Diversity means defection

Yet another great Steve Sailer post. Diversity, even with groups of comparable ability, leads to loss of trust and bad conduct.

This is revealed by the FBIs ten most wanted white collar criminals. White collar crime requires intelligence, but the only American born white on the top ten, the only one you could not tell was a diversity by looking at him, is named Hamed Ahmed Elbarki. Every single one on the top ten is a diversity, and most of them belong to groups with a known tendency to ordinary lower class dumb vicious thug type criminality. The Russian Jew looks not at all Russian, and very, very Jewish. Most Jews are white, though they don’t identify as white. The Russian Jew is not white.

This reminds me of the last days of Informix. They hired very large numbers of Indians (dot, not feather). Because of corruption in the Informix hiring process, the Indians were not all of the best quality, but that was not the big problem. The big problem was that each caste or clan formed a conspiracy which proceeded to plot against the company, against whites, and against each of the other castes or clans. Though this was more a case of diversity leads to war, than diversity leads to defection. Towards the end, Informix was showing signs of becoming Beirut on the Bay. My boss sent me to a meeting, pretty much to spy on them. I go into the meeting and they are all Indians, all Indians of a particular Indian race. And they all look at me as one and viscerally react “Enemy spy”. All business halted while I was present.

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  1. […] from Jim: Diversity means defection—even when you have people of equal ability. Phenotypic diversity is the wrong kind of diversity. […]

  2. nightwatcher says:

    If things can’t be made better they have to be made worse as fast as possible. Encourage the decay wherever it’s imposed.

  3. 404 says:

    Jews aren’t White. Some may look very White now due to interbreeding (“Ashkenazim” means “German”), but they trace their lineage matrilineally back to distinctly non-White races. And, like you said, they don’t identify as White, and in fact mostly regard Whites as lower than Arab Muslims, whom they openly hate. They are a parasite that has evolved to resemble their host.

  4. Wyrd says:

    “Alan J. Perrick”,


    Best regards,

    The Norns.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      “Wyrd Norns”,

      Glad some-one else is agreeing with me about the “white ethnic” nomenclature. I bring it up on /pol/ sometimes and often get a chorus of yowling papists upset that they’re being seen for who they are!

      Best regards,


      • Hidden Author says:

        Any excuse to feel superior!

        Hey, Alan, what have you in particular done with your life?

        • Wyrd says:

          Hey, Alan, what have you in particular done with your life?

          He didn’t give me any flowers so I had to slay lots of brown and black people. *sogs*

  5. Alan J. Perrick says:


    These Jews and Mossies you say look white are not actually whites, but white ethnics. I suppose that a lot of anti-whites can’t really tell the difference, so it isn’t a critical factor most times…

    It is an unfortunate reality that many white people in the business world, i.e. the Informix management or board, have mistaken Indian aggressiveness for intelligence!

    Best regards,


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