Andreas Lubitz mass murder explained

Andreas Lubitz murdered one hundred and fifty innocent people by locking the pilot out of the cabin and deliberately flying the plane into a mountain.

Roissy explains it all

Lubitz was a nice guy, so naturally his girlfriend left him. So he converts to Islam and flies the plane into a mountain to get his six pack of virgins in the afterlife.

This is part of the collateral damage we suffer by allowing women moment to moment sexual choice, and part of the collateral damage we suffer by allowing Islam.

Moment to moment female sexual choice needs to be forbidden, and Islam needs to be forbidden outside of Dar al Islam.

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  1. […] a statement by “Jim” tells me that I had best address this whole Patriarchy vs. Female Feral Behavior thing […]

  2. Northy says:

    Unmitigated freedumb (especially of women) is going to be the death of us, and by extension, what is left of our civilization.

    Mr. Lubitz would have, in all likelihood, been a normal, productive German with a family in a sane time. His life would have had structure, purpose and meaning.

    This is sort of like the Charlie Hebdo incident. Just like the muslim shooters, the cartoonists and the insufferable “muh freedumbs” candle light vigil/twitter retards, there is no one in this incident who comes out smelling of roses.

  3. B says:

    Roissy is always willing to explain it all, and if you don’t mind that the explanations are bullshit, he’s great.

    Meanwhile, in reality-world, the poor bastard seems to have had mental issues and been on meds associated with mass murderers. And possibly have been going blind, meaning the one cool thing in his life, flying, would have gone away.

    Feel free, though, to exploit the tragedy to support your agenda. What else? Maybe he didn’t have enough women left over for him, just like the other 16/17 men?

    • Dave says:

      The sad thing is, retinal detachment can be stopped but not reversed, so prompt treatment is essential. Despite having excellent health insurance, many pilots avoid doctors for fear of losing their medical clearance.

    • B says:

      Apparently, he had a girlfriend and a mistress, however that works.

      Jim, please feel free to explain that this was all the fault of female hypergamy and the leftward spiral of holiness. Maybe he was afraid of false rape charges. Err..the cathedral?

      • B says:

        Incidentally, Razib Khan is also apparently an idiot like Cochran and myself and interprets the 1 in 17 thing as a result of low level sustained pressure instead of one man out of 17 getting to reproduce. So on one side we have Jim and Slate, on the other, Cochran and Khan. Hmm…

      • jim says:

        Every time I recommend bringing women under control, I state that the reason is that men need wives and children to connect them to society, that without wives, males are hostile, alienated, and disinclined to fight or work for their society.

  4. Just sayin' says:

    “Blogs and social media has been abuzz with talk of a supposed “German news report” indicating that Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of Germanwings flight 9525, was a Muslim convert.

    In fact, there is no such report. The rumor that Lubitz converted to Islam got started on the German site Politically Incorrect. In the American blogosphere, Politically Incorrect is being cited as a “German news website.” It is not a news site, however, but rather is an overtly anti-Islamic blog/forum. The confusion apparently arose from the site’s url:”

    It’s just beta rage, no Islam needed.

    P.S. deport all muslims

    • jim says:

      Yes, even though Islam has nothing to do with this incident, contrary to what I claimed, Christianity is already second class to Islam, which can only be fixed by giving Muslims the option of disowning the prophet, or getting out.

      What progressives want is that all religions except their own are equal, and equally insignificant, but they are not getting that, and they are not going to get it.

      • Just sayin' says:

        Why give them the option of the disowning the prophet?

        They practice taqiyya after all.

        Just deport them.

        • Recusancy says:

          Not very practical.

          You can easily deport the underclass, but lots of Muslims are not part of the underclass. It’s a little like deporting everybody with green eyes.

          • A.B Prosper says:

            Deport everyone who isn’t White from Europe is possible, we are just afraid to do it. I grant you it will take a few decades but cut off welfare to non Whites , food and water no on White areas and arrest anyone White who a public Muslim and it will self solve.

            The US will have a slightly harder time of it though, figure we have Muslims (easily solved) Asians (not sure who should stay or go, most are fine) Hispanics (some of whom are great Americans) and others.

            We’d have to seal the border to start and slowly but surely repatriate a lot pf people. Even without Anti-White leftist quislings it won’t be terribly easy though. Our best solution is English proficiency and I’m sure Jim will chuckle at my agreeing with him elimination of welfare after 2 or 3 years

            This will effects poor white trash too, about half of people on food aid and other things are White and it might cause a fairly massive civil war.

            You’d just have a to accept rather heavy causalities and possible collapse and rebuild scenarios as possible outcome and go from there

          • peppermint says:

            it’s even easier than that. No formal deportations necessary. Just end affirmative action, welfare, and allow freedom of association. If they want to stick around in a White country and serve us, fine. Otherwise, they’ll probably get the next plane outbound to a country where they feel more at home.

          • A.B Prosper says:

            Nice to basically agree for once though I don’t know if it your plan would work peppermint. Its not a bad plan on its face and really my only concern with it is the notion that we really don’t need servants, domesticas or houseboys of any kind.

            as the old saying goes “Mow you own damned lawn”

            Things are quite lousy back home for a lot of the foreigners and they’d work hard just to stay, its a fiscal good deal for us if we can miscegenation in check but we have a lot of our own trash that need jobs, Black and White and other I’d rather dry up the supply of Mexicans and employ people already here.

            Also the US has had widespread hunger before in the 30’s. That brought us Roosevelt and I do not want to repeat that, We really need stable work for men to well keep society stable.

            We could write off the 25 million + plus Black and White people on aid I suppose and its not so much they are a threat but they can be used to swing elections or even weaponized by some ambitious party and anyone who has missed a meal or three , suffice it to say won’t be loyal to the new regime. The new much weaker regime. Loyalty isn’t despite what monarchists and Right Wingers think an entitlement, it needs to be earned.

          • Corvinus says:

            “Deport everyone who isn’t White from Europe is possible, we are just afraid to do it.”

            Fascism is not in vogue. You idea is a pipe dream.

            • jim says:

              Preference falsification. Vogues are subject to remarkably sudden change. If everyone radically changed their views during the French Revolution, and radically changed their views in the recent couple of decades, they can change their views back.

  5. Wyrd says:

    But, but, but Christianity is stupid and gay…and gay and stupid! Don’t read the Bible because that would be stupid and gay!

  6. Seamus says:

    The violent outcomes of female hypergamy was explained on sluthate/puahate over the course of the past few years.

    Roissy better not be taking credit for discovering incelrage spree killing,

    Hall of fame here.

    This guy pattern looks very Similar to George Sodinis.

    If he had a GF or not for a time is irrelevant, the outcome was the same.

    • fnd says:

      Roissy explained other incel rage episodes. Regardless of who come first with the explanation, the meeja can’t talk straight about it as always

      • Seamus says:

        Thread here, good for lols:

        Heres one choice quote:

        ‘Why go out with a whimper when you can go out with a BANG? An incel killing 150+ people will make a lot more of an impact than killing 1 asshole or a few assholes.

        A large percentage of the 150+ people on that plane were sluts and Chads anyway.

        Hopefully all these incel killings get to a point where society will fear autists/incels and give us $2000/month and subsidized prostitution to placate us from killing normalfags.’

  7. RealGarySeven says:

    And the geographic boundaries of Dar al Islam need to be pushed back from Europe and North America to where they traditionally belong…

    • Recusancy says:

      And removed from Africa and most of Asia.

      North Africa was Catholic and Orthodox prior to the Muslim conquest. Half of the Arab world too. Most of these countries still have (heavily persecuted) Christian minorities, the remnant of pre-Islamic days.

      Islam is a virus, not unlike Progressivism, though far less severe.

      Good religions spread primarily by the sexual reproduction of it’s members and (depending on the religion) voluntary conversion.

      Islam spreads by sexual reproduction and holy war. If your neighbor thinks war is a sacrament, it’s best to watch him carefully. And if he shows clear signs that he’s going to kill you, preemptively kill him, or at least prepare to kill him in self-defense.

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