Field Report on a trans

I was with a girl in a bar, (under another identity, of course) and a friend of hers showed up who appeared to be a young man, a teenage male. If you saw a photograph of him, you would have no doubt he was male. But the movement was off, the social interaction was off, the voice, though deep for a girl was off, and after a minute or so, something seemed horribly wrong, disgusting, revolting and weird. Something difficult to explain or describe. I asked “Are you a ladyboy”, and it replied, using old and politically incorrect terminology, that it was born a woman passing as male to hit on straight women. (It being that night at the bar) It made no attempt to hit on the girl I was with.

But after a minute or so longer, she passed all the way through uncanny valley to the other side, from male to weird intersex to female superficially disguised as male, and no longer felt weird and creepy to me. Felt female. So I treated her like any female – negged her, insulted her, and told her to get me my coffee. She loved this, loved serving me, but after a minute or so disappeared, and I thought no more about her.

Then, a few days later, she showed up with at my place, still looking like a boy, cleaned it up, raided my fridge, cooked me a remarkably delicious meal, and called me “daddy”. She explained that she had no father, and regarded me as her father. While still making herself as ugly as possible.

A few more days, a few hours before this post, she assures me she still has all her original plumbing and offers me her virginity. Not because she wants sex with a male, she assures me the thought absolutely disgusts her, and she wants me to get it over with as quickly as possible and with as little physical contact as possible, but to please me. This after a couple of negs, several demands for service, respect, and obedience, and one slap on the backside.

I have not kissed her, I have not held her hand. I have not patted her backside, I have not touched her except to slap her on the backside. And I have not felt inclined to do any of these things. And I only slapped her backside because not slapping her after she cooked me a lovely meal and claimed I was her father felt like unkindly ignoring her.

Which offer would blow my mind coming from almost any other female. I don’t have high standards. But not however, this female, who has gone to remarkable lengths to successfully uglify herself. And she made the offer without doing anything to make herself less ugly. Obviously, if she was inclined to accompany such offers with efforts to make herself beautiful, she would not be trans in the first place.

Moral of this story: You want to reduce the suicide rate among trans?

Ban them from being trans. It is a horrible and self destructive mistake. Pandering to people who believe they will be happier as the opposite sex is like pandering to people who believe that jumping off cliffs will enable them to fly. Hence the suicide rate. They kill themselves because transitioning just does not work. They cannot actually pass, and they do not actually want what they think they want.

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  1. Ichm says:

    > They kill themselves because transitioning just does not work. They cannot actually pass, and they do not actually want what they think they want.

    In my experience, what they want is to be “normal”, fall into a wife group of stably identified people. But this is impossible too — banning transvestitism would make you happy; them not so much.
    Any divergent individual will often feel like suiciding, it’s not just sexually-divergent people.
    Try being born as someone who feels like vomiting whenever he lies or they lie to him, and see if you’ll entertain suicide or not.

    Other examples could be made.

    • jim says:


      Tney expect to become, and to be treated as, regular members of the opposite sex. Which does not happen, and is not what they really want anyway. They think they want that, but they are usually very wrong.

      These people are putting a great deal of effort into doing something that is horribly wrong and which fails horribly. They expect people to treat them as attractive members of the opposite sex, and instead they fall into uncanny valley. And it usually turns out that though they think they want people to treat them as attractive members of the opposite sex, they are deluded about their own desires, horribly mistaken not only about what other people will want, but about what they themselves want.

      Forbidding men from wearing women’s clothing, and doing women stuff, and forbidding women from wearing men’s clothing and doing man stuff, is just like forbidding small kids from playing with feces and sticking things into live electric power points. It is damaging to oneself, to society, and to people around you.

    • jim says:

      > In my experience, what they want is to be “normal”, fall into a wife group of stably identified people

      Probably that is what the trans I encountered thought she wanted, but clearly not in fact what she actually wanted.

      She showed up at my place and started performing the female role, even though dressed in a manner utterly inappropriate for that role. Obviously did not think she was showing up to perform the female role. Just as when I open the fridge door, somehow I do not think it is because I am going to raid the fridge and eat.

      Similarly, she was quite sure that if she had sex with me, she would utterly loath and detest it, but it was she who sought to have sex with me, and I, for possibly the first time ever, declined a fertile age female.

    • jewish pedophile says:

      >what they want is to be “normal”

      All MtF trannies are prostitutes, as nearly all of them as makes no difference. Is that a healthy conception of normalcy? They’re mentally ill.

  2. Nationalist Perspective says:

    Jim, here I try answering the question: “What specific policies do nationalists want?” I think the right isn’t clear enough on specific policies we should be pursuing…

  3. Anonymous says:

    In this thread I have asked Turtle what he thinks of my theory that pizzagate is a CIA psy-op. He did not respond. Okay, perhaps this will make him respond:

    “The Kremlin Pedophile

    By Alexander Litvinenko
    July, 05, 2006
    Chechen Press
    Nov. 26, 2006

    A few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin walked from the Big Kremlin Palace to his Residence. At one of the Kremlin squares, the president stopped to chat with the tourists. Among them was a boy aged 4 or 5.

    ‘What is your name?’ Putin asked.

    ‘Nikita,’ the boy replied.

    Putin kneed, lifted the boy’s T-shirt and kissed his stomach.

    The world public is shocked. Nobody can understand why the Russian president did such a strange thing as kissing the stomach of an unfamiliar small boy.

    The explanation may be found if we look carefully at the so-called “blank spots” in Putin’s biography.

    After graduating from the Andropov Institute, which prepares officers for the KGB intelligence service, Putin was not accepted into the foreign intelligence. Instead, he was sent to a junior position in KGB Leningrad Directorate. This was a very unusual twist for a career of an Andropov Institute’s graduate with fluent German. Why did that happen with Putin?

    Because, shortly before his graduation, his bosses learned that Putin was a pedophile. So say some people who knew Putin as a student at the Institute.

    The Institute officials feared to report this to their own superiors, which would cause an unpleasant investigation. They decided it was easier just to avoid sending Putin abroad under some pretext. Such a solution is not unusual for the secret services.

    Many years later, when Putin became the FSB director and was preparing for presidency, he began to seek and destroy any compromising materials collected against him by the secret services over earlier years. It was not difficult, provided he himself was the FSB director. Among other things, Putin found videotapes in the FSB Internal Security Directorate, which showed him making sex with some underage boys.

    Interestingly, the video was recorded in the same conspiratorial flat in Polyanka Street in Moscow where Russian Prosecutor-General Yuri Skuratov was secretly video-taped with two prostitutes. Later, in the famous scandal, Putin (on Roman Abramovich’s instructions) blackmailed Skuratov with these tapes and tried to persuade the Prosecutor-General to resign. In that conversation, Putin mentioned to Skuratov that he himself was also secretly video-taped making sex at the same bed. (But of course, he did not tell it was pedophilia rather than normal sex.) Later, Skuratov wrote about this in his book Variant Drakona (p.p. 153-154).”


    “Alexander Litvinenko publicly accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being a pedophile just four months before he was poisoned in 2006, an inquiry into the ex-KGB spy’s death has found.”


    “On November 1 of the same year, Litvinenko would meet former KGB agents Dmitry Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoy at a hotel in central London, where they had tea.

    The exiled Russian dissident spent the evening vomiting. It would later be revealed the tea was laced with radioactive polonium.

    It would take him another three weeks to die – enough time to name the men he believed were his assassins, and Putin as the man pulling the strings in the background.

    For years, it was thought his killing was due to his outspoken criticism of the Kremlin, and accusations which included accusing the Russian secret service of being behind the Moscow theatre attack.

    But this is the first time the blog and its very particular accusation has come to light as a possible final straw.

    The wild claim is recorded in Sir Robert Owen’s inquiry report as part of a long list of allegations made by the assassinated spy against Mr Putin after he fled Russia and settled in Britain.

    Sir Robert wrote in his report: ‘It hardly needs saying that the allegations made by Mr Litvinenko against President Putin in this article were of the most serious nature. Could they have had any connection with his death?’

    Sir Robert concluded that Mr Putin had ‘probably’ approved the dissident’s assassination himself, along with the current head of the FSB. Giving evidence to the inquiry last year, Litvinenko’s widow Marina said she had ‘no idea’ whether or not the paedophile claims were true.

    But as the war of words escalated, a spokesman for Putin said ‘such a quasi-investigation such as the one being talked about today undoubtedly is able only to still further poison the atmosphere of our bilateral relations’.”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Perhaps, Turtle — just, like, *maybe* — you should admit that I know what I’m talking about, in this particular case. The alt-right is going through psychological operations conducted by the CIA, centered around the issue of pedophilia. The articles I have quoted above illustrate exactly, accurately what kind of “ideas” the American intelligence community is using to psychologically manipulate its opponents. The endless anti-Trump allegations, like the allegation that Putin is a pedophile, are pure DEEP STATE trickery.

    If you don’t understand the content of this “conspiracy theory”, I’ll be glad to explain it to you.

    Reddit claims that Flat-Earthism is a CIA psy-op, but I am on to something much, much, much bigger. A fed psy-op (pizzagate) that has *succeeded*, unlike Flat-Earthism. It’s all the more brilliant because they had made pizzagate look explicitly anti-Democrat, obviously they had to do that, because the target-audience *was* the alt-right. Superb chess-move, truly – bravo.

    Then, the next chess-move was the whole “fake news” meme that the media began promoting in total unanimity, using pizzagate (hmmm, how convenient) as a pretext, although in this case, the meme has been appropriated by right-wingers and Trump himself, so it absolutely backfired; win some, lose some! Hence, they switched to “alternative facts”. But all in all, this later phase of the psy-op has been a net loss for those behind it. Still, the fact that the “pizzagate” operation has succeeded so profoundly, and that the larger psy-op of manipulating the alt-right using the issue of pedophilia is still ongoing, mean that the initial success more than compensates for the subsequent losses.

    I want Andrew Anglin to say outright: “Sinead McCarthy is funded by the CIA.” But he won’t, because they won this time around.

    • Anonymous says:

      Correction: it’s not just Reddit that claims Flat-Earth is a psy-op. Search “flat earth cia psy op”, plenty of good results. Of course, pizzagate is the ultimate psy-op, again, because it has succeeded.

      The issue is very peculiar. In NRx, for instance, you have some members buying completely into pizzagate-inspired thinking (Free Northerner, Atavisionary), and generally, the pedo-hysteria is running wild; look what Ryan Landry has recently “liked” on Twitter:

      It’s all going according to plan, apparently. They’ve figured out the ultimate issue with which the alt-right can be manipulated.

      • peppermint says:

        Polanski really did get away with fucking a 13 year old girl because he’s a filthy rat kike. Fucking 13 year old girls really does go against our community standards and we really do have a right and duty to uphold those standards especially against kikes.

        Epstein’s lolita express and loli island really exist and Jews really do make Aryan elites visit in order to be able to mention it if they get uppity, and the other Aryan elites really do cover for this.

        Podesta and Hillary really do have “spirit cooking” dinners where they ensure each others’ blackmailability while mocking the White community.

        • Anonymous says:

          The first paragraph I understand. As a matter of fact, an older male is having sex with a teenage female right know, as you’re reading this sentence, and he’ll “get away with it”, because in the real world that’s that. The morally-outraged response is to declare that the world is not pure enough, needs to be more pure. The alpha response is “who cares, I’ve got enough women of my own.”

          Second paragraph should make you think: if you’re not attracted to men, can you be just randomly convinced to fuck a dude in the ass, and consequently be blackmailed for it? Doesn’t make sense. A heterosexual man doesn’t just decide to fuck a dude in the ass because Schlomo told him so. Thus, if the contention about lolita express is true, it must mean that some men are indeed attracted to lolitas – by nature, not because of kike brainwashing.

          After all, why is “teen” one of the most popular searches on porn sites? Alternet even says: “lots of grown adults are fulfilling their pedophilia tendencies by searching for “teen” porn.” Of course, the equation that is “teen = pedo” is false, but it does speak for the unspoken preferences of actual men in the actual world. So, not really sure what the issue is. Are you against good ol’ sex-slavery?

          Saying that Epstein forced you to fuck a lolita is akin to saying that some random kike made you into a faggot – implausible. The problem is not kikes bringing a horny teen slut to Bill Clinton so that he could be blackmailed by Bibi Netanyahu – the problem is that Bill, and people like him, are afraid of standing up and owning their inborn desire to fuck horny teen sluts, and also, the system has illegalized natural male desire and thereby made blackmailing possible in the first place [*]. Individual Jewish blackmailers may profit by this anti-male system, but that’s a different issue than what you’re really complaining about.

          As for loli island – false. Doesn’t exist.

          Third paragraph is all false except the last 4 words, kinda.

          [*] “The wording of the Criminal Law Amendment Act is made to supply a few of the omissions of the old law concerning rape, and in raising the age under which the consent of the female participator is not recognized, the Act puts the dangerous weapon into the hands of that person of showing that she does not appear to be sixteen. This is a fertile source of blackmailing, because a girl of fifteen and a half has only to get a man to have connection with her, or to attempt it, and he is at her mercy. If he will pay up his defense is easily arranged by the speculative attorney who is always at the back door of such cases. He has only to plead that he had a discussion with the girl about her age, that he reasonably believed she was over sixteen, and a little skillful millinery displayed in the witness-box settles the release of the defendant. But if he won’t pay up then the milliner can make the prosecutrix look much under sixteen, and a heavy sentence is the result.” – Ernest Belfort Bax, 1854-1926.

          (Wik: “Ernest Belfort Bax was an English barrister, journalist, philosopher, men’s rights advocate, socialist, and historian.”)

          • peppermint says:

            …so what’s your point? These people are blackmailed by the blackmail network, which is run by Jews.

            Normalizing adult men fucking and then not marrying 13 year old girls is not a good idea and will not happen. Instead, the fathers of these girls need the restoration of the legal right to murder men who fuck and don’t marry them, even if those men are aristocrats.

            Massachusetts age of consent law is 16, unless the woman was seduced from a chaste lifestyle, in which case it is 18. The law we need is death for fucking a girl before menarche and whatever the father demands for his honor for fucking a woman who isn’t a whore if marriage is impossible.

            Power does funny things. I do believe a number of men do the gay in order to be part of a power cult. Because men who do the gay are inherently a power cult, men who do the gay need to be executed.

            Roman Polanski must be executed for the honor not just of the father of the girl but for the honor of the community the girl came from.

            The Jews running these blackmail networks must be executed for the honor the the Aryan race and also for blackmailing politicians.

            The politicians blackmailed must be executed for treason.

            • Anonymous says:

              >…so what’s your point?

              You know what the point is – someone has succeeded in their attempt to manipulate vast numbers of intelligent people into believing that there’s a pedophilia-centered atrocity going on among the elites, and that the elites want to legalize kidfucking; when in reality the elites do not want to legalize kidfcuking, and in actual fact it’s a psy-ops designed to preserve the puritan worldview by manufacturing and drumming-up a moral panic; and of course, designed to justify spying on you to “protect the public”, and, as you’re being spied on, to take away more of your freedom, again, by scaring you shitless with this bogeyman, as the American regime often does, thus inducing you to support the latest expansion of deep-state power which will come at your expense.

              That’s how they operate, and it’s much more insidious than some run-of-the-mill blackmail network run by the usual suspects. Your regime is manipulating you, and by “you” I mean the alt-right. By raising up the issue of pedophilia and its true meaning, I’m letting you join me in being “ahead of the curve”, because it *will* be a very central — not at all marginal — issue within a while.

              • peppermint says:

                Fucking teenagers and not marrying them will never be acceptable behavior.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Fucking any virgin woman without marrying her should be frowned upon (or worse), but there’s no reason to over-protect teens. On the contrary: over-protection of teens is the problem.

                  You want teens to be less protected and less sheltered, so they’ll be incentivized and have the space (not least, the mental space) to mature into independence, and start families, and fulfill the 14-Words by having babies. So, the solution is not preserving the puritan/feminist “Age Of Consent”, but abolishing it completely, and establishing in its stead the legally-sanctioned practice of shotgun marriage.

                  Right now, teens are super-over-protected, and so, teens don’t start families, and don’t even realize that “starting a family” is a thing. Need less sheltering, less outright infantilization; not more of those things. There’s simply no way around it.

                • jim says:

                  Old Testament rules: Sex with a virgin, shotgun marriage.

                  And since I have never dumped a virgin, or curtailed her food, rainment, or sexual gratification, by old testment rules I am doing the right thing.

                • Turtle says:

                  By Old Testament rules, circumcision is needed too, so I disagree, Jim. I wouldn’t want to be your Old Testament son with “scripturally mandated mutilation.”

                  As for the O.T.’s legal validity, do you follow kosher rules too? I mean, you can’t pick and choose your laws to suit your own ease. What if God were so inconsistent in how He treats you?

                  Join a church, even if it feels imperfect, boring, cucked, etc. Or, privately and rewardingly, read some Puritan teachings, starting with pleasant ones.

                  I recommend this very cheap Amazon book:

                  The Art of Divine Contentment (Vintage Puritan) Kindle Edition
                  by Thomas Watson

                  [search for it yourself, I don’t like to post their links]

                  And dogmatically, I don’t insist on canonical Orthodoxy only, that’s disobedient to the reigning Western religious culture.

                  The Puritans are the Christians who seem to appeal to Jim most, when he realizes they liked sex, pleasure, etc. Really, as our Canadian Puritan fellow commenter implies (I forget his pen name), and I restate, Puritans are purely joyous, while others are actual ‘killjoys.’ (Yes, Anonymous is totally wrong here, as a strangely knowledgeable but Christ-wise ignorant intellectual striving to know denominational values and church history.)

                  There’s even a recent book called “Killjoys,” by John Piper, a likable theologian, about how sin darkens the soul and causes unhappiness.

                  Westerners who live in Christ understand how to live. We are wise, despite our fallen-folly (mostly just pretending our sin is good and ok with God).

                • jim says:

                  By Old Testament rules, circumcision is needed too, so I disagree, Jim. I wouldn’t want to be your Old Testament son with “scripturally mandated mutilation.”

                  As for the O.T.’s legal validity, do you follow kosher rules too? I mean, you can’t pick and choose your laws to suit your own ease.

                  As the New Testament says, the spirit, not the letter, of the law.

                  Pharisees had elaborated this stuff so that it became obviously stupid. New Testament has a revelation explicitly ditching kosher, plus Jesus said that it is not what goes into your mouth, but what comes out of it.

                  You need to ask “Why this law?” Is the purpose still applicable?

                  And for most of the laws directly relating to sex, the purpose is still applicable, or if not, the rule with minor changes, as interpreted and applied by the Restoration Anglican Church, is applicable

                  A law that says you cannot ditch a virgin is different from a law on eating shellfish.

                • Turtle says:


                  The Orthodox Church, and the West before the schism and reformation, had strict fasting rules, specifying when to eat shellfish or not. This was an updating of kosher, based on the Church Calendar. I like laws as enforced by the Church, but our New Testament addition to it is morality- the spirit of the law.

                  Jim, I think you focus on behavior and choices a lot, but less on sentiments and attitudes. If so, this limits your social success and happiness- inner behavior is just as real, but maybe mysterious.

                  I suppose you would like this church:

                • peppermint says:

                  So you’re not going to morality police outwardly observable behavior that could have an impact on the world and the 14w, but you are going to encourage inward unobservable behavior.

                  Encouragement of supererogation and bragging about supererogation means trying to purity spiral and redistribute resources for supererogation.

                  Life is war. If you think it’s good vs evil instead of 14w vs total oblivion in the cold void, we can be allies provided you actually fight in a meaningful way instead of purity masturbating. The most disgusting creature in all of existence is the coward who thinks the most important thing is the purity of his “soul” and how a powerful alien will reward or punish him for feeling emotions.

                • Turtle says:

                  But the Traditional Catholic church I linked to, not an Orthodox one, does morality police, so the women all wear chapel veils. They don’t fully cover their hair, but it’s good enough for now.

                  About inner actions, I was being polite, but it is autistic to be emotionally deaf. Maybe you can’t notice those things, but sometimes people read my thoughts and vice versa, so I cant’ discount my or others’ private evaluations.

                  Supererogation, as I understand it, distracts from God’s charity by focusing on our obligations and abilities. That’s not the point- He loves us even if we oppose Him. The point is His glory, not our cooperation. Glorifying Him is partly involuntary- it is awesome that He created us, even though we fell and sin. Not all sin is voluntary…not all virtue is voluntary.

                  Erogationism exaggerates free will, to seem like a nobleman. I like the serf system, with czars and censors, but not friars or ‘therapists’ (so life is controlled locally, without metroemotional, disloyal bourgoisie). Yeomen are nice too, as Jim describes, while underclass villains are not. Theology always has a socioeconomic context, not that I am claiming ‘constructivism.’ I just mean erogation is early modern stuff, like Calvinism.

                  > Encouragement of supererogation and bragging about supererogation means trying to purity spiral and redistribute resources for supererogation.

                  I think you’re right in a backwards way. Hyper-erogaters are often hermits, who bless everyone without taking up wealth. And they lead by example, not by winning the blame-game contest. But, the Orthodox usually have the Greek root “mega” for great saints, not “super.”

                  > Life is war.

                  Repentant life, before the Apocalypse, is war. Afterwards, no more war.

                  > …oblivion…

                  Oblivion is a description of hell.

                  > the purity of his “soul” and how a powerful alien will reward or punish him for feeling emotions.

                  You do care about your soul, in its mental aspect. That’s mostly the same as the emotional part of you. And if someone competitively fails with a poor strategy, that is similar to God punishing him for bad feelz. Biomechanicalism is not so bad a heresy, when placed in a context I like. And don’t saints who save thousands of orphans, like John of Shanghai, win in the biological arena anyway?
                  He really looks manly, not just angelic.

      • peppermint says:

        Why was the comet ping pong guy on the list of most influential people? What was he doing other than selling pizza to the political elite?

        • Anonymous says:

          What was he doing other than selling pizza to the political elite?

          Selling drugs to the political elite. If pizza is a codeword for something, it’s not kids-to-fuck. It’s drugs. The people behind this psy-op probably know it; they know you can’t come out with “guys, it’s okay, I’m not a pedo – just into drugs.”

          (Also, Italians like Podesta/Alefantis take pizza and ice-cream rather seriously. I mean, that’s not too far-fetched)

          Seriously, go over the emails. “Pizza for an hour.” “Seems pizza-related.” “Pls eat my slice.” And so on and so forth. Now, instead of translating pizza to kidfucking, like the CIA told you, translate it to my proposition. Which one makes more sense? Go over the emails, you’ll see. TPTB have found a proper scapegoat in the form of an elite drug dealer, who cannot defend himself without ipso facto indicting himself. Nice. (Again, that’s assuming this isn’t literally pizza being discussed here)

          Learn to think.

          • Cavalier says:


            Yeah, man, it’s just pizza and coke, maaaaaan…

            • Anonymous says:

              The “white color means pedo” has been debunked as fake, and the whole brouhaha about integrational pedo rings is a hoax promoted by the deep state (to safeguard and strengthen its power by justifying encroachment on your privacy to “protect the public”) – it’s an ongoing psy-op directed against the general public, while pizzagate specifically was directed against the alt-right. Endless funds are pouring into this shit.

              If you’ve been paying any attention, you must have known that the CIA conducts such operations against the American public. But you didn’t know just what sort of manipulation they’re pulling off. Well, now you know. The hoaxes that are “sex trafficking” and “international pedophile child trafficking” are it. Surely, these aren’t the only psy-ops, but these are the ones that have gotten to you.

            • Anonymous says:

              Thing is, it could be that both of us are wrong, and nothing is going on at all. That seems quite unlikely to me.

              Or, it could be that one of us is right, and the other wrong. In which case, whichever position is the correct one, *a* secret affair is necessarily going on. You think “pedophile dungeons in D.C.” is what’s going on. I think it’s a massive — and very successful — psy-op designed to make you, an obviously very intelligent and rather skeptical person, believe in a bogeyman.

              And I believe that eventually the truth will be revealed, and one of us (assuming I’m not vaporized) could tell the other “told ya so.”

              • Cavalier says:

                It’s possible, sure. Maybe all the pictures are fabricated. Maybe the pictures of the celebrities are fake. Maybe Marina Abramovich isn’t really a lifelong practicing occultist-satanist with long-time links to Hillary Clinton. Maybe Tony Podesta doesn’t really have an enormous hanging gold sculpture reminiscent of a serial killer’s signature and Biljana Djurdjevic isn’t really his favorite artist. Maybe the shooter at Comet Ping Pong doesn’t have an IMDb. Maybe Jimmy Comet isn’t really James Alefantis, and James Alefantis isn’t really a bastard Rothschild. Maybe the Deep State wanted Trump. Maybe the Deep State decided to destroy Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and then… promptly cover it up and hardly ever publicize it except for a bit of media coverage about how totally conspiracy-theory it was, man. Maybe Donald Trump never made this joke.

                • Anonymous says:

                  >Maybe all the pictures are fabricated. Maybe the pictures of the celebrities are fake.

                  Never claimed or implied this. The cultural-political elites are degenerates, nihilists, and have jarring tastes. That doesn’t mean that there are literal underground dungeons where they actually rape kids (and presumably murder them afterwards and dispose of their bodies). Not every Cannibal Corpse fan is a literal cannibal, y’know.

                  >Maybe Marina Abramovich isn’t really a lifelong practicing occultist-satanist with long-time links to Hillary Clinton.

                  Yeah, every kooky Jewess from an upper-class background who LARPs as a demon-summoning evil witch is in reality involved in an international child-trafficking ring, sure thang bro. I’m so scared right now, lol.

                  >Maybe Tony Podesta doesn’t really have an enormous hanging gold sculpture reminiscent of a serial killer’s signature and Biljana Djurdjevic isn’t really his favorite artist.

                  Did I ever say or imply that Tony is anything but a degenerate weirdo? No doubt, some people are worse than merely pedophiles – some people masturbate to snuff/gore/hurtcore materials. Doesn’t mean that each and every one of these sadists also literally tortures and kills real people. Again, if my claim was “Podesta manifests wholesome family values in their distilled form”, you’d rightly laugh me off. My actual claim here is that degenerate artistic tastes are just that – tastes.

                  >Maybe the shooter at Comet Ping Pong doesn’t have an IMDb.

                  And what does that tell you? That the whole affair was directed from above, rather than it being grassroots journalism conducted by random internet detectives. They manufactured pizzagate, and staged this false-flag “shooting”. You’re proving my point for me.

                  >Maybe Jimmy Comet isn’t really James Alefantis, and James Alefantis isn’t really a bastard Rothschild.

                  o.k =/

                  >Maybe the Deep State wanted Trump.

                  The deep state, like the Jews, plays all sides. They had not wanted Trump, but when a Trump presidency became a veritable prospect, needed something to enlist Trump into the agenda. Plus, the plan was to use pizzagate to discredit the alt-right and by extension Trump with the “fake news” moniker, since the allegations of pizzagate are indeed over-the-top.

                  As we all know, this later phase of the plan has backfired spectacularly, as “fake news” was appropriated by Trump and the alt-right. But don’t forget who came up with this meme in the first place. It’s a CIA psy-op through and through, to be used against Trump, the alt-right, and Russia. It’s they who came up with “fake news”, it’s they who thought that “prostitutes urinating on Obamas’ bed on Trump’s behalf” is devastating stuff, and it’s they who manufactured pizzagate. You win by playing all sides.

                  >Maybe the Deep State decided to destroy Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and then… promptly cover it up and hardly ever publicize it except for a bit of media coverage about how totally conspiracy-theory it was, man.

                  You have it backwards. As Trump was rising in the polls, *then* pizzagate was unleashed into webspace. It was not supposed to sink Hillary, and it did not sink Hillary. It was supposed to drum-up a moral panic among the public and specifically among the alt-right, which it has succeeded, and to also discredit Trump with the “fake news” epithet, which part of the plan has backfired.

                  You see, either way the deep state wins. If Trump is discredited, it’s good for them, but even if he isn’t, the moral panic has been successfully manufactured, and now if Trump becomes president, the agenda can be foisted on him, which it has been. And so, Trump promised tougher measures against “pedophiles”, aka extended license for the deep state to spy on all civilians on the ostensible quest to eradicate the nebulous threat of “pedophiles”.

                  >Maybe Donald Trump never made this joke.

                  Not sure what to make of it, tbh.

                  Jim, what is your take?

                • peppermint says:

                  Implying, of course, that the alr-right is more aggressively proposing death sentences for pedophiles than they were last uear, when the reality is that Jim’s blog inspired Psycho Sacco to start pushing White Sharia as a follow on to war brides, rhetorically stopping just short of advocating for bakabhazi.

                  Today it is normal for the alt-right to discuss arranged marriages of children as a good idea and even marrying a teenager with the intention of fucking her when she’s like 16-19 and fully ready to bear children.

                  Fucking 13 year old White girls will never be considered normal by normal White men under any circumstances, with the exception that right now, progressives believe that sex between 13 year old White girls and 15 year old White boys and 50 year old niggers is important for their sexual development as fully actualized sexual beings.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Andrew Escher Auernheimer:

                  “I think what blog.jim must be upset about is that we think marriages should be arranged at the age of 15 or 16 and not 8 or 9.”

                  You know what I advocate for, right Peppermint?

                  Voluntary communities, where those whites inclined to this blog’s views can have their own community with their own norms, and those whites inclined to other views can have an entirely different community with entirely different norms.

                  Which means that universalism has to be destroyed, evangelism has to be destroyed, and universal evangelizing puritanism has to be destroyed – which, ironically, may end up tremendously benefiting the puritans, because they could have their own community.

                  You don’t want Jews pushing the degenerate “pump and dump” culture unto white girls, but do you want LEAs throwing white males in prison for fucking jailbaits? If not, the optimal strategy is fragmentation a la Nick Land, where puritan whites can have their own community where the AOC is 21 and catlady morality reigns supreme; and non-puritan whites (mostly non-Anglo whites) can have something else altogether.

                  The reason voluntary communities don’t exist outside of libertarian/ancap imagination is that globalist Jews and globalist Anglo puritans are forcing their respective visions on everyone else, and not allowing for fragmentation.

                  Thus, Jews should be expelled to Israel or exterminated, while Anglo puritans should not be exterminated, but confined to their own communities where they could practice supererogation unperturbed by the outside world. Likewise, non-puritan whites should be confined to own community, left alone by the assorted evangelizers, universalizers, moralizers, puritizers, and Judaizers of the world.

                  >sex between 13 year old White girls and 15 year old White boys and 50 year old niggers

                  First part isn’t a problem, if you can have shotgun marriage. And note: the shotgun should be aimed at the boy, but also at the father of the girl.

                  Second part is a problem because niggers, ageism isn’t the issue.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Fragmentation as Land proposes equals free association, and you know full well who the enemies of free association are. I want free association for puritans as well as non-puritans, but the problem is that puritans can’t stand non-puritans practicing free association, and Jews can’t stand everyone else practicing free association.

                  So because of the puritans and the Jews, there is no free association; had there been free association, we wouldn’t be having this debate, because there would be separate communities: some with AOC and some without, some with shotgun marriage and some without, and so on and so forth, and they would be voluntary, so you could choose where to live according to your preferences and values.

                  But we can’t have that, because of soul-theory and “moral uplift” and because of the 6 bazillion-gorillion.

                  Extra-communitarian moral-uplifting and moral-extortion should be eliminated, ergo Jews should be eliminated (or sent packing, if they promise to behave, which promise they are unlikely to keep, so…) and universal evangelism should be eliminated. People who can’t simply mind their own business should be out of power and out of influence. Since we know which specific groups tend to produce people who can’t simply mind their own business, we know which specific groups pose the problem.

                  We can’t have voluntary communities because the eternal Jew and the eternal Anglo won’t allow it. The globalist Cathedral is chock-full of Jews and Anglo puritans, because it’s a universal edifice which requires universalists to function. Soon it will be chock-full of Muslims and crypto-Muslims, because Muslims and crypto-Muslims also have a universalist agenda to impose on everyone else.

                  But unlike Muslims and crypto-Muslims, Jews and Anglos aren’t retards, which is why the memes shaping the IQ>90-world are Jew memes and Anglo memes, rather than Mohammedan memes. If you want freedom of association and liberty from Islam, Marxo-Judaism, and puritanism, then your single, sole, and exclusive strategy is voluntary communities by way of fragmentation.

                  Nick Land said nothing wrong.

                • Anonymous says:

                  The first step, the first domino that must fall, is to get rid of the empires (unified USA, unified China, unified Russia) and the inter-governmental bodies (UN, EU, etc.). Granted, that’s a heavy domino piece indeed. But if that can be achieved someday, perhaps amidst civilizational collapse, then out of the ashes will rise the new world order of voluntary communities.

                  Right now, there are too many big monopolies on sovereignty. These monopolies should all be broken. Is my vision unrealistic? No, it’s the only realistic vision. That USA will inevitably be broken, we all know. True fragmentation, however, should, can, and eventually *will* be implemented in all monopolies: Russia, China, Germany, Spain, Britain, Italy, India, Israel, and plenty of others. Two state solution? How about million state solution?

                  Okay, so that’s my slogan from now on. “Million state solution.” Doesn’t actually have to be exactly million. But you catch the drift.

          • Alf says:

            Hadn’t considered the pizza = drugs angle. Coke would make sense.

            But Alefantis was into little kids, no doubt. Seems stupid to have a pedo as your drug dealer.

            • Anonymous says:

              Alefantis is a flaming gay homosexual. As such, has a deeply nihilistic streak to him (faggots are overwhelmingly nihilists), which explains all the dark imagery he’s into. I don’t think he wants to fuck little kids, and the likelihood he actually fucks little kids — or provides them to politicians — in underground dungeons in D.C., seems so slim that you can hardly slice it at all.

              It’s not stupid to have a pedo for a drug dealer; it’s stupid to have any drug dealer, as it allows for blackmailing and such. That’s what we’re seeing.

            • Anonymous says:

              See? I’m vindicated:


              “11/25/1996: Drug Charges: charged with distributing marijuana and possessing marijuana”

              That’s what “pizza” means (not necessarily marijuana, could be other stuff). Y’all have been duped by the feds. Alefantis provides drugs, not kids, and the minds behind this psy-ops know it.

        • Anonymous says:

          “We only have one slice and we need to know how thinly to slice it.”

          Come on. It couldn’t be more obvious that I’m correct here. If the first thing that springs to your mind when reading this sentence is kidfucking, congratulations, you’re the pedophile.

          It’s an illegal substance.

        • Cockasian says:

          Oh, you mean, besides him being a Rothschild?

    • Turtle says:

      But why does my mostly uninformed opinion matter on this question?

      > Putin…kissed his stomach.

      Like licking eyelids, this is sick, something only done by demonically deluded people. Such slander of a vulnerably divorced man is, I guess, lese mageste, not that almost anyone in Russia believed it.

      > Variant Drakona

      Russians themselves never make up hideous ideoms like this, which would be like “the ni**er equation” for Americans. This makes unreasonably little sense, so who’s the “literary editor” here?

      > “…Litvinenko would meet former KGB agents… at a hotel in central London, where they had tea.

      I read it was a sushi date, implied to be with a woman. What we surely know is that he made himself many enemies, perhaps out of suicidal guilt.

      London is horribly diverse, so we don’t know enough to be sure who did what. But, I suspect North Korea did the assassination, just like this year.
      Why? They, communists, wanted to frame the great friend-of-oligarchs V.V. Putin, because they hate him. He helped defeat communism, and
      continues to champion business.

      I don’t understand why you care about this domestic, almost parochial conspiracy theory so much, compared to Iraq, Fast and Furious, or
      Benghazi (to me, international scandals are greater in scope). I guess you have a longer tenure living in America.

      I stay away from most pizza restaurants because they hire illegals, who do in fact have a high rate of toddler-molestation, as evidenced by
      convictions with the accusing family’s testimony, not rumors, and how they proudly dress them up provocatively before they are even weaned (the huge 0-karat gold hoop earrings are extra-egregious). It’s an Indio religious temple-induction / human sacrifice thing for them, seemingly. So maybe I agree that to blame whites for pedo problems is cape-not-matador.

      If D.C. elites were pedos, diplomatic delegations there would leave their families at home. I haven’t heard about that, and anyway, the ghetto of
      D.C. is the city’s worst part, not K Street or where Ivanka and Jared are mansion-neighbors of Obama. When I saw an Opera feature showing a
      black molestation victim who reported the crime after seeing Oprah’s special about it, in the mid-2000s, that seemed real, because some blacks do consciously behave childishly, like watching Nic-kuck-olodeon cartoons (with the lie that blacks are like white children, stupid but fun and innocent). It is actually humiliating and degrading (for the perpetrator itself) to do pedo sin, because children do not deserve adults’ sexual attention, even if they want it. It’s like employing a kid in an office park, tragicomic or absurd.

      It is embarrassing that white men with young daughters are obsessed with protecting them from erotic pain, even though they themselves worked so hard to be psychopathic ‘dark triad-yke’ alpha players for a decade or two, and advocate bdsm on the manosphere (so it’s ok to treat someone else’s daughter that way? Hypocrites!). My conclusion is that they have not understood the difference between lust and love, and don’t want to know because that would reform them. They don’t justly get to witch-hunt perverts unless they are chaste themselves.

      The worst real pedos tend to be punished, by God’s will, quickly and brutally, like having their genitals severed in “accidents.” They are very few, just like human sacrificers. I consider it difficult to have anything to do with them, knowingly or not, because ordinary people, with their ordinary virtues and vices, have a substantial level of God’s protection. This issue is like asking, how many people do you know who have sex with trees?

      You are neglecting the reality of angels and demons (non-human actors). D.C. has an unpleasant, Episco-paliative national cathedral, but it is nominally located in the South, as per the founding fathers’ agreement.
      And, the South has an unfair reputation for incest and molestation. This regional bias is coming from Northerners, like Vox Day, whose family is from Mass. but lived in Minnessota. I don’t think he ever even visited D.C. His co-complainer, Mike Cernovich, is friends with a lesbian porn star, and so… I just don’t accept their purer-than-thou position. If they cited examples when they protected children from anything, even from eating too much candy, I would like that. But they are angry, unforgiving men, and this makes them gullible (in the habit of excess blaming to distract from their own faults and misdeeds). In an at-home interview, Mike said he’ll love his daughter unless “she’s a basic bitch.” That vain-elitism is why he envies and slanders the political elite.

      I don’t mean to exaggerate how much I disagree. You focus on schemes and manipulation, I on morality and scapegoating. Even if all the accusations are true, the genocides of Yugoslavia, Darfur, Rwanda, Syria, etc. are far worse. Finally, if American children’s comfort and innocence are so precious, then we must do something about bastardy and divorce, especially pointing out that children can help their parents stay together, by being obedient and meek. That’s the easiest way to stay safe.

      • Anonymous says:

        >But why does my mostly uninformed opinion matter on this question?

        Your pattern-noticing method is unorthodox, thus, less likely to be biased regarding alternative explanations. If my purpose is to test how others may receive and react to a certain proposition of mine, I’ll direct it exactly at someone whose stance on the issue is unknown to me; you’re like Schrodinger’s Commenter in this regard.

        >a vulnerably divorced man

        Все могут короли, все могут короли,
        И судьбы всей земли вершат они порой,
        Но что ни говори, жениться по любви
        Не может ни один, ни один король.

        >I don’t understand why you care about this domestic, almost parochial conspiracy theory so much, compared to Iraq, Fast and Furious, or
        Benghazi (to me, international scandals are greater in scope).

        Because the fingerprints of CIA are all over this. Know what “test balloons” are? This was one. First, they accuse Putin of being a pedophile. Alas for the manipulators of public consciousness, while Russians may be prone to conspiracy theories (“everything that has ever happened is the KGB”), they aren’t prone to histrionic moral panics like the Americans. Therefore, the “Putin is a pedophile” claim, which they had put in Litvinenko’s mouth, had no traction.

        However, a precedent has been set. So what’s next? Next, the puritans — who have never changed, and will never change — have commenced flooding the internet with all kinds of hoaxes designed to get the sex-hysteria rolling. And has it not lead to the “strange” allegations coming from the “intelligence community” about Trump hiring prostitutes to urinate over Obama’s bed? Remember that? Have you noticed the “Trump is fucking his own daughter” bullshit they have been promoting? Now connect the dots. That’s the game they’re playing. Above all else, “pedophilia” is how they’re going to bring down their adversaries and spook (ahem) the sheeple into compliance. Pizzagate was a resounding success.

        >they themselves worked so hard to be psychopathic ‘dark triad-yke’ alpha players for a decade or two, and advocate bdsm on the manosphere (so it’s ok to treat someone else’s daughter that way? Hypocrites!).

        That’s because they grow old, they grow fat bellies, and lose all their testosterone, so they forget what it’s like being a young (pubescent teen til early twenties) person, and turn into puritans. Also, a lifelong of desensitization brings them to imagine that violent sex is the only passionate sex, and that the only alternative to over-genteelness is facefucking a girl until she vomits. No wonder women today whine about their inability to orgasm during sex – it’s because of feminist cucks, yes, but it’s also because of wannabe alphas who’ve internalized BDSM by osmosis from pornographic exposure. Whatever, let it be so.

        Personally, every day I feel eternally grateful for the blessing that God has bestowed upon me.

        >This regional bias is coming from Northerners, like Vox Day, whose family is from Mass. but lived in Minnessota. I don’t think he ever even visited D.C. His co-complainer, Mike Cernovich, is friends with a lesbian porn star, and so… I just don’t accept their purer-than-thou position. If they cited examples when they protected children from anything, even from eating too much candy, I would like that. But they are angry, unforgiving men, and this makes them gullible (in the habit of excess blaming to distract from their own faults and misdeeds). In an at-home interview, Mike said he’ll love his daughter unless “she’s a basic bitch.”

        Nah, this moralist posture has never had anything whatsoever to do with protecting children. It’s holiness-signalling: “I’m absolutely not attracted to teens aged 12-15, which means that I’m less perverted than you are, so please buy my latest book and send the usual donations. Death to the pedophiles!” So far, Day (b. 1968) and Cernovich (b. 1977) each have had one single descendant, while MPC admin Brian Uecker (total oldfag) has 0. Actually, now that I think about it, is there any prominent or even semi-prominent alt-right figure whose fertility rate is above 2? Most are either 0 or 1.

        Degenerate HYPOCRITES lol.

        • Turtle says:

          > Schrodinger’s Commenter

          No “meow!” but ok.

          I don’t think Putin married for love, but Tsar Ivan the Terrible did. His wife died early, and he went crazy with grief. Czar Nicholas II did marry for love, which was wrong- the czarina had haemophilia, and passed it on to the Tsarevich.

          > Russians may be prone to conspiracy theories

          More like Belorussians, or anyone in a power vacuum. Russians are obsessed with America, and many semi-traitors want to move there, but know it’s morally degrading to be here. That’s a big contradiction.

          I thought about the large Mormon delegation to the agencies, and I think it’s telling that Utah has the highest statistical rate of porn consumption. Maybe it’s descended from their polygamy. Maybe it’s because their wives are fat but the church calls them Elders, so they are sure they deserve great pussy.

          The other issue is that Trump is attractive to normal women, unlike Mormon men. So there’s a ‘envy==>slander’ gesture here. The charismatic “Trump can grab my pussy – down arrow” T-shirts at autumn campaign rallies should be featured in 2020 ads, frankly, together with tasteful selections from hotties for Trump on reddit- “This message was approved by Donald Trump, to make America sexy again.”

          I also suspect wishful thinking, as in perverts wanting the Trumps to be incestuous. There are many more perverts than before now, because marriage has been replaced by fornication.

          Repeating that minorities are sexually worse, so their immigration endangers children’s innocence by proximity, my region did not have *noticeable* prostitution, as in street-walkers, before our lascivious landscaping amigos came here and displaced working-class whites. I pity these pussy-worshippers, and wish they could have good jobs where they come from. But they bring their little-macho-Indio and virgin/whore complexes here, turning some local Catholic churches into Spanish-language places.

          > Pizzagate was a resounding success.

          It’s not over yet! And I thought it was meant to scare people into avoiding power, as if contact with the elite results in molestation.

          > and lose all their testosterone

          Not if Cernovich takes high TRT doses. He looks aged, but he’s not a ‘natural bodybuilder.’ And I thought Vox has 4 kids.

          No wonder women today whine …feminist cucks… wannabe alphas…

          I hope I won’t suffer that hyper- and hypo- masculine embarrassment if I eventually marry; but I’m now admitting how rare marriageable virgins are. I was taught wannabe alpha in my family, but the funny thing is that they are feminists too, in a bipolar way. I guess humility is to simply accept one’s own nature, without competitive comparison or judgment. Sexual balance is complex, with all the different hormones humans have. Androgens alone are not enough. Low prolactin matters too, and endocrinology is difficult because the glands are so internal.

          But I have learned that secular yoga can help, mostly with the hip flexor muscles, and that’s better than the industrial medicine approach. The cheapest-priced, most comfortable teacher of this is Bob Cooley, whose newest book is effective. I plan on using his personality type theory too, for romantic compatibility. These things might sound pagan, but I don’t care much; the Church should have Her own cosmic-human mysteries and teach me how to thrive.

          This topic is encouraging me to stop avoiding a certain cute girl, but it’s unpleasant that she likes me so sexually. I don’t understand how she feels that way, and am tempted to reject it as manipulative acting. Either way, I must find out to end the suspense; females’ sensations are valid.

          > Personally, every day I feel eternally grateful for the blessing that God has bestowed upon me.

          Blessings only begin in this life; the eternal blessing is salvation in Paradise.

          > never had anything whatsoever to do with protecting children. It’s holiness-signalling…teens…

          They don’t seem to admit teens count as children legally in this issue. I watched their mutual video, at the peak of this hysteria, and they implied it was only ‘little ones.’ I do believe they have convinced themselves that they are ‘white knights.’

          a nice note:

          The officers of Federal Security Service consider St Alexander Nevsky as their patron saint, and since January 2010 he has been performing the same function for the members of Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Aviation and Fleet (DOSAAF).

          Nevsky could help the CIA mind their own business too.

  4. EricMack says:

    My name is President Barack, if you don’t call me that, you should lose your job.
    Because BHO is my identity.
    The tranny shit is getting old.

  5. Rape says:

    This Week In Reaction (2017/08/13) by Nick B. Steves and the TWiR Staff
    This Week in Jim Donald

    First thing this week was that Jim “Blog” Donald fucked a tranny and he liked it.

  6. Theshadowedknight says:

    Jim, I want to bring your attention to the raid of Paul Manafort’s home by Mueller’s agents. Is this an escalation, a warning, or a calculated insult?

    The Shadowed Knight

    • Turtle says:

      Not that I can answer for Jim, I assume they don’t know what they are doing; evil is incompetent. Maybe they were lonely and wanting to hang out with Paul. Whatever.

  7. Nationalist Perspective says:

    Jim, thought you would enjoy this: “Is it acceptable or even positive to attack Trump from the right?”

  8. Will says:

    What’s the point of using another identity just to hang out with a girl at a bar? Afraid of a rape accusation after you don’t return her calls the following week?

    • jim says:

      It avoids me being murdered by my political opponents, and avoids the girls being murdered.

      • J says:

        I read your blog including your drunken antisemitic tirades, but I don’t find anything that could make you a political assassination target. Not in the USA. You assign too much importance to yourself, and that makes you paranoid. In the current employment environment, if you keep your rantings general, not specific, not naming names, you are not even in danger of losing your job.

        • Alf says:

          > I don’t find anything that could make you a political assassination target.

          No reason whatsoever to believe that years of publicly spitting in the face of political power would make you a political assassination target.

          • Will says:


            Spencer, Enoch, Anglin, Roosh, Land and Moldbug all have their real names and faces on the internet. As far as leftist violence goes: Antifa punched Spencer and some feminists threw drinks at Roosh. Hardly assassination attempts. I’m sure they want to kill us all, but it’ll be a few years before they start pulling off political assassinations.

            IMO, if your real name and face aren’t out there, using a pseudonym just to hit on bar thots is a little overkill. Then again, I don’t know Jim’s personal situation, maybe he gets a lot of threats so he wants to be extra careful.

            • peppermint says:

              Anglin and Spencer and Enoch can’t be assassinated because they’re public figures. Auernheimer can only be assassinated if they make it look like a slut did it and ensure the russian cops bungle the investigation. I’m not a target because I’m only providing untellectual work. Jim provides a crucial service to the community that has helped its development in key, identifiable ways, but isn’t well known enough to raise a stink about his assassination. I think he’d be the #1 target.

            • jim says:

              But you cannot find Spencer, so you went after his mother, and now his mother has also made herself hard to find. If you could find my girls or my children, you would go after them.

              I make myself hard to find so that people I love don’t have to.

              • Will says:

                >you went after his mother
                >If you could find my girls or my children, you would go after them

                Don’t get me wrong Jim, I’m not antifa. I’m not sure what gave you the impression that I was. I wish you and your loved ones all the best and, come the restoration, you’d be my #1 pick for grand inquisitor.

                I only commented because the first line of this post just struck me as odd and overly cautious.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        I’m pretty sure I found your home address once. Not that I would post it or even suggest where it could be found, since we are on the same side, but you are either not very anonymous or you have carefully laid breadcrumbs to nowhere.

        Not sure the left is aware of ideas blogs like this anyway. Scott Alexander is, but Scott Alexander is not going to go beat anyone up.

        • jim says:

          My enemies have published grossly inaccurate data attempting to dox me. If you had my true home address, they would also. I have left breadcrumbs some by accident, some by design. When people started following those breadcrumbs left by accident, I moved.

        • Zach says:

          I wouldn’t even dox my enemies. That is, unless they dox the innocent. Seems too cowardly a behavior for me to gleefully participate.

    • Theshadowedknight says:

      The same reason you did not post your last name, SSN, and your mother’s maiden name as your username. What are they, by the way. Just out of curiosity. You can trust me. Honest.

      The Shadowed Knight

      • Will says:

        There’s a rather obvious difference between commenting on one of the most right wing blogs on the internet and hanging out with a girl at a bar. The former necessitates the use of a pseudonym, while the latter generally doesn’t.

        • Theshadowedknight says:

          Commenting at one of the most right wing blogs on the internet is no different than publishing a left wing criticism of the absurdity of diversity in the workplace as far as the left is concerned. It does not matter if you are Jim the anonymous rightist blogger or Jim the leftist Googler. If you depart from the leftist consensus in any way, you are irredeemably evil and deserve to be destroyed, murdered, or otherwise attacked.

          The Shadowed Knight

        • Ron says:

          Is this going to be your new spergy obsession?

  9. Zach says:

    Out there on the field, the weirdest shit can happen. Indeed, I have more fucked up stories than perhaps anybody I know. So I found this little tale, amusing.

  10. J says:

    Jim, don’t you have enough complications in life that you need to fuck crazies? It never ends well.

    • I think after a certain age one learns to give no shit about complications and enjoy things as they come. I know two people approaching 70 getting married and their entire wedding organization is “yeah so after the ceremony let’s go and get drunk somewhere”. It’s the Zen of having spent a lot of time worrying about things and it did not make them any better, so they stopped.

      • Turtle says:

        Don’t call giving up on life a victory. It’s a failure. Life involves some work, some play, and the balance is mysterious. Old people should retire and rest, yes. But they can still be wrongly lazy.

      • peppermint says:

        70 year olds getting married? This could only be done by Boomers after the Worst Generation and the Depression Kids created no-fault divorce, after which Boomers created the culture of no fault divorce. GenX saw marriage as normal, Millenials see marriage as a romantic choice, Generation Zyklon doesn’t even see marriage as a thing.

        Millennials would marry at 70 but Generation Zyklon wouldn’t. Millennials would vote for Hillary but Generation Zyklon wouldn’t.

        Their parents are dead or maybe dying. Their siblings may well be dead or dying. They have no ability to raise children and no older family to meet each other at the wedding.

        Their marriage and wedding are disgusting self-indulgent shams.

        They are taking resources they should be using on their grandchildren and instead using them on sex.

        It would be better if they bought themselves pornhub accounts and dildoes and fleshlights.

        Sexualizing children and cripples isn’t enough for the left, they must also sexualize the elderly.

        Not that handing resources to children is a good idea either. It would be better to give children drugs than money. Children with unlimited money who don’t end up on drugs end up as commies and antifa.

    • jim says:

      What on earth gave you the impression that I fucked her, or indeed encouraged her in any way?

      While the girls that I desire give me no end of grief, and frequently give me unpassable shit tests, or otherwise treat me as the old bald fat guy that I in fact am, my performance as a hard core preselected semi famous dangerous alpha asshole heartbreaker sometimes results in very direct sexual advances from girls that are, for one reason or another, unacceptable to any sexually normal person. It happens to me from time to time, that a performance intended to impress some girls, impresses some problem girl (for example the target’s younger sister), while frequently failing to impress the target girls.

      In this case, my performance failed to impress the target, who treated me like yet another thirsty beta bucks chump, while impressing the target’s sexually deviant friend. But subsequently I more convincingly demonstrated pre selection, and the target came around.

      • Alf says:

        >>What on earth gave you the impression that I fucked her, or indeed encouraged her in any way?

        Well she was in your house at least 2 times.

      • Turtle says:

        I think there’s more matching going on, where you don’t realize you are in fact targeting the problem girl, because she’s easier to get and more compatible with you. The normal girls, you might want to “save for marriage,” not that you would marry them yourself. I mean that sometimes people self-handicap in sexual competition and interaction. Anyway, this was more of a play-family charade, not sexual, from your story telling. I don’t like you faux-adopting someone who might have an actual family looking for {it}, especially when there might be crime involved (running away itself is illegal too). But I’m not a morality cop, so I’ll move on.

  11. Oliver Cromwell says:

    Most lesbians are straight women who can’t get good enough men to treat them like straight women. But most homosexuals are men.

  12. Mister Grumpus says:

    I love you man. Thanks for the education.

  13. Thales says:

    1. Could not agree more with moral of the story.

    2. You do lead an interesting life.

  14. Cavalier says:

    Congratulations, Jim.

    One final question: do you currently reside in a First World country?

  15. Contaminated NEET says:

    C’mon, Jim! I’m trying to eat my tendies, here.

  16. peppermint says:

    She made herself ugly to avoid getting passed around by Chad Thundercock, knew how to perfom wife duties, and wanted to play with women only until a reasonable man came along.

    Her behavior is very reasonable.

    • peppermint says:

      My gf had been raised by her single mom to know how to cook, dress modestly and not wear makeup, and say sarcastic and creepy things that drive unserious men off. Unfortunately someone else took her vcard before I found her, but she has a much lower partner count than most women I know.

      I am constantly encouraging her to wear sexier clothes and makeup so I can show her off to other men, because a man’s woman is his most prized posession and a man with an uglier woman is by definition lower status.

      • Anonymous says:

        I suspect that this will end up badly for you. If it does end up badly for you, you’ll probably just rationalize it with “now my n-count is higher”, but it will have been a waste of time. Good luck tho.

        • peppermint says:

          I dunno. Not all women are this good at cooking, have this level of IQ and capability to do complicated things on their own. Also if it doesn’t work out my n count is higher.

      • Very similar situation here, except it was the toughness of rural working class life that shaped my wife, so she is the type whose first instinct at a sexual harassment at work is not running to the HR but knee to the groin.

        I like somewhat tough women because they are a challenge, and I like they are not oversensitive, I cannot really deal with dainty princesses, I like if I can treat a woman a bit like a male friend with bantz, ribbing and horseplay without them running away crying. This isn’t feminism – feminists are over-sensitive, absolutely lacking this thick skin – nor would I say this means a masculine type woman, it is more just generic (Euro-)rural redneckitude where people are not fainting if they hear a trumpeting fart.
        I love going to small villages where you are not judged after your clothes.

        Still it is probably not entirely healthy to treat a wife often like a male buddy or really like a kid brother, and I would not make it a general social standard, but works for me. I sort of agree that when men boast of the masculine qualities of their women like how they can shoot is taking it too far. But privately, it is enjoyable to have a thicker skinned woman who does not get offended at every “stop being fucking stupid and do it this way” but can take it in good humour and reply in kind.

        • peppermint says:

          》stop being fucking stupid and do it this way

          This is what every woman wishes to hear from her man.

          》bantz, ribbing and horseplay without them running away crying

          My gf politely pretends not to know what’s happening when I troll her, since, of course, your woman is there as your companion and assistant.

          》I cannot really deal with dainty princesses

          They all are like this inside, don’t take how she presents herself seriously. This goes for SJW chicks also. I know several SJW chicks, what they post on normiebook, and what they say in private. Women do not take philosophy or politics seriously and neither does mine, though I have effectively (not through lecturing, that’s gay) taught her that she isn’t expected to take it seriously and can leave it to men forthrightly, which an SJW would interpret as her presenting herself as an airhead.

  17. Mediocre IQ White Nationalist says:

    So Jim, did you smash?

    • Aurora Invictus says:

      This is the important question.

      • Turtle says:

        More like will this ladyboy-passing-as-a-strange-lesbian’s sin/ problems kill Jim? I’m worried, because Jim is arrogant, but it’s on him to stay safe with sexual monsters. And maybe he can admit that bdsm is monstrous too, because it’s a distraction from gentle pleasure. I mean, if it leaves bruises and damages the body, how is that healthy, apart from righteous dominance and patriarchal headship? Does Jesus fuck His disciples? No, only liars say he married Mary Magdalene. Don’t fall for that lustism.

        Harvard has had a bdsm club since 2012, from their online newspaper article. And so, Republicans no longer respect higher ed, in new polling.

        It was cool to be counter-culturally deviant and malsexual in the early 80’s, but 9/11 changed that. People had a baby boom ~2006, and now only nostalgics for the 20th century, or the manosphere’s “Bronze Age Pervert” respect any deviance at all.

        It’s not that Gen Zenophobia is innocent, but rather that the few of us who boldly struggle to normally love the other sex have been persecuted for this affection, so we are defensive/ protective. I do mean chastity, not as in the torture fetish popular among suicidal freaks spiting Christ the King of Eros, but the holy kind, of Christ’s parents.

        Jim, I get that you want more children. Then, by common sense, marry a real woman, like your good first wife, or if you find an older second wife, adopt actual orphans, not adult-aged freak-children.

        I see these sexual-satanists whenever I visit a large city, but can’t quite notice their faces, because they’re erased and over-written by evil. If you see them as human, you’re over-forgiving, as in the delusion where women call violent criminals “sweet guys on the inside.” They usually have succubi, eagerly and cooperatively, and are malignant, like tumor-creatures. All sin is contagious, especially when fornicators spread STDs.

        Jim, please don’t get hurt by excessive lust and morbid perversion. We would all miss you, especially your grandchildren, some of whom I am sure have not been born yet. That’s the real reason to follow my advice- that your existing, normal-human, innocent descendants need you to behave reasonably. Grief over your wife’s suffering and your widowerhood is no excuse for sensation/thrill-seeking; grief support groups work fine, as does, say, dancing.

        Sts. Alexis Toth and Luke of Crimea were both widowers; plenty of men lose their wives and become monks. That’s another option, especially in the Western Rite (Byzantium is dead and inappropriate for Americans).

        I am personally saying your pain is no excuse for harmful pleasure-indulgence because I did the same thing, with video games, and obsessive studying and reading, when a girl I wanted to marry hung herself near my house (Chad demon-cock tends to kill slutella after a few abortions). I don’t think losing your wife was nearly as bad as this, because illness is more natural than self-murder with accomplices.

        You’ve apparently forgotten that sexuality is only one kind of emotional energy. Sex, as in man- and womanhood, is more than fucking. The angels are erotic too, without having a sex. But they look like men.

        Here is the Archangel Seraphiel, who encourages men to pray:

        • peppermint says:

          You pick the highest IQ women you can find, tell them they can have any dick they want, and surround them with high status male feminists.

          What do they demand?


          Look at the BDSM tumblrs posted by fertile age women to see what sex is supposed to look like. Women don’t take politics or philosophy as seriously as they take giny tingles.

          • Anonymous says:

            >What do they demand? BDSM

            Instead of following females’ demands, do what pleases you.

  18. Anonymous says:

    >You want to reduce the suicide rate among trans?

    No. Don’t be like those conservadads who mentor homosexuals about the use of condoms to prevent AIDS. Instead, tell the gays to always refrain from “sexual safety measures” of any kind, and to be as promiscuous as biologically possible. Watch them obliterated by literal poz.

    Broadly, it’s my philosophy that private ethics are largely irrelevant, only public ethics are relevant. As a dictator, I wouldn’t allow these sexfreaks to prance around advertising their mental illness in broad daylight, but in private, on the other hand, I’d go as far as legalizing PINSZ. It’s an acronym I have made up, which is pronounced exactly like the word “penises”, and stands for pedophilia, incest, necrophilia, scat, and zoophilia.

    The whole focus on private ethics is a puritan meme. Get this: I have better things to do than worry about someone else’s private ethics. I just don’t care. The reason I wish death upon the sexfreaks is that they undermine *public* ethics, not because I am disgusted by poopdick-shitcock orgies that occur discreetly.

    “X should be banned, not just publicly but also privately, because I am personally disgusted by it” is unadulterated female logic, and indeed, puritans — MODERN DAY puritans — are the proof positive that males are feminizing, since puritans are catladies stuck in male bodies. This female logic, which is in actual fact the complete opposite of logic — it’s emotion — has become a commonplace theme of alt-right discourse. Modern puritans firmly believe two ridiculous things, namely: a) that their personal feelings are always relevant; b) that if they consider something a violation of public ethics or public comfort, then perforce it must be banned even in private.

    Puritans, like communists, like blue-haired SJWs, make no distinction between the public sphere and the private sphere. PINSZ should be legal, but as is the case with LGBTQIA and BDSM, likewise PINSZ shouldn’t be shoved in your face through the mass media. Legalize everything (well, not really “everything”) on condition of privacy.

    • Mediocre IQ White Nationalist says:

      Yep. I wouldn’t go as far as to legalize all of PINZS but I agree with your point of view. What matters is the public sphere. Be gay behind closed doors all you want, but if we catch you holding hands on the street we are throwing you off a roof.

    • peppermint says:

      BDSM refers to normal sex between men and women. Historically a man could tell his woman that he owns her and pull her hair and grab her throat as he fucks her, and women had glorious orgasms. Today no respectable man can do that, and women look to porn and niggers.

      Desperate housewives are an invention of puritanism.

      Faggotry is always and everywhere a conspiracy against the heteronormative world. It can’t possibly be anything else. Therefore faggoty must be illegal in private as it is in public.

      Zoophilia is disgusting animal abuse. Zoophiles should be fed to lions.

      Pedophilia needs to be brutally punished so that Dorothy can walk around Oz and talk to the tin man and the cowardly lion and the scarecrow without anyone being worried about her safety.

      Scat is vile and foot fetishists should be locked up on the funny farm before they hurt someone. Paraphilias are for people who think that, sure, they can’t get anyone normally, but if they offer something else, they could get something. This includes the cuckolds who aren’t into it because it’s the thinking man’s fetish. These people are wrong and dangerous.

      • Anonymous says:

        My view is that public degeneracy should be banned, while private degeneracy doesn’t matter in the slightest. Let’s see:

        >BDSM refers to normal sex between men and women.

        Ummm… let me quote some Zappa lines here: “don’t you never try to look behind my eyes. You don’t wanna know what they have seen.”

        >Faggotry is always and everywhere a conspiracy against the heteronormative world

        If private because public displays are illegal, then it’s an entirely unsuccessful conspiracy. Who cares?

        >Zoophilia is disgusting animal abuse.

        Would you hate me more if I fuck your mother – or kill her, put her bodyparts in my freezer, then one evening roast her frozen bodyparts for dinner?

        >Dorothy can walk around Oz and talk to the tin man and the cowardly lion and the scarecrow without anyone being worried about her safety.

        lol, romantic fairy tale + misunderstanding of pedophile modus operandi.

        Dorothy was influenced by Alice, and Alice was invented by a “child-porn”-possessing confirmed pedophile (search “Lewis Carrol pedophile”). So, both Dorothy and Alice were prepubescent slutty whores cruising around for a dicking, in the company of some unsavory, morally-dubious fellows.

        A depiction of “child-porn” in MY wikiped(o)ia? More likely than you think:,_Beatrice_(Lewis_Carroll,_30.07.1873).jpg

        Among other things: “Baum was also influenced by Carroll’s belief that children’s books should have many pictures and be pleasurable to read. Carroll rejected the Victorian-era ideology that children’s books should be saturated with morals, instead believing that children should be allowed to be children.”

        You have failed, Peppe. Next time, when you bring up some romantic children’s fairy tale into a serious debate where you argue against pedophilia, at least make sure it was not influenced by… a confirmed pedophile.

        >Scat is vile

        Perhaps, but none of your business.

        • peppermint says:

          * It is the nature of conspiracies to be clandestine. Aiding the conspiracy by actively avoiding discovering it was the first step towards its success.

          * It’s not about Dorothy. Children used to be allowed outside of their houses because there weren’t feral niggers and pedophiles everywhere. Now they’re kept inside.

          * Just because animals are eaten doesn’t mean they can be abused first. Also Islamic and Jewish ritual killing should be banned.

          * Heterosexual BDSM is normal sex. Homosexual BDSM, snuff porn, and other stuff needs a different word, but actually, the “vanilla sex” of the late 20c and early 21c was feminist and unsatisfying to both partners.

          • Anonymous says:

            *The purpose of the conspiracy is to undermine hetero marriage and sex norms; if they must remain in the dark, that means the conspiracy thus far has failed. Given large historical periods when fags were simply closeted, I’d say it’s a manageable state of affairs. I too have listened to AA and RS discuss it – don’t they hold this view?

            *You say “nigs and pedos” but only one of these types is a real danger to Dorothy. That is, Americans made up a boogeyman, as usual. Since unlike you I follow the pedo community, I know that they befriend/seduce single moms to fuck their kids (they stay away from fathers), or they simply fuck their own kids or other prepubescent family members. The whole “stranger offering candy” meme is a figment of paranoid parents’ imagination, parents who shelter their kids, and a politically-correct distraction/misdirection from niggers who actually are gonna harm your children. When like a typical Americuck you say “nigs and pedos”, you’re being anti-racist to an extent. It’s just niggers.

            *I’ll tell Foofie “let’s just be friends”, friendzone her. From now on, I’ll only tickle her platonically, without it being sexually-charged and erotic. (It’s a joke, I don’t own pets) (Seriously though, if a girl wants to spread peanut butter over her clitoris and be licked to orgasm by canines and felines — as is common nowadays — I’d allow it, as long as it’s not done publicly)

            *See, I’m not a pervert – I consider vanilla sex in the missionary position to be the best kind of sex. Everything else is degenerate anyway. However, hair-pulling and light spanking are vanilla in my view. If your girl has piercings and tattoos, listens to (((MTV))), regularly went to clubs, drinks like a man, and smokes marijuana, I can understand why she needs you to choke/tie her to achieve an intense orgasm. You should fuck a non-degenerate woman who isn’t self-mutilated. Yes, they all want it *rough* occasionally, and to be overpowered and held in such a manner that their movement is restricted (as in “you have no choice here, babe”), but beyond that, only cunts want to be treated like cunts. Our ancestors did not do BDSM, and their TFR was higher than ours.

            “I gon’ done chokin’ dat white bish, sheeit.” – nigger pimp drugdealer

            • peppermint says:

              * No, the conspiracy is to promote other faggots and have faggotry as blackmail, proof of being in on the conspiracy, and degrading acts for keeping score.

              * Vanilla sex in the missionary position, yes, where vanilla sex is a lot more bdsmy than most millennial men expect

              * strictly speaking dogsex is less likely to infect the woman with STDs than niggersex, but I would actually be more concerned about dating a woman who molests animals than a woman who fucked one nigger to be able to say shes not racist

              * theres a general lack of social trust even without any niggers around. You say the pedos you know don’t fuck random eight or ten year old girls walking around alone. Okay, but strictly speaking you don’t need to be a pedo to fuck a twelve year old, and boys are kept home to keep them away from pederasts, who absolutely would. And then there are the other dangers like dangerous dogs that aren’t kept properly but no one dares shoot, homeless people and drunkards looking to say something shocking, and so forth.

              • Turtle says:

                > dating a woman who molests animals than a woman who fucked one nigger to be able to say shes not racist

                Won’t they be the same woman, doing the same things? Who does “just one sin?” I suppose miscegenation is a hominid form of bestiality! So, this distinction is false, to me.

          • >Heterosexual BDSM is normal sex.

            I tend to agree, I only realized this recently, but I must add that what we call BDSM is the over-exaggerated fetishization of normal sex. Normal sex rarely involved chains, whips, leather and latex. No props besides bodies were necessary.

            • Anonymous says:

              An accidental “prop” is the wood headboard.

              (Note: we’re all degenerates for discussing these matters so openly)

              • Under pseudonyms? Why not. If one thing people of the old times definitely did wrong was being far more prudish in their publish writings as in real life, completely misleading later generations. So we have to decode their shit and most people don’t even realize it and do that. How often in old books kissing, hugging or even dancing is a metaphor for sex. I like it that we are the outspoken generation, if we get hard on paddling the wife then we will write that down, at least under a pseudonym, so future kids won’t have any wrong ideas about us.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        “BDSM refers to normal sex between men and women. Historically a man could tell his woman that he owns her and pull her hair and grab her throat as he fucks her, and women had glorious orgasms. Today no respectable man can do that, and women look to porn and niggers.”

        Don’t those things, and spanking, just come naturally to people? How many people really don’t do these things?

        • Rick Sean says:

          There are way too many men who have been led to think women are fragile little things made of sugar and that doing such things are going to hurt or shame them. That’s why they need a BDSM context with safewords.

        • peppermint says:

          Millennials had catladies in school to bust our balls every day from 5 to 18, followed by college with catlady professors, and our boomercuck parents tried to teach our women grrl power under the insane promise that higher confidence women start having sex later, and the violence against women act was passed in 1992 with a moral panic about violence against women fueled by unwillingness to talk about the reality of nigger crime.

          Unlike women, men do take philosophy and politics seriously, even in the bedroom.

          Millennial women ask their men to squeeze and spank and face fuck and slap and choke them. Some of them do, some of them munch carpet more.

          Generation Zyklon grew up with enough porn, including porn aggregated by women, that they’ll know what to do, provided puritan WNs don’t impose status quo ante 80s and 90s social mores.

          The principal at my elementary school was a literal quaker catlady who lived by choice in the nigger ghetto from which our quota of niglets was bused. She made us sing hymns to mother earth.

    • Turtle says:

      Good politicians and bishops visit their constituents’ homes. Bad ones say “that’s your castle, dude.” “Privacy,” a word which does not exist in better langauges, is secrecy, a form of deceit. The causes are neglect and shame. Really, why let people hide sin, as if they become magically different upon stepping out the door? What about streaking in public, or “private” gay bars? Is this intentionally ironic, when gays “come out” (like demons out of demoniacs), to say they must “stay in?” People are deviant to the extent that they come out. Coming out at home is almost as bad as outside. You seem to be oblivious to gay culture, perhaps because you are blessed to not live near many of them. Anyway, “free rein at home” is a utopia, similar to cults’ communes.

    • Gnon does not approve. Tribes that police private ethics can defeat and survive tribes that do not, as long as those ethics tend to be communal survival-oriented. Focusing sexuality on making kids and not pleasure, making men own wives and kids, making men tough and capable of being a warrior, making women obedient and focus on raising many kids and pleasing their men, are communal survival-oriented.

      A Puritan tribe will always defeat a Libertarian tribe.

      How exactly do you think Christianity defeated Paganism, Protestant America (north) got dominant over Catholic America (south) and Catholic Europe, or Jews survived as an identity group? By policing private ethics.

      We can use some eunuchs in state administration though, that works, and that is basically how we can tolerate some gays, trans etc.

      In short, there is no public and private difference in total war because you lose your private life anyone when enslaved or dead, and to you must engineer your tribal custom to survive total wars, even when in peacetime you are not using those customs to their full extent.

    • Turtle says:

      What about Penza, the southern Russian city?

  19. Turtle says:

    Is the Google HBD red-piller guy a Jew?

    I am sure, but his name is pseudo-anglo. Paging Yacov Damitz?
    Damore sounds like a totally converso name, not really English.

    • Italiano says:

      “Damore” is an Anglicized form of the Italian name “D’amore”, “of Love” (sometimes used to denote illegitimate offspring, i.e., a “love child”).

      • Turtle says:

        That sounds like something a Jew coming to America two generations ago, after WWII, would find “romantic.” In other words, shtetl/ Old World-Jewish sex life is indecently religious and inbred, so the lie is, “we were too hot and loving for normal marriage,” as if lust excuses Ashkenai cousin-marriage. I had a teacher like this, who din’t even know his real last name. There are many such conversos. And he, named James, surely isn’t Italian, right?

    • peppermint says:

      When I saw his face, I thought Jew, and of people his age, only a Jew could think himself above the fray and thus act so recklessly.

      • Turtle says:

        So true, he lived in a strange isolation bubble for decades. Even at Harvard, he did not learn whether he is white or not. He might never find out, out of stubborn ignorance. I think the main problem is that he is gay himself, and so does not mention that gays are more like women when it comes to programming.

      • That is the face of autism and I mean it seriously. And instead of thinking he is above it – he is clearly not stupid – he was unsure about how much offense it will cause because the rules are not clear -> not good at reading minds -> autism.

        How the hell would Jews be above it? Heard the story when they went to a Pride with rainbow flags with a David Star on it and they told them to go to hell because it is the symbol of an oppressive state? The whole leftists hating the guts of Israel thing suggests they are not above it at all.

        However there is a clear correlation between Jewishness and autism.

        • Turtle says:

          That was in Chicago, which is territorial with symbols, especially the flag of Chicago, also as in gang turf wars. The lesbians there, who banished the lesbo-Jewesses, hate Israeli patriarchy, both the Muslims and the Jews, and the Christianity too. This was a disagreement among leftists, just like today’s debate- must Democrats be pro-abortion (“choice”)?

          Leftists can’t negotiate or compromise, so their “coalition” is falling apart. We can watch the Jewish lesbians march in their own parade, perhaps part of Israeli Independence Day, becoming Jewish gain, not ethnically lesbian, and a new Democrats-for-life-not-choice party too (with the religious leftists, including many sexually-moral-conservative minorities).

          In other words, old conglomerates are breaking apart. Younger people want small allegiances now; I don’t know why. It could be size-ist, like body image distortion in anorexia, but maybe it’s for intimacy and manageable socializing.

  20. Alf says:

    Lol @ the story, yes to the moral.

  21. Today people think that being a man or a woman is something you are born into and effortlessly are. So if you find that it is not the case, you call yourself genderqueer, non-binary etc.

    Actually it takes and should take a lot of effort to be a man or a woman. At the very least it took effort for men like me who are not very good at testosterone, but that seems to be the majority, in my high school class in the early nineties out of 15 boys I don’t really don’t remember more than 5-6 who would be effortlessly masculine. It was generally those boys who naturally loved challenges and competition. The rest of us who usually considered competition pointless and scary and prefered laziness over challenged had to learn masculinity step by step from sports, lifting, real work, responsibility and so on.

    Something similar was the case for girls and I actually observed one girl who was not naturally feminine putting in effort to learn and practice it. At 15 she was the typical metalhead, because that is the lazy thing to do for girls, black tees, unkempt hair, guzzling beer and generally being like a lazy boy. And metal music is ideal for yelling your frustrations out. Anyhow at some point she realized this isn’t getting her any boyfriend she actually wants so began to learn all the women stuff like how to look good and how to behave (not outright submissively just not boyishly).

    I know calling the current generation lazy is the oldest bullshit old fart complaint in the books, but aren’t really just young people to lazy to learn and practice being men and women and thus just if they are not naturals they assume your gender should not take effor and call themselves nonbinary and genderqueer?

    I mean seriously my generation believed sex may be free as in freedom but not free as in free beer, you gotta work for it. Pussy may be open source but you still pay for support in money or time.

    I see one very big evidence for young people being too lazy to put effort into getting sex: they are fat. We used to think you get fat only when you no longer care much about sex, 35+. If you are fat at 17 you will either have very little sex or you will have miserable sex with another fatty, best case is a fat girl pulling a non fat but cringeworthy beta. Either way, good sex cannot be the result.

    So seriously if todays 17 year olds value cupcakes over sex…

    … and then notice how most nonbinary genderqueers are fat.

    So I think a big part of this trans phenomenon is being too lazy to work on learning and practicing your natural gender role.

    So, Jim, you found a bisexual woman who wanted to look like a man in order to pull women? I don’t offer a bet as you have an annoying habit of winning them but figuratively speaking I’d bet that she did not look like a boy pop star, more likely an average lazy boy in tees and short simple hair.

    You see we equate the lazy low maintenance look with the male look simply because we expect men to put less effort in their looks. But I would be she mostly was just lazy about her looks not explicitly masculine.

    Maybe she figured as a bisexual it is easier to pull women because men seemingly can be lazier about their appearances.

    I am actually open to the idea of something like multiple social genders. I just think if you have high standards in a military unit or at a university you cannot recruit any fool. Similarly if you want high gender standards from men and women, we need to be able to fire a lot of folks from the concept of being men and women. Or the other way around, manhood and womanhood should be chosen and earned, by effort, something like a test and an initation ceremony like in most trad cultures. Men’s test should be strength, courage, discipline and problem-solving, women’s I am less sure exactly what but practical skills, obedience, kindness and good taste in order to make herself some good looks are good candidates.

    • Garr says:

      Neckties, button-shirts, shaving, close-cropped hair are all emasculating because de-personalizing. In That Hideous Strength, C.S. Lewis has the reawakened Merlin mistaking the protagonist for a slave. Chesterton comments on the Puritan ugliness of modern male style — he uses the word “Puritan”. Slovenliness is the only affordable alternative.

      • Turtle says:

        Neckties can be nooses, or omophorions (bishop’s symbolic cape-like garments, which represent the ecclessial flock as a sheep). There are no ties allowed in serious altars. I have noticed some Orthodox men solve this problem with bowties, but that looks queer, because it draws attention to the thyroid (gays have thyroid problems). My solution is to dress plainly secularly, and ornately for the clergy investments. Contrast is good. But the main thing here is rank, not beauty.

        Long hair can be inhumane too,by hiding the face. The point of shaving is to expose skin, which is risky. The recent meme about “Russian priest says beards prevent sodomy” or something is true for priests, but laymen should shave.

        In practice, different people are under different rules. We’re not all the same in aesthetic privilege or height.

        • Garr says:

          Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Dugin are all bearded… Yeah, of course, if you’re more comfortable with a shaven face, whatever. What I said about “emasculating because de-personalizing” was kind of stupid; it could just have well been “de-personalizing because emasculating,” and I’m not even sure what “de-personalizing” means, come to think of it. One thing is that ties and button-shirts wouldn’t be the best attire for fighting. Another relevant point is that nobody in Lord of the Rings wears that stuff. So are you going to become a NYC cop, or what? We need you!

          • Turtle says:

            I have some relatives there, but prefer rural areas. It’s America’s least happy city, and they mostly hate Trump. I don’t believe first-generation Americans can be LEOs anyway, we’re not assimilated enough. And the unions are communist/ corrupt. Most simply, I won’t work there at all, before the cop-women are rewomanized, “diversity” is repealed, de Blaziken is ousted, and the statue of liberty is melted down.

            I believe, perhaps solely, that ROCOR’s horrendous power-struggle (fag style, among the vain, ancient, First Hierarch and his enviers) contributed to 9/11. He needed to retire, but absurdly decided that must wait until is 50th year “in office.” It’s like a sitcom, but with funny hats and men who have lived in America for many years but don’t speak English well. And he was being manipulated, while not even serving in church, leaving the cathedral city unprotected. That sin angered God; if we don’t ask Him to save us, He usually won’t be too helpful.

            Speaking of the Russosphere, NYC is burdened by the venal former Soviet immigre robbers, who steal billions in healthcare fraud. But Rudolph Giuliani, as an Italian cuck, went after his “own” mob. That’s self-effacing, or ethno-masochistic, whatever. The FBI failed that crisis, as I learned from old newspaper articles.

            They basically need a military occupation, not better cops. I would first repeat Giuliani’s moral success, closing strip clubs, to moderate the stock market (Wall St. is a bunch of horny apes with computers). That prevents economic collapse, so normal people who don’t buy time-shares in women’s bodies can keep their fragile “retirements.” And no, I’m not libertine about vice crime, because I unpleasantly know a guy who sold porn, and A.G. Sessions is making ‘sin is fun’ a criminal lie.

          • Turtle says:

            Dostoevsky is laudable for stopping his gambling addiction, but it seems that actual saints did that for him mostly. Solzhenitsyn liked the overly-famous priest Alexander Schmemann, bromantically. I find his lay preaching an abomination, and he’s mostly wrong anyway. his books are too long, so I doubt their veracity.

            Dugin is like Noam Chomsky. He seems like a intellectual-look model / smart role actor, not a real thinker.

            As I mentioned earlier, monks may not shave, priests should not, but I usually do.

            • Garr says:

              Spengler (I think using Dostoevsky for insight into Russian Orthodoxy) thought that Russian Orthodoxy emphasizes the idea of a holy-brotherhood-of-love inhabited by the divine spirit, with an image of the faithful as all together on a flat plain (like the Russian countryside) — as opposed to what he took to be the Western Christian emphasis on the individual person zooming off upward (like a rocket) into the divine infinity. Do you think that this is accurate?

              Have you read Dostoevsky’s Diary of a Writer? It reads like blog-archives. Reading it (I probably only read about half of it), I realized that the idea-part of his novels isn’t actually that strikingly original (when I’d read his novels in high school it was the ideas in them that really interested me) — it’s his bizarrely intense scenes, with crazy conversational encounters between strange, very sharply drawn characters, that make him such a great writer.

              • I don’t know much about the old-timey differences between Russian Orthodoxy and Catholicism or Protestantism, but Russian cultures groks the essence of ALL Christian cultures better than West. Here is a story.

                I’ve read somewhere on the internet, and it was supported to be true by many commenters, that if a man cheats on his girlfriend, todays Americans consider it less bad if he says it openly says in advance that he wants an open relationships, while todays Russians consider that far worse, they think people should try be faithful but it is okay if the fail.

                The logic behind todays American thinking is the logic of contractual liberalism, everything is okay as long as mutually consensual and no fixed value judgements.

                The logic behinds Russian thinking is that there is objective right and wrong, cheating on your GF is objectively bad no matter if she accepts it or not. On the other hand, humans are sinful and frail. Humans should hold high ethical standards, and try to live up to them but it is okay to fail, confess it and it is forgiven.

                The liberal considers it hypocritical. Why preach standards you yourself do not live up to? The Christian answers I am a frail sinner, and any standards I can live up to 100% of the time would be very low standards indeed, I must have higher standards and accept that in 5% of the cases I will give in to temptation and sin.

                This is a big standoff. The contractual liberal doesn’t understand how can you make promises to others that you are not sure you intend to uphold. The Christian made his promise to *try* to God and God knows he will not always be able to uphold it. In a Christian culture every promise to others has an implicit chance that the other will not be morally strong enough to uphold it – but then he must be willing to accept consequences, punishment.

                I am an atheist but I have no better solution than the Christian one. We cannot have low standards. Always enforcing high standards is cruelty. So we must have high standards, occasionally fail to uphold them, pay the price, gain forgiveness and move on.

                This is similar to the parable: which city is worse, where one dictator kills a lot of innocent people or where a lot of people want to lynch one person who is known to be innocent? The utilitarian liberal is sure the first is worse since more people suffer. The Christian is sure the second is worse, in the first city people *merely* suffer but in the second they are wicked! And that is far worse.

                And again as an atheist I have to agree with the Christians. You can fix the first city just by killing the dictator. But how do you fix a city where everybody is wicked? You cannot fix that at all!

                • Turtle says:

                  “Commitment” is secular faith, a promise to be faithful. Faith, rather, is religious commitment, to belong and serve a master, including believing His truth.

                  A man who declares haremism is usually honest, but selfish if he does not care for them all. A man who attempts monogamy but fails at it is usually ambivalent, not sure what he deserves, wants, or is capable of doing. Americans want to make love legal, not contractual, with rules and judges (such as public opinion). Russians want to sanctify love by sharing life, with beds and breakfasts, so to speak.

                  Both can work; there’s not so much conflict in Russian-American marriages.

                  In practice, history really, I think dictators cannot accomplish execution without public support, and the people need leaders for that too. Socialist class theory exaggerates social division. The Christian is sure martyrdom glorifies God, but is not the best way to die. Peaceful death, where no one is guilty, is better. Not dying at all, like Elijah on the fiery chariot, is best.

                  Jews say to save one life is to save the whole world, with fertility (one parents can have many descendants) as biological evidence. And microcosm-macrocosm unity is a popular principle, like single towns’ voting patterns predicting national election results, or rain watering many seeds.

                  Moral change, repentance, is one definition of the Way of Christ. Atheism means “I can’t stop sinning or stop others’ sins, so there is no God.” That’s true personally, but not ultimately, because God’s grace is easily available. One’s first prayers are apt to change one’s life forever, as an initial ‘down payment’- God pays us for worship with blessings. Religious transactions are not crude or distrusting; the parable of the talents shows this.

      • nofux4cux says:

        New to neoreaction, binging. Bulbs are lighting up and cogs are turning. I’m amused by your quip, and I’m actually trying to find a suitable look for me post transformation.

        I’m young, a little short, very stalky and muscular and am conflicted about what look would best express what I want to express about myself.

        Care to elaborate?

        • I would go with the fairly standard polo shirt, dress jeans, black leather shoes with comfortably high rubber soles look, just make sure they are well fitting and from a decent designer brand, quality material. Well fitting means a little tight in the biceps and chest when flexing. I buy mostly European brands that are probably not available in the US (Dressman, Marlboro Country, Griff Collections, Camel Active) but I hope Polo Ralph Lauren and Benetton do ring a bell. I wear somewhat dressier pants and shoes because I am 40. I still don’t like doing haircare much so I just wear my hair short and spike it up a bit with gel with a one second hand motion – this is a bit too youngish for my age, but whatever. I don’t feel like getting my eyes done with laser nor contacts, so I just buy glasses that look like classic pilot sunglasses.

      • peppermint says:

        Restrictions on male dress can be emasculating because intended to emasculate. They can also make the men who obey them sexier. The difference isnwhether the general who orders the uniform is allowed to try to look sexy himself, because no man wants his underlings to be able to look sexier than him, because that means he doesn’t have any actual authority.

      • I wear polo shirts to the office, my short hair spiked up with a little gel does reflect my personaliy somewhat (“harder, faster, Scooooter!” lol) but there is nobody preventing me from wearing it longer, I used to have it long and in a ponytail in the office, the problem with long hair was that after every workout it took ages to wash and dry. The close cropped hair suggests frequent workouts, sweat and showers. Good enough message. I would wear a beard or mustache if I was not an anxious idiot and could resist plucking it. I don’t even put on neckties for job interviews, that is a thing of the past unless you work in the kind of organization where you are not on first name terms with the CEO.

        So I don’t feel my choics are restricted and depersonalizing.

  22. Cloudswrest says:

    Been down this road. Although she wasn’t a tranny, she was very teenage boyish looking and rather unattractive. She wanted to please/thank me by offering herself, etc. Well a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do, whereupon she became the stalker from hell!!!!!! When she was getting no more satisfaction she even called my employer, as well as the police, stating what a “bad person I was”, that “I owned guns”, repeated hangup phone calls at 3 in the morning. She was even in my rear view mirror one morning as I was heading off to work. Very stressful.

  23. Glenfilthie says:

    Why… oh gah. Why would the author take up with a tranny? It’s like those idiots that perv out over lesbians. You would have to be a degenerate to do it and a degenerate to take up with one…

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