Rape accusation for grades

Emma Sulkowicz gets an advanced degree in false rape accusations. I hope it comes with a mountain of student debt.

Emma Sulkowicz decided that her last booty call with Paul Nungesser was rape, after several months went by with no further booty calls from him, despite her prompting on instant messaging. Or perhaps she decided when her academic advisor went fishing for rape cases.

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  1. […] also has a swift swat on on the ass for Emma Sulkowicz—the latest Rape Fantasist to have her narrative house of cards blown […]

  2. Zach says:

    Jim you might appreciate this:


    It’s the suicide boy at his best.

  3. HowdyDoody says:

    Here’s a roundup of this circle-jerk of losers:

    1. JAD is a closet pedophile: he’s constantly obsessing over pubescent girl sexuality under the cover of pseudointellectual drivel.

    2. Peppermint — unoriginal stormfronter with nerd glasses and a potbelly. Hasn’t gotten laid since the Reagan administration.

    3. “Mark Citadel”– Mel Gibson Fascist. Hint: the bible was written by a committee of ignorant, desert-dwelling nomads, recycling Jewish creation myths. What’s your proof that Jesus was the “Son of God”?

    Nerds, if you’re such tough guys, how about starting with listing your real names?

    • R7_Rocket says:

      HowdyDoody says: “Nerds, if you’re such tough guys, how about starting with listing your real names?”

      You first…

    • peppermint says:

      it’s funny because i was born during the Reagan administration

      also, pedophile is supposed to mean you go after prepubescent kids, mostly boys, like a mudslime from the Stans. However, it gets conflated with having sexual desire for sex with sexually developed girls, which is usually considered to be abnormal both because our culture tries to divorce sex from reproduction and ethology, and because Whites are supposed to delay marriage for a number of years past puberty.

      The problem with the mudslimes going after English girls isn’t that they are pedophiles. No one cares what they think or feel. Nor is the problem that White girls aren’t supposed to start having sex at 11 or 13, The problem is that they are mudslimes having sex with English girls, who then give birth to hideous abominations.

      Legend has it, the Hasidim of Poland would marry their children as soon as they were pubescent to maximize the number of children, so that they would exhaust God’s supply of good Jewish souls, bringing about the end of the world. It appears to have worked.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Yeah, just put your heads in these nooses for me. If you weren’t weak-chinned cowardly basement-dwelling loser neckbeards, that’s exactly what you’d do. What are you, chicken?

    • B says:

      You seem very focused on other men’s physiques and sexuality. Tell me, has this approach historically worked well for you in convincing others and making friends?

      Peppermint may be an obnoxious aspie with a Hitler fetish, but you are even more obnoxious.

  4. Pepperdork says:

    LOL– I’m quite certain you keyboard nerd warriors would ever repeat your transparently transgressive drivel live to anyone in public.

    Concave-chested fascists don’t do so well in real-life– but then again, you know that from experience, don’t you?

    Jesus look at your king-dork in action!!


    • k says:

      I might be misinterpreting, but I don’t think this guy cares much for neoreactionaries

      • jim says:

        Typical new age Christian. Holier than Jesus. Corrects Jesus and Paul on patriarchy and slavery.

        • k says:

          Sure is a prickly fella.

          • Thales says:

            …but really short on material. Nothing but projections — very uncreative. I give it 2 out of 10. ‘seen less entertaining trolls before, but not many.

        • josh says:

          I would have bet Jew, if only for singling out peppermint.

        • Mark Citadel says:

          Precisely. He is like the fraud Christians on talk radio who denounce the crusades. I have a feeling he will be hearing “i never knew you” in the future.

          • Corvinus says:

            Like a bad penny, Mark shows up at every turn. All you are offering is an elitist form of government controlled by a yet undecided group of powerful people who run roughshod over citizens inherent right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

            Regarding the Crusades, in the initial stages it was a noble endeavor, then it ended up being a European pillaging and plundering marathon.

            • jim says:

              The crusades were primarily defensive from the beginning to the very end, the first crusade being to recover the lands recently lost by Byzantium to Islam, the last Crusade being to slow the extremely alarming expansion of the Ottoman empire, which was thrusting into Europe.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      If you were capable of countering an argument with logic then you would. I’m curious if you actually believe what you’re posting are logical or know that it’s just emotional outbursts to satiate your exacerbated amygdala.

  5. Mark Citadel says:

    Rape accusations have become a rather lucrative cottage industry. I would dismiss any rape case in which the woman was drunk. You want to get wasted? Deal with the consequences, which is that your testimony is worthless and you are responsible for taking down the defense mechanism of cognition.

    Leave all your doors wide open at night in Detroit? Don’t complain when you wake up to find your drywall is gone.

    • peppermint says:

      Feminists, like the cats they keep as pets, want to be raped by the strongest man in the area. Who’s the strongest? The one who can get away with it. Eldridge Cleaver.

      Eldridge Cleaver isn’t a threat to female liberation. Being raped by him is female liberation: liberation from being forced into marrying a boring and, as progress has progressed, increasingly timid man.

      Women want a rapist or a hookup sexier than a husband they could get. I bet female ducks feel the same way about rape as female humans.

      • Pepperdork says:

        Peppermint Patty, you’re like the kid who shits in the school shower to get attention. It’s just pathetic.

        You do seem to have many BBC rape fantasies though. Would you like a big man to rape you? That can be arranged.

        In the meantime, you may want to check out out http://www.xhamster.com.

        • Thales says:

          Wow. Now we know what finally happened to that kid who got his ass kicked by Peppermint way back in grade school…

          • Steve Johnson says:

            Peppermint really got under someone’s skin.

            My guess is that “pepperdork” is a Jew of some kind and is very unhappy.

            The normally level headed (if Talmudic (not a compliment)) B resorts to the scatological insults directed at Peppermint as well.

          • Thales says:

            SJ, you remind me of that scene in “Boiler Room” where the two Jews, noticing how much their (mostly Catholic, IIRC) co-workers love bloody brawls on a Fri night after drinking, recollect that the worst dust-ups in Jew school would result only in someone’s yarmulke getting knocked off.

          • B says:

            Yeah dem Joos don’t be bangin like we do back on da block! Losers!

        • Alan J. Perrick says:

          Call him “Peppermint Papist”. It is time to end ecumenism.

  6. spandrell says:

    Serves him right for befriending and screwing the ugly bitch.

    Pretty girls don’t do this stuff.

    Keep some standards and don’t take advantage of ugly bitches to keep your dick wet, and you’re safe.

    And that’s the voice of experience talking.

    • josh says:

      This girl is obviously cute:


      and Emma Sulkowicz is young and fit. She’s not a ten, but she’s not ugly. Her she is with make-up:


    • Thales says:

      Spandrell is correct. Don’t put it in ugly, or crazy or, ideally, where you work. If you’re in college, college is your work. Yes, that means you might need to get off campus to get off, but all the more reason to get away from the unreal bubble periodically.

    • fnd says:

      Too bad having standards with women is not the same as having standards with books, music, movies, etc. You need to have good performance, and for good performance you need to get experience, and to get experience, you will have to screw with plain janes…

    • reakcionar says:

      “Serves him right for befriending and screwing the ugly bitch.

      Pretty girls don’t do this stuff.”

      This is true in most cases, but there are some pretty screwed up pretty girls as well. The most beautiful girl I’ve even been with was borderline criminally insane. She was the cutest creature on the planet, but could not live 14 days in a row without nuclear shit tests, psychotic mind games and dramatic fights.

      • peppermint says:

        she knows her sexual market value and refuses to settle for anything less than a man capable of passing her shit tests.

        ugly girls follow different strategies to maximize what they can get with their sexual market value.

      • jim says:

        A hot chick is entitled to a man who can pass nuclear shit tests and win dramatic fights.

        Of course, this dissipates the hotness value in nuclear shit tests and dramatic fights. A patriarchy, by preventing women from nuclear shit tests and dramatic fights effectively confiscates the much of the hotness value to the benefit of the woman’s owner. But without patriarchy, the value gets dissipated.

        In a patriarchy, the hotness value tends to go to the man who is most effective in creating wealth, building for posterity and defending his society against internal and external enemies, whereas without patriarchy, goes to the man who can pass nuclear shit tests. But the man who can pass nuclear shit tests is paying a high price for hotness.

        • reakcionar says:

          “But the man who can pass nuclear shit tests is paying a high price for hotness.”


          This is especially true for those (like me) who are not natural shit test destroyers and natural assholes. No matter what PUAs try to sell, passing nuclear shit tests will always require a certain amount of energy, and even if you learn to master shit tests, a crazy hot chick will manage to catch you off guard and launch the missiles. In my opinion, an important part of the game is to know how to recognize madness and quit in time, and not try to stabilize an inherently crazy chick, no matter how high her beauty or IQ are.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tinfoil hat spitballing here…

    I’ve long thought that the endgame of the ruling class was to turn America into a giant brothel. White girls are up there among the most valuable commoditiess on the planet. So you hollow out the economy, wreck trad culture, overload the youth with narcissism and HD porn. Everyone is so poor and so desperate, so eventually you wind up with a sex tourism free for all like Thailand, except the girls are white and they are far better trained sexually.

    In light of that, what if rape hysteria is a kind of reverse psy op. Think how the white on black headline crimes always turn out to be bogus, these high profile rapes more and more turn out to be BS too. The natural reaction of people trends towards, in Jims words, “all rape accusations are false”.

    Which is exactly the prevailing attitude you want if you’re a ruling class who wants to be able to rape any young white girl (or boy) with impunity in a kind of bizzaro throwback to the old claim of nobles/kings to “first night”.

    This theory came to me when I was talking with a co worker about how some black football player had been accused of rape by a white girl. He felt that the alleged rapist was innocent and the accuser was “gold digging”. His weird passion on the subject showed me that he and likely many other guys my age narcissistically view the situation from the pov of “I’m gonna be that football star someday” rather than “I’m gonna be the father of a daughter someday”.

    • josh says:

      “the old claim of nobles/kings to “first night”.”

      This was not a thing. It comes from Voltaire who was a) utterly full of shit 2) a whig asset.

      • Erik says:

        It was a thing in a few Muslim Sultanates, but never in Christian Europe. Agreed that Voltaire was both the above.

    • peppermint says:

      yeah, we do need to make the point that all rape accusations *against White men* are false, because Whites mostly reproduce through marriage and up until recently very rarely hookups, while Blacks almost always reproduce through hookups and rape, and commonly infanticide previous children if they go for boyfriendship.

      These behaviors and strategies are seen in the animal kingdom as well.

      Whites and Blacks are technically the same species because you can get these freak interracial abominations, and there are Arabs. Rape is not something that White men do, for the most part, not even in war.

      The amazing thing is that rape was considered to be such a not big deal in the 1960s that Eldridge Cleaver bragged about raping White women in his book, which to this day is lauded by feminists.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        “Whites and Blacks are technically the same species because you can get these freak interracial abominations, and there are Arabs.”

        That does not make them the same species.

        Lions and tigers, wolves and dogs, coyotes and wolves, etc. can interbreed as well.

  8. Max Bright says:

    I bet that mattress is a great conversation starter.

    I’m not saying she does this just to have an excuse to inflict herself on everyone around her and trap them in a conversation where social norms dictate that they must listen to her and give her sympathy… but if someone did want to do that, carrying a mattress around would be a pretty effective strategy.

    • CamelCaseRob says:

      Hey this could be a new PUA technique — carry a mattress into a club with you.

  9. The accused is a German national, the accuser:

    “As a mixed-heritage person, I was particularly engaged by a student work called “You Made Me This,” by Emma Sulkowicz, who has a Japanese/Chinese-Jewish/Polish heritage”
    Diaspora Redefined in Art

  10. queenshulamit says:

    Why do you think she’s lying?

    • jim says:

      1. To a good approximation, all rape accusations are false and all rape convictions are false. Exceptions are so rare they can be ignored.

      2. Paul Nungesser released their text messages. Emma Sulkowicz was pushing him for another booty call for months after the supposed rape.

      • queenshulamit says:

        [citation needed] on both

        • queenshulamit says:

          OK, not needed for the text messages, I have found the article. But needed for the “most rape allegations are false”

          • jim says:

            Same principle as flying saucer abductions. Lots of people claim to have been abducted by aliens in flying saucers.

            If a significant proportion of rapes were real, you would expect rather more rapes of the form “Woman raped in home invasion burglary”, or “Woman dragged into the bushes while jogging in middle class suburb”, and rather fewer rapes of the form “Half drunk woman raped while cruising back alleys”

            The great majority or rapes seem to be “Half drunk woman visits man’s pad at midnight, has sex, complains about sex several days later”

            And even when a woman is jumped by a naked stranger and dragged into the bushes, does not seem to have been trying to avoid it very hard.

            Feminists argue that women should have the right to wander around dark places with their boobs hanging out. Don’t think men claim the right to wander around dark places with their wallet hanging out.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:

            I’d reckon it is more about the attention than the money for the lying “victims”.

  11. Steve Johnson says:

    What a hilarious name for the 21st century zeitgeist.

    Sulk + owitz – it’s like someone made up the name as a parody.

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