Demon Worship

The Clinton circle ritually and collectively perform degenerate acts as a sacrament (Podesta’s Spirit Cooking). There are increasing grounds to suspect that they engaged in child sacrifice.

I don’t suppose they would think of it as demon worship, rather they think they are worshiping themselves and their own magical powers, but the connections to child traffickers reveal that it is demon worship. Hillary famously said “It takes a village”, and she has taken a few, or at least she applied State Department power to protect child traffickers that stole a few.

Meanwhile, the State Department some time ago installed Ms. Park Gyun-Hye as the President of South Korea, and was and is confident of her servile obedience, and continues to feel that were she replaced, it would be a bad thing for “the international community”.

But it was recently revealed that Ms. Park Gyun-Hye was the servile and mistreated puppet of a circle of people who claim magical powers and perform magic rituals.

So if she is the puppet of a religious leader, then the religious leader must be the puppet of the State Department, or, more likely, since cohesion usually comes from shared religion and ritual practice, the State Department is controlled by practitioners of the same religion, who meet together to do disgusting stuff like drinking the blood of children, which bonds them together.

The Cathedral is not so much a single conspiracy, as the net entropic consequence of a huge number of conspiracies. It cannot be accurately modeled as a single conscious being. Apple under Jobs was an extension of the will of Jobs, and its actions were explicable as the pursuit of profit and the pursuit of excellence. The American government cannot be modeled as the will of Obama, or the will of a small group capable of meeting around a coffee table and its actions cannot be modeled as the pursuit of anything coherent or sane. But the largest and most cohesive conspiracy will exercise the most power and gain the most privilege, and the largest and most cohesive conspiracy is apt to be the beneficiary of shared religious worship and belief.

Since the Clinton circle is clearly the most powerful conspiracy, we would expect it to be the largest and most cohesive, hence we would expect it to be held together by the glue of shared religious worship and belief – religion and belief that supplies plentiful amounts of blackmail material. It is inherent in the nature of the Cathedral that one is likely to find something like a cult of demon worshipers exercising the most power. You have inner circles, inner circles within inner circles, and natural selection for the meme system most capable of gaining and holding power.

You will notice that the pope and almost every christian authority has backed Hilton to the hilt, knowing that she engages in degenerate acts conducted as a sacrament.

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  1. TiredEyes says:


  2. Cloudswrest says:

    Speaking of demon worship, does anyone remember the elites “ceremony” celebrating the opening of the Gotthard Base tunnel in Switzerland?

    • jim says:


      Interesting choice to celebrate the opening of a tunnel with simulated collapses.

    • Cavalier says:

      Yes. In fact, I just revisited it yesterday. It bothered me before but I dismissed it in the manner of one high on crimestop. Now I am only creeped out beyond comprehension.

      I think it’s significant that it happened in Switzerland. The BIS is located in Switzerland, also.

  3. Alan J. Perrick says:

    It’s quite an interesting commentary on the unfortunate common culture when the political scandals start to resemble tabloid fodder.


  4. Texas says:

    James K Polk and Andrew Jackson forever!!!!! Warrior Kings never crowned!!!!

  5. Texas says:

    Of the last 50 or 60 years in which this system does not seem implausble at all the least likely President to have given sanction to these disgusting acrivities is Richard Nixon. Also the most likely to have fought against it, a man considered a prole and by elite groups even while in high school.

    He is known to have calles the Bohemian Grove the “faggiest goddamn thing I have ever seen”

    This explains the unbelievable hate for him by the media et. for the mildest of prpvocations by his team.

    Also, keep in mind, everyone, Bohemian Grove has been around for a hudred years. it may have well been getting worse and worse, but something to think about. Hell, I don’t want to sound more like a crazy redneck that I already am, but George Washinhton was a freemason

    Andrew Jacksob and Richard Nixon forever! Warrior Scots and English Forever!

  6. Brit says:

    New /pol/ post suggests her disease is laughing sickness

    • Ryan C says:

      Pfft. There was an x-files episode about that already.


      Did they accidentally eat prions before?

  7. lalit says:

    ” rather they think they are worshiping themselves and their own magical powers”

    This is not a good organizing principle. A good organizing principle requires a transcendental component, even if false as in Islam. This one has none. All that is needed is a kick in the door and the entire rotten structure will come crashing down. The tragedy of modern society is that no one has even deigned to kick the door.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      >All that is needed is a kick in the door and the entire rotten structure will come crashing down.

      I seem to recall a plucky little corporal saying something similar a few years back. It even looked like he was right for a while. In the end, the only structure that came crashing down was the one he built.

  8. redd says:

    are you fucking retarded?

    • Alfred says:

      No he is not. I’m still processing it. But it makes sense, it fits the picture.

      • Cavalier says:

        This will help.

        Spend some time with it.

        Let it sink in.


        Swish it around in your mouth.

        Feel the bite.

        Wait for the aftertaste.

        • peppermint says:

          that picture of the little girl taped to the table has me seeing red. I hope the God-Emperor personally beheads everyone associated with Comet Ping Pong.

        • Alfred says:

          The hiding of the Clintons during election night smells like guilt and shame. When Podesta spoke I felt hatred towards him.

          So let’s say the Clintons and Obama were involved in the inner circle. That means the US had demon worshippers as their explicit rulers for 16 years and implicitly likely 20+ years. Did not see that coming.

        • Alfred says:

          So the lesson is that given enough time democratic states will have a ruling elite engaging in satanistic rituals because satanistic rituals are the most effective way to organize around a lie. Wow. I’m convinced.

          • Steve Johnson says:

            Abstract it another level.

            Given enough time democratic states will have a ruling elite engaged in practices that blaspheme the beliefs of the middle class.

            Anti-prog groups have rituals where they blaspheme progressivism by publicly shouting things like “no means yes, yes means anal” and (the most shocking blasphemy of all) publicly shouting negative things about progressive pets / saints – black people. A few years ago /pol/ was a joke and “rationalism” was serious. /pol/ had a bonding ritual where they created memes about googles and skypes. “Rationalism” had rules about politeness – now rationalism is just a form of progressivism that has a lot more trannies and ugly nerd chicks ginning up conflict in the low T men that hang around.

            • Alfred says:

              I get the first part about ritualistically blaspheming the beliefs of the middle class.

              Not sure I follow 2nd part. alt-right will also develop cult rituals?

              • Steve Johnson says:

                Progs guarded the inner circle by forcing initiates to do things no opponent of progressivism could do. The closer to the inner circle, the more horrifying the things you have to do and say.

                The mirror image is why the alt-right hasn’t turned into the cucked Republican party – they have rituals that you have to participate in that progressives find stomach turning and unthinkable.

                Groups that aren’t progressive, aim to create cohesion, and yet don’t have anti-entryist rituals that progressives find stomach turning end up progressive. Frats stay shitlord for as long as they resist the progressive efforts to tear down the anti-entryist walls, rationalist communes don’t because they value “niceness” (where niceness is defined as being inoffensive to progressives).

                • Ryan C says:

                  But you fail to realize.

                  They only need to compromise the leadership, and hardcore progs have no souls.

        • redd says:

          abromavic is a performance artist, she does weird shit, that’s her whole thing. look up ‘balkan erotic epic’. the only people that worship satan are a sect of goth objectivists.

  9. peppermint says:

    Since the pope has no real power, but exists at the pleasure of the princes of the world, he uses his universal teaching authority regarding faith and morals to corrupt. Worse, he’s a plausibly deniable tool.

    Religion must not be a plausibly deniable tool of the government, the government must not have religion to control the militia. The militia and männerbünd must control the government.

    If religion is inevitable, it should be controlled by the government, but Natural Selection is the simple truth, and it doesn’t need a priesthood.

    • jim says:

      This has been a huge problem ever since the sack of Rome.

      Roman Catholicism is only workable if the Holy Roman Emperor has adequate earthly power over all Roman Catholic lands.

      • Texas says:

        If a Trump managed to be Emperor/King and have control over Western World Catholicism could be reformed. I suppose until then under this theory we’d have to be essentially High Church Anglicanism but adjusted for America.

      • Texas says:

        Oh and also, like you said, an actualpy functioming inquisition. The Anglixan Inquisition was laughable to non existent, even at the very height of it in 1500s-1600s was pretty weak

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