Boycott people who hate you

Using their products will harm you. Seek out alternative products

Boycott the Star Wars movie Rogue One. All the villains are white males. All the heroes are not. Not only will this depress you and persuade you that you are evil and villainous and doomed to lose, but this guarantees bad writing and a boring show for the reasons explained by Orwell. If it is written to political formula, it is written to formula, so all the characters are living dead, placeholders and formulae, not people that you might care about. They kill a few of the heroes to try and make you care, but you won’t care.

Use InfoGalactic not Wikipedia. Wikipedia treats academia and the mainstream press as authoritative, and forbids any direct personal knowledge as “original research”. If you want to say that Karl Marx was an anti semitic Jew, you are not allowed to quote Karl Marx saying genocidal things about Jews, you have to quote some academic interpreting Karl Marx’s genocidal remarks about Jews.

These days, most Academic “research” is custom ordered by the permanent government, global warming being an egregious example. The permanent government decides it will promulgate some regulation or finding in order to reward a friend or punish an enemy, and then commissions some “research” to authoritatively justify this regulation or finding. Thus most academic research is meaningless except as an answer to “Who does the permanent government intend to destroy?” We are in the third childhood of human reason, the latter days of the Roman empire being the second childhood of human reason.

Thus Wikipedia simply feeds you the poisons manufactured by Academia and the mainstream media.

Use DuckDuckGo not google. Google actively censors and manipulates your searches, in order to manipulate you. This becomes apparent when you start searching conspiracy theories. Which for most conspiracy theories is probably a good thing, but Google’s idea of what is a conspiracy theory and what is fake news is alarmingly broad and grossly biased politically. I would not mind a search engine censoring conspiracy theories and fake news if it would tell me it is doing so and allow me to turn off the censorship, but Google deceptively and silently censors, thus manipulatively deceiving you.

Use, not twitter, for you and the people you follow in twitter are apt to be silently censored without you or they realizing it, making you feel isolated, alone, frightened, weak, and powerless.

I have not found any evidence that Kellogg is putting testosterone blockers and xenoestrogens in their cornflakes and bran, but given that they hate males and that testosterone levels are mysteriously dropping, why take the chance?

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  1. Zach says:

    Yes, Rogue One fails on a character level. Succeeds as a spectacle. Eventually. It entertains on the most primitive of levels as a spectacle. It’s empty entertainment, but it’s still entertainment.

    Just as porn is entertaining on primitive levels for like 30 seconds twice a month.

  2. Pseudo-chrysostom says:


    Essential plugins: umatrix, ublock, secret agent.

    Also consider getting a VPN and DNS proxy like DNScrypt.

    For more in depth reading check the /g/wiki ( ).

    Addendum: the less programs you have, the lower your digital ‘surface area’; every extra bit of software you have on your computer is an extra potential vector for exploits or malfunctions.

    Addaddendum: you get what you pay for. Companies don’t provide privacy because presently there is not a market for privacy; if people started dropping real cheddar for privacy, there would be a spoil for choice. The problem is the people most interested in privacy tend to also be people really interested in freeware too. And well you know the old saying; if you’re not paying for a product, *you* are the product.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      Also the more metaphysical tension between anonymizing yourself and having a persistent account connected to a service that can be billed for and when the use of that service.

  3. Mister Grumpus says:

    (I love you man.)

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      Can a concern troll love? Can a concern troll tie his own shoes?


  4. c23 says:

    I’ve been using Duckduckgo for a little while and I don’t miss google. I’m not dedicated enough to make real sacrificies tbh but if all I have to do is change my default search engine to avoid supporting and evil corporation I’ll do it.

    Anybody have suggestions for a web browser? Chrome is owned by google. Firefox isn’t run by an evil corporation but these are the same people who fired Brendan Eich in a PC hissyfit.

    • Zach says:

      There are private browsers out there. Their performance is terrible. I wrote one. Ensuring safety had diminishing returns in exchange for performance/viability across the board.

  5. viking says:

    I think boycotts are worth a try right is riled up one good win would make it a thing the NFL and Kellogg’s seem to have been mildly successful,personally #boycottblack is my motto they are so overrepresented in our culture and they have nothing to offer but garbage

  6. Jacob V says:

    I expected Rogue One to be a feminist piece of trash, another Mary Sue with unbelievable power and control (many people I know are boycotting it because of The Force Awakens), but it was actually surprisingly well done.

    White male lead is alongside the female lead the whole time, just as important of a character, if not more-so. She got a pretend leadership role with the important dialogue, but that was to be expected. Maybe I was just focused on the character I took seriously and related to, but to me it appeared as though he was the real power. It didn’t have the magic of the originals, but as close as we’re going to get (I had accepted that all movies from here on out were going to be shit).

    • Epimetheus says:

      Surprised me too. i was searching the background of the scene where they steal a spaceship for the finale. astonished that there were no women amongst the warriors, and that they were majority white.

    • Cavalier says:

      So which character did you take seriously and relate to: the one evil empire White Nazi, the other evil empire White Nazi, the spook sombreronigger, the imperial-turned-rebel pilot sandnigger, the rebel leader nigger, the badass martial arts riceniggers, the robot that was voiced by the one White man on the side of Justice and The Truth Is Marching On, or the background tapestry of white extras serving as expendable cannon-fodder for the freedom-fighters’ multiculti war against the Space Nazis?

  7. Brit says:

    I am seeing clear signs of fake atrocities and fake moderates in Aleppo but I do not know why ((they)) are bothering to stir this up again so suddenly, when Trump is about to be elected. The only explanation which makes sense to me is a last ditch effort to dispose Trump, either by starting a war or getting the courts to block him from being inagurated. Civil war on the horizon?

  8. Zach says:

    Or just throw your computer away, and build a house in the middle of nowhere and live like a proper man. Like Eustace Conway heh.

  9. Brit says:

    Extremely impressed by Intergalactic. Not just by the plan and design but the clarity of language.

    Shameless plug: I was kicked out of /rel/ intolerant on facebook and made my own much better group, /rel/ exclusive. It is a group of edgy Christians, but in ten years will lead to tribal connections

  10. Cavalier says:

    I don’t trust DuckDuckGo. Something’s…off…about it. I use Startpage instead.

    • Bert says:

      The problem is that Startpage calls Google for performing the search. You get anonymity, but you can’t get around any tampering by Google.

      • Cavalier says:

        Google do outrageous things like showing people white women with nigger children when they search for “white woman with child” or bombarding their eyes with niggers when they search for “American inventors”, but they aren’t fiddling with my search results for specific books I’m trying to track down or error messages thrown by my compiler.

        I am not overly concerned by Google’s “filter bubble”. I am deeply concerned by Google’s hoovering-up of every bit of my personal information they can get their hands on.

        • jim says:

          Google is fiddling with your search results for specific books when you try to track down evidence for gas chambers.

          • Cavalier says:

            I search for Darwin, Niven, and Carlyle.

            You might care about the lolochambers, but I couldn’t care less.

            • jim says:

              You can find Darwin’s book, but you will have a hard time finding some of the most important passages within that book.

        • c23 says:

          If you search “woman with child” you find a lot of white women with white children. If you search “white woman with child” you find a lot of articles where the race is mentioned. A white woman with a white child is unremarkable, so the race is generally not mentioned.

          • Cavalier says:

            Yet Google identifies cats in photographs as cats, and niggers in photographs as gorillas, and builds cars that drive themselves, but as soon as I specify that I want to see not just a woman with her child, but a white woman with her child, _then_ I am assaulted by images of nigger children with white mothers interspersed by a few nigger women with white children?

            Those nigger women with white children are only there for plausible deniability, and even in the “woman with child” search there are many muds where there should be none, and all of the pictures should look like and

            • c23 says:

              And if you search google images for “Jew,” you get mostly anti-semitic sites, mixed with some Jewish sites. By my theory, it’s because there are two groups of people who write about Jews in such a way that they will mention the word “Jew” – Jews and anti-Semites. By yours, it’s some weird plot by Jews and neo-nazis at google. Which is retarded.

        • Dan says:

          @ Cavalier

          Woah.. even when you think you know how bad it is, someone lifts the veil just a little more.

          I thought I knew how bad Google were getting, but didn’t think they had quite reached such a level of shamlessness.

          All I googled was ‘white people and children’ and got a page full of black babies.. hmm

          Then I tried your ‘american inventors’ hahahaha.. wow. If this was your only source for info a student would have to assume american inventions were 85% black; 10% women and 5% white male. (I particularily love how they pretend to remain objective with the token 5% white male)

    • Pc says: is even better.

  11. Chiron says:

    Its a difficult fight Jim, our culture is dominated by people that hate us.

  12. Alan J. Perrick says:

    I like this. It sounds close to _samizdat_, the Russian word for “self-publishing”, which Mr Robert “Bob” Whitaker says is what is needed for breaking down U.S.G.’s Political Correctness in the same sort of way that the Soviet Union was broken down. Actually, seems, potentially, to be keeping Twitter honest, but yes, at, search queries like “White Genocide” might actually auto-complete without sneakily omitting them as well as the hashtag as Twitter currently does.


  13. thinkingabout it says:

    To me, boycotts seem to work only when backed by the party in power. A small minority boycotting these cultural behemoths probably won’t hurt them in any reasonable way.

    It astounds me when I look at Star Wars and see how it went from Leia in a sexy bikini to two fricking heroine-centric films in succession. What an awesome display of the left’s cultural power.

    The left, much like women, seems to prefer to take over pre-existing structures, instead of building something from the ground up. Perhaps that’s a smarter way to achieve your goals than the masculine tendency to exit an arena where you find yourself at a disadvantage, with the hope of creating something of your own elsewhere.

    • jim says:

      White males build. The rest beg or steal. Recovering what was stolen would require measures that are currently unthinkable. So we must build anew, while being warier this time.

      • Capt. Hinde says:

        Jim, this is excellent doctrine in 30 words, worthy of Sun Tzu.

      • thinkingabout it says:

        Building new – that may be the natural tendency of white males, but is it the smart thing to do?

        It just makes me so disappointed to see Rogue One heading for a 150 million opening. A series built on male obsession and loyalty, now the posterchild of feminist cinema. I remember collecting Star Wars books, games and DVDs when I was a kid, talking about them with male friends at school. It was a great male bonding experience, especially for nerdy kids.

        I’m guessing my reaction is a milder version of what the people of Anatolia must have felt after the fall of Constantinople, when they saw their Hagia Sophia turn into a mosque.

    • Cavalier says:

      Best of all, George Lucas says the new Star Wars is the Star Wars he always wanted but didn’t have the skill and ability to make.

    • GGer says:

      #GamerGate destroyed Gawker (with the help of some millionaires). You just need some people focused, the power to turn down the behemoths arises

  14. viking says:

    Some former nsa guys have said if russia hacked dnc then usg via nsa has the evidence because nsa has every transaction that goes through web.well we know this, we know hate speech fake news are preludes to total police state beyond orwells imagination. The internet needs to by pass their trunk taps, it needs to put the googles and facebooks out of business by putting better products that are free anonymous and secure out.they know this is coming and are moving fast to stop it.

    • viking says:

      Several years ago I was pushing this un pwnable tech pointing out the legacy leftists still valued privacy,still captive to the ‘fight the man’ meme that the left totally killed when they became the man because hey it still came in handy and doublethink made it possible to have it both ways. But the left is quickly tumbling to the idea they are the man and are quickly abandoning free speech and privacy.Thats really bad this wasnt done while they were on board because wide adoption is critical. A ghetto of free platforms where only the alt right hangs out is only useful as a communication tool in case of hot war and probably not even that. Im no tech but it seems to me with out almost ubiquitous adoption the feds can shut it down or zero in. I think abandoning the major trunks and making it a distributed i think is the term or peer to peer system makes it impossible to stop, particularly if its encrypted which it would need to be.I dont know enough to know if moldbugs urbit is along these lines, but it might be.I would think its not only getting it adopted because its new but because its going to be using your hardware will be tough. Its really going to have to be ass kicking

      • viking says:

        …That the left NEVER totally killed. which there was edit function for us two finger troglodytes

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        Twitter wants to censor covertly, and draws attention to the fact that there is censorship.

    • Zach says:

      Leak. Not a hack.

  15. TTAAC says:

    I happen to be extremely active on Wikipedia and share many of your concerns about how it operates, but every article I checked on InfoGalactic was simply a mirror of its Wikipedia counterpart–sometimes up-to-date, usually differing from Wikipedia only insofar as it is mirroring an earlier revision.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      It’s a fork of Wikipedia. It needs love to update and remove SJW influenced ideology.

    • peppermint says:

      obviously the only Infogalactic pages that are currently useful are the ones that are most useless on Wikipedia

      • Brit says:

        Notably standards are lower as well, with an obscure page simply rated as low notability rather than outright deleted. This really clever. Once it grows, every slightly notable figure will be making his autobiographical page, and every business will be making a page and watching their page. There is more potential than I can think of. Every academic paper would have its own page.

        I’m expecting exponential growth, as happened to Wikipedia. A few years of lifeless aspies making endless pages followed by people suddenly catching on

        • Epimetheus says:

          If everyone makes their own page, then infogalactic will become a better organized and shinier version of the Internt itself, no?

  16. roger says:

    …testosterone levels are mysteriously dropping…
    Probably from all the estrogen in the water supply from BCP usage.

    • harambe says:

      Pollution from the plastics industry is a much bigger deal, I believe.

      • peppermint says:

        Being told from infancy that losing is winning and winning is evil and sexual desire is patriarchal evil etc etc is a huge deal. So many milennials need to be woken up, and it’s not out of the questions that many White milennials may simply have to be killed.

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