Baking a gay marriage cake

The supreme court has rolled back the decision that forced a particular baker to bake a particular gay marriage cake.

But has done nothing in general about the rules that pressure everyone else to piously give service to gay marriage, that require ever other baker to bake a gay wedding cake.

The reason for undoing that particular decision is that the human rights commission was openly and enthusiastically delighting in mockery and sacrilege and openly expressed the intent to humiliate Christians. The marriage was completely unserious, just a piece of mockery directed at monogamy and Christianity, performed for the purpose of sacrilege.

So, the Supremes left open the possibility of forcing a baker to bake a cake for a serious and sincere gay marriage – if any such are ever found.

Nonetheless, it is an important step, because this decision says that the state cannot openly seek to humiliate Christians and crush Christianity. Furtively seeking to humiliate Christians and crush Christianity, however, is still just fine.

Related to this is the sacrament of abortion “This is my body”. No one is allowed to commit sacrilege against the holy sacrament of abortion. Sacrilege against Christianity however, is just fine. Observe the outrage when Pussy Riot gets imprisoned for busting into a Cathedral and desecrating it and for smashing up an explicitly Christian war material. Democrats are looking for nuclear war with Russia over that issue.

The power of the state is still being applied to make progressives holy, and to desecrate everything that is holy to everyone else, except that they are going easy on Mohammedans in an effort to split conservative Mohammedans from moderate Muslims.

What makes a Mohammedan “moderate”?

Does a “moderate” Mohammedan oppose terror?

Nope, whenever there is a terrorist incident, the press go looking for a “moderate” imam to condemn it, come up empty.

Does a “moderate” Mohammedan oppose the conquest, subjugation and ethnic cleansing of Christians?

Nope, the Cathedral has repeatedly armed and funded groups that ethnically cleanse Christians from the Middle East.

Notice that the Cathedral always uses the phrase Muslim, not Mohammedan. Muslim means, approximately, obedient to God, while Mohammedan means obedient to Mohammed, as Christian means obedient to Christ.

What makes a “moderate” “Muslim” “moderate” is that he supports western education for girls, meaning he supports nine year old girls being taught sodomy and how to put a condom on a banana. He also supports girls being systematically promoted above boys in the education system, and boys being taught by women – that boys grow up in an environment where females are systematically higher status than males in every way at every level.

Observe: Sadat, in obedience to the what the Cathedral ostensibly told him to do, and in disobedience to what they actually meant, in disobedience to the real meaning of their commands, created an education system in which males and females were exactly equal, having exactly the same representation at every level and in every role and also protected Christians and other religious minorities from violence, humiliation, and sacrilege, implementing the pretended ideals of the Cathedral with absolute rigor and precision.

Needless to say the Cathedral set about overthrowing him – sponsoring, funding, and arming moderate Muslims who were openly genocidal against Christians and minorities, but who were fine with nine year old girls putting a condom on a banana.


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  2. John Henry eden says:

    Stop calling it the Cathedral, everyone knows it’s the Synagogue.

    • Alrenous says:

      Begone demotist scum.

    • jim says:

      While Jews are grossly overrepresented in the Cathedral, they are conversos. Observe who was invited, but failed to show up, when the American embassy moved to Jerusalem.

  3. vxcc2014 says:

    We’re probably going to have to fight-if nothing else because the wreckage is so severe it’s already sparking resource conflicts-the main scarce resource being money of any actual value. > see Arab spring.

    We’re probably also going to have to fight because we face an entrenched and powerful highly motivated enemy: consequences especially if and when the dollar and the rest of fiat goes would mean their deaths if they can’t hold onto power. Finally this enemy does not have the grace or courage to go gracefully.

  4. Randy says:

    How about we just throw the entire Abrahamic ball of wax out? Replace with some form of platonism with books from the entire Indo-European religious and philosophic canon? Christians generally are cucked because they realize they lifted their primary text from the Judaic tradition so they submit to the prescribed humiliation, torment, torture, and ultimately genocide by this dark force. The beloved excuse of JudeoChristianity: “Salvation is through the Jews.”

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      Unfortunately there is no superior replacement religion waiting in the wings. It looks like the wining strategy for religions is to destroy any legacy of previous faiths so that they can’t be replaced no matter what.

    • Roberto says:

      Christianity (including heretical sectes like the Mormons) and Islam are the only players left in the game. 100 years from now, the West is either Christian or Islamic, or perhaps both. Everything else is a distraction and a waste of time. Paganism is not happening, and a “new religion” is not happening.

      Only 2 horses in this race.

    • peppermint says:

      Plato was a childless faggot. Christianity was rebased on Aristotle, but then dualism was reintroduced by faggots at universities. Dualists need swirlies until they admit that they are physically present in the toilet bowl.

      Do you want to respect George Washington, and respect Charles V except that he was too soft on heresy and so forth, do you want to approve or disapprove when ((Jesus)) is insulted? ((Jesus)) is a flawed hero with a flawed cult that nearly destroyed us, but most of the time, attacks on ((Jesus)) are really attacks on us.

      ((Father Abraham)) was a cuck who pimped his own wife. Aryans had a better cosmology than Abrahamism at the time, it’s not hard to notice that Earth is a sphere and the moon is within the sun’s orbit. What else is there to Abrahamism? Abrahamism wasn’t the first monotheism nor was it at first monotheism. ((Jesus)) and his cult adapted the idea of Logos to Abrahamism, and Aryan marriage (two are made one flesh).

      • jim says:

        Cosmology at the time of Abraham?

        Jews had a flat earth at the time of Moses. We know that Aryans had spherical earth several hundred years before the time of Jesus. Not clear that Jews still had a flat earth at the time of Jesus.

        How far back does the spherical earth go? Likely that for Aryans, goes back before recorded history, but Aryan recorded history starts a bit after the time of Moses.


  5. collen ryan says:

    yes the left ignores the rule of law and reason however they pay lip service to it and should be humiliated when they contradict reason and law.

    Its clear that there is no real difference between a moral value derived from a “religion” and one derived from ones reasoning. In fact the courts routinely grant freedom of conscience to leftist morality not grounded in any religion in fact what they have in effect done is establish a state religion.They try and get around this by claiming laws written a long time ago do not mean what they plainly mean but mean the opposite or something in between.By saying only a baker who is a christian of the few denominations that still interpret words written long ago to mean what they say have protection to not bake faggot cakes, is to deny the vast majority of americans the same freedom of conscience simply because it is neither leftist not christian. This is a violation of the equal protection clause but also its a violation of the firsts freedom of conscience right.This idea that if the baker were more of an artist only then were it a violation of his first amendment rights is bullshit. If a christian has a right to believe god hates fags then a atheist has the right to believe jews are evil more so because a religious belief is more often than not not a true belief derived from ones own reasoning but an adopted belief one was raised to believe.Few people are serious christians anymore not one in 100k could actually tell you why they are one denomination over another, but any dissident can tell you why they are a truther etc.what needs legally establishing is that all morality is as the left has taught us a subjective choice and as the left has taught us equally protected in the USA. they cant have it both ways where only their values are seen to be absolute and self evident but everyone elses are suspect. The test must be harm can the faggot go to a faggot baker instead and is that not less onerous than forcing a fag hater to bake a fag love cake. It needs to be established that if we are no longer a nation of christians and british common law we must decide what instead we will be not switch around as it suits the left in any given case are we a nation of mob rule is that the test then lets dispense with judges and just vote every case or law, are we merely an uber enlightenment that recognizes faggots have their own ideas and should be allowed them, then we must also recognize that allowing a faggot to larp a marriage is one thing forcing the citizens to give their imprimatur is quite another. If we can accomodate faggots we can abominate racists.let each person live the life they choose and accept the social and economic consequences.when we began to force restaurants to serve niggers we erred its one thing to say the government must serve all citizens another to say private property owners must.Of course they will not allow this but never the less its important to force them to put their contradictions on paper. why does an atheist baker have to bake a fag cake but an atheist media company not have to employ a patriarchist. why must a catholic hospital supply birth control but a hotel needn’t cater to a NRA convention.

    similarly abortion is another double standard. It actually makes sense that a woman should not be compelled to do something with her body GIVEN THE OTHER STANDARDS WE OPERATE UNDER. But their reasoning is its her body which is intuitive but also technically its for her own good she must act, the legal loophole was that if she claims carry the child to term would harm her she needn’t, the harm devolved from mental severity to merely inconvenience to her plans.This is fine why fight it most people seem to think this is fair because it basically is the same as the my body my choice logic which is intuitive. so what we have is women may choose to abort if its inconvenient or any reason they need not justify or spell out but we get to mean an economic burden and life inconvenience. Their is no reason men can not be granted the exact same choice without interfering at all with the woman’s choice.decades ago i came up with the paper abortion i see now a few others have figured it out so most are familiar with the idea. if women can elect not to have a child so can men , its true this wont help the men who would like to compel the birth of a child they think they fathered but there’s always more women to negotiate with.The brilliance of this is not only does it put a spot light on exactly what it is we are allowing women to do. but it will eliminate a huge tax on men transfer to women. this ought to be ganged with an elimination of welfare for women who choose to have babies they cant afford with no father signed on.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      You can never eliminate double standards. The essence of power is to get your way against opposition and what better example then to be able to do something while punishing everyone else for it?

      • Colleen Pater says:

        i dont give a shit about double standards i give a hit about getting the whip hand out of the lefts hand. many leftists actually think they are for fairness they think they are for laws that get rid of double standards when in fact the opposite show them they are oppressive and dialect them into a fair middle ground of neutrality from there you can put the bitches back in the kitchen and the niggers in the jungle. right now you get sentenced to decades of nigger rape for noticing that the government will pay faggots to bottle crucifixes in urine and make porn collages of the virgin mary smeared in shit, but will give 15 year sentence of niiger rape for hanging a slice of bacon on a mosque doorknob. you may not get them to change laws to neutrality but you can make them admit they are thugs so when war comes and they are gassed they will have nothing to say but oh well you caught me

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          >you may not get them to change laws to neutrality but you can make them admit they are thugs so when war comes and they are gassed they will have nothing to say but oh well you caught me

          Quality meme.

  6. bob k. mando - ( Creepy Joe Biden always asks your baby for consent before he changes her diaper ) says:

    Related to this is the sacrament of abortion “This is my body”.

    curiously, no one ever cares about ‘body rights’ when it comes time to draft a man’s body, enslave him and force him to fight in a war which he disagrees with.

    and even women’s ‘body rights’ are ignored when it comes to most recreational drugs.

    how strange that ‘body rights’ are only ‘respected’ when it provides a pretext to justify the murder of infants.

    • Mister Red says:

      The purpose of abortion is not to prematurely end infants, but to prematurely end fathers.

      • bob k. mando - ( Creepy Joe Biden always asks your baby for consent before he changes her diaper ) says:

        they prematurely end Fathers with No Fault Divorce, an expectation of masculine paid child support and defaulse accusations of Domestic Violence / Child Abuse of which the Husband must prove himself Not Guilty.

        Abortion is to murder the baby.

        because Wammanz are the more sensitive and sympathetic sex.

  7. I think you may be on the wrong scent, Jim. Christianity didn’t invent death, but sacralizes it with last rites and funeral. Christianity didn’t invent birth, but sacralizes it with baptism. Christianity didn’t invent committing to forming a family for having a stable background for raising children, but sacralizes it with marriage.

    Even if no religion ever is invented, people still die, be born and if they have any sense they invent something very much like marriage.

    Neither the death of my father, nor my wedding, nor the birth of my child had any religious ceremonies attached to it, yet I felt these events are naturally sacred, in the sense of important, meaningful, and the emotional rollercoaster I felt is coming from correct thinking. The wedding still strongly felt like what it is, a solemn vow and the creation of a new thing, a new thing that can create life. Naming my child was still somehow naturally ceremonial, because it is naturally an important and meaningful event. Religious sacralization is a way to express these naturally meaningful things. Not the only way. I *get* the missing man formation of military funerals far better than I “get” the psalm-singing and whatnot of religious funerals.

    So it is not about desecrating religious marriage. It is about desecrating the family itself and reproduction.

    Notice how the primary insult they manage to invent for straight people is “breeder”. Isn’t it strange? Are they not grateful to their parents for breeding them? Either they have a death wish or are so self-absorbed they don’t notice anything beyond themselves.

    Combine it with abortion and it becomes clear the whole thing is against the reproduction of human life – the desecration of the creation of human life as a natural sacrament itself, not the religious ceremonies attached.

    Either a death cult or a me-cult.

    • Roberto says:

      In this article by Howard Rachlin and Marvin Frankel — guess which ethnoreligious group they belong to? — it has been inadvertently and unintentionally demonstrated that leftists are mentally-ill nihilists who care about holiness signalling more than about anything else, lacking the most basic instincts that normal humans possess.

      • This is seriously weird because the authors don’t seem otherwise crazy. I quickly looked them up. Rachlin is one of the founders of Behavioral Economics which is a really cool thing, it removes the usual assumption of rational actors from econ and builds models that are closer to how real foolish humans work. Franklin seems more touchy-feely, but what can you expect from a psychotherapist.

        Two guys with probably a better than average insight into the minds of people apparently don’t even notice the most basic thing: that it is precisely this genetic chauvinism that makes us care for our kids and treat them well and if this was done on the average kids would receive far worse care from parents. Indeed, it seems like after a lot of horror stories the next step would be all children raised by the state.

        So I am really dumbfounded. They are not making a career in being a Prog, they have their scientific careers. They are not insane in their own fields. They are not just doing the mandatory minimum signalling but far more. So what is this? It really sounds like Progressivism as a mental virus can cause something like mental illness.

        You hinted at them being Jews. Well they may be in some cultural sense, but their genetics doesn’t look Near Eastern. Franklin looks very Nordic, Rachlin a little more Einsteinian, but pale eyes. My point is that if MacDonald was righ that this shit is genetic, how would that survive that many outmarriages with whites? Ashkenazi IQ could survive simply through assortative mating with unusually smart whites. But the very same assortative mating suggests not only not having ingroup preference genes, but the opposite: in olden times for both a Jew and a Christian to marry they had to have low ingroup preference.

        My guesstimate is that if there is genetics in this, it is the literal opposite of what Kevin McDonald says: these many times outmarried, very white lookings Jews identify as Whites or Generic Westerners, and as Whites or Generic Westerners they actually have very low ingroup preference due to the assortative mating of low ingroup preferring Christians and Jews. (Zionists are a different story of course.) This would explain a lot. You have to have low ingroup preference to entertain the idea of someone else raising your kids. Many of these crazy ideas of them seem to come from a low ingroup preference.

        It is also possible that it is not genetics. Maybe it was something in their upbringing, Jewish or not, to prefer logical consistency over common sense.

        • carlylean restorationist says:

          or they’re lying…..

        • peppermint says:

          >> a psychotherapist and an academic economist
          > not making a career in being a Prog

          > have their scientific careers
          Pewdiepie recently made fun of a scientific study in which scientists showed children images from instagram of famous youtubers eating healthy food or junk food and offered healthy food and junk food to the children which the BBC described as “YouTube stars ‘might encourage kids to eat more calories'”

          > They are not insane in their own fields.
          I’m not insane in deathtoacademicsology, but that scientific discipline doesn’t have sinecures

          > They are not just doing the mandatory minimum signalling but far more
          Ideas get adopted by the academic community for a reason: because they make academics feel good. You heard about this idea for a reason.

          > Ashkenazi IQ could survive simply through assortative mating with unusually smart whites
          Ashkenazi IQ is vastly overestimated for reasons. However, as niggers surprise us with their rap and other monkeyshines, jews surprise us with their pilpul and much greater ability to pretend not to be aware of things.
          Ashkenazi and other jews are a mongrel race and seek the best of Aryans to breed with. They are ugly and have an identity, while Aryans, being beautiful and capable, are convinced by ((fellow Whites)) to lose their identity.
          Try watching literally any jew TV show, from Curb Your Enthusiasm to the old Woody Allen movies. They know they’re ugly and have an identity too.
          Besides the identity, they are, in fact, slimy rude perverts allergic to work, with mischlinge having a smaller percentage of those traits.

        • Steve Johnson says:

          >It is also possible that it is not genetics. Maybe it was something in their upbringing, Jewish or not, to prefer logical consistency over common sense.

          The insight that peppermint has been dishing out here for years is really important here – how mating works for the human subspecies is what determines the behavior.

          Jewish men attract women through performative bullshit that maintains logical consistency. At a guess it’s an indicator of fitness for the role of cheating people in commerce without crossing the line into illegal behavior.

        • Roberto says:

          Kevin MacDonald has succeeded in convincing a whole generation of internet-autists to look no further than the very annoying and very distracting Jewish cape, while the Anglo-American matador has gone completely unscrutinized.

          In the top 5 most important blogs ever, next to Jim and Moldbug, there is the (de-listed by google) website called the “Institute For The Study of Globalization and Covert Politics,” run by the liberal Dutchman Joel van der Reijden. If you want to understand what the Cathedral actually is, you should browse his website; start with this long article and then keep reading.

          I’ll give you an indication of what it is that you’re about to read. Quote:

          “The term WASP when applied to America’s elite is somewhat inadequate. Usually its Anglo-Saxon descent and Protestant values are emphasized, followed by a general description of the historic influence of this group. Whenever the question comes up if this establishment still has great influence today few, if any, scholars come up with clear and definitive answers. Much further than throwing around terms like “Ivy League” and “old boys networks” they usually won’t go. 

          Now, anno 2008, let’s change this and write down a detailed list of characteristics which fully describes the traditional Eastern Establishment (or WASP elite):

          1. It is a social elite centered around a number of universities, a group of banks, insurance companies and law firms, and a group of influential, privately-funded foundations and think tanks. 

          2. It is centered in and around New York, even though at any moment a large portion of this group is active within the government and non-government institutions in Washington. 

          3. There is a close relationship with the British aristocracy and the British royal family via diplomatic officials, individual contacts, and private clubs. 

          4. The dominant religion is Protestant, in particular the Episcopal (Anglican) and Presbyterian churches, which overall have no problem with Darwinism. 

          5. British branches of Freemasonry and Templar orders are still quite popular. 

          6. This is the group behind the globalization process and members are generally great supporters of the United Nations and the sustainable development movement. 

          7. Catholic and especially Zionist interests are not very much appreciated, although diplomatic ties are always maintained.

          The reader has probably heard some of these points before and may or may not agree with them. So how can ISGP prove that this list is correct? To do that we need to begin our discussion of the Pilgrims Society.”

          Go over the site, Dividualist. When you’re done, you’ll realize that the JQ is not nearly as interesting or important as other issues. And yes, the guy is a liberal. A liberal of the kind that vehemently opposes Third World immigration to the West, fully embraces race-realism re: IQ and criminality, is skeptical of Feminism, hates Islam, is very critical of the Rockefellers, Soros, etc., and is a “conspiracy theorist” in that he recognizes CIA’s role in 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, Operation Gladio, etc., while also recognizing that most of the Troof Movement is made of disinfo shills. *That* kind of liberal.

          And yes – I still think that Jewish behavior is annoying, as is evidenced by that article of Rachlin and Frankel. It’s just not the most important issue, and people who think that the JQ is the most important issue (or sole important issue) are not very sharp. If you read MacDonald, you’re familiar with the cape. Read van der Reijden and acquaint yourself with the matador.

          • pdimov says:

            Interesting, thanks for the link.

          • Yara says:

            So hang on a minute. Let me get this straight. The evil Rockefeller-Carnegie WASP Ivy League capital-e Establishment has ruled America with an iron fist since its ascent to power in the late 19th century up until the present day, and in its dastardly might has prevailed against all the benevolent forces arrayed for what is Good, Holy, and Democratic, e.g. FDR, JFK, and the Catholic-Jewish Supreme Court.

            That’s why no one wears suits anymore.

            That’s why the ruling elite hate Christians with the force of a thousand suns.

            And that’s why the Ivies went from this to this.

          • Yara says:


            8:38 Cynthia Tucker: “I would like to think I’ve done much the same thing, though I could not have put it so eloquently. I think we’ve arrived at a moment when, as much as anything, the public needs the reassurance of commentary based on facts, not stereotypes, on evidence, not emotion, on empiricism, not biases. The recent election (2012) has been another powerful affirmation of a trend long underway: the browning of America and the increasing political power and social significance of darker-skinned Americans.”

            20:34 David Brooks: “Thank you. It’s naturally an honor and a privilege and humbling to be here.”

            20:58 “Let me say first of all it’s a thrill to be back in Massachusetts. I have a rule with my punditry, I’ll be interlocutor with any liberal commentator as long as they’re Catholics from Boston.”

            24:22 “The big takeaway from the election was that is marks a social transition. There are certain elections that are about social and historical transitions…The 2012 election was a shift from one demographic picture of America to another. And the first thing to be emphasize is that this shift is not daring and radical and new. Every company — almost — and every institution — almost — has gone from the shift from a white-dominated America to a globalized, diverse America.”

            25:15 “The lagging indicator was government, and the especial lagging indicator was the Republican Party. Harvard made this shift in 1952. In 1952, this institution was a white male institution. Two-thirds of the students who applied were admitted; if your father went to Harvard and you applied, there was a 90% chance you would get in; the median SAT score for freshman in 1952 was 583, which is fine, but not where it is today.”

            25:50 “And it was the embodiment of the WASP culture…now, because I’m a conservative, I have some affection for that culture. I came from a Jewish background in New York where our phrase was, ‘Think Yiddish act British.’…the WASPs — and I grew up with them on the main line of Philadelphia — had a libido for the ugly, and so the men would wear these duck pants, the women these floral gowns so they look like hydrangea bushes walking down the street…”

            27:04 “But that was one culture, and in early 1950s, James Bryan Conant and the admissions directory Henry Chauncy decided, “this can’t be Harvard’s future,”…you have to change what Harvard is. And so they, in the 1950s, went through the transition that the Republican Party still hasn’t gone through. And they become more diverse increasingly as the years went by, more modern, while still remaining Harvard, in fact remaining more Harvard maybe than they were. And so they preserved the essence of this place by transitioning.”

          • At first look the site gives me the Alex Jones vibe. I mean, psychedelics? Who gives a shit about that and why should? Opus Dei? AFAIK they are mostly the good guys. They worked with Franco.

            When someone talks about one conspiracy, I pay attention, but when someone talks about far too many conspiracies, that sounds nuts.

            There are real conspiracies, and usually inside the Cathedral, but the Cathedral is in itself something worse and more effective than a conspiracy. A conspiracy can be stopped by neutralize its leaders. The Cathedral is more like a mechanism similar to the market, evolution, fashion, democracy, working by competition and selection. Neutralize the leaders and it selects others. Other mechanisms I mentioned above work by competing for profit-maximization, reproductionary fitness-maximization, wealth-signalling and vote-maximization. The Cathedral mechanism works with information, hence the media and education focus. It evolves memetic virii whose fitness function is getting power to people it infects. Or some of the people.

            For example it evolves wrong theories of crime, which result in iatrogenic interventions (making it worse), which results in more power and money for both the people who administer those interventions. But a side mutation also allows other measures that let them control political dissidents.

            BTW I am personally neutral on MacDonald. I like it that he is the first antisemite I saw who isn’t stupid about it. For some reason antisemitism tends to make otherwise smart people talk stupid about it. Take Carl Schmitt. A genius level legal philosopher. But everything he said in favor of antisemitism was kindergarten level without any insight. So Macdonald can at least argue with Cofan at UNZ in an interesting way and I like that. The reason I seriously doubt his stuff is that the most liberal jews tend to be the whitest looking ones, and all that outmarriage in their past cannot possibly select for ingroup preference, in fact the opposite.

            Anyway. ISGP sounds too much like everything-is-a-conspiracy and no undestanding of selective mechanisms.

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          Heebs tend to shack with the most heeb-like subsets of whatever host population they’re infecting.

        • Greg says:

          > their genetics doesn’t look Near Eastern

          Really now? This Ashkenazi genetics stuff was hot news on lots of blogs not that long ago, e.g. Cochran’s. Do you willfully keep yourself in a bubble for fear of finding anything that would make it hard for yourself to remain fashionably philosemitc?

          Ashkenazim are hybrids, with estimates of Euro fraction ranging anywhere from 50% up to a whopping two thirds European, and they were founded that way. Their gene pool has always contained plenty copies of every gene required to look convincingly “white”. To whiten over time, they therefore only needed selection for a more host-like look, not any infusion of even more Euro genes.

          • Keeping myself in a bubble is a strange way of putting it. I don’t obssessively follow 50 blogs. 4-5 max. HBD ones rarely as they tend to be overly technical. I checked West Hunter now and don’t seem to be able to find it.

    • peppermint says:

      “Breeder” is a virtue signally insult in a ZPG world. ZPG hasn’t been a progress since mass immigration started.

      • jim says:

        They openly want us extinct, as whites are supposedly the cause of all bad things in the world, such as black people shooting black people.

        • Yara says:

          Well, it’s true. It is whites’ fault that blacks are shooting other blacks.

          Without whites, blacks would have no guns which to shoot.

          Every black shooting another black should have been shot by a white first.

          Everything that happens to one’s subjects one is ultimately responsible for, and reasons don’t matter.

          Take your pick.

    • glosoli says:

      >’Even if no religion ever is invented, people still die, be born and if they have any sense they invent something very much like marriage.’

      Are you aware that many nations and religions actually sacrificed their children and others to their Gods?

      You have way too high an opinion of mankind. We’re evil and stupid, and we’ll chase the latest nonsense if it seems cool, and if we have to burn our babies alive for the greater good, it’s cool, we can have another baby!

      Only Christianity stems the tide of evil.
      God knows our nature, and he knows how to save us from it.

      >’Combine it with abortion and it becomes clear the whole thing is against the reproduction of human life – the desecration of the creation of human life as a natural sacrament itself, not the religious ceremonies attached.’

      Without Christianity abortion is fine and reproduction is essentially pointless. God told us not to murder, because He created us in His image. He told us to go forth and multiply and fill and subdue the earth, because He wants us to enjoy His creation, and creating life creates more humans in His image. Take God out of that equation, and there’s literally no point in any of it. Meat & bones, shuffling along, doing what we please, to whom we please. God is literally the focal point for all goodness, and everything opposed to that is from the father of lies. I suspect, from your comments, that you are from that father of lies, as you spin the usual subtle modern lie, around ‘nature’, which is nonsense. if we’re just part of nature, we’ll slaughter willy-nilly like all other animals. With no limits. Only God stops us.

      • peppermint says:

        What happened to the Aryan of the latter half of the 20c, Glenfilthie is an example, is the joy of life was sucked out by puritans, so they became cucks and nihilists.

        Until christcucks accept abortion of downies, they will raise downies.

        • Carlylean Restorationist says:

          Downies are fine. They’re a reminder that shit happens and we can turn it into a motive to build good families.

          Where downies become a problem is basically threefold:

          1. Thupport thervithes spring up to use the downies as an excuse to have a well fed, high status life at their expense and ours
          2. Downies are told to have undue expectations and if those expectations aren’t met, racism
          3. Downies are glorified in the culture and we have to start pretending they’re just the same as everyone else

          All the above is the fault of leftists, not downies. There’s no reason we should be anything other than nice to downies, treat them well, reward others for treating them well, ostracise families who buckle in the presence of good support.

          Part of our strength is our ability to be good to people who are weak through no fault of their own.

          • Roberto says:

            Asking non-facetiously: do you think that any kind of mutant, no matter how deformed and wretched, should be birthed?

          • Roberto says:

            Put another way: a man is told by the doctors in no-uncertain-terms that the creature developing in his wife’s womb will have 5 Siamese heads, 8 legs like a Spider-Man, no hands, no genitalia, an IQ of around 40, severe epilepsy, benevolent tumors all over the body that at any moment can become malignant, a plethora of rare diseases that will absolutely drain the family’s bank account, and a life expectancy of 20 years maximum.

            Should a fetus-murder be committed?

            Or is it “thou shall not murder”?

            • glosoli says:

              Every child deserves a shot at life. Many disabled children are clearly very happy and bring joy to their parents.

              Once you start, as with all things evil, the line keeps moving left. Pretty soon, they’ll be aborting your child because you’re a white Christian, hence a mutant.

              • Roberto says:

                Your position about the matter is clear and consistent enough, glosoli. I asked Carlylean Restorationist this question because his pro-downies argument seems to be ‘technical’ in nature; it essentially boils down to “their situation is not too bad.”

                Well, okay – but what about those instances when the situation *is* too bad?

              • peppermint says:

                > Many disabled children are clearly very happy and bring joy to their parents.

                I’d say that too if I wasn’t anonymous

            • jim says:

              Current reality is that that man has no say, and the woman has total say.

              I speak as a man who has been willfully deprived of much wanted children. Defective children are a side issue. Early abortions are a side issue. The majority of abortions are female choice to abort healthy babies at around sixteen weeks or so, at which age it is obviously a baby, obviously human, obviously conscious.

          • Mister Red says:

            “There’s no reason we should be anything other than nice to downies, treat them well, reward others for treating them well, ostracise families who buckle in the presence of good support.”

            How is it, exactly, that you have come to think yourself competent to tell a father how he should and should not plan his parenthood?

          • peppermint says:

            Downies, severe autistics, and niglets are a curse that blights the lives of their families making it harder for the normal children to win the status competition for a good mate. Intentionally giving birth to such creatures is the height of cuckoldry and forcing men to raise them the height of anarchotyranny. Raising another man’s normal child would be less damaging provided no one knows about it.

          • peppermint says:

            > through no fault of their own
            A downie is an egg or a sperm that chose to keep an extra chromosome. The mother usually aborts such abominations but these manage to convince their mother to keep them, to the detriment of all involved, from the woman’s parents who painstakingly raised her to the sister eggs that never develop and the brother and sister sperm that end up eaten by a woman if not bacteria to the general who needs soldiers. Table IV of Roman law is very clear.

  8. Oliver Cromwell says:

    The right loses for lack of ambition, which is a result of lack of understanding of the nature of its enemy.

    If Trump had run on a platform of totally destroying the left, he would have still won. He would not lost votes, as before, for insulting the setup dead Muslim soldier, not for anything substantive.

    The right loses by the ratchet effect because it does nothing with power.

  9. Glenfilthie says:

    It’s a first step in the right direction.

    You are incorrect in your contention that we move ever leftward; the fact is that we most certainly do not. Consider the nature of socialism and communism and its consequences: we could still pretend that socialism could work back in the 50’s when the USSR was a real and present danger with an empire that rivalled and threatened ours. They had moral and intellectual credibility when they began their long march through our institutions.

    50 years later, the wheels have most certainly come off the leftist wagons. The newspapers and mass media are a rancid joke now. They can’t sell a subscription, they can’t control public opinion, they can’t even influence it. Consider the election of Trump, and the continued discussion of the wall on the border despite their efforts to stamp those things out. Not even the liberals take them seriously.

    They took over the schools and promptly started manufacturing leftist morons, sexual degenerates and social justice warriors. It’s so bad that they need cry-closets, safe spaces, and protection from free speech. Jordan Peterson – a bastion of the liberal media/education complex – is in open revolt and demanding accountability for the empty skulls showing up in his classrooms. The universities are now moral and intellectual wastelands and even the lefties can see it. The lefties take over cities – and they fall to ruin like Detroit, New Orleans and DC. They take over states, and they collapse as California is doing now. They take over families – and they implode.

    Want to destroy a company? Put a hairy chested feminist or an affirmative action coloured flunky in charge and they will run it into the ground unless there are white men to keep them from doing it. They are doing it to Facebook as we speak – and Gab is going gangbusters.

    So it goes for everything: every organization the left takes over – they drive into wreckage and ruin. The Democrats have driven off the intelligent white men, and now only harridans, mudflaps, and degenerates will have anything to do with them.

    People are getting sick and tired of queer bullshit. America is going to start swinging right as more and more consequences of leftist ideology manifest themselves. For instance, you can’t sell multicultural immigration when your own kids can’t find jobs. Hell, the left used to own the young voters and now they are alienating them every time they open their mouths. Some of your own more excitable and youthful fanboys are seriously advocating generational genocide because of it. They don’t have the maturity to understand that correcting the damage done by the left isn’t something that can be done overnight.

    My guess is that it may take a couple years, but the queers will end up back in the closet where they belong with their close cousins – the pedos. Pendulums swing, fellas – but the rules of mass and momentum still apply.

    • jim says:

      You say they are losing. Looks to me that they are still winning. Looks to me obvious that they are still winning.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        It’s a specific form of blindness that sees losing as winning.

        The idea is that them winning makes things look insane enough that everyone sees it. They don’t.

        Basic nuts and bolts reality question – look up what percentage of people say to a pollster that blacks commit more crimes. People can’t even figure that one out through media gaslighting.

      • Glenfilthie says:

        Hillary Clinton was supposed to be our next president. The media told us so. Citizens should be disarmed and yet the response to soy boys like David Hogg has been derisive laughter. The Supreme Court did not go left with their decision to oppose the gay agenda.

        Consider what it will take for the left to win now: they’ve been dividing and conquering for 50 years now. They are now so divided, they can’t win a fight to save their lives. For any cohesion, they will need blacks to get along with the whites they hate. Jews will have to work with moslems, all of them will have to get along with queers, rancid feminists etc et al.

        You might have a case if you were to consider Britain – where subjects are jailed if they see and report on govt and judicial malfeasance, and sick babies are forced to die in the local health programs rather than go outside it for better care. And even there, the response has been rage and fury from the populace. Lefties are on borrowed time even there.

        Consider yourselves. 40years ago, guys like you, Jim, would have been dismissed with contempt. Today, you are being heard and taken seriously. There’s been a subtle progression going on y’all have missed. The resistance started small. Guys like Glenn Beck started questioning authority and lost honourably in most of their clashes with the left. The boomers and Xers got off the couch and formed the tea party, and were swatted aside by the contemptuous left. Then they came back with the meaner and leaner Alt Right. Hillary Clinton got a boot up her fat ass from a cartoon frog.

        What’s the next progression gonna look like? Everyone is getting sick of the shit coming from the queers, niggers, feminists and victim groups. Our own kids can’t get jobs, afford homes, or try for the American dream because the left wants to give that all away. The left is melting down over Trump … I think the next guy along will put the left out of our misery for a long, long time.

        • carlylean restorationist says:

          “our” lol

        • peppermint says:

          That’s some nice Boomer triumphalism to follow decades of Boomer self-absorbed ignorance.

          >Our own kids can’t get jobs, afford homes, or try for the American dream because the left wants to give that all away

          Old talking point. The Trump Economy is even giving jobs to millennial neets who were shut out because companies complied with quotas by keeping experienced Boomers and packing entry level positions with diversity. The American Dream meme needs to diaf. There is only work, war, and reproduction.

          You see what I did there? It’s called a meme review. Boomers are like jews, they expect everything to be handed to them and they think someone’s trying to humiliate them if they’re asked to work. Well, I am trying to humiliate you. You can stop being a lolcow at a time of your choice.

        • Colleen Pater says:

          Jim has maybe two dozen commenters and a minor rep in the nrx this is hardly equitable to leftists media as we can tell from altrighters that get more popular from jim once noticed you will be deplatformed. the right may be in the very nascent stages of a turning we all hope so but its statistically more likely the left is about to put up an iron curtain on the internet ans start shipping thought criminals to say the left is losing is just utterly retarded.trump is a moron that has niggers like kardashian rodman help him shape policy when hes not letting his jew family or the deep neocucks run scams on him. a utter cuck like jordan peterson is now considered far right wing. please stop talking

          • peppermint says:

            The right is winning. Intelligent young White men have vastly less cucky ideas now than they did a decade ago, when it could be said that the weird trannies and their pronouns that subverted Occupy Wall Street were doing the bidding of the corporatocracy.

            • Carlylean Restorationist says:

              In all fairness, nobody really knows what ‘the consensus’ is in the population. The media’s never going to tell you the truth and people being interviewed will often lie anyway.

              If I had to guess, I’d say those of us on the right are over our last flirtation with ‘rights’ and ‘equality’, ie. libertarianism.
              That’s a good thing, so the *quality* of the right is improving for sure.

              Are we ‘winning’? Well there’s a little bit of wall being built so we shall see. In terms of the legal system, we’re losing badly but that defeat may turn into a victory if it radicalises people who would’ve been fine with just people like *us* being persecuted but not themselves…

              We shall see. Trump was the first new hero to emerge. The next may be righter, more vigorous, more honest. Or not.

              Let’s hope we can avoid the left singularity. I don’t know whether we can, and I don’t know whether people are fit to bear it or beat it. We shall see.

              • pdimov says:

                You can look at voting patterns. Young voters prefer Hillary and Remain, older ones prefer Trump and Leave. The right is not winning.

                • Mister Red says:

                  Voting patterns only matter if voting matters.

                • pdimov says:

                  You can infer what people think by looking at how they vote.

                • Mister Red says:

                  You can infer what people will think into the future by looking at what the educational apparatus is currently telling them to think.

                • peppermint says:

                  you can infer what people think by talking to them

              • We know many many men get the nature of women consistently wrong and believe what the media tells them because they fail at picking them up or keeping them loyal. If they believe the media in the thing that matters personally the most when they are young, say, at college, despite it not working, we can assume they mostly believe the media in everything.

                While a secretly redpilled male population would emit media-feminist and other prog noises when there is no cost to it, but would switch into hardcore mode when they go to a bar to find a girl.

                OTOH… people still spend lots of money to escape bad neighborhoods. They may be more secretly redpilled on that.

                • jim says:

                  One can persuade oneself that the presence of hostile tribes in a bad neighborhood is merely an accident, not the essence of the problem. Observed behavior of whites in bad neighborhoods is that they become hostile, suspicious, and uncooperative towards everyone, not just towards hostile tribes.

                  People throw immense amounts of money at “bad schools” and yet those schools continue to be bad. They see the place looks run down, and assume the problem is lack of maintenance, due lack of funds for maintenance, rather the facilities getting trashed by the same violence that white students are subjected to.

                  I see women behaving shockingly badly in the workplace, and other people just don’t see what I see. I see single mothers failing disastrously at raising boys and everyone else assumes that the mother should be the one with custody of the children. Most single mothers have boys that smash up the home and threaten people in the household at early puberty, resulting in child protective services intervening and people just don’t see what I see. All single women are unfit mothers and should not be allowed around their children, as near to all of them as makes no difference, or at least not allowed around their male children. Maybe they can handle female children, and boys under five or six, but boys at seven or older, they should not be allowed. The damage to the boys and the cost to society is intolerable. Women should not get custody unless there is really no alternative. The word “bastard” means an unpleasant, badly behaved person, because children without fathers grow up into unpleasant, badly behaved adults. It is a cost that we just cannot afford. People worry about the externalities of factories dumping waste and suchlike, but the externalities of single motherhood are enormously more damaging. Their children grow up broken, and their male children cause problems for everyone else.

                  On female misbehavior in the workplace, I was inclined to doubt my own sanity until I saw that statistic on acquisitions, which reassured me that I was sane, and it was everyone else that was batshit crazy. Women in the workplace without an alpha male in charge of them are unconsciously trying to smoke out the alpha male by behaving in ways that urgently require a beating, but no one will give them the beating that they need, deserve, and subconsciously desire.

                  People just are not noticing these hate facts even when they are right in front of them and causing tremendous damage.

                • pdimov says:

                  The blue pill is that people in bad neighborhoods act badly because the neighborhood is bad (lead in the water, perhaps, or something else purely environmental. Or invisible racism.) This is compatible with wanting to move away.

                  This of course doesn’t entirely override pattern recognition; people still infer “bad neighborhood” from “blacks”, but they try hard to pretend not to.

                • Dave says:

                  Jim, millions of boys lost their fathers in the world wars without falling into the sorts of behavior we see today, which rather suggests that the deciding factor is what sort of DNA a woman receives in the marital bed compared to a quick fuck in the nightclub men’s room.

                  “You’re such a nice guy; don’t worry, you’ll find a woman who will love you for who you are!” Translation: I prefer bad boys myself, but I really hope that other women will take one for the team and marry nice guys so that my daughters might also bask in the adulation of supplicating beta orbiters.

                • peppermint says:

                  Doesn’t understand that gametes are produced by stem cells and contain randomly selected chromosomes, doesn’t understand that a gentle letdown is just a gentle letdown. How could he begin to appreciate the factors from low fat low meat diets to xenoestrogens to elementary schools beginning in the early 90s to openly insult Christopher Columbus and tell White kids they must have friends of different races to homosexuality being cool and edgy in the late 90s?

                  Millennial degenerates have something Boomer cucks and Xir nihilists don’t: the concept of comfy. The big difference between now and 10 years ago is that today’s inteligent young White men don’t like joymops.

                • Anonymous 2 says:

                  A woman in charge of a company is comparable to a single mother, so the mental odds are stacked against her.

                  Draper and Harpending wrote an interesting article, “Father Absence and Reproductive Strategy: An Evolutionary Perspective”.


                  “Male children born into matrifocal households exhibit at adolescence a complex of aggression, competition, low male parental investment, and derogation of females and femini[ni]ty, while females show early expression of sexual interest and assumption of sexual activity, negative attitudes toward males, and poor ability to establish long-term relation- ships with one male.”

                  I also seem to recall that the children of a widow, rather than a plain single mom, acted more like children with a father. Interesting.

            • Colleen Pater says:

              Pep i have my good days when i think that the alt rights seem to be world wide making some progress on the other hand as a boomer who remembers the world of black and white television i can tell you the things that pass fo normal today were inconceivable and very decades seems to have doubled the ante. so no from this perspective the last decades losses to leftism are at least twice as bad as the decade before. but yes we see a newish attempt at rightism in the past decade from the tea party to moldbug this new right seems to have a bit of a clue about realpolitic it seems to be world wide and it seems that maybe just maybe history is now on our side.but as i said its really nascent and the left has begun to openly call for white death in places like the times its like kristallnacht on whites.
              Trumps an idiot but hes better than anyone since reagan at least but has done little because under depstate attack. a very few honest men are documenting and investigating the attack and having a little luck beginning to refer some attackers for prosecution for a few of their crimes, but we also know facts now that implicate practically the entire clinton obama regime in too many crimes to list it looks like already many of them are already from what we know and can infer from evidence we have not seen but heard described almost the entire clinton obama cabinet and many other cathedral types are in serious criminal jeopardy. It looks like it cant be stopped at this point from it coming out and it seems they cant destroy anymore evidence of their crimes so we will soon have a situation where we will have massive evidence of an attempted coup and corruption beyond measure by the left and it looks like nothing on trump if the right is really on the march as you claim then they will go to prison i suspect they wont that the republicans will let the matter drop and leave trump hamstrung and then we will know the left deep state etc has the goods on all of them and its war or subjection and death.

              • Yara says:

                There is no right. Nevertheless, Trump is still in the White House because he can have a million men in D.C. with a word.

    • Oog en Hand says:

      “My guess is that it may take a couple years, but the queers will end up back in the closet where they belong with their close cousins – the pedos. ”

      Or switch places…

      • Glenfilthie says:

        There will be reversals and setbacks. But the right is finally starting to fight back. Trump was supposed to have been run out of the Republican Party too, they had the usual array of pastry faced cucks ready to go… and they were sent packing the same way Hillary was.
        I don’t understand the defeatism here. Some fanbois and fappers are mewling about war on their elders – but they can’t be bothered at all with the culture war that is right in front of them and starting to turn in their favour.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      >generational genocide

      Isn’t there a field you should be fertilizing?

    • collen ryan says:

      when economic communism proved an impossible sell to hicog productive whites once said whites were a safe distance from practices like serfdom, the left looked doomed but realized their destabilizing programs on the west like civil rights for niggers were paying big dividends, and it hit them elect a new people, a people that would understand meritocracy was never in their interests while in a white nation thus the commies became race re distributionists rather than class redistributionists and we are now more communist than soviets russia or china ever were

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