Recap on the Left Singularity

The violent suppression of the UniteTheRight ralley, and the firing of James Damore, shows repression is getting more and more extreme, with more and more people deemed nazis, and nazis suppressed more violently.

For roughly two hundred years, leftism has been getting lefter, and crazier. For a bit over a hundred years, repression and censorship has been getting more extreme, more repressive, and crazier. This trend is not going to naturally peter out. It is not going to stop until something extremely drastic stops it.

Leftism jumped the shark, and total fertility rate started to fall, when King George was unable to divorce Queen Caroline for flagrant adultery (because women are wonderful, and if a woman does something bad it must be because some evil man made her do it.)

Censorship jumped the shark in 1900-1906, when every single academic in every single academy everywhere suddenly forgot the evidence that the Great Zimbabwe was built by Hebrew gold miners, not by blacks. In 1900, you could speak the truth about race, but not if you wanted a job in Academia. Now, you can speak the truth on race, but not if you want a job. Indeed, that was explicitly mentioned in the James Damore case: “Suppose he had written the same memo on racial differences”

The trend towards ever more thorough, ever more widespread, and ever more violent and coercive censorship, ever more obviously irrational, will not stop today. It has been getting more unreasonable and extreme for a very long time. It jumped the shark in 1906, and has been jumping more sharks ever since. Unless someone has fuck you money, he does not dare say to a random acquaintance the things that Obama said in 2008, and this trend has been getting steadily worse since 1900

1910 Russia was markedly more tolerant and democratic than today’s America, but by 1930 everything had gone to hell. The trend in the Anglosphere has been to increasingly severe repression, starting around 1900 or so, and steadily accelerating. It is not going to level out or reach a limit.

Back in the early nineteenth century people were saying “if they go too far”.

At any given time, going too far will have bad consequences, and not going far enough will have bad consequences – but it is always a lot safer to be on the bleeding edge of the left, than to be in the slightly behind the times mainstream middle. And the lefter we go, the more dire the consequences of being insufficiently left.

Everyone, including you and me, have moved a long, long, long way left. And our insufficient leftism is a lot more dangerous than it used to be.

Further, not only have consequences become more drastic, and applied for ever more frivolous offenses, but objecting to this, or even noticing this trend, is itself an offense. When they start flaying people alive in the streets, no one will be able to see it even when it happens right in front of them. This is simple extrapolation of existing trends, plus it has all happened before many times: Britain going lefter until Cromwell brought things under control, France going lefter until Napoleon brought things under control, Russia going lefter until Stalin brought things under control.

Social Justice Warriors can punch people now. If the victim complained, the Social Justice Warrior would counter complain that his victim was a nazi, and the victim would be fired.

This is a new thing, but expect it to rapidly escalate to Maoist style struggle sessions where people get beaten to death and then eaten as in China during Maoism, or get gasoline poured over their children and then set on fire as in the Soviet Union shortly before Stalin clamped down and monopolized all the torture and murder, or flayings as in France in 1794.

This replicates numerous past left wing singularities all the way back to the collapse of the Bronze age. It is approximately what happened the last few times, why should you doubt it happening this time?

When it escalates to cannibalism, flayings, and burnings, corporations will collapse, as trade collapsed at the end of the bronze age, and in France in 1793.

Mostly it will merely be mango soup, and only a handful of flayings and burnings, because as soon as $#|& gets really bad, someone is going to seize power, but if no one is able to securely and stably seize power, could potentially go all the way to Szechuan and the Seven Kill Stele, where everyone tortured everyone to death for insufficient leftism until there was almost no one left.

The mechanism is simple:

1. You must believe in the holy faith or we will punish you.

2. A key principle of the holy faith is that unbelievers must be punished.

3. You had better believe enthusiastically, or you might be punished.

4. You had better demonstrate your belief by enthusiastically hunting for unbelievers and finding them.

5. How many children of unbelievers did you burn alive today, comrade?

Everyone terrorizes everyone else into terrorizing everyone else.

To stop this we need an official inquisition that puts the free lance witch finders out of business. I hope we get a Sulla, who burns Havard to the ground, sack of Rome style, purges the social justice warriors, confiscates their property, and enslaves their women, or a Cromwell who imposes reasonable and sane leftism, but a Stalin, who makes it as dangerous to be too far left as it is to be too far right, would suffice, would be a whole lot better than the Seven Kill Stele.

If Trump does a self coup, and purges the public service of his enemies, starts firing very large numbers of people, that could save the day, but the further left the singularity continues, the bloodier the process by which it eventually must be checked.


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  5. viking says:

    so this cuck wants another cromwell fucking prot probably drinks Bushmills

  6. Turtle says:

    > If Trump… purges the public service of his enemies, starts firing very large numbers of people, that could save the day…

    Catch up, Jim:

    (How many firings is “very large numbers of people?” A million of these leeches?)

    So far, this was EASY, done quietly and openly (announced in his White House newsletter email, and minorly in the news). They’re firing doctors and police chiefs, not just janitors. I haven’t looked through it all, but the list is deliciously long. So many bad bureaucrats have been removed… what’s next, short wait times for veterans? I hope so. And this will happen one department at a time.

    Next, I think, is education under Madame Secretary Betsy, with Dr. Ben’s Housing third, and HHS/Obamacare fourth (it’s not straightforward, but I think focusing loudly on Obamacare is a distraction from the VA purge of corrupt thieves). She’s cutely authoritative (matronly, not ball-busting). And she’s already protecting betas from college rape allegations, with her pretty assistant Secretary who actually was raped (it seems).

    The harlots of higher ed have failed to defeat her, because she’s the one with God on her side. I liked the reaction interviews, where the young ladies of “fornicator #7 was crushingly disappointing” esteem basically say “blaming betas for my promiscuity was important to me and my feelz.” They might be right that they would be loyal wives if men were better, but they could also mind their own business by being good women on their own, meaning, by God’s grace.

    I am feeling blessed by how peaceful the rally was- only one fatality so far (the injured all have a chance to survive), and a federal judge ordered that it be permitted. That could lead to Trump legally taking over Virginia from their suicidal governor and mayor. I would like a military governor in my state too.

  7. Pepe Minion says:

    If you mostly agree with this prognosis (I do) then the implications surely are clear?

    Get off the public Internet. The time may well come when visitors to the blog see “This domain has been cleared of hate content. Your IP address has been logged.”

    Start acting as if under hostile military occupation because in effect you are. No form of legal, public protest by the right can prevail against Democracy. Even electing a somewhat-right President does no more than slow the project a little.

    The war has already started in the form of blacks, muslims and antifa attacking whites with little fear of the state siding against them. I think it’s past time to go underground.

    • Joe says:

      Unfortunately I think you are probably right.

      This morning my father, who only gets his news from the usual CBS/CNN mainstream news outlets, was saying that those “neo-nazis” who were running over innocent demonstrators in Charlotte should be hanged, and Trump should be impeached for not condemning them. When I said that the truth was quite different, that they were not neo-nazis, that they had a legal permit to demonstrate, that the police forced them into the crowd of antifa thugs (he’d never heard of “antifa” and didn’t know what I was talking about) and that the police didn’t protect them and they had to fight their way out, he got very angry that I would take the side of nazis.

      I never watch mainstream media so I was a little disconnected from the kind of perspective that the average person is being fed out there. It was chilling that “the big lie” – that this was the fault of neo-nazis – is actually being spread and actually being believed by the average white citizen out there.

      It made me think that there is probably no point in having any kind of public demonstrations. If the enemy is allowed to simply turn them into propaganda against you, what’s the point? The only approach that might have a chance of working is to take the Martin Luther King approach of black civil rights protesters in the ’50s – dress up in nice suits, speak very carefully and calmly, bravely walk into the face of the enemy, and never fight back – let them bash you over the head and and pepper-spray you but never provide even one photo opportunity of your side fighting back. But probably that would not work either – the media in the ’50s was sympathetic to the blacks’ cause. If the media is determined to portray you as a demon, they will find a way to do it regardless of how well you behave. If nothing else, they simply wouldn’t cover the event at all.

      What I ended up thinking after hearing my Dad was that there seems to be no alternative but that it is going to have to personally get a whole lot worse for white people before men like him wake up. Nothing but repeated personal experiences of persecution is going to make him question the mainstream narrative.

      • Starman says:

        Baby boomers suck

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        There are interviews of Ian Smith on youtube. He comes across as a nice, reasonable man willing to placate the left and truly in line with it on many issues.

        Nothing wakes them up excrpt changing the state religion.

      • Turtle says:

        You could show him booking photos of antifa- “these are the internazi (international socialist, communist, the idelogy of antifa) people.” Those photos are nasty, because these are dangerous, fallen freaks. Then, photos of handsome nazis. That’s solid evidence, even including Milo.

        Beauty is both God Himself and sensual / aesthetic validity.

        Also, we can clarify who the righteous victim group was- they were protecting public property (a heritage statue of an American hero), but the police, mayor, governor, and other losers are jealous of this statue’s honor. Envy is causing this trend of taking down statues “(we’re better than those 19th century antiquated oldfags!”). This is also chronological bigotry, or ‘time/ generation pride.’ IF we are biased against our fathers, then no wonder they are biased against General Lee. We must honor all our forefathers to receive their respective blessing.

        The rally worked. We encouraged Trump to defend us, and he did all right. he should also establish a Confederate-friendly monument, memorializing the many freed slaves who starved to death during the Civil War, on federal property. Such nuanced, intelligent positions will defeat the primitive “this isn’t America” lies.

        Your dad might just be jealous of a youth movement. You could subscribe to One America News network to support real media, which is persuasive. OAN has better newsreader ladies who focus on the current events, not their image or attention from the audience. And it’s cheap.

  8. TheAngryPhilosopher says:

    Interesting stuff, though you only get to the most interesting bit (the Admonitions of Ipuwer) in the comments. The “Stalin saved Russia from Trotsky” bit was also interesting; I’d only ever heard this once before, from a history-buff friend of mine who basically said “Trotsky was a megalomaniac who would have burned Russia to the ground”.

    Regarding the possibilities you list for how it all ends – Sulla, Cromwell, Stalin, Seven Kill Stele – I notice you didn’t list Deng Xiaoping somewhere in there. Do you group him with Cromwell? I think Deng is reason for optimism; Maoist madness reached absurd heights and yet China was brought back to sanity with relatively little bloodshed during the correction process. On the other hand, that was made possible by a very specific catalyst – Mao’s death. Perhaps we don’t have such a catalyst here.

    [Do you know that math puzzle about the Island of Blue Eyes? Mao’s death causing the madness to stop reminds me of that.]

    The story of Zhang Xianzhong is fascinating; surprised I’d never heard of him before. Unfortunately, only thing I’m finding about him online is the Wikipedia article and then a billion news things about how they dug up some treasure belonging to him or something. Got any good sources?

    [Especially given that you say that it was all about “insufficient leftism” – color me skeptical about that one. Many other peasant rebels were probably to the “left” of him, and he still killed them and anyone who looked like they might support them.]

    PS. I find the Seven Kill Stele oddly poetic. Not sure what that means.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      >Maoist madness reached absurd heights and yet China was brought back to sanity with relatively little bloodshed during the correction process

      Since most of the mass murdering already happened beforehand.

  9. guest says:

    >burns Havard to the ground

    That would be a waste, it’s much better (and quicker) to just put locks on the gates and turn those universities into loony bins! As a bonus it would even take a while for the new inmates to notice, unlike flames.

    • Antipas says:

      Burned to the ground. The prime real estate upon which Harvard sits should be used for the two things Harvard hates most: A Trump branded golf course and an Orthodox Church.

      • Turtle says:

        How about working class housing, similar to peppermint’s proposal? Plainly, employed residents and their dependents only. This would *undo* Harvard’s evil work.

        But, James Demore, the Google HBD manifesto man, went to Harvard. It’s not all bad.

  10. Koanic says:

    What does “mango soup” mean in this context?

    Otherwise, great post.

  11. glosoli says:

    Jim has lost his mind, or maybe he’s drunk?

    ‘Everyone, including you and me, have moved a long, long, long way left.’

    Hyperbolic nonsense. there are still a few of remaining that are as far right as one can be (i.e. Old Testament laws, God’s justice, Jesus’ wisdom, small nations, run by elders). (Don’t waste your breath God-haters).

    As for praising Stalin and desiring his like to re-appear, I think maybe your tranny BF has been editing your posts whilst you sleep.

    • jim says:

      Stalin saved Russia from dangerous fanatics when it was on track to become Cambodia or Szechuan. Trots needed killing.

      • Turtle says:

        Stalin did more than any other famous USSR leader for the Orthodox Church. Thousands of churches, revitalized during WWII with his protection, were closed as soon as he died.

        Anti-Stalinism is somewhat nazi, as in FDR. People who think ‘liberal democracy’ did well under Ukrainians ruling and ruining the USSR (most of the post-Stalin era was Ukrainian-led, I think) haven’t lived in post-collapse Ukraine.Stalin, a Georgian man, scares everyone, but was sort of monastic.

        His mother wrote a book, which I have seen available on Amazon.
        I don’t know if the book is real. But it’s worth checking out for anyone really interested in him.

        Trots needed exile, like Napoleon. Anyway, Diego Rivera, his “friend,” was a communist too, and a cannibal. The greedy-bloodthirsty cabal is global; God’s victorious Church transcends that.

    • jim says:

      What is your interpretation of the old testament law that if one man sleeps with another man’s wife or betrothed, both of them shall be put to death?

      Do you interpret it as forbidding men from sleeping around also, or only forbidding women from sleeping around?

      Does the offended husband have the right to pursue and kill the offenders, or only the courts?

      How do you interpret the old testament on marriage by abduction?

      Under what circumstances should it be legal and legitimate to enslave someone?

      • glosoli says:

        I’m too inexperienced to answer all of those questions in honesty, I’m still reading the Old testament for the first time. I’d say if both man and woman are to be put to death, then the law seeks to forbid men and women from adultery.

        However, if God prescribes a law or a form of justice, I’m with Him all the way. In a God-fearing tribe, there would be a system for judging sinners, I just read Moses lay down the rules on that, depending on the seriousness of the offence.

        I’m not averse to slavery, this can beneficial for both parties, and certainly better than the faux freedom we all think we have today.

        • jim says:

          Left wing reading of the Old Testament, well to the left of the Old and New Testaments as interpreted by the Church of England from the restoration to the mid nineteenth century.

          • glosoli says:

            How precisely?

            • jim says:

              Old Testament allowed husbands to personally impose the death penalty on adulterous wives and their lovers, but was fine with polygyny. New Testament discourages, but does not altogether forbid polygyny.

              Anglicanism from the restoration to early nineteenth century forbids adultery, but is OK with a man having mistresses, provided he continues to have his wife in his home, his wife in charge of their home, and his mistress not in his home.

              So you are well to the left of the old testament, new testament, and new testament as interpreted by the Anglican Church.

              • ql says:

                You’re engaging in a bit of left-anachronism yourself, Jim.

                Glosoli said, in reference to a specific verse, that both the man and the woman should be put to death if they commit adultery. But in the OT sense it is the violation of a wife or a betrothed virgin that constitutes the adultery; what else did you think he meant?

                • jim says:

                  I assumed he meant the late nineteenth century definition of adultery, which is conspicuously different from the definition employed for the last several thousand years.

                • glosoli says:

                  Replying to jim (and thanks to ql):

                  You made a poor assumption jim, as I did write the following jim up-thread:

                  ‘there are still a few of remaining that are as far right as one can be (i.e. Old Testament laws, God’s justice, Jesus’ wisdom, small nations, run by elders).’

                  I may still need to read a large portion of the Old Testament (ongoing), but I realise the adultery laws in the bible are entirely different to the modern variety. And of course I am with God’s version, every time.

    • peppermint says:

      》not everyone is a leftist now! I’m not a leftist in any way, hit me with your best shibboleths, I’ll pass them all! In fact, everyone should listen to me instead, because I’m less leftist than all you moderns!

  12. Ludwig von Neetgenstein says:

    Jim can you expand on the left singularity of the Bronze Age Collapse? What is the state of our knowledge about this?

    • jim says:

      The bronze age economy rested on the palace as the center of storage of goods and international trade. International trade was needed to make bronze, since tin mines and copper mines were generally far apart. There was a social collapse that shut down international trade, when the guy in the palace could no longer stop people from helping themselves to stuff.

      The archaelogical record tells us that radical population decline preceded and followed the collapse of international trade, and that the final stages of the collapse involved massive violence, but it does not tell us what caused the collapse.

      We have one papyrus, “Admonitions of Ipuwer”, describing political events that is carbon dated to the collapse, which tells us leftists did it. Since this account is unpopular and politically incorrect, the orthodox interpretation is that it is describing legendary events long before its carbon date, but it reports the collapse of international trade, which agrees with its carbon date, and is an odd sort of thing to appear in legends of long ago and far away. It also contains no wonders, miracles, or divine intervention, which one would expect to read of in legends of long ago and far away, and ends without any resolution of the crisis it depicts, which only makes sense if it is a report of current events, rather than the legendary past.

      If the “Admonitions of Ipuwer” is a description of contemporary events, of events at the time of the collapse of Bronze Age Civilization, Egypt was at the time suffering from leftism, high levels of violence, lack of secure property rights, severe social decline, rioting, arson, severe family breakdown, female emancipation, and disastrous levels of political correctness. If we believe the Pentateuch it was also suffering from socialism. In short, not so different from Egypt today and the Arab world today, though with considerably worse family values, the then fall of the Hyksos paralleling today’s recent retreat of colonialism.

      • Ludwig von Neetgenstein says:

        Great pointers. Thank you.

      • Magus says:

        Sea People. Ie another Indo-European wave. They did it.

        • jim says:

          Maybe, but the admonitions depict the Egyptians doling it to themselves.

          • Magus says:

            My understanding is Ipuwer was hundreds of years before the collapse. I’m sure it’s tue, but in that time we still saw RamsesII, etc.

            Also we have to account in the collapse not just fall of New Kingdom but also Hittites, Mycenaeans, Cyprus, and later even Assyrians. Only thing that really makes sense is mass invasion from another Indo-European wave, Dorian/SeaPeople/etc likely assisted by New tech (iron).

            It’s comparable to fall of WRE and als had a Dark Age after it of less Trade, less dense cities, etc.

            • peppermint says:

              We have to somehow account for the decline of northern europe, southern europe, north america, south america, australia, southern africa, and even japan. It’s much more likely that these fossil fuel age republics were simply swept away by the aggressive expansion of nuclear powered kingdoms.

  13. Theshadowedknight says:

    One of the problems we are going to face as the hard right is the infestation of Nazi NatSoc leftists as nominal members of the political right. They have an irritating tendency to try to holiness spiral, and it is only the influence of the NRx strains of thought and familiarity with the concept among the manosphere right that has prevented it. As time goes on it will be more and more important to isolate them from leadership positions and keep them too busy to start purity spirals.

    Luckily, besides the retarded Nazi LARP political demands, all they want is a nice white wife in a safe, pleasant, white nation, with a good job to support a family. The right can provide them that in a way that the left cannot, even if it is the nationalist left. We manage to get that in place, and they will grumble, but very quietly, and even that will go away soon enough.

    The Shadowed Knight

  14. Anonymous says:

    >Britain going lefter until Cromwell brought things under control, France going lefter until Napoleon brought things under control, Russia going lefter until Stalin brought things under control.

    Germany going lefter until Hitler brought things under control.

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