taking huge chances and will infuriate whites if whites can communicate war will come.

          • jim says:

            Please use punctuation, capitalization, and paragraphing, or else I will delete your comments, not because of anything you have said or failed to say, but because it is too tedious to figure out what, if anything, you are saying.

        • True enough, but we will never have Islam levels of asabiyya anytime soon, while there is still an IQ, org, tech, science etc. advantage there. The question is how to use that.

          • Roberto says:

            The psychological dynamic at work is that when hostile outsiders assault your identity and beliefs, you tend to double-down on these identity and beliefs.

            Among the Eastern Europeans you’ve mentioned, the Islamic invasion tends to bolster identification with Christianity, because that’s their dominant religion. Among Western Europeans, the Islamic invasion tends to bolster the Prog-Poz, for the same reason.

            In the same way that after Communism had fallen, the Slavs recalled that they had always been Orthodox Christians, if and when Progressivism falls within the Hajnal Line and Mitteleuropa, the Hajnal Liners and Mitteleuropeans should — ideally — recall that they’ve always been Christians.

            So, if you want to avoid Islamization and Third World occupation, need to thoroughly discredit the religion of Progressivism among Western Europeans, need to make Western Europeans recall that they’ve always been Christians.

            But, as we see, mass Third World immigration of unassimilable hostile outsiders makes it all the harder to snap people out of Prog-Poz, because that’s the culturally-entrenched meme that they instinctively fall down upon when assaulted by the foreign Islamic meme, i.e. Mr. Kraut thinks that the ‘solution’ to Islamic religious intolerance is mo’ money fo’ dem tranny bathrooms and more Feminism.

            I admit to having no idea how to turn the agnostic/atheist Western Europeans to Christians in the current climate of intensified Third Worldization and left-wing singularity. Perhaps the way to destroy Progressivism is to accelerate it until it implodes under the weight of its own contradictions. That’s what accelerationism is all about, right?

            Maybe after Soros is done legalizing weed and psychedelics worldwide, we can convince him to legalize cocaine, heroin, and MDMA too.

            Seriously tho, we don’t know how to bring back Christianity, but we do have a few clues as to how to discredit Progressivism, so that’s where the focus should be.

            • jim says:

              > The psychological dynamic at work is that when hostile outsiders assault your identity and beliefs, you tend to double-down on these identity and beliefs.

              > Among the Eastern Europeans you’ve mentioned, the Islamic invasion tends to bolster identification with Christianity, because that’s their dominant religion. Among Western Europeans, the Islamic invasion tends to bolster the Prog-Poz, for the same reason.

              You are insufficiently paranoid and conspiratorial.

              Progressives are waging wars to export emasculation to Islam. They aim to do what Muslims what they have successfully done to Christians and Jews – they reinterpret Mohammed as a blue haired feminist. Similarly, every fathers day, every Christian preacher demonizes fathers and spills hatred, denigration, and contempt against them.

              The purpose of the Afghan war is to teach nine year old girls how to put a condom on a banana.

              To this end, they fabricate a late date for the Koran just as they fabricated a late date for the New Testament. In fact we have ample historical evidence from the contemporary victims of Mohammed that the Koran was written up by Mohammed, at least as a collection of fragments, and the Hadiths not long after. Similarly it is obvious that the New Testament was written before the martyrdom of Saint Paul and the fall of Jerusalem and the Temple. Similarly, they fabricate a late date for the book of proverbs, though it is obviously the product of a court bureaucracy, and the only plausible court bureaucracy that fits is the Kings of first Kingdom Israel.

              • Roberto says:

                Your contention is belied by the fact that when Western Feminists attempt to explain that Islam, properly interpreted, is really Feminism, they actually end up explaining the very opposite – that Feminism, properly interpreted, is really Islamic.

                So, 9-year-old Muslim girls don’t in fact put condoms on bananas; but they do occasionally have their clitorises removed, which is what “Muslim Feminists” in academia are busy rationalizing away as being an authentically and legitimately Feminist practice. To be sure, lots of Feminists dislike that; but they are PWNED by Islam.

                I’m actually very conspiratorial, as I believe that the Cathedral is using Islam — the least Progressive religion, the most offensive to Enlightened sensibilities — in order to shock Westerners into supporting Progressivism even more than they already do. A “Strategy of Tension,” kind of. But, this plan is not really working, because the Cathedral is Blue-Pilled about women. Let me explain.

                If women were as the Cathedral imagines them to be, they’d be absolutely horrified by Islam, and would — according to the conspiratorial plan — become ever more militant and zealous Feminists.

                But women are not as the Cathedral imagines them to be. They “mysteriously” fail to get horrified by Islam, and are instead quite aroused by it. Being Red-Pilled, we understand perfectly well the mechanism behind this development.

                So, in my conspiracy theory, the Cathedral imported Pakistani pedophile rapists en masse in order to strengthen Progressivism among the native population. They expected white women to be all up in arms about it screaming bloody murder, and white men to respond by embracing militant Feminism.

                Instead, what actually happened was that white women got dripping wet pussies, white men gave up the fight, and consequently, instead of Progressivism winning, Islam is winning. It’s a conspiratorial program that went the opposite than how it was supposed to go, but it’s not going to stop any time soon.

                It may all sound far-fetched, but I just don’t see Muslim girls putting condoms on bananas, while I do see some of them walking around sans clitoris. That is, I don’t see Muslims taking the notion of Muhammad-as-a-Bluehaired-Feminist seriously, while I do see Western Feminists passionately defending female genital mutilation.

                Had the Cathedral been Red-Pilled about women, would have realized that importing Paki pedophile rapists would result in dripping wet pussies all over Europe, and ultimately would result in the triumph of this least Progressive religion, and thus the Cathedral would have decided against importing the Pakis. But it is Blue-Pilled about women, so its conspiracy plan backfired.

                Oh well, mistakes happen.


                • Yara says:

                  It’s certainly true that an elite, no matter how smart, composed of men who were nerdy weaklings in their youth, is unlikely to be able to reason about such things.

                  How many pussies do you think Rod Rosenstein grabbed as a young man?

                • jim says:

                  The “moderate” Islam that the Cathedral loves murders Christians and Jews and rapes Christian women. But it allows female initiated divorce, does not cut the clits off, and teaches its girls to put a condom on banana.

                  The reason everyone whines about the clit cutters is that those are the bad guy Muslims that you are allowed to complain about. The good guy Muslims who drive trucks over children and rape four year old girls at knife point, those you not allowed to complain about.

            • But you forget that much of Christianity got pozzed. Turning back to that does not help much. And the really bad news is that it is hard to disentangle, because there actually are some biblical quotes supporting much of that. Christianity tended to have a victimhood culture before it got paganized, and stopping the gladiatorial games was pure poz virtue signalling. So what you need to bring back the paganized elements of Christianity, along with the more based bibilical quotes / interpretations.

              The reason I like Irving Kristol, yes, a Neocon Jew, half the people here just got a heart attack, is that he had a good perspective on such matters. He talked about the difference between Prophetic Judaism, which is crazy, virtue-signalling and leftist, and Rabbinic Judaism which is down to earth, conservative and works. And said that in the same vein you could talk about something like “Prophetic” Christianity, basically Gnosticism, and “Rabbinic” Christianity, which is sort of the more paganized mainstream. He said one way you can tell such groups apart is how they relate to sex. The crazy gnostic either abhors sex and wants everybody to be a virgin, or goes the opposite angle and allows full sexual licence. So basically anything but a natural approach. The conservative “Rabbinic” understands that the natural purpose of sex is making kids, and it happens whether you want it or not, so sex is okay between a married couple who can raise the kids and not okay otherwise. You could say the same about nationalism for example.

              • jim says:

                > and Rabbinic Judaism which is down to earth, conservative and works.

                Don’t think it works.

                Judaism is subject to holiness spirals, just that getting excited about extreme separation of meat and cheese, and where strollers can go tends to cause less damage. It is the sort of holiness spiral that a religion permanently out of power can manage without self destructing.

                Jews are no longer in exile, but Judaism is still in exile. The state religion of Israel is progressivism, and rabbinic Jews like it that way. For Judaism to go home would upend their religion. So they don’t actually want the temple back. But unless they take the temple back, Israel is going to finish what Hitler started.

                Christianity has a live and recent history of being the state religion. Judaism self destructed horribly the last time it was the state religion, and has developed an extreme allergy to once again being a state religion, hence the self imposed exile. Jews refuse to address what went wrong the last time (what went wrong being largely what Jesus complained about) and Judaism has no desire for a do over. But Israel needs a do over, because their current state religion, progressivism, as expressed and interpreted by their supreme court, demands suicide.

              • jim says:

                > But you forget that much of Christianity got pozzed. Turning back to that does not help much.

                Christianity was OK from AD 732 to AD1110, and then Anglicanism was OK from AD1660 to AD1820.

                • You mean the Anglicanism of 1700 is preferable to Catholicism at any time after 1110?

                  The only truly important difference of High Church Anglicanism to Rome was having a national church. Cesaropapism basically.

                • jim says:

                  Anglicanism of 1700 gave better support to science, the state, family, and marriage.

                  Anglicanism of 1700 followed Saint Paul on marriage and Saint Augustine on science.

          • colleen ryan says:

            Use it to start civil war, preferably not overtly racial allow racialism to develop post war.War will solve everything its the only thing that can.

      • colleen ryan says:

        we haven’t changed genetically in 50 years those were the same genes the stormtroopers had, russia lost order of magnitude more fighting men but when a sand nigger runs a car into a russian crowd russian men drag him out chase him down and beat him half to death. we are witnessing the power of propaganda in an electronic age. in my little idaho town young men of 16-21 like to beat each other half to death in fistfights every friday night they just get a little drunk and fight in cowboy hats trust me no niggers are going to walk into idaho any time soon. but eventually the jews will notice and file lawsuits and take control of the state and put whites in prison in enough numbers they will have to choose between being who they are and having a job and family. the jews like to target winnable little spaces one at a time usually working undercover until accruing enough power.

        you fight it by dog whistling whites into tribalism pointing out values are pwnd by the jews and niggers how they must have nations of their own or they will be wiped out in 20 years how this is only natural not literally hitler that the left is literally hitler. most importantly you make clear the time is now politics is a suckers game civil war is the only thing that will save us.

      • Dixon says:

        Most Arabs are narrow shouldered twinks.

        Really dubious of your account of things. Most people in normal life continue business as usual. Interracial relationships are statistically low. It’s easy to get lost in the doom and gloom internet theorizing but it’s not as bad on the ground as it is easy to think when you are in the business of predicting horrible futures on internet echo chambers.

        • colleen ryan says:

          Hm well the other half of my life is in nyc where i grew up from the late fifties and so Im wondering what planet nation you are from because its actually hard to underestimate how bad the situation is it deteriorates faster than it can be assessed even comment casually.Interracial relationships are not really as low as they say you don’t actually think they tell the truth about such things? did they warn you 30 years ago they were going to change america from a 92% white nation to a 62% white nation? You dont think thats doom and gloom huh?

      • Starman says:

        “Or use their [Whites] natural advantage in brains, organization, technology, science, but I have no idea how.”

        Build nuclear weapons, destroy The Cathedral.

        • colleen ryan says:

          Shh they’re listening, not so specific. The cathedrals a paper tiger no need for such big sticks rocketman, just some general mayhem to demonstrate they are a paper tiger will do. Then some video uploads of the poor women and children the empire is brutalizing in their frustration at losing, like G washington and the muzzies did. Just stay in the field and let armies do what armies do. Very soon cathedral cant maintain frame that this is racist terrorist criminal thing and so must be civil war, army/ police will not fight civil war for cathedral not even legal, they will go protect their own family because family is not safe.Enter the niggers chimping out, exit the spics for home.Women and jews begin to watch their fucking mouths. You cant know what will set this off but you can do your best to incite it and be ready to pour gasoline on it once it catches.

          • Starman says:

            If a man had nuclear weapons, it wouldn’t matter whether The Cathedral is listening or not. SWAT and aircraft carrier battle groups are no match against even shitty nukes. That’s why North Korea has nukes and Iran is building them.

            • colleen ryan says:

              [This comment deleted for lack of paragraphs, punctuation, and capital letters]

            • jim says:

              Nuclear weapons need delivery systems.

              And you really want to hide your delivery systems, your nuclear weapons, and your facilities for building nuclear weapons, so ideally everything should consist of modules that fit into a standard size intermodal container, or are built into a standard size intermodal container, forty feet by eight feet by eight foot six.

              • Alrenous says:

                I’m given to understand that centrifuges don’t fit.

                • jim says:

                  Standard size of an intermodal shipping container is forty foot long.

                  Each uranium enrichment centrifuge is a narrow forty foot tall cylinder, so a bunch of them fit in a standard size intermodal container turned on its side.

    • colleen ryan says:

      lived through NYC in lindsay-dinkins era mid boggling water temps white frogs will endure before giuliani time comes. but whites are humans and earth animals they have the same tribal and survival instincts as the rest comes a point. until now we have always been able to isolate ourselves from much of the crime particularly the elites, fiat has allowed the true cost of divershitty to be socialized into the future generations, the increasing complexity of the world has made information difficult to parse and technology has made propaganda a cradle to grave 247 operation.despite all these advantages they cant get more than half the votes in the usa and the right just elected trump who purported to be a fascist when seeking votes.
      Its going to be increasingly impossible to keep the effects of niggers from all whites and hide the true costs the propaganda mechanisms have turned out to be usable by the right as well now. the left is trying to move fast to shut down communication outlaw speech and move millions more niggers in to the electorate. since there is no exit and speech is shut down that leaves war. war it will be those prepared will decide the post war course.No doubt the jews are prepared for the inevitable reaction one has even invented a new philosophy in his garage

  5. colleen ryan says:

    Look this is stupid the entire 10 years since moldberg has been a waste he was 90% wrong or told us shit we already knew. War is coming. what cant go on wont. what you can do is be ready for war. who knows what form it will take or exactly when, or even who is going to start fighting who. at the very least you ought to be as prepped as any prepper as financially savvy as any day trader, as technically savvy as your average sperg.today’s crime gangs niggers and spic deploy drone swarms against cops, the average redneck has at least 10,000 rounds and half a dozen guns, war is more likely to look like Assange than a militia but you need to be ready for whatever form it takes and most of all to survive it. if your stuck behind niggers in cities youre toast i promise you you’re not going to be allowed to just show up out west useless if you can even get out of the cities. whats needed is ways to thwart their tech which is darpa grade, if youre so special you think war doesnt apply to you then i assume you can build drone swarms tap into fiber optic trunks and keep the net open etc otherwise cowboy up or die.

    • peppermint says:

      how about paragraph and capitalization savvy?

      Is the war going to be up to us? Doubtful, but we can fight the culture war.

      • colleen ryan says:

        whatever pep you keep correcting punctuation Ill keep developing my defences and offences.
        It doesn’t matter if the war is up to them or other people on the right if you’re caught unprepared you’re caught unprepared. meme wars have some use, mainly in bringing reaL war sooner apart from that not much. the left knows they cant win a real war so are moving to shut down your little interweb

        • jim says:

          War is won not by individual prep, but by coordination and cooperation. And correct punctuation is a big part of coordination and cooperation.

          • colleen ryan says:

            youre wrong as usual not just about punctuation being needed for war but if you have not individually prepared yourself you will have no means of coordinating and cooperating with those of us who have.your statement only makes sense if you’re joining the us army. or is your blog going out over packet radio and i just never found you out there

            • peppermint says:

              if you are not able to put spaces after your periods

              how are you able to keep your weapons and feet in good working order

              put down the joint and mow your lawn


              • Yara says:

                The late great Steve Jobs was so anal he had a dedicated packager design department: https://www.networkworld.com/article/2221536/data-center/inside-apple-s-secret-packaging-room.html

              • colleen ryan says:

                I am unaware of any correlation between weapons maintenance and punctuation I think you’re bluffing. I can tell you not only are my weapons in good condition i have sufficient machinery to build weapons from scrap metal and that machinery is also in good order.further i have my own power sources as i am miles off the grid and the machinery and systems i make power to run machines to manufacture weapons is also in excellent condition. I think its probably a matter of priorities i dont give a shit about spelling punctuation or learning to type I am only doing it to try and help you worthless faggots but its pearls before swine unfortunately i cant even afford as a white man who cares to give up on you idiots though its sorely tempting. so for the last time stfu about the fucking writing and read it or dont ban me or dont but i promise you wqar is coming and you have no idea wtf youre doing and i do

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  The performance of certain behavior doesn’t just condition you to do that particular behavior in that particular context, but to perform with that mode of behavior in *any* context.

                  That’s why boot privates getting smoked for not washing rocks or other ‘useless’ make-work translates to staying cool and doing your job properly under fire (‘if you perform the right rituals, negative consequences who’s sources may be nebulous and uncertain will be prevented’), and also why liars who lie about some things will increasingly lie about everything because they are literally rewiring their brains to become incapable of even thinking more truthful thoughts.

      • Alrenous says:

        My favourite is the periods that don’t have spaces after them.

  6. lalit says:

    “Hat tip a certain reactionary Jew in high places whose name cannot be spoken”

    Wait, What? Is someone in Power talking to you? You mean we might have allies in powerful positions? Dare we believe it?

  7. glosoli says:

    Thing is Jim, the rule of foreigners over us is promised as a curse by God in the Old Testament, as well as many other curses, such as loss of control of our own children (Charlie Gard, Alfie Evans to name bu two well-known cases). We deserve it all, because we were tempted by the evil one, and turned our back on God.

    We’ll only have it all back our way again, blessed nations, when we turn back to God. Will Brits be as stiff-necked as the Israelites, or will we learn and return within a few decades? It’s men that read these kind of blogs that need to find their faith, if they don’t, the horrors will only magnify. God always wins.

    Meanwhile, the senior ‘family’ judge in Britain is advocating the literal end of the family, how very satanic:


    • colleen ryan says:

      jesus fucking cuck christ i hope you’re a troll and not actually that fucking deluded

    • jim says:

      Divine providence, of course, works through cause and effect.

      If we implement the final commandment and the family law of Deuteronomy, as interpreted and applied by the Court of King Solomon in the Book of Proverbs, then that cause have the effect we will have children, our wives and children will obey us, and foreigners will not conquer us, we will conquer foreigners, even if we fail to apply any of the other commandments.

      Of course you might well argue that we are unlikely to be able to implement only those commandments that lead to greatness, without implementing the others as well, but I am a bit dubious as to the correlation. Truth telling was critical to our civilization, and it was not so much a Christian virtue, as an aristocratic virtue.

      • colleen ryan says:

        One cant help but notice Jim its always the old testament you like to quote in support of “christianity” besides this being what christ came to correct and the strictly jewish bit, its also passing strange as you are a disciple of menachem moldberg who claims the problem isnt the jewish problem but the puritan problem and the puritans were all about the old testament. what would moldberg say

        • jim says:

          Jews have been pretty good at survival. Need to notice that, ask why, and revive what made them good. Certain Christians, however, did science, technology, industry, and world conquest, which Jews and Muslims did not do. Need to notice that, ask why, and revive what made them good.

          Steal from the best.

          • colleen ryan says:

            Jew have a very good strategy they dont waste energy building nations dispense with all the drudge work of building and defending instead target well built nations and once inside ignore all the drudge work and target the levers of power if denied these at first target levers of wealth, whether the alcohol business in pre revolutionary russia money lending whatever work your selves into power through wealth.Play uriah heep ever so umble at first.then find ways to divide and conquer your hosts.

            muslims certainly did do conquest practically conquered the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_To-cV94Bo

            whites have the opposite strategy they explore study and find ways to copy what works in other nations and improve upon them.They do this within the safe spaces of white military regimes. success in these studies and military expansions makes us targets of parasites fat and lazy and we let in niggers and jews this destroys us because we are idea people not blood and soil people to great extent and have idea religion which is the most insnanely cucked theology even imaginable its literally the fuck me religion its actually impossible to invent a more cucked theology we have spent two thousand years perfecting its cuck weapons. leftists dispensing with it is a great favor.it has generated the cuck philosophy enlightenment again a people couldn’t actually invent a more cucked philosophy its secular christianity.

            we are confused because we still have some tribalism and so have some desire to protect what is our culture and christian enlightenment has been ours and has been an advantage until recently. this is because its cucking accrued benefits to fellow whites and to the extent it kept us somewhat open to non whites it was within a frame of still emerging from normal human tribalism in a non technologically connected world of modern transport and communications.In the new reality christian enlightenment is pure unadulterated poison and jews particularly adept at exploiting it but even niggers know how to use it against us.
            there is only one response that will work blood and soil whites still have enough normal human tribalism and animal will to live in them to be triggered into responding tribally in fact the left uses this not christian enlightenment to pwn whites. christian enlightenment should not be hard attacked to the general public but critiqued to demonstrate the inherent self destructiveness, and let the cucks decide if they will attempt an inconsistent christian enlightenment or dispense with it entirely on individual basis.
            empire is always our trap if we need land we must kill every last nigger on the land never rule niggers enslave niggers the basis for our nations and philosophies must always be explicitly white people or a more granular white people like Basque or Icelandik.

  8. colleen ryan says:

    LOLOLOL This is great more please, because until white men start killing jews niggers muslims and spics instead of wasting time on worthless shit like larping monarchy because some kike flattered them this will continue until we are all dead.

  9. Jehu says:

    Yes. Lots of churches and pastors hold their tongues because of fear of losing 503c status (something that’s conveniently not enforced against leftist churches). But ideally you destroy nonprofit status for everyone, not just churches.

    • colleen ryan says:

      Yeah Im sure thats why the christ cucks keep their own council its the 503c

      • Jehu says:

        Higher ups in pretty much all denominations are cucks. The nature of status climbing likely guarantees that. But a lot of pastors of smaller churches are not. They’re in the position that if they speak out and draw the eye of Soros, all of the sudden they will lose the fact that donations and tithes are tax deductible. Were effectively no such contributions tax deductible they’d have a stronger hand (although perhaps a bit less cash).

        • colleen ryan says:

          First of all christianity is by definition cuckism so pastors are the least likely and lowest status elites to hope for anything from. That said soros could give a shit about your local snake handling baptist minister.If they actually wanted to start a civil war they could easily say all sorts of things that conveyed their moral imprimatur without actually saying anything overtly political, in fact christianity being the religion of slave morality cuckism is actually weaponized for insurrection. the reason why dont is because they are cuck faggots following a cuck theology. what part of christianfuckin inaity dont you get its a theology of there is no reality reality is an illusion and everyone is more important than you if they make you suck their dicks offer them your ass.

          • Jehu says:

            Christians are the least cucked segment of American society. Pretty much every group in the US has its interests screwed over by its elites.
            If you want a return to relative sanity that’s the group you need to court and convince its ok to be ‘vulgar’ and openly advocate its own interests.

            • colleen ryan says:

              Yeah that’s the GOP strategy. I get it thing is its only half at best of the christians and its despite not because of the christianity that they not totally cucked.To remind them of what their pal jesus would do is to remind them they have sworn their highest allegiance to cuckery.This is not debatable christianity may indeed have served us (before protestantism) but that was in an entirely different era when essentially the christian cuckery accrued to fellow europeans, fellow euros are no longer the ‘least of us’ The actual theology of christianity is the most insanely cucked ideology humans have ever invented.If you want to appeal to uncucked americans that you think happen to be christian I know them well both the urban catholic variety and the rural snake handler types trust me the last thing you want to remind them of is what that cuck christ taught. trigger their patriotism, dog whistle race. and anti muslim terrorists,rah rah the evil left and muh constitution but dont fucking remind them of their hippie leader.

              • Jehu says:

                The GOP strategy is to lose slowly but never openly advocate for the group interests of its base. Trump is ‘vulgar’ because he does precisely that (advocate for the interests of non-elite white people). Notice who supports Trump in droves—hint its not pagans or Odinists or Wiccans or Atheists.

                • colleen ryan says:

                  Like I said despite not because of christianity i have tried very carefully to race pill christians both in NYC and rural idaho trust me this doesnt work, and BTW Trumps not the guy hes cucked like a lot of low church christ cucks hes just too stupid to understand the internal inconsistencies between the theologies hes absorbed and thinks he owes allegiance and his gut tribal instincts. if its pointed out clearly he will cuk and so will they at least most of them niggers are their brothers in christ do you even know what christianity is about.
                  The people youre thinking of are just the people that were to far out in the stick or too stupid to think deeply about the moral implications of muh enlightenment /christianity so only see them as schelling points of their tribe. what motivates then is shit like stopping them from riding ATVs in the national forest cause it disturbs the endangered G-bears and wolves,the sneering and faggotry etc all low brow tribal things, their christianity is incidental they were just to remote and stupid to get the memo so are still low church, the problem is they take church seriously and if you really start getting into it what christ says is only the cuckiest get into heaven.you can dog whistle libs hate christians but anything deeper than that is dangerous they cant be racist its against gods law.and god forbid you tell them youre a NRx and dont believe in freedom and intend to restore a monarchy

          • peppermint says:

            Some people, like Elon Musk and Adolf Hitler, try to use the word socialism to mean non-induhvidualism.

            Some people use the word Christianity to mean non-induhvidualism.

            The default for both words is induhvidualistic.

            Anyone whose whole experience of Christianity is 20c, or 19c and 20c America, must conclude that Christianity is inherently induhvidualistic. Christianity is explicitly compatible with monarchy through the political property grant > render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Up with Aquinas and Milton, down with Calvin, down with Dante, down with Augustine and Plato.

            • colleen ryan says:

              First off monarchy is a non starter the jew was just flattering you youre not really ever going to be aristocracy thats a larp a non white larp whites are only monarchists for short periods after crashes. that’s not to say individualism isn’t a problem it is its just some HBD shit we have to get realistic about.
              second of all I know of quite a few kings that were crowned or anointed by priests but i dont know of any priests or popes ordained by kings my suggestion is get rid of the priests and the kingsand face reality.

              • peppermint says:

                > First off, monarchy is a non starter, the jew was just flattering you, you’re not really ever going to be aristocracy, thats a larp – a non white larp – whites are only monarchists for short periods after crashes.

                Rudolf von Habsburg to Franz Joseph I, most of the history of England and Ireland

                >That’s not to say individualism isn’t a problem – it is – it’s just some HBD shit we have to get realistic about.

                The Hajnal hypothesis doesn’t explain Sweden or the differences between Germany, Austria and Poland.

                > Second of all, I know of quite a few kings that were crowned or anointed by priests, but I dont know of any priests or popes ordained by kings. My suggestion is get rid of the priests and the kings and face reality.

                Cuius regio, eius religio was the policy from Westphalia until the present day.

                • peppermint says:

                  ps. of course I’m not going to be an aristocrat. I want the privileges monarchy grants to the proles, such as freedom of speech.

                  My point in bringing up monarchy is to deny that Christianity requires democracy or the proposition that all men are created equal.

                • colleen ryan says:

                  And my purpose of negging monarchy is not that im a fanboy of democracy however I am a fan of HBD and whether its a difficulty or not It seems obvious white traits include a predisposition to less authoritarianism.

                  I also am irked at moldbergs larp being taken so seriously for several reasons. A few of which are he contradicts himself by also claiming that democracy is a sham and the real powers are actually in control, which is true but brings up two points. first it may be a sham but its a brilliant solution to the problem of white low authoritarianism and high individualism so leave sleeping voters lay. and secondly his acolytes have taken this anti demotism to mean that the problem is the damn proles voting, but we all know full well the damn proles keep voting for less leftism to the point that after 50 years and and an increase to now 40% non white ringers they still can barely muster 50% of the vote and resort instead to jew lawsuits and intimidation etc. So demotism isnt the problem nigger voters are the surface problem.

                  Further moldbergs acolytes correctly interpret the rebes solution to the non problem of demotism to be a pseudo monarchy of patchlords. On one hand this is a scifi larp that isnt ever going to formalized and on the other hand its the solution rather its problem we are trying to solve to wit techno capitalist jew patchlords ruling over us and staying over us by corporatism, who is a technocap patchlord if not zuck and serge and co. i don’t want more of that i want less of that.

                  The real problem is at the other end of the spectrum, not proles, but elites. Elites once had duties that went with privilege paternalism etc

                  Hierarchy is a necessity and ironically whites do it best while still being low authoritarianists Meritocracy was the solution we found to replace aristocracy but with both there was a duty to not abuse ones position of authority you were rewarded well in status and wealth you were expected to not steal or defect from the people or nation this eventually failed because we succumbed to another white trait idealism. we are the people of the idea over the blood soil. there were advantages to this before we were exposed to many non whites. Now idealism can be pwnd into race traitorism. The answer, the only answer is a new ideal and one that can not be trumped. religion is not that ideal especially the cuckstain. Religion can be trumped, we are not, no animal particularly human animal, can be completely blood and soil less. We are just stronger than average on idealism and weaker than average blood and soilists the only ideal that can not be trumped is blood and soil because its both an ideal and something much deeper an instinct, the deepest thing there is, the actual first line of the source code of all life. The way to prevent elites from defecting again is to make you nations blood and soil also its ideal. make all, capitalism law myth etc subservient to blood and soil. This seems radical today but was simply a given even in my boomer lifetime and is of course how the rest of the races see things. To get to to a place a reconstitution can happen will only be by war. It needn’t be a blood and soil war, any and all issues to get the war started will be fine in fact blood and soil may be counter cuvk productive in the start of the war make it about some cuck ideal to not trigger the cucks, whatever just get the war going. However once a war is going it will turn blood and soil

                • jim says:

                  > It seems obvious white traits include a predisposition to less authoritarianism.

                  Not obvious to me. We are in one of those historically brief periods where one system of monarchy collapses, and another is about to appear.

                  If you want to know what white traits are, read older books.

                  Progs think our current order is natural and will endure because science and technology. Nazis think our current order is natural and will endure because white. Neither is true.

                • peppermint says:

                  The alt-right is well beyond taking issue with proles voting with the implication that their votes are being used carefully in their interest.

                  That democracy means rule by communists, professors and jews is well established, the means is in every case through bourgeois elements Vox Day calls gamma males who virtue signal their adherence to the priorities of the elite, be that elite communists, professors, or jews.

                • jim says:

                  > Cuius regio, eius religio was the policy from Westphalia until the present day.

                  See also the Chrismation of Solomon

              • jim says:

                Throne and Altar monarchy has been the norm throughout most of white history. Republics self destruct after a relatively short time and the normal Gnon ordained order is restored sooner or late – frequently sooner.

                We are now back to the situation where a small number of highly trained well equipped warriors can subdue a horde of conscripts, and the natural outcome of this is some mixture of feudalism, monarchy, and aristocracy.

                Sooner or later, violent men are going to seize power, money, and women, and the Dark Enlightenment program is to tell them they need a priesthood, and we are available.

                • Bob says:

                  Jim, you owe me nothing.
                  If you have the time, could you direct us to resources to learn about state religion and Euro history? The libraries around me are thoroughly progressive, as are the historians and religionists around here.
                  I’m under the impression that you’re half telling us what was written and known 200 years ago and half reinforcing it with lessons gleaned from modernity.

                • jim says:

                  That is true, and hard to give a reading list. I have failed to keep track of particular evidence for particular claims, and a lot of it is the general atmosphere.

                  Old books are embedded in their times, and as a fish does not see water, the author cannot see his times, thus everything important that one reads about the past, one reads between the lines.

                  Thus, for example, in the book of homilies, the preacher urges the husband not to leave stripes on his wife, (not to beat so hard with a stick or belt as to leave lasting marks), in a manner that implies that this is common, unremarkable, and without major legal or social consequences.

                  In the early romances, we see that weddings, weddings between wealthy and important people, are small, swift and informal, typically consisting of the bride, the father of the bride, the groom, and the cleric – which implies a secure property right in women, in that the ceremony resembles a modern house sale, not a modern wedding.

                  Because fish cannot see water, everything that is important and interesting is implied, not stated. You will not find an old book that says “In our times things were X, Y, and Z”, because of course everyone knows X, Y, and Z without thinking about it or saying it.

                  On marriage and the family, Book of Common Prayer and Book of Homilies, Charles Darwin considering marriage, and, of course, the romances, from Shakespeare to Gilbert and Sullivan. The taming of the Shrew is a parody of game and shit testing, The Mikado a parody on the practice of marrying wards at a very young age. You have to think “Why are these jokes funny?”

                  On the American Revolution Moldbug has a reading list

                  On colonialism the beginning of the age of the west losing at warfare, The Bow of Ulysses, Munshi Abdullah and the British defeat in Afghanistan, 1842 issue of North American Review, which quotes extensively from contemporary primary sources.

                  But it is not so much these particular sources, as the general atmosphere that seeps in.

                • Bob says:

                  Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for.

                  Those womyn english profs must hate your guts.

              • Steve Johnson says:

                >second of all I know of quite a few kings that were crowned or anointed by priests but i dont know of any priests or popes ordained by kings


                • jim says:

                  > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Investiture_Controversy

                  The Church went mad when the Holy Roman Emperor lost the power to appoint the pope, and the nobility lost the power to appoint bishops. That is when we got priestly celibacy, female consent to marriage, and romance.

                  Most romance story lines should be more illegal than child porn, and female consent should only be required for women reasonably believed to be virginal and virtuous. Bishops should normally and normatively be married and the head of a successful patriarchal family at the time that they are made bishop.

                  1 Timothy 3

                  1. A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;
                  2. Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;
                  3. One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;
                  4. (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)
  10. Honest Abe says:

    Welcome to the current year.


  11. Doug Smythe says:

    One idea I had for getting access to upper-class privilege. Show up at a job interview wearing a turban or fez or some other kind of rag the Mohammedans wear. HR will just assume you’re a Mohammedan and won’t dare ask. It’s like having a forged patent of nobility.

    • Stephen W says:

      That is cultural appropriation modern politics leaves nowhere for a white man and increasingly white women and children to hide.

  12. Bob says:

    And that’s how the genocide functions. Elegant, because it works and it doesn’t look like genocide.

    Can we replicate the no go zones the muslims have? How do they accomplish it? Are they all tight-lipped when the cops come investigating and have his tires slashed when he’s not looking? Do they meet any cop with crowds of cold-eyed stone-faces, necessitating back-up for any and every call? Or do they mostly have the blessing of tptb and funding from some fanatical sheikh?

    Can we buy out entire streets for our kids and nephews, policing ourselves, closing ranks if any of our own is chased by the law? Or does that only work in the Appalachians?

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      “Can we replicate the no go zones the muslims have?”

      No. Low crime rates will get the authorities to investigate.

      “Can we buy out entire streets for our kids and nephews, policing ourselves, closing ranks if any of our own is chased by the law?”

      Then the media calls you a cult, the government brings in the big guns and you end up being slaughtered.

      • Bob says:

        “Then the media calls you a cult, the government brings in the big guns and you end up being slaughtered.”

        Live free or die.

      • Jehu says:

        If you go that route it is basically civil war. If you want to win without control of the institutions, you essentially have to burn all of them down. Modern societies are very vulnerable. Yes, a modern military can win any set piece engagement, but it can’t defend the foundations of life (e.g. power grids, water supplies, highways, etc). Such a conflict would probably wind up killing at least 100M in just the ConUS, and it is unlikely to be triggered by the cooler heads on either side.

        • Bob says:

          I like civil war as much as the next guy, and yeah, you make a good point about an exclusive territory to call our own.

          I wonder if we can co-op some of the institutions (or part of the institutions), the way the Jews have. Until recently, the mormons had their own, huge universities pumping out intelligent, baby-making whites. If they had been more ruthless with enforcing the rules they enforced in the 90s, they wouldn’t be recreating the women’s studies major they’d killed a while ago.

          We just need some donors, a way to screen the sjws, and an excuse not to hire women. Also group cohesion among whites. Ok, you’re right, not gonna happen anytime soon.

          • Jehu says:

            A big part of how alternative institutions are intimidated into submission is threatening their nonprofit/charitable status. The increase in the standard deduction in the latest round of tax cuts will reduce very substantially the number of itemizers.
            For a non-itemizer, a contribution to a charitable foundation is exactly the same as a contribution to your favorite restaurant for tax purposes—ie it doesn’t matter. Further shrink the pool of itemizers (or eliminate the charitable deduction entirely, hey I can dream), and the main lever against organizations that say to SJWs and liberals, you are NOT welcome and will be ejected immediately on discovery is destroyed.

            • Bob says:

              So if we, say, removed the nonprofit status of any and all churches, it might help them fight the sjw infiltrating hordes?

      • Doug Smythe says:

        “Can we replicate the no go zones the muslims have?”

        Not if you’re White, hetero, and Christian you can’t. Rank has privileges.

    • pdimov says:

      Blessing of TPTB.

    • peppermint says:

      Can you make Whites reject police as the enemies of our people? Maybe. Young people fear and hate cops a lot more than old people.

      • colleen ryan says:

        as despicable as the cops are they are no worse than the rest of us, until we are in civil war its no use alienating cops for not throwing the first bombs. If anyone ought to get the most blame its those that see it clearest which would be us.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      Yes, destroy unattended government vehicles so they have to take extra personnel on calls. Throw rocks at ambulances and fire trucks. Lure police cars into ambushes, like dropping bricks or manhole covers from an overpass. Be willing and ready to riot if they respond in force.

      Discourage civilians and media from entering the area. Start a fight, push them around, etc. Create some confusion and smash cameras, rough up the pretty reporter. Smash up government facilities in the area at night and cover them with graffiti. Put up flyers with ‘sharia law in effect’ or the equivalent, and start enforcing a parallel society. Make intruders conform to your norms if they show up.

      In the beginning, you also need to drive out the original inhabitants in case they don’t get it. Left as an exercise for the reader.

      Finally you should also have various media darlings who can put the proper spin on what happens and some political organizations funded sufficiently well to fight the fight on a higher level. Don’t forget to complain bitterly about how unfair it is that you have to live in a run-down ghetto.

      • pdimov says:

        Only works if power is on your side, and has been for decades. Otherwise natives just run you over.

      • Anonymous 2 says:

        For instance, we have a currently ongoing example. A low-life criminal with an outstanding arrest warrant is stopped in his car, decides to make a run for it, and gets shot.

        Here is how you respond: Riots by youths follows, “clashes with authorities”, burning cars, burning a shopping centre, etc.

        Meanwhile their media reps of course manage to add “French police have often been accused of using excessive force in poorer areas, especially against people from ethnic minorities. The 2016 death of a young black man, Adama Traoré, near Paris, is still being investigated.”

        And of course “Johanna Rolland, the mayor of Nantes, … sent her condolences to the dead man’s family.” (Just please calm down please, I can’t take this anymore.)


        • Anonymous 2 says:

          PS. I should add that the article also mentions previous examples of the same. So be ready to riot hard when your scum gets killed for any reason.

    • colleen ryan says:

      In the 70s in the IRA w they used electronic surveillance on the police and intelligence IRA knew what they were doing going to do where they were who they talked to. Like the niggers in SA they dealt with the traitors defectors kill the chicken scare the monkey snitches get stitches make whites more afraid of you than the cops at the same time provide faster better justice

  13. Rule Britannia says:

    It is always a temptation to an armed and agile nation
    To call upon a neighbour and to say: —
    “We invaded you last night–we are quite prepared to fight,
    Unless you pay us cash to go away.”

    And that is called asking for Dane-geld,
    And the people who ask it explain
    That you’ve only to pay ’em the Dane-geld
    And then you’ll get rid of the Dane!

    It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,
    To puff and look important and to say: —
    “Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.
    We will therefore pay you cash to go away.”

    And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
    But we’ve proved it again and again,
    That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
    You never get rid of the Dane.

    It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,
    For fear they should succumb and go astray;
    So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
    You will find it better policy to say: —

    “We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
    No matter how trifling the cost;
    For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
    And the nation that pays it is lost!”

    “Rule Britannia,” sang the crossdresser.

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