Massive 4chan purge and censorship.

Most Chan mods have been permabanned and replaced by social justice warriors

Of the 4chan old guard, only four remain.

It used to be said that all organizations become left wing, except those that are explicitly right wing.

We may have to amend that to “all organizations become left wing, except those that are explicitly reactionary”.

Progressives long  maintained the illusion of an open society by maintaining a neutered opposition.  But now, even that neutered opposition is being shut down.

The Republican party has long been a joke.  Notice how their presidential candidate is always the man who bipartisanly did the most to move America left, McCain of Mcain Feingold, Romney of Romneycare. Now the same joke is everywhere.

The problem is that social justice warriors are being appointed in charge of absolutely everything everywhere, from subreddits to Apple.  Likely that the reason that recent Apple decisions have been so stupid and incompetent is likely that Tim Cook is not a tech guy, he is a social justice guy, a toll that Jobs paid to the Cathedral to be left alone for a bit.

And that is why the cutscenes in your video games are likely to feature tranny warriors and men having sex with men.

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  1. Johnny Truant says:

    @Trevor York, I know I’m replying to an ancient post, but your posts nearly illustrate the problem. First you’re saying love and peace will prevail, then barely thirty minutes later it’s almost as if you’re crying out for Revolution. Are you sincere? Are you an agitator? A government plant, looking to drive people to prosecutable action? There’s no way to know. Until this problem is fixed I can’t see normal people that have any critical thinking skills risking agreeing with statements like that in a public forum, even though we may totally agree. There needs to be a way to verify, to trust, but that’s for people smarter than me to figure out. I wish them luck more more than ever, especially in light of the war on encryption currently being played out, I fear decisions will continue to be made by people who don’t understand the tech and doom us all in the process, due to their unquenchable thirst for power.

  2. Trevor York says:

    you know what, fuck this. we have to start speaking up about this in the real world or else our internet liberties are going to be eroded away by a bunch of morons. Im an undergraduate law student, we should all seriously see how damaging this is to not just the internet , but liberty and freedom. A second American revolution for the world and the internet is inevitable

  3. Trevor York says:

    I wouldnt say it was a purge by SJW or left wingers. I’m very much both those things and I got banned for merely posting pics of interracial sex to troll everyone anyways, lol. This seems rather be either the interest of private money (hence the recent purchase or whatever of 4chan) , or something related to the government and law.

    In the context of this being goverment/law related, it would seem that this was the doing of intelligence agencies or a military program thats stepped out of bounds. To the degree that ive been harassed on multiple chanboards and even chatrooms amounts to a serious human rights violation and makes it pretty clear that people are targeted for whatever reason by someone who has the time and energy to put into it. It also really seems that it doesnt have much to do with your political stance. (Maybe its my “race”)

    In any event, it goes to show the insecurity and fear of the true losers in the world, hehe. I have nothing to hide. It seems other people do, however. Remember that the paradigm of fear and insecurity will collapse with the supremacy of love and understanding.

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  6. Weirddave says:

    Semantic quibble. Left wing/Proggy thought IS reactionary, against the industrial revolution/free markets/capitalism.

    • jim says:

      Libertarianism is a fantasy. Where are libertarians today? Bryan Caplan?

      Libertarians want a pro market leftism. All contracts shall be enforced, and there shall be freedom of contract – except of course, for the freedom of a man and a woman to irrevocably bind themselves to form a household and raise children. Because that, hey, would be slavery. And we can’t have slavery, can we, because all men were created equal.

      Leftists have realized that the market is the only effectual way to operate a modern economy, but cannot help themselves from consuming and destroying the market, for it is the nature of leftism to dominate and control everything. Thus pro market leftism cannot exist, even when both leftists and libertarians wish it to exist.

      Libertarians want to be pro market but within the Overton Window. As Bryan Caplan proves, there is no longer space to be pro market within the overton window, even though leftists honestly wish and intend that there was such space.

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  8. nyan sandwich says:

    4chan/pol was the last bastion of popular free political speech that I know of, and thus became highly redpilled and reactionary. /pol/ was growing in popularity and sanity at an astounding rate, and pulling off increasingly lulzy raids against sjw scum.

    Someone got to moot and the mods and now /pol/ is just empty “niggerkikeniggernigger”, having banned all the interesting content on the gamergate and surrounding corruption issues.

    RIP /pol/. Was glorious while it lasted.

    We would need a popular public discussion forum as decentralized as email and bitcoin if we want /pol/ to happen again.

    • nyan sandwich says:

      Looks like is a good candidate for the new 4chan. Spread the word, participate if you can.

      • peppermint says:

        what the fuck is this faggotry the /burgers/ board is neither burgers nor about Americans who eat burgers

        fuck this i’m going to 5guys

  9. Dave says:

    If 4chan is shut down, we can always take our discussions back to Reddit, where anyone who offends against the consensus gets down-voted into oblivion:

    • peppermint says:

      haha, yeah, if I was in charge of the SJW central committee the first thing I would do is let SRS mods start shadowbanning people on Reddit and kill /r/greatapes

      also I would do something about 4chan, not sure what

      but socialism is a phenomenon, not a conspiracy. That’s why /r/greatapes exists.

  10. hobo rinds with kosher salt says:

    we’re past the event horizon to the left singularity. all organizations become left wing.

    @And where will we locate the hosting service for sixteen chan?


  11. jp says:

    It’s interesting that SJWs always implement mass bans and censorship whenever they take over a community. Because, historically, whenever leftists take over a country, they implement mass executions and censorship. The underlying rationale appears to be very similar in either situation: the purging of thought criminals for the greater social justice of the collective.

    I sometimes get the distinct impression from these folks that, while they’re banning their enemies and purging the board culture of heretical Internet communities, they’d much rather be arresting those enemies IRL and lining them up against walls. The only thing stopping them is a lack of political power… which they’re incessantly, frantically grabbing for.

    I wonder if this sort of thing, minus the Internet aspect of course, ever went on before the Bolsheviks or the Maoists or the Khmer Rouge took over.

    • Alrenous says:

      There was a phase change.
      In the Roman empire, if you didn’t like someone you just assassinated them. Or they assassinated you first, knowing you were after them. Everyone applauded the victor.
      In Greece you would hold a trial on trumped up charges and have them drink the hemlock.
      As per Moldbug, if you microaggressed against a Samurai, they could just kill you.
      If William the Conqueror didn’t like someone he conquered the shit out of them.
      In later England you would be charged with lese majeste, and either imprisoned or executed. Rather than making you a martyr, it made you a fool.
      In yet later England you could challenge them to a duel to the death, which certainly put a damper on smear campaigns.

      However, as the violent nature was (apparently) bred out of civilized people, violence stopped being admired and glorified, and eventually stopped being even accepted. The breeding program is not complete. Most still have murderous thoughts. Many don’t yet accept it’s a vice. Hence various clever ways to justify murder.

      • niggosnoggus says:

        I’d guess that most of those old rites apply only to the small class of ruling aristocracy and not the herd of peasants that then went on to ban such actions (it never even took part in) with the dawn of democracy.

  12. josh says:

    My first thought: I’m outraged!

    My second: What the hell is 4chan?

    But that only adds to your point.

  13. Alrenous says:

    If I were modding 4chan right now, I would be purging gamergate threads, but not all of them, just enough to say I dindu nuffin, not enough to stop word from getting out.

  14. Alrenous says:

    There are still some inconsistencies. Kassie Washington doesn’t seem to exist.

    On the plus side there’s a decent chance that attacking 4chan will only get you Streisand’ed.

    • peppermint says:

      wouldn’t be the first time 4chan has been responsible for a misogynistic hoax. when I saw this story on /pol/ I thought ‘gr8 b8 m8 i r8 it 8/8’

  15. Orthodox says:

    Cut of the head of 4chan and you will have 16chan.

  16. peppermint says:

    four years ago /b/ was reliably pro-degeneracy. today, /b/ is full of racists.

    /pol/ is where Ben Garrison found his audience. They are very aware of the Jewish problem.

  17. Wyrd says:

    Tumblr went on a child’s crusade into 4chan territory. 4chan turned its baleful gaze on Tumblr and hilarity ensued. Tumblr SJWs cried “not fair!” and one even pulled a cry-for-attention suicide attempt. Now 4chan must pay for its imputence towards Cathedral dogma:

    Some background:

  18. jay says:

    Another possibility is that 4chan has been captured by the feds:

    As part of a childporn honeypot sting. All ”civy” mods of /b/ are removed and replaced by federal agents.

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