Censoring the internet

Racist sites are being taken off the internet. Expect “racist” sites to follow.

The internet is built to resist censorship, and it is time for alt tech that takes advantage of this. patronize Gab.ai, duckduckgo, hatreon, and infogalactic.com, assuming that they are still up by the time you read this. If they are not, namecoin and tor.

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  1. Your Wife's Son says:

    Here, that’s how they’re doing it:

    “In fact, according to a report from the Associated Press in December 2011, Airpaio’s office failed to investigate “more than 400 sex-crimes” that were reported in Maricopa County from 2005 to 2007, “including dozens of alleged child molestations—that were inadequately investigated and in some instances were not worked at all.”

    The report cited current and former police officers familiar with the cases who claimed that victims of the horrific crimes were as young as 2 years old. In El Mirage, the city where Arpaio’s office was providing contract police services, officials reportedly discovered at least 32 reported child molestations, and even though suspects were known in all but six cases, Arpaio “failed to follow through.”

    After Arpaio’s contract ended, and his office was no longer required to provide police services for El Mirage, Detective Jerry Laird told the AP he found that an overwhelming majority of the cases he received from the office hadn’t been worked, which meant that “there were no follow-up reports, no collection of additional forensic evidence and zero effort made after the initial report of the crime was taken.”

    While some of the cases Arpaio’s office neglected were turned over to prosecutors, the report noted that the El Mirage Police Department claimed “most were no longer viable—evidence dating as far back as 2006 had grown cold or wasn’t collected in the first place, victims had either moved away or otherwise moved on.”

    Arpaio held a news conference in response to the 2011 report, in which he said, “If there were any victims, I apologize to those victims.”

    As The Free Thought Project has reported, a number of cases involving pedophiles have come to light under the Trump Administration, such as a pedophile ring investigation that resulted over 900 arrests in May, and a sex-trafficking investigation that resulted in over 1,000 arrests earlier this month. This raises the question—why aren’t Arpaio and other members of his office being held to the same standards?

    Joe Arpaio’s harsh treatment towards illegal immigrants has stirred up controversy, but his outright neglect of children who are victims of sex crimes seems to have slipped under the radar.”

    – – –

    It’s all fake news planted by the CIA as part of an on-going, long-running psychological operation to feed pedohysteria to the public. It’s all bogus. “Sex trafficking” and “pedophile ring” are hoaxes. Fictions. Whenever you hear these terms, you know it’s a fake news story planted by intelligence agencies. I don’t want to sound like a tin foil hat wearer, but: wake up, sheeple!

    • Your Wife's Son says:

      It is telling that he said “if there were any victims.” That’s the thing – there were no real victims. Fake news all the way down, and fake news comes from intelligence agencies manipulating the media.

      Google “Udo Ulfkotte”

    • Your Wife's Son says:

      “Human trafficking” doesn’t exist.
      “Sex trafficking” doesn’t exist.
      “Pedophile rings” don’t exist.

      It’s all part of the same manipulation, fed to the regular media — or to various internet platforms — by intelligence agencies, chiefly CIA, with strict cooperation from MI6, BND, and Mossad. (Cooperation may simply be: never blowing the whistle and saying “guys it’s a hoax”) Anyone who’s on the side of “NGOs” is either an accomplice or a dupe of this scheme.

      They have created this image in the public mind that is entirely false, and they are using it to legitimize their own activities. Moreover, this constant flood of fake news (disinformation) serves to culturally subvert the target audience. One example from the past is the “violence against women” meme, which has been pushed relentlessly by the purveyors of feminism. Laws have been upended because of that crap. Was it all “spontaneous”? Of course not.

      If you think cultural subversion by the CIA stopped with the official end of the “cold war”, you’re a dumbass. The fear-mongering never ends, only the bogeymen come and go. The more unpopular feminism becomes, the more discredited the “rape” hoax is, the harder they’ll push this humantrafficking/sextrafficking/pedorings nonsense in lieu.

      Rape-hysteria was not spontaneous; it was manufactured. Pedo-hysteria is not spontaneous; it is manufactured.

      Anyone who actually knows rape-victims, knows that the way “rape” is portrayed by the feminist media is false. Anyone who actually knows prostitutes, knows that “human trafficking” is a load of horsecrap. And anyone who’s actually looked into the subject of “pedophilia”, knows that public imagination and actual reality are completely dissimilar.

      The same pattern holds in these 3 issues: culture is transformed by artificially manufactured hysteria, hysteria about things that naturally cannot transpire out in the open, so it’s difficult to prove or disprove anything about them. Great deception, manipulation, exaggeration, and disinformation abound in all cases.

      I am already vindicated, and I will be more so within a few short years. When you will start noticing the pattern, you won’t be able to un-notice it.

    • Your Wife's Son says:

      Right on que, look at this shit:

      “Claude Taylor tweeted fake details of criminal inquiries into Trump that were invented by a source whose claim to work for the New York attorney general was not checked, according to emails seen by the Guardian. The allegations were endorsed as authentic and retweeted by his co-writer Louise Mensch.

      The source’s false tips included an allegation, which has been aggressively circulated by Mensch and Taylor, that Trump’s inactive fashion model agency is under investigation by New York authorities for possible sex trafficking.

      The hoaxer, who fed the information to Taylor by email, said she acted out of frustration over the “dissemination of fake news” by Taylor and Mensch. Their false stories about Trump have included a claim that he was already being replaced as president by Senator Orrin Hatch in a process kept secret from the American public.”


      Now, in this particular case it was publicly disproved. But in actual fact, ALL of this “human trafficking” crap is a hoax. It’s all fake news. Expect Trump, his family, or his people to be accused of “pedophilia” sooner or later, just as he was accused of “sexual harassment”. This will likely actually happen. It will happen to everyone; but when it’s not concocted by a random hoaxer, when it’s concocted by the CIA, it will lead to a bloody mess. They are planning it, and will take advantage of the first convenient occasion to use it.

      It’s the ultimate accusation – people will tolerate a sexually aggressive man, but not a “pedo”. With pizzagate, people on the internet have become accustomed to believing nonsense about politicians if pedophilia is involved. That the allegations are completely outlandish doesn’t seem to matter. “Save me, Big Brother, from the scary people” is the prevalent sentiment. The secret service only gains from these artificially-induced fears. And when it’s not stupid Democrats accused of it, but people you support, you won’t be so cheerful.

    • Your Wife's Son says:

      It’s funny that the people pushing pizzagate call it “well documented”, and yet, if you ask them who, specifically, has fucked little kids, their answers will be mighty hesitant, and indignant at your very asking this question. They’ll name Alefantis and Podesta, but otherwise they won’t know what to say. So basically, there are 2 individuals, only 2 individuals, that the pizzagaters claim as actual perpetrators of pedophile sex. Everything else boils down to – “it’s the elites and the politicians, maaaaaan.” A nameless bunch.

      Yeah, so “well documented.”

      Of course they’ll bring up the separate issue of Epstein, but Epstein isn’t pizzagate.

  2. Your Wife's Son says:

    Look, this is what the psy-op looks like:


    Pedohysteria is a CIA psy-op. They are lying through their teeth.

    I am vindicated.

  3. Your Wife's Son says:

    The CIA (Cathedral) psy-op has succeeded, period. In 2013, 4 years ago, there was this discussion:


    Read the post. Look up the commenters: Jim, Land, Spandrell, Scharlach, etc. That was acceptable to discuss in NRx back in the day. The psy-op has made it so that discussion of the subject, realistic discussion, has become increasingly verboten.

    “Those were the days my friend
    We thought they’d never end
    We’d sing and dance forever and a day
    We’d live the life we choose
    We’d fight and never lose
    Those were the days, oh yes those were the days”

    • jim says:

      I don’t see that this supports your point. Indeed, what is your point? Stuff we discussed then, we continue to discuss now. Things we said were true then, we still say are true now.

      • Your Wife's Son says:

        My point is that soon, one could no longer discuss these issues in a truthful manner even on the dissident right, and that most of the individuals who discussed these issues in a truthful manner in 2013, are reluctant to do so in 2017, and it’s so because of forceful Cathedral mind control rays.

        This doesn’t apply to you, and doesn’t apply to a few others, but applies to anyone who cares about his own personal status within the alt-right, his own personal status on the internet, and to anyone whose mind isn’t nearly rational enough to be able to fend off psychological manipulation by government agencies.

        And it doesn’t matter whether it’s the policeman outside or the policeman inside that’s preventing people from acknowledging certain unfashionable truths, because freedom of speech is dead either way, and when alt-righters go to jail for dangerous opinions, participation in discussions of this variety will be counted as a possessing a dangerous opinion.

        Not only will freedom of speech die, but internet anonymity will die also, as the US government, which de facto owns the internet, desperate to secure its power and legitimacy, will require everyone to write under their real name in all websites. At which point, we will all pay a price for our speech on the internet, the way Anglin paid a price, but a heavier price than he paid.

        They may begin with nazism, which is clearly “political”, or they can begin, indeed they have already begun a long time ago, with pedophilia, next goes white nationalism, next female CEOs being incompetent AA hires, next HBD, (or perhaps HBD before sex rationalism,) next mild timid anti-feminism as voiced by Damore, and eventually there will be nothing to discuss.

        “Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences”, and when you are forced to write under your real name, and when it will be illegal to truthfully discuss certain subjects, as today it’s illegal to share certain files, as it’s illegal to view or upload certain materials, then consequences will be heavy.

        Recall that video, audio, and still images are “not speech” if they contain something the Cathedral decided you shouldn’t be able to access, and hate speech is also “not speech”.

        The way USG legitimizes this absolutist war on freedom is by coming up with scary bogeymen, the scarier the better, and there’s no scarier bogeyman than pedophiles, except perhaps cannibals and Hitler, but cannibals are oppressed marginalized POCs and Hitler is dead, so pedophiles it is, followed by nazis, then “nazis”, then everyone else.

        Today you are being spied on because there are scary evil pedophiles under your closet, indeed, if the psy-ops is to be believed credulously, every basement in America is full of little kids crying out for help because they’re raped by pedophiles, and though there’s zero evidence for mass rape of little kids in underground dungeons, they’ve convinced plenty of otherwise rational people that this is the case – see pizzagate.

        Tomorrow you’ll be spied on because there are scary evil nazis under your closet, perhaps you’re one of those nazis, in which case you’ll have to hide in the Darknet like pedophiles and Andrew Anglin, and rest assured, Anglin will suffer the same fate as pedophiles, likely ending up dead, and alt-righters will also end up dead.

        They are flooding the US with ISIS terrorists so that you’ll look up to Big Brother for protection, and they are convincing you that there’s an active international pedophile ring down the street where you live, so you’ll look up to Big Brother for protection. ISIS is a bogeyman insofar as all members of ISIS could be humiliatingly eliminated tomorrow if USG so desired, and pedos are a bogeyman because the basements are in fact empty of little kids crying out for help and teen sex isn’t pedophilia.

        If you can demonize natural male sexuality to the point where saying “this 14-year-old chick is attractive” will get you called a pedophile on the internet, you can also demonize people for politically incorrect speech, get them called nazis, and treated as pedophiles are treated.

        The pedo-hysteria continues apace, whilst the plan to bring ISIS to America encounters some obstacles, probably temporary obstacles. Giving WMDs to terrorists, and bringing those very terrorists to America and Europe, is the plan, because the Cathedral seeks absolute power. Within 10 years you’ll be hearing about terrorist cells armed with WMDs operating within the US. This threat is deliberately created as a means to control the population.

        Pedophilia is a bogeyman that will continue to exist as long as male sexuality is criminalized, which is to say, the bogeyman will only grow more and more scary as male sexuality is more and more illegal, and indeed, the bogeyman is already mighty scary with sharp teeth and breathing venomous fire. Save me, Big Brother! I love you BB!

        And ISIS will continue to exist as long as it’s expedient to USG for ISIS to exist, so probably indefinitely, or until something scarier can be created, possibly super-mega-ISIS-on-steroids operated almost entirely by Chechens, just as ISIS replaced Al-Qaeda as the most scary thing in the world. Super mega ISIS possessing dirty bombs and nuclear suitcases will metastasize all over. Expect lots of nuclear suitcases, nuclear briefcases, and the like to be in the news within a decade. No doubt, the super mega ISIS videos will be even gorier and more sadistic than the regular ISIS videos, which will be tame in comparison.

        According to rumor, the Darknet is operated by the FBI, which means that they probably know much more about its users than those users would be comfortable with, and as the consequences of speech keep accruing and rising on top of each other in a very big pile of consequences, more parts of the internet will go dark, which is possibly a huge trap, but what choice do we have?

        The way to mandatory wholesale castration of heterosexual cis men runs through pedo hysteria. Rape is largely a hoax, but it had been a very scary hoax, right up until the manosphere proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that women desire to be violently raped in the pussy and the anus. So, “rape” won’t do anymore, need to find something scarier.

        Hence, “pedophilia”, which is also a giant hoax, but it’s an even scarier hoax than “rape”, and it will be more difficult to prove that it’s a hoax, because proving it’s a hoax is itself illegal. For instance, I can’t post or link jailbait pornography on your blog, because it’s illegal, even though jailbait pornography could tremendously help me prove certain points.

        We all know that the CIA is behind feminism, funding it and thinking it out. It’s old history by now. But some are still in denial about the CIA being behind the recent pedohysteria, pouring resources into this project and thinking it out. And my point, Jim, is that they have succeeded with feminism, and now they succeed with pedohysteria, and soon it will be illegal to write “pedophilic” thoughts on the internet, just as it will be illegal to write anti-feminist thoughts, nazi thoughts, white nationalist thoughts, racist thoughts, sexist thoughts, and all truthful thoughts. Ahead is a ruthless reign of lies.

        No one stood up to defend “pedophiles”, who were banished from the normal internet into the dark; now no one is going to defend “nazis”, who will also be banished from the normal internet into the dark; and sooner than later we’ll all be thoughtcriminals banished from the normal internet under threat of jail and an angry murderous mob screaming for our blood.

        • jim says:

          Hey, I am discussing these things in a truthful manner. So is Heartiste.

          Pizzagate is about actual pedophiles – men who have a sexual interest in children, usually boys, below puberty.

          My position, and Heartiste’s position, has always been that sexual interest in females who are potentially fertile – menarche or thereabouts is normal and healthy, that girls getting married at around that age should not be normative, but should be common and unremarkable, and common in elite families.

          My (actually controversial) position on genuinely underage girls, girls below puberty, has always been that sexual interest in such girls is uncommon, unusual, perverse, and deviant, but sexual interest by such girls is extremely common and a major social problem, that our current rule that is illegal for adult men to have sex with very young girls, but it is legal for very young girls to have sex with adult men is the reverse of sanity, that the problem is not adult men seducing very young girls, it is very young girls rubbing up on older men, that what is urgently needed is not restraints on male behavior, but restraints on female behavior.

          That is is entirely normal and common for girls to start looking to get nailed after andrenarche, which usually happens well before menarche, and that though it is common and normal, it needs to be forcibly suppressed by draconian measures, and we are conspicuously and spectacularly failing to suppress it.

          We need to deal with sexually active females by shotgun marrying them at menarche, and if they are sexually active before menarche, by drugging them or imprisoning them and then shotgun marrying them at menarche.

          That we need one hell of a lot of coercion to stop very young girls from fucking around, and that the primary target of this coercion needs to be younger girls, because if you target males, the result is that instead of fucking the guy in the corner office, they fuck the biker ice dealer.

          • Your Wife's Son says:

            Motte and Bailey.

            Pizzagate talks about little kids crying out for help from within underground rape-dungeons in D.C. This is sheer nonsense, but it’s indeed horrible stuff, and specifically intended to fire-up your imagination and get your blood boiling. Meanwhile, what USG is *actually doing* is hunting down men who have sex with fertile-age women or men who view content related to fertile-age women.

            (Lately, I have moved closer to your views: initially, my view was that female sex-drive commences at age 12, not earlier, and usually later. However, it turns out that I was wrong, and that some females aged 11 are already fully sexual beings, masturbating to orgasm with various objects and displaying a seductive body language. Video documentation exists. So, in some cases, the sex-drive must begin as early as 10, as you have been saying all along. But I digress)

            I call it a Motte and Bailey type of situation, because the pedo-hunters always bring up the image of “little kids crying out for help” when you question their dubious business, but that’s pure deception on their part – their activity is 95% unrelated to little kids. With age of consent laws in the 16-18 bracket, and CP laws defining CP as anything younger than 18, a large segment of natural and healthy male sexuality, natural and healthy sexual conduct, has been criminalized. Whenever you question the logic behind this criminalization, the pedo-hater will tell you heart-rending (i.e fictitious) sob-stories about some poor prepubescent kid who was raped in 1990 or whatever.

            Also, have you forgotten your own poster-girl rule? If the best they have is pizzagate, and 1 poor blond boy who was legally adopted by homosexual faggots (one gook, one white), whose picture together with his “dads” was published all over – if that’s basically what they’ve got, then their case for “pedophile rings in every corner” is very weak indeed.

            I mean, it’s not like there is no pedophile sex at all, it’s just that the public is being intentionally misled about it by the Cathedral, because when it occurs, it almost always occurs within families, not with strange men from the park. And yet, they are scaring you off with the image of strange men from the park kidnapping your kids. This is not common, barely happens at all. Pedophile sex is usually incest, or a situation not at all dissimilar to incest. That you may think otherwise, that you may harbor this artificially-formed image of “pedophile rings” passing around random kids, goes to show that this long running psy-op has succeeded.

            In short: some fathers fuck their daughters, some even fuck their sons. (Mothers generally don’t do these things, or they make sure it’s never documented) Needless to say, it’s the opposite of natural, and the opposite of healthy. It’s disgusting, sick, and perverted. But here’s the thing:

            Little kiddie rape is the Motte. A very formidable Motte, given that pedophiles themselves are sometimes against sexual penetration of little kids. Actual pedophilia advocacy is incredibly thin on the ground. It’s not a position many people would rush to defend, and that’s an understatement. And right here the hoax becomes manifest.

            Because the “anti-pedo” gangsters spend all their time, and all their resources, hunting down men for sexual conduct related to fertile-age women. That is the Bailey. If you possess a video of your 17-year-old wife giving you a blowjob, that’s considered CP. Bailey! If you fuck a 15-year-old woman who looks like a 25-year-old woman and behaves like one, that’s “statutory rape”. Bailey! And each time you bring up these baileys, the psychological manipulator will retreat to the Motte and bring up muh little kids and muh strange men in the dark park. It’s crucial to understand just what their modus operandi is.

            – – –

            The MAB model formula goes:

            1) Person A asserts [Controversial Interpretation of Viewpoint X].

            2) Person B critiques [Controversial Interpretation of Viewpoint X].

            3) Person A asserts that they were actually defending [Common-Sense Interpretation of Viewpoint X].

            4) Person B no longer has grounds to critique Person A; Person B leaves the discussion.

            5) Person A claims victory and reverts to supporting [Controversial Interpretation of Viewpoint X].

            – – –

            Let’s apply it to our case:

            1) Pedo-hater asserts: “these pedos are everywhere nowadays, gotta kill them all”.

            2) Sex-realist critiques: “are you sure we must keep throwing men in jail, or worse, for having sex with young fertile age women?”

            3) Pedo-hater asserts that he was actually defending “punishment against people who fuck little prepubescent kids”.

            4) Sex-realist no longer has grounds to critique Pedo-hater; Sex-realist leaves the discussion.

            5) Pedo-hater claims victory and reverts to supporting the imprisonment/killing of men who have sex with young fertile age women.

            – – –

            Really, it’s a classic case.

            • jim says:

              when it occurs, it almost always occurs within families, not with strange men from the park. And yet, they are scaring you off with the image of strange men from the park kidnapping your kids.


              Utter bullshit.

              Progressive nonsense.

              You are buying into the women are wonderful meme.

              The vast majority of “pedophile” sex is girls after andrenarche and before menarche getting their rocks off.

              Something that is entirely legal for them, safe, socially approved, encouraged by good progressives in schools, and propelled by burning desire.

              A very much smaller proportion is gay men predating on underclass fatherless boys.

              And an absolutely insignificant and completely ignorable proportion is stranger in the park or incest.

              • Your Wife's Son says:

                With girls aged 10 to 12, who grow boobs and pubic hair, you are probably correct.

                But the public is being scared off with images of younger kids – kids between 3 and 8, usually. And my contention is that this kind of pedophile sex is extremely rare, and that when it does happen, it’s usually not stranger-initiated, and not kid-initiated, but father-initiated; a family member is abusing his power to fuck kids under his protection.

                Actual pedophile sex being extremely rare, and mostly unpreventable, all the brouhaha about non-existent “pedophile rings” is a psychological operation intended to legitimize encroachment on your freedom, and a draconian prison state. That’s what the regime does, and it succeeds in its task.

                My view is influenced by the stuff I’ve encountered on this CP forum (browsing it isn’t a crime in itself, but downloading CP files is illegal, so beware):


                The vast, overwhelming majority of actual pedophile sex — not the jailbait material — is incestuous. Dad decides to molest his kids, and mom is often a collaborator. So: it’s not strange men from the park, and it’s not initiated by the child, because I doubt very young kids can initiate anything like that. It’s parental abuse, simply put. Which means that anyone who tells you horror stories about “rings” is lying to your face, and that actual pedophile sex is largely unpreventable.

                So, to repeat: girls aged 10-12, you are probably correct, they’re horny little sluts. With small toddlers, on the other hand, the sex is parent initiated. The former case is indeed much more common than the latter case. And the former case can be prevented by the measures you propose, while the latter case can’t really be prevented.

                • jim says:

                  Pubic hair, and sexual desire, starts at andrenarche.

                  Breasts come in a bit later.

                  There are a lot of girls having sex before they have boobs.

                • peppermint says:

                  You sure it’s really self-actualization Boomer dad who’s the molester, instead of mom’s boyfriend who calls himself stepdad?

                • peppermint says:

                  I know a 100% shitlibby White single mother of a 16 year old shy and plain looking quarter Jew girl, mom has a nigger boyfriend who comes to the house to smoke weed with and sleep with her in between performing male domestic services (mow the lawn, dig up the garden).

                • Your Wife's Son says:

                  Okay, I stand corrected. My overall point remains: with girls who have pubic hair, the sex may be mostly initiated by them – climbing on top of one’s erection in one’s sleep, for instance.

                  With girls pre-adrenarche, and with boys pre-puberty, pedophile sex is both rare and incestuous. Given it is both rare and incestuous, it is not very preventable.

                  But it is used as a Motte by people with a very specific agenda to push, people who are telling you that something that is rare, incestuous, and unpreventable, is actually very common and the result of strangers in the park kidnapping your kids, ergo let’s pour resources into “combating” it, let’s spy on you, and let’s limit your freedom.

                  Once you accept this sort of manipulation, you end up with the Bailey – end up with Timothy Temple and Morgan Hunt in jail raped in the ass by niggers and with Corey Walgren being a corpse.

                • Your Wife's Son says:

                  >instead of mom’s boyfriend who calls himself stepdad

                  Read closer, Peppe. I mean not only literally incestuous, not always literally biological dad, but situations not far from being incestuous in their “dynamic”. For example, gay faggots adopting a kid and raping him.

                  Of course, faggots should be prevented from adopting anyone. But you can’t prevent sicko dads from molesting their kids, and there’s no point trying.

                  That a 16-year-old is fucked by a nigger has nothing to so with our discussion about pedophilia. That women are irresponsible cunts, bringing niggers home as replacement for biological fathers, we all know, so no point bringing that up.

                • Your Wife's Son says:

                  There is a lot of deception, deliberate deception, involved in every discussion in the media and and non-mainstream outlets about this issue.

                  One, it being a Motte and Bailey type of situation, they will highlight one rare, incestuous, unpreventable case as being a representative case, while inflating their statistics with myriads of cases that are not really “pedophilia” under any sound definition.

                  Two, using your shock, horror and disgust at the notion of strangers from the park locking up kids in undisclosed rape basements, which notion is a figment of wild imagination, to sustain and secure a prison state that jails up its citizens for “crimes” that somehow were only discovered in the 20th century, and to legitimize governmental spying on citizens.

                  If you cut through the deception, what remains? Only a hoax pushed by intelligence agencies, not unlike the rape hysteria. Since rape hysteria is demolished by the manosphere, as the manosphere proves that women want to be “raped”, the rape-hysteria had to be sidelined in favor of a pedo-hysteria.

                  Calling out the pedohysteria in 2017 for being a hoax, is like calling out the rapehysteria in 1997 for being a hoax. People won’t believe you, they will rub their eyes in disbelief, and as you were called a rapist in 1997, you are called a pedophile in 2017. Same agenda, pushed by the same CIA.

                  And when Nick Land suggests that the Cathedral is “CIA in clown face”, he isn’t entirely wrong.

            • jim says:

              when it occurs, it almost always occurs within families, not with strange men from the park. And yet, they are scaring you off with the image of strange men from the park kidnapping your kids.


              Utter bullshit.

              Progressive nonsense.

              You are buying into the women are wonderful meme.

              The vast majority of “pedophile” sex is girls after andrenarche and before menarche getting their rocks off.

              Something that is entirely legal for them, safe, socially approved, enouraged by good progressives in schools, and propelled by burning desire.

              A very much smaller proportion is gay men predating on underclass fatherless boys.

              And an absolutely insignificant and completely ignorable proportion is stranger in the park or incest.

            • Cavalier says:

              Pizzagate is real, and its importance has nothing to do with kiddy-diddlers hiding in every basement in America. Pizzagate reveals the function of the “shadow government”, for lack of a better term. Pizzagate reveals how cohesion is achieved and maintained. As far as Pizzagate itself is concerned, it is much worse than “mere” kiddy-diddling — it involves simulated human sacrifice in astonishingly public settings, making the unthinkable thinkable: real human sacrifice in non-public settings. If you hang out with “fake” human sacrificers, it doesn’t necessarily make you a “real” human sacrificer, but it does point in a certain direction.

              • Your Wife's Son says:

                If pizzagate is about fake human sacrifices, perhaps you shouldn’t call it pizzagate.

                As normally understood, pizzagate is about underground pedophile rape dungeons. It’s about “pizza” being a codeword in the emails for child-rape, rather than drugs (drugs being my proposition). My proposition makes sense given this:


                When it’s said “we only have one slice and we need to know how thinly to slice it”, it’s not about kid rape, it’s about drugs.

                When it’s said that the handkerchief has a map that “seems pizza related”, it’s not about kid rape, it’s about drugs.

                When it’s said “Would love to get a pizza for an hour? Come over” – it’s not kid rape, it’s drugs.

                “Pls eat my slice” – not kid rape, drugs.

                All of that is the “pizza” in “pizzagate”. If you still insist that there are literal kid-rape dungeons underground and that the emails refer to pedophilia, then you simply believe whatever you want to believe and no evidence can change your mind, so debate is pointless.

                And if you don’t insist on literal kid-rape dungeons underground, if you accept my proposition that “pizza” is probably a codeword for drugs; but then you want to make the argument that the elites are huge degenerates, who amuse themselves with fake cannibalism, fake human sacrifice, fake fetus eating, and perhaps fake pedophilia, then you should stop spreading the allegation that the elites literally rape kids in underground dungeons (which is pizzagate’s allegation), and instead, you should come up with a different meme, and document at length just how degenerate the elites are, which I am certainly not disputing.

                So no, “pizzagate” isn’t real. Elite degeneracy is real, simulated cannibalism is real, and there should be a different name for it than “pizzagate”, since pizzagate is a psy-op full of misinformation, a hoax.

          • jewish pedophile says:

            >My position, and Heartiste’s position, has always been that sexual interest in females who are potentially fertile – menarche or thereabouts is normal and healthy, that girls getting married at around that age should not be normative, but should be common and unremarkable, and common in elite families.


            “Menarche or thereabouts,” preppermint.

        • pdimov says:

          “Within 10 years you’ll be hearing about terrorist cells armed with WMDs operating within the US.”

          Welcome to 2001.

          • Your Wife's Son says:

            “Invade the world, invite the world.”

            2001, the world had to be invaded. Mission accomplished!

            2020, super-mega-ISIS is created, armed with WMDs, and invited to America and Europe, together with millions of “peaceful” Muslims who are already pouring in unperturbed.

            You are not contradicting my prophesy, but affirming it.

        • pdimov says:

          Also, Nazis are now officially worse than pedophiles. https://twitter.com/EscapeVelo/status/901888766780076032

          • Your Wife's Son says:

            Not sure weev is telling the truth there.

            And the important question is not: “who will be the first to be thrown down to crocodile river?”

            Because each and every Cathedral-undermining force will be thrown down to crocodile river. They may start out with “pedos”, or with “nazis”, but eventually it will get to everyone.

          • Your Wife's Son says:

            This status is the alt-right’s future:


            “He is a pedo” will be applied to everyone.

          • Your Wife's Son says:

            Look at this /pol/ thread:


            >muh lewd acts
            >muh human trafficking
            >muh pizzagate
            >MUH PIZZAGATE
            >FBI are generally good people

            /pol/ has been psy-ops’d. It wouldn’t be the first time, hehe.

            • Alrenous says:

              If I had sufficiently poor appreciation for cost versus benefit, I could personally Jew /pol/. There is another theory which states that this kind of thing has already happened.

  4. Your Wife's Son says:

    Damn, if my intuition and observation are on-spot, the CIA is going to really up the ante in its pedo-hysteria psy-ops. All the trial balloons have yielded tremendous success, after all.

  5. Dave says:

    From http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/tor-kiddie-porn-lovers-demand-shutdown-of-daily-stormer-on-pedoweb/ :

    “Most likely, most of the people working on the [Tor] project are pedophiles who need a safe way to share images of kiddie fiddling. Because kiddie porn is definitely what the software is most widely used for.

    “Second most used thing is trafficking in hard drugs.

    “Then you have terrorism, slave trading and assassins for hire. And so on.

    “But as soon as the Daily Stormer shows up – literally the only legal website to have ever used this service – the Tor people start going crazy and talking about how evil we are.”

    Anglin just keeps hitting them out of the park. I’ll bet there’s been a huge spike in downloads of the Tor software as millions wonder what’s on this terrible website that Jews don’t want them to see.

    • Your Wife's Son says:

      What will happen is people downloading TOR to see what kind of horrible stuff pedophiles watch — why do people watch horror and ISIS materials? Curiosity knows no bounds — but in their pursuit of the horrible BL (boylove) they’ll stumble upon lots of JB (jailbait), and realize that “CP” as it’s defined by the Cathedral is not all that very horrible and that it makes no sense to throw people in jail for it, at which point ZOG will shut TOR down forever.

      Disbelief in fictitious crimes is not “good for business” in a prison state. Can’t risk it. If ordinary people aka normies realize that CP is mostly JB and that BL is a relatively small minority of the stuff, the support for federal spying on your private activity will dwindle, and the feds don’t want that, now, do they? Only FBI/NSA/CIA agents have the privilege to masturbate to fully developed 15 y/os, not you mister “private citizen”.

      Gotta scare you off somehow. That’s why the CIA came up with the psy-ops that is the non-existent “international pedophile rings” that are supposedly operating right down the street where you live, right now. So scary! Anyone could be a pedophile! Every basement is full of little kids crying out for help! So what if we have absolutely no legitimate evidence whatsoever for this fiction! WE ARE SPYING ON YOU TO PROTECT YOU FROM THE BOGEYMAN WE HAVE INVENTED, WHATCHA GONNA DO CITIZEN?

      It’s basically the same psy-op as the non-existent “sex trafficking rings”, the longest-running con in the FBI’s history. Everyone knows it’s just itinerant whores moving from one state to another for business, and any actual whore will tell you as much (unless you’re an irregular client of hers, in which case she’ll run away ASAP because only a policeman would ask about this issue).

      (Hey feds – are you allowed some “private time” in your own offices, or do you just “take work home”? Nah, I know the answer. I bet your wives are in on the joke. They post the most pedo-hysterical stuff on social media, but they know what their husbands are watching – nobody really cares)

      Do you know why they don’t shut down these videos? It’s because the feds are watching them, under the pretext of “investigating the illegal material”, but because it’s usually teens, often in distant countries, and very often alone in front of the camera, there is nothing to “solve” here, and the only thing the feds can do with the videos is MASTURBATE FURIOUSLY to them, which is exactly what they do.

      Enjoy your prison planet.

  6. vxxc2014 says:

    Amen Reverend Jim.

  7. recognizing the plain truth that a foreign 2% of our population has 50% of the wealth and power which is largely used to viking says:

    too bad instead of beckering we had built something

    • Garr says:

      “Our”? You ain’t no American — that’s for goddam sure. But welcome anyways. We Americans like friendly smiles and firm handshakes. Hold doors for old ladies and let guys work in at the gym and you’ll do okay.

      • Garr says:

        Oh — you’re Viking. Okay, I guess you’re an American after all. There seemed to be a bit of an English-as-a-second-language problem in your pithy new pseudonym. Now I see that you meant that the “foreign 2%” is “largely used to” you. Is “beckering” a pun on the name “Becker”? In (public) grade school there was a kid with that last name who was picked on a lot — picked on, actually, by the tough Jewish kids, who, being badasses, already had “girlfriends” in 5th grade. Poor Becker’s father was a cop. Hmm … no, his stepfather. I believe, in retrospect, that the unfortunate Becker was both spectrumy and homosexual. The world is a very sad place.

        • recognizing the plain truth that a foreign 2% of our population has 50% of the wealth and power which is largely used to viking says:

          yes yes yes Im a sloppy writer bad speller i dont use punctuation and im mean spirited and a tenacious bore yawn

  8. pdimov says:

    DS was back briefly on Dreamhost, DDOSed out: https://twitter.com/CounterFund/status/900800769095602177

  9. pdimov says:

    Pax on alt-tech: https://twitter.com/CounterFund/status/901140344426958853

    Need $5M-10M initially.

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