Jobs and education make women ugly and unattractive

Women find jobs and education attractive in men, so mistakenly and foolishly think that men will find jobs and education attractive in women. They find arrogance, cruelty, sexual promiscuity, and assholery attractive in men, so mistakenly and foolishly think that men will find arrogance, cruelty, sexual promiscuity, and assholery attractive in women.

What men like is primarily youth and fertility, but close second to this is kindness, fidelity, humility, and obedience. “Will this woman”, the man subconsciously thinks, “look after me and my children?”

A woman has all her life to do jobs and education, but limited time to get married and start a family. After thirty, she is not so hot any more, still bangable, but no fun for a long term relationship. She is also running out of eggs. After age thirty she can still have children, but there is a rapidly rising chance that she will not be able to have as large a family as she or her husband might wish. After forty, high chance she will not be able to have any children at all. And after forty, well, there are some men that will bang forty year old women, but most men would prefer whiskey, porn, and whores if a forty year old woman was the only alternative. Old men seldom marry old women. I am pretty old, and infamously indiscriminate about which women I bang (if it goes up, it goes in) but I don’t bang forty year old women, and there is a limit to how many times I will bang a woman in her thirties, unless she is exceptionally good looking for a thirty year old.

If a woman marries a man while she is still young and beautiful, and he is in love, wife goggles come into effect and she seemingly remains the same age forever. I saw my wife as about seventeen all her years until she was dying, but of course, the later a woman marries, the less she is going to benefit from wife goggles.

The worst part of jobs and education is that they suck up time that a woman should use to get married and have a family, but they also tend to mark up a woman’s face.

If a woman goes to college, and does not nail down her future husband in the first year, she is going to wind up banging a long succession of charismatic alpha males, and getting dumped by a long succession of alpha males, resulting in the infamous thousand cock stare, and the thousand cock stare is chillingly ugly.

Highly educated women get married less, get divorced more, and have fewer children than less educated women.

And then she goes to work.

Men need to be needed. Men do not want an independent woman. And being an independent woman hardens a woman’s face.

Women in high socioeconomic status jobs get married less, get divorced more, fuck around more before, during, and after marriage, and have fewer children than woman with low socioeconomic status jobs.

This problem has been made far more severe by affirmative action. I recall a lawyerette in Telstra’s legal department (78% female) boasting about how much affirmative action was in place, and arrogantly, impudently, and aggressively demanding that a whole lot more affirmative action be put in place.

These days, most women’s jobs are affirmative action jobs. Women get jobs on the backs of men because companies are forced to hire woman.

One big problem with affirmative action is that an affirmative action hire is largely fireproof, so if there is any drama between a man hired on his merits, and woman hired for being a woman, the man gets fired. And women love drama. Which makes all the women in the workplace socially superior to the men who are theoretically their equals on the organization, since the men are frightened of the women, frightened that if a woman picks a quarrel with them it will have grave consequences, and often socially superior to their immediate boss. Watch how the poor boss cannot get a word in edgewise.

Yeah, I know feminists say that when a man speaks over a woman, he is being aggressive and shouting her down, but when a woman speaks over a man, she is not interrupting, she is being friendly and helpful – but the boss would have had a much easier time without all that “help”, which resembled the help given by a backseat driver to the driver.

So the women go around with a hard and hostile face, lest any of their male social inferiors should get sexy ideas about them, and that hostile face becomes permanent, so that even when she tries to smile at an alpha male, she is smiling through a permanent hostile condescending sneer that has engraved itself on her face. And that is not what any man needs in a wife. Jobs for women are, in the overwhelming majority of cases, affirmative action jobs where the men carry the woman on their backs, affirmative action jobs make women arrogant and hostile, and arrogance and hostility makes them ugly.

There is a certain amount of truth to the feminist proposition that women never interrupt men, they are just being friendly and helpful – and a great big untruth. And the great big untruth is revealed if the man does not let her interrupt, if he keeps on speaking and raises his voice to be be heard, her face will distort into the face of a witch, a monster, and a toad, she will scream incoherently at the top of her voice and swell with furious rage, that even though her interruption is superficially pleasant and courteous, that it is an interruption is discourteous, a demonstration of arrogance, hostility, and social power, the power of state enforced affirmative action hiring, and this arrogance and discourtesy, and the state power backing it, is suddenly, brutally, and shockingly revealed the instant the interruption is resisted.

Every time a woman interrupts a man, her face gets a tiny bit uglier.


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  1. Alan J. Perrick says:

    This is more evidence that the woman’s place is in the home, where she can lose a few arguments without worrying whether she’s not going to make a promotion because of that. So called wealthy and rich societies have accustomed people to thinking that double incomes are necessary, even for the well-to-do middle class, but how much sense does that make?


  2. Cavalier says:

    “Every time a woman interrupts a man, her face gets a tiny bit uglier.”

    Saint Paul was a wise man.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “After forty, high chance she will not be able to have any children at all.”

    I’d like to point out that after forty, the chances of infertility are approximately 98%. Only about 2% of children born to white mothers are born to mothers over 40. And I think this is only that high because of last-chance fertility treatments.

    • Jack Highlands says:

      Interesting – my biologically trained self wants to jump in with ‘over 50% of women between 40 an 45 who WANT to get pregnant naturally, can.’

      And that’s true – what you’re referring to with only 2% of children just reflects that 98% of women who want children have had them by 40.

      However, in a psychological sense, you’re still right: 98% of women are psychologically, not biologically, infertile by 40. The net result, in terms of White babies in ovens, is the same.

      • Anonymous says:

        Source on 50+% 40+ women being able to conceive naturally?

        It contradicts my own learnings on the matter: even in their prime, women who try to have children only have about 85% chance to conceive in a given year. Since fertility does drop over time after they’re 25 or so, I would expect that the chance of getting pregnant in a given year would be far smaller, and there wouldn’t be any guarantee that the woman would actually get pregnant before the lease on her reproductive system runs out.

  4. Dave says:

    Yet the Feminine Imperative is always frustrated because men adapt. If a company can’t reward outstanding work with raises, bonuses, and promotions, men will work the bare minimum and have more free time to travel to countries with nicer women. I once met a California tech worker who owned a house in the Philippines and spent a solid three weeks there every year with his friends getting laid like tile.

    (Feminists are working to close this loophole — there’s already a two-per-lifetime limit on fiancee visas, spouse visas take forever, and a man’s passport is revoked if he falls $2500 behind on child support. If your parents are dead, you might as well start a family overseas.)

    So a typical company now fills its staff with women and minorities for the mundane, day-to-day tasks, and calls in white male consultants when hard problems need to be solved quickly. When a woman interrupts her boss, what happens if her boss and her boss’s boss are also women?

  5. R7_Rocket says:

    Affirmative Action is The Cathedral’s greatest Achilles Heel. Impose affirmative action on The Cathedral’s cyberdefenses, and the Russian hackers will just waltz right in.

    Imagine women voters getting deleted off voting rolls.

    Imagine nigger voters getting deleted off voting rolls.

    Imagine EBT getting shut down.

    Imagine paychecks to the Praetorians getting deleted.


  6. glenfilthie says:

    I actually worked for a corporation that bought into that affirmative action shit years ago. They hired a 20-something bubble gummer to be my boss so I quit. They did some house cleaning a year later and fired pretty much everyone except her. She was on antidepressants and a total cunt to work with.

    I won’t work for niggers or woman and that’s final. Won’t hire them either.

    • liberranter says:

      “I won’t work for niggers or woman and that’s final. Won’t hire them either.”

      For any white male over the age of 40 this needs to become an ironclad rule. I used to be a “workplace egalitarian.” No more after my last gig, which lasted over a decade – until my last two bosses were a woman and a nigger, in that order.

      Never again.

  7. Alfred says:

    This is an absolute taboo in [current year] Dutch culture.

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