The Cathedral defined

Because of the big expansion of the Alt Right, the Dark Enlightenment, and Neoreaction, we are getting a lot of people unfamiliar with the theory.

Know your enemy, know yourself:

The Cathedral is the Academic-judiciary-media complex.  It is also priestly power, even if some of the priests are not actually in academia, the judiciary, or media. It the set of people, with actual privilege under democracy.  All people are equal, but some are more equal than others.  The Cathedral are the ones that are more equal than others.  Jews tend naturally to priesthood, but the Cathedral is not entirely ruled by Jews, and in practice Orthodox Jews are normally excluded from the Cathedral as unbelievers, revealing the Christian roots of progressivism.

The Cathedral has organizational continuity with the state religion of Massachussets, in that Harvard was the headquarters of the state religion of Massachusetts.  Harvard is a heretical offshoot of the Church of England, in that Harvard was founded by clerics expelled from the Church of England by Charles the second, clerics known at the time as dissenters or noncomformists, and the State Religion of Massachusetts was founded by clerics who fled England to avoid the authority of Charles the first, clerics known at the time as Brownists.  The frequent name changes, which continue to this day, indicate that this religion keeps developing a dreadful reputation.

The problem is the priesthood of all believers.  This is wonderful in theory, but in practice, some believers are more equal than others, so what you get in practice is what Moldbug calls informal power – power that is unofficial, secretive, insecure, conspiratorial, and based on lies and pretence, as illustrated by the Climategate files.

It used to be that Royal society decided what was science, what was the scientific method, and awarded prestige to some scientists more than others.  Its motto was “Take no one’s word for it” – which meant that scientists that claimed X had to show how they knew X.  When Harvard got supremacy over the Royal Society as a result of World War II, we got scientific truth determined behind closed doors on the basis of secret evidence that they will not show you even if you mount freedom of information requests.  Peer Review is in practice the clerical synods that the State Church of Massachussets demanded.  Similarly accreditation of educational (credentialing) institutions.

The British civil war (1640-1660) was a result of dissident/brownist clerics demanding that the authority of Bishops appointed by the King be replaced by the authority of clerical synods.

This led to riots against the King’s Bishops, which Charles the first failed at first to treat as full on revolution against the King and at first failed to crush with full on military power.  The mainstream interpretation of events leading up to the British civil war is that Charles was too harsh, but my interpretation is the opposite – that the more revolution you allow, the more revolution you are going to get.

We are now entering a similar crisis, in that the permanent government claims to exercise authority and regulate not on the basis of what some mere president tells it to do, but on the basis of objective fact, where some people behind closed doors get to determine objective fact and others do not.

The permanent government has long been apt to commission “research” that makes it a moral and legal necessity to reward friends and punish enemies, and in the last months of the Obama regime has been aggressively claiming priestly independence similar to that of the judiciary, academia, and the mainstream media.  It has also been organizing quasi military forces independent of the regular military.  This is the priesthood of all believers all over again.

The priesthood of all believers would be fine if you added a little addendum that non religious authority gets to decide which believer may administer the sacraments – the family patriarch, the magistrate, or the King, as appropriate, so that we had formal, rather than informal, inequality between believers and priests.  Arguably this is implied by Saint Paul’s remarks on divine right, and in the end Martin Luther took this interpretation. Secular authorities should be able to regulate the church provided that they are not hostile to the faith and do not demand repudiation of the doctrines of the faith.

Or we could go with apostolic succession, and holy oil.  There is a sufficient supply of holy oil, because  if you have a bottle half full of holy oil, and top it up with regular oil, you get a full bottle of holy oil.  The holiness does not get diluted. (It is a miracle) But the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England has become rather shy about apostolic succession.  Seems to me you cannot have apostolic succession, unless one apostolic successor who is a Bishop actually says to a candidate Bishop something like “By the power granted to me by the apostles, I  appoint you successor to the apostles”, and sloshes him with holy oil, or something along those lines.  A ambiguous pat on the head does not really count.  By which standard, no one in the Roman Catholic Church or the Church of England has apostolic succession any more, so if we go with apostolic succession we will have to import some Bishops who do have apostolic succession from Mount Athos or Moscow.  Mount Athos is safer.  We don’t want Moscow to lose intellectual sovereignty to Harvard, and equally we do not want Washington to lose intellectual sovereignty to Moscow.

To deal with the problem, Trump is going to need to forbid heavy weapons and armored personnel carriers to any federal government agency other than the regular military, and then replace holy synods with Bishops – in other words re-organize the federal bureaucracy on das Führerprinzip.

He also needs to reduce the power of the Judiciary by demonstrating that an airforce commando outranks a supreme court justice.

And after he is done with the federal bureaucracy, do the same to Academia.

He needs to radically reduce the status of Academia by radical degree deflation- we need to reintroduce the bar exam and the civil service exam, so that you can take the exam without bothering with an accredited college, and create a viable apprentice  + exam based model for doctors of medicine.  And simply repeal all the other accreditation requirements, in particular and especially “disparate impact”.

Trump has already struck effectively at the power of the media without even being president.  Now he needs to do to the rest of the Cathedral what he has done to the media.

After that, send a request to Mount Athos for some holy oil.  We need to close off open entry into the priesthood.  Even when disempowered, it is still an attractive nuisance that will attract the dangerously ambitious.

Some possible approaches to closing off open entry into the priesthood.

1:  The priesthood of all believers firmly regulated by the state. The state gives them privileges and power, in return for them teaching loyalty and patriotism, but keeps them under tight formal and explicit control. (Luther’s later more conservative Lutheranism)

2: Bishops derive their authority from the King, combining apostolic succession with (1) as in the Church of England from 1660 to 1820

3: Full on apostolic succession, with appropriate respect for secular authority, as with Eastern Orthodoxy and today’s Russian Orthodox Church under Putin.  Get some holy oil.

4: Hereditary priesthood, as in the Old Testament Israel.

5: Priesthood as private property, as in today’s Japan and saga period iceland, where private ownership of an official state endorsed shrine makes you a priest.  We make the universities as independent in reality as they are in form, so that Academia tolerates, is unable to prevent, is incapable of suppressing, open dissent within Academia, shutting down the network of committees controlling committees that causes all Academia to speak with a single voice, that makes it a thousand loudspeakers all echoing one microphone.

Since the shrines are official, solution five always has substantial elements of solution one.  Give them too much independence, they will conspire to create an informal and unofficial apparatus of coercion that enables them to speak with one voice, for the added power that this gives them.  The state not only has to ensure that the priesthood is dependent on the state, but also ensure that the priesthood is genuinely independent from synods of priests, for synods of priests lead to wars and revolutions, exercising power without responsibility.

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  1. J says:

    Is the University of Harvard the Temple of Massachusetts’s religion? Are the universities modeled on Harvard educating priests of the Massachusett religion? Yes, there is some institutional continuity. And what was the religion of Massachussetts if not Judaism: New Englanders considered themselves the new Jewish people, many spoke Hebrew and even Harvard’s emblem is written in Hebrew. Not that we real historical Jews had anything to do with it. We do not believe that the New Jerusalem is in Ne England, we work to rebuild the Temple in the same place where it was: Jerusalem. What is all these if not pure madness?

    • Steve Johnson says:

      “And what was the religion of Massachussetts if not Judaism: New Englanders considered themselves the new Jewish people, many spoke Hebrew and even Harvard’s emblem is written in Hebrew.”

      That’s Yale.

    • peppermint says:

      Is it really Judaism?

      Judaism didn’t have souls separate from bodies. Judaism didn’t have salvation for all through individual good behavior. Judaism didn’t have Matthew 25’s command to feed the hungry, tend for the sick, visit the imprisoned, as individuals, or go to hell as an individual.

      The meme that everyone is basically good and people only do bad things because they are ignorant and need more education from professors and their journalists didn’t come from a synagogue. It came from a university, where it helped professors win arguments with each other. Universities exist to educate and grade, and for professors to do scholarship. In lieu of education, students were then taught transcendentalism, which was determined to be more important because it would more reliably lead to good behavior, and likewise students were graded for morality a.k.a. reciting transcendentalism.

      Jews enter the picture later, by taking over the mass media and using it in service of transcendentalism because it’s good for the Jews that the Aryans think everyone, including them, are basically good, and no sweat off the Jews’ sack if the Aryans thereby destroy themselves.

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  4. vxxc2014 says:

    Meanwhile it would be well to be ready for war next year – that’s just my analysis. I really do believe leadership is making a difference I just think it came too late to avoid war. I may be wrong.

  5. vxxc2014 says:

    Trump’s main problem now is governance.

    His main governance problem is getting into office without Civil War starting without his hands on the levers.

    What he does then is his decisions not ours.

    What happens then we’ll see.

    If you require Hope: remember his mentor was Roy Cohn.

    What he does won’t be what we’re used to, what the Progs or Cathedral is used to and will be driven by his imperatives and circumstance, constraints and the cup of chance.

    He’ll certainly have seen what happened to his mentor and remember it well.

    So Hope on.

    Meanwhile it would be well to be ready for war next year. Not much changed except we have better position and that is transitory.

    • Corvinus says:

      “Meanwhile it would be well to be ready for war next year.”

      Keep talking tuff, Internet Armchair Warrior. If and when the first shots are fired, you’ll be ducking out to Canada.

      • vxxc2014 says:

        Dear Bitch,

        I’ve deployed repeatedly so that’s proven wrong.

        Still kicking too, got 2 dog tags swinging below my neck now.


  6. Alrenous says:

    Organizational continuity with the Brownists.

    Cultural continuity with Protagoras. A hiatus bridged by old books.

  7. Jack Highlands says:

    “The frequent name changes, which continue to this day, indicate that this religion keeps developing a dreadful reputation.”

    Separatists, Non-conformists, Puritans, Dissenters, Independents, Brownists, Congregationalists, Quakers, American Unitarians, Transcendentalists, Abolitionists, Progressives, Egalitarians and Radical Egalitarians, to name but a few.

    Thanks for reminding us of the common thread, Jim: the idea of Universal Priesthood. The names come and go as the various groups grapple over time with the unsustainable nature of this evil doctrine, but it proves impossible to kill the last head of this Hydra: every generation throws a new Angle at the world and the idea, perhaps the most fearsome meme in history, carries on, even when specific groups, in order to survive, often come to reject it in practice. Lo, these groups find the cost of survival is the loss of power.

    To root this meme in genes, HBD Chick seems to be have made a contribution of historic proportions: there was that in the blood of the Angles and Saxons, on both sides of the North Sea, that, once it began the outbreeding project in earnest with its Frankish cousins, could never rest until the whole world became as concerned with the welfare of all as it deemed itself to be.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      Plain idiocy. You don’t understand the low-church because you’re wrapped up in some other ideology. Plus, isn’t “H.B.D. Chick” a well-known person of Irish descent? Trentians (those who practise a religion originating at the 16th Century council of the same name) out!



      • Jack Highlands says:

        “Isn’t HBD Chick a well-known person of Irish descent?”

        Get back to us if you find out.

  8. Glenfilthie says:


    The old nickel about ‘being careful about what you wish for’ springs to mind.

    The mechanisms you pervert in gubbimint to bend it to your will can and will be used against you at some point. You’re aware of that, right?

    • Cavalier says:

      You mean like how Detroit police suppressed not the niggers raging through Detroit, but the Detroiters trying to protect themselves, their wives, their children, and their property from pre-history, pre-civilization, pre-metal, pre-literacy, pre-wheel, pre-woven cloth Savannah apes extracted not 300 years ago from their literal Stone Age?

      You mean like how the state wields the public schools and the TalmudVision to systematically psychologically castrate white men and debauch white women, degrading every stock formerly-marriageable women, and otherwise making it as difficult as possible for one man and one to come together under holy matrimony for the purpose of safely and effectively reproducing?

      You mean like how the state has imported “New Americans” by the tens of millions expressly to displace and replace the deprecated “legacy” American in his own country, and continues to do so at an ever-increasing rate, on his dime and at his expense, forcing him to for pay for the welfare checks and medical expenses of the innumerable short fat brown wetback females clogging up the maternity wards of the former crown jewel of America, that state which just 35 years ago elected Ronald Reagan to the White House? (Thank Reagan for amnestying the first 10 million; Reagan the traitorous swine.)

      You mean like how Clinton & Co. have been implicated in a pedophile and human sacrifice Satanic cult of truly comical proportions and the media breathes not a whisper?

      What mechanisms have not been perverted? What government functions serve the interest of the American nation? What gubbimint policies secure the existence of our people and a future for White children?

      “Oh, oh, no, no, we mustn’t DISOBEY THE WHIP, we mustn’t WIELD POWER, we mustn’t SEIZE THE SWORD AND SLAY THE SELF-PROCLAIMED ENEMIES OF OUR PEOPLE…or the progressives might do it to us—[whimper].”

      Glen, “cuck” was invented for you.

  9. viking says:

    but the Cathedral is not entirely ruled by Jews, and in practice Orthodox Jews are normally excluded from the Cathedral as unbelievers, revealing the Christian roots of progressivism.

    seems to me Kennedy had to swear not to behave Christian as a president. The cathedral is marxist despite moldbugs jewish critique, and marxism is jewish.Thats not to say the jewish intellectuals didnt not radicalize the wasps and catholics that flocked to the cities from the 20s – 70s, but lets be honest if we are going to drag religion into this which religion it is.

    • viking says:

      The Cathedral has organizational continuity with the state religion of Massachussets,

      if you actually read the history you will note capitalism supplanted puritanism within a couple generation, no not the first instance when the pilgrims gave up communism a few generations later as the religious lost political control.
      I really think its best to understand this as inevitable,not all good or all bad. thats not to say we are not now fucked and surprise there is a link of events going back to adam and eve.
      People were bound to question monarchy as soon as they were able and white men are an able bunch.This has to lead to freeing the serfs of the world or at least the white world. This whether stupid or moral does not matter it simply had to be tried it was this huge vacupus maw pulling us in that had to happen various strategies were tried to manage it it pwn it etc. part of it was population growth. the people are soveriegn because property rights proceed from the ability to enforce those rights through superior violence.elites lost that ability and have not regained it.That said the stockholders are wise they only want the dividends paid. its elites that get greedy and play games with each other and with the dividends that ends in badly managed sovcorps.The shareholders are very reluctent to replace managment and will put up with a lot before they do, the shareholders dont ask for more than they deserve but management play games like bringing in hostile suitors, devaluing the shares, and pitting major shareholders against each other, the entire history of the mismanagment is not one of idiot proles its one of idiot elites.No one is suggesting socialism but elites, proles so refused socialism elites imported niggers to vote for it

      • viking says:

        The problem is the priesthood of all believers. This is wonderful in theory, but in practice, some believers are more equal than others, so what you get in practice is what Moldbug calls informal power – power that is unofficial, secretive, insecure, conspiratorial, and based on lies and pretence, as illustrated by the Climategate files.

        yes yes this is supposed to be moldbugs big idea except its hardly original, even the founders claim its a feature not a bug. anticipating evolution and capitalism they design a dynamic system of competing ideas.This idea that because we go back to kings this will stop is ludicrous.the temptation to experiment on a nation or profit is too much to withstand attempts by the cunning.pitting them against each other is clever bringing in the people as a ballast is clever too.Its clever too because rouges who try to conspire tit for tat are vulnerable to a populist.What seems to have gone wrong are several.

        niggers and women should not vote, they do not have the nations good in mind they are not even capable of knowing what their own interests are.By niggers we mean any non white should never be given citizenship most are too stupid and some are too clever.

        the information needed to govern well became too much for normal humans to process but a particular portion of, so experts became translator or priests.burning them at the stake does not change the information overload,giving them ownership does not either it simply makes their partisan interest even stronger which does nothing to sort the conflicts of interests relation to the greater good- no a fucking king doesnt know or care about greater goods really read some history kings are disastrous.

        One way of addressing both problems is to reduce the voters to only the better voters. and to divest the state of the enticements to power and wealth seekers.

        If the state can not spend more than it takes in taxes and this means can not debt future generations. and only net taxpayers can vote on how to use those revenues, there is an immediate feedback loop between a person paying taxes and spending those taxes hard decisions will be made. it is only the illusion of unlimited wealth that engenders utopianism.
        Most of government will be outsourced, not only does this weaken the govt as a target of wealth and power seekers it does properly what moldbug suggests aligning ownership with power. If you want to influence policing you will have to lobby a capitalist and his customers, big data and micro data tech is going to localize what used to be government services to niche capitalist services. you can niggerize your school but you will probably have to finance it your self and be the only student because despite the religious cant [that will wear off] thers no market for nigger schools.

        • viking says:

          To deal with the problem, Trump is going to need to forbid heavy weapons and armored personnel carriers to any federal government agency other than the regular military, and then replace holy synods with Bishops – in other words re-organize the federal bureaucracy on das Führerprinzip.

          He also needs to reduce the power of the Judiciary by demonstrating that an airforce commando outranks a supreme court justice.

          yes yes the laws the founder wrote have been ignored because the conservatives are faggots, however the faggots have imported a hundre million niggers now. Its not certain a non faggot president can assert power as you wish and if he could would the whites support him. this is not to say i think trump is up to the task hes not hes a fucking moron getting rick rolled in DC as we speak. but say he were the god emperor you hope he is if he tried to do as you propose the likeliest reponse will be eventual impeachment by both parties and a meek cucked reponse from the people.

          I totally agree if what you propose had been done say during the 50s 60s 70s it might have worked, but we now have a population heavily invested in all sorts of deviancy. Frankly its hopeless without war and war is hopeless.maybe an elite group of reactionary mad scientists could put together a revolution maybe but that wont happen because they are all faggots larping about monarchy proposed by a jew

          • viking says:

            your last several paragraphs attempting to control the cathedral and keep it controlled. its ideas on cat want to herd cats stop feeding them for a few days then come out with some cat food and place it where yo want them herded. The current system feeds them for faggotry. as i said use tech to privatize almost all government services, this will by necessity put power in the hands of capitalists and their consumers at the localist of levels, it will uncomplicate and disentangle issues from each other.unions and DEP and other services budgets and election considerations etc etc will cease to be equal partners in choices about sanitation services. I will use my app to choose a collector based mostly on cost and neighbors experience. the same for the school i send my child etc
            there will be no incentive for universities to teach civil administration with radical nigger teachers,no incentive for media to make documentaries with morlity tales.
            if there is no magic money all money will be carefully spent by their owners because their owners only have so much to spend
            there literally isnt enough money to spend on even one liberal project, we couldnt even afford the level of living we think we ought to have if we lived within our means .
            however eventually we would again become wealthy, but this time the wealth will be personal and so spent by individuals

          • Cavalier says:

            Good show on the paragraphs there, old chap. You’re pretty amusing when read without a splitting headache. Carry on.

    • viking says:

      This is how Jews repay your trust and hospitality

      Julius Rosenberg was born to a family of Jewish immigrants in New York City on May 12, 1918. The family moved to the Lower East Side by the time Julius was 11. His parents worked in the shops of the Lower East Side, as Julius attended Seward Park High School. Julius became a leader in the Young Communist League USA while at City College of New York (CCNY). In 1939, he graduated from CCNY with a degree in electrical engineering.[11]
      Ethel Greenglass was born on September 28, 1915, to a Jewish family in New York City. She originally was an aspiring actress and singer, but eventually took a secretarial job at a shipping company. She became involved in labor disputes and joined the Young Communist League, where she met Julius in 1936. They married in 1939.[12] Together they had two sons, Michael and Robert, born in 1943 and 1947 respectively.

      • viking says:

        BTW i briefly attended Seward park HS in the 70s it was still full of communist Jewish teachers attempting to radicalize puerto ricans

        • viking says:

          And CUNY well CUNY is still the Harvard of jewish radicalism i think it actually boasts more nobel laureates all jewish commies, plenty of nigger radicals now teach there however niggers dont get nobels – well there is that nigger president fake nobel

  10. kevembuangga says:

    Religion is insanity indeed!
    This starts pretty convincingly and with reasonable requirements and turns to a humongous pile of horse manure by the end.
    Holy oil from Mount Athos, Yeah! Right!

    • peppermint says:

      The Cathedral came close to destroying America, but the parliamentarians destroyed the British Empire. Can we call the parliamentarians puritans, or were they just leftists?

      Jews assumed direct control after the decline was already well in motion in both cases.

      Should we blame Jews for cuckstainty, or was it Whites who came up with the immortal souls interpretation of Jewish scriptures and started punishing heresy and promoting universalism, egalitarianism, and using it to corrode important traditions like monogamy and not binding books with human leather?

      • Theshadowedknight says:

        Both. Whites started tearing things down, then the Jews joined in. Purge the people responsible, regardless of ethnicity, or you leave a cancer in your heart. Avoiding purging White leftists because they are White is as shortsighted as not purging perfidious Jews because Muh Holocaust.

        The Shadowed Knight

    • jim says:

      Belief in holy oil is entirely harmless, and can never be disproven. Belief in equality is disastrous, and has repeatedly been disproven.

  11. peppermint says:

    We don’t need priests to officiate at marriages. A marriage should be in which the bride’s patron turns her over to the groom and the groom’s patriarch accepts her into his family. Norms about consanguinuity and racial purity must be observed, but that can be done by criminal complaint and annulment afterwards.

    We don’t need priests for funerals or births. We don’t need priests for community events or to give regular lectures. We especially don’t need priests to tell us what the words of Jews from 2000 years ago have to do with us.

    Power had passed from the priests who would lecture you every week and demand your children for indoctrination every week and suggest a minor sexual mutilation for male children to priests who demand your children for daily indoctrination and demand total sexual mutilation of select children. We can do without either type.

    • Cavalier says:

      Isn’t the act of marriage to make the groom a patriarch, and the purpose of monogamy to make every man a patriarch?

  12. Karl says:

    It’s diffucult to get rid of informal priests of an informal religion. The religion of progressivism denies god and has no defining scripture. Solutions 2 to 5 simply won’t affect it. People could still believe in progessivism and outcompete each other in holiness. What ever priesthood you install according to your solutions 2 to 5, would simply be an additional religion besides progressivism.

    So that leaves only solution 1. And even that needs an Inquisition to work.

    • Anonymous says:

      1. Formalize religion.
      2. Identify members.
      3. Send to gulags.

    • jim says:

      Solutions two to five remove all progressives from the universities, the judiciary, and the mainstream media. How do they not work?

      The general principle of all the solutions is along the lines that you cannot be a professor, which is to say preacher, unless the Bishop anoints you with holy oil.

      • Karl says:

        Well, OK, with your solutions you can ensure that only legit priests are professors, but then your universities are explicitly theological seminars. So the progressivist will simply keep believing what they have believed before. Any progressivist will still be a priest of progressivism and strive to be holier than everyone else (by the standards progrssivism). Maybe they will become school teachers. I’ll grant that any joby they find instead of being professors might pay less, perhaps much less, but poverty won’t disqualify a priest from being holy.

        That’s why I think your solutions 2 to 5 won’t work without an Inquisition. Your solutions abolish universities as we know them, which is not bad, but the Goal is a society without the religion of progresivsm.

        • Cavalier says:

          Most people are progs because Progressivism is the official religion. Most people will stop being progs when Progressivism is purged and a new official religion takes its place. Witness the incredible mutations of Progressivism in just eight years of Obama: homosex has been normalized, homomarriage is sacred and inviolable, men can literally, literally become women, the number of genders has increased from 2 to 71 (so says the Facebook), articles penned by pedophiles justifying their pedophilia have been published by NYT and WaPo, and every media outlet completely ignored the heir-apparent-to-the-throne’s Satanic cult of child rape and human sacrifice.

          People are stupid, believe what they are told to believe, and profess to have always believed what they were told to believe 10 minutes ago. The tiny evil minority with the ability to do more than parrot the party line and the will to tear down their civilization can have a one-way ticket to Katyn Forest.

          For the rest, merely change the message on the lobotomy box.

        • jim says:

          then your universities are explicitly theological seminars.

          They have always been theological seminars.

          So the progressivist will simply keep believing what they have believed before.

          Most people believe the official religion, no matter how ridiculous, or how recent.

          Progressives believe whatever is high status. We treat progs as Russia treated “pussy riot”, and “The European University”, as beggars, gypsies, tramps, and thieves, enforcing on them the kind of laws that are ordinarily only enforced on low status people, such as disturbing the peace, and enforcing those laws as if those breaking the law were drunken whores who disturbed the peace by getting into a fight at two am on a Sunday morning.

          That is why it is so delightful when Trump has trouble makers thrown out, and why progs are so shocked when it happens. “You mean I don’t have a right to go any place I please and give the people there a hard time? But I am high status and those people I am harassing are low status!”

    • peppermint says:

      Universities serve no purpose anymore and should be shut down. A lot of government agencies and media companies are far too large are need to shrink.

      There goes the priesthood.

      Now shut down all the shirt little NGOs and church groups whose function is to distribute gibs and take a small cut. There go the community leaders.

      Now repeal the law that says you can’t have a high status job if you’re suspected of having a bad attitude and watch nationalists compete with globalists for status on normiebook.

      There will, of course, be new forms of leftism in the future which try to create government jobs programs. The king needs to refuse to create government jobs and he has every incentive not to want to drain the royal treasury.

  13. Alan J. Perrick says:

    There is no such thing as a multigenerational progress as far as corruption overtime. In fact, each generation decides for itself whether to choose or to refuse each thing handed to it from its inheritence.


    • peppermint says:

      This is the autism of the theory of sin that is a corollary to souls theory. The Boomers are cucks and traitors, but they were raised into the final form of cuckstainty believing in sin and souls and no amount of evidence of bad outcomes will convince them that their policies are bad.

      The only reason there is hope now is the insistence on science drove enough of us to appreciate our biology to start to convince each other that Hitler did nothing wrong.

      • Alan J. Perrick says:

        Look at this sentence,

        _…The Boomers are cucks and traitors, but they were raised into the final form of !@#$%^&* believing in sin and souls and no amount of evidence of bad outcomes will convince them that their policies are bad…_

        What’s it like knowing that my computer is smarter than you are?


        • peppermint says:

          Evidence of bad outcomes in the here and now is irrelevant to cuckstains because the only important thing is to please the god of the Jews.

          But that’s not the worst thing about cuckstainty. For over a thousand years, because souls are in sin when they hold ideas that are heretical, White cuckstains have fought wars not against people or actions but against ideas.

          The worda racism and anti-Semitism are intended to sound like they denote heretical ideas that need to be suppressed. In reality they denote attitudes towards groups.

          Some attitudes towards groups should rightly be suppressed – in particular bad attitudes towards the God-Emperor.

          However, if you need to prop up your ideas with censorship, your ideas are probably Jewish.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:

            Here is a fine example of the Vatican-Roman “Catholic” playing good-cop, bad-cop with the Talmudic Jew.

            “We’re Christians like you, proddies. We know what’s best for you, pay no attention to the brown Vati- I mean, Hispanic flood of third-worlders into your country. Aren’t you glad it’s not millions upon millions of Talmudic Jews being brought in? Right, proddies? You’re going to side with us because we sometimes pretend to be Christian, I’m sure of it, mama mia!”


            • pdimov says:

              For all your pro-white posturing, your defining characteristic is still your hatred of white Catholics.


              • vxxc2014 says:

                Yes the Catholics didn’t take away Protestantism they gave it away to their accountants and lawyers. An amateur mistake by greedy children who view Jesus as their Tort Lawyer and the Bible as Divine case law to be recited (like the Muslims you recite perfectly and understand naught). Less you are than the Bourbons: you learn nothing and there’s never anything to forget.

                Your contribution to the canon Protestants is the Sacrament of Denunciation from Luther forward.

                I actually admire Muslims and their contribution – Holy War as Sacrament – much more than your endless denunciations. When you speak for instance of the Inquisition it’s risible. You can’t have an office party without an Inquisition following as soon as the hangover kicks in.

                All you Prots have done in sum is loot the last 500 years of Western Civilization and squander the previous 2300 years.
                I’m starting at 800 BC. Greco-Roman civilization, science and the West itself was the inheritance you stole and then squandered.

                Where is Christendom Prots? Point to it on a map. When we had the stewardship of Western Civilization people knew where it was – and yes like any real border it was marked with blood.

          • Lalit says:

            What are you proposing, peppermint? A return to Greco- Roman Paganism? Or a new religion ala Spandrell? You realise that Some sort of religion with a transcendental component is necessary in order to organise people, right?

            • peppermint says:

              Hinduism is a fine thing to rally around in India, against all foreign religions and “atheist” SJWism.

              There is no need for gods and spirits in a shared sense of sacredness and set of rituals. White supremacism holds certain things sacred too, and the forbidden Nazi salute is as effective a prayer gesture as the raised arms or clasped hands of Christianity.

              As a result, after WWII all the conservatives had to pass themselves off as Christian democrats instead of atheist Nazis, especially in Europe.

              • Lalit says:

                Peppermint, whatever the ideology you choose to rally around, a transcendental component is necessary. How will you convince the foot soldiers to kill and have the courage to die. Without a transcendental component, you will find it very difficult, if not impossible. Kek is a possibility, but I feel Kek is used more in irony than in anything else. So the question remains, where is the transcendental component?

                • peppermint says:

                  Individualism is the result of belief in souls and the promise of personal immortality is only needed for that reason. The individual is not so much a link in the eternal chain of generations but an ephemeral finger of the nation.

                  Consequently, even though some of the elite can do degenerate stuff and not be harmed by it, the elite must behave themselves for the poor saps who got all the bad genes and aren’t fit to reproduce, and whose only goal in life is thus the future of the nation as a whole.

                • Lalit says:

                  But how will you convince your people to risk their lives to protect their heritage if you do not answer their questions regarding what after death? It leads to nihilism. You gotta come up with some answer to what after death else your soldiers will be useless or worse convert to an alien ideology that does answer the question, I.e. Islam.

                • peppermint says:

                  no, you only need to offer them bizarre rewards after death if you want them to die for ideas instead of for their nation. The nation is what continues to exist or doesn’t continue to exist after they die.

                • jim says:

                  Their nation and their children. People without posterity are not going to care about their nation. To get men to care, we need to make sure they have chaste, faithful, and obedient wives.

        • viking says:

          actually woke boomers are the only ones who remember what life was once like and how this happened and there fore recognize milllenials that couldnt do 50 pushups if their life depended on it let alone break down their weapons, hooked on porn nigger music and staring into their iphones make this a lost cause

      • Alan J. Perrick says:

        I’ve added “autism”, another degradation of the English language, to my filter and there’s nothing your can do about it, “Peppermint Papist”. Time for you to get lost.


      • Contaminated NEET says:

        Preach it, brother P-Mint!
        Gas the boomers; generation war now!

  14. Reaxtionaryfuture says:

    The spontaneous order cathedral divorced from De Jouvenal.

    The hubris of the proponents of “neoreaction” is titanic.

    • imnobody00 says:

      I will really miss your blog, Reactionary Future. Since I have not found a way to comment on your blog, I leave this comment here.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      Reaction suggests a dependence on a stimulus, therefore Neo-Reaction is the more natural word for a suggestion to improve the world.

  15. EH says:

    * preferring the better to the worse proportionately to the degree it is so
    * measuring worth accurately of people, ideas, methods designs, work, goods
    * rational, low time-preference, coherent, accountable, capable, implemented decision making by the best people with the best ideas directing their nations’ resources.

    In order to prefer the better to the worse, one must first figure out how to tell which is which, which is the function of psychometric testing and markets. We can do better using that information now. By only paying attention to the opinions of people who are most likely to be right on objective tests, intangibles such as inventions, ideas and IP in general could be valued more accurately, for purposes of rewarding the many contributors to the technology in every item, yet used more freely without more than token automatic fees as for music, with the government more than making up the money it pays out by its tax receipts rising with general prosperity that comes from good ideas being used more often.

    So the people who make the valuations and decisions have to be selected on objective grounds, that is, whatever grounds best predict performance, which means single-number measurements of how good a person will likely be at the task so that they can be assigned their proper rank and role in the hierarchy, which means psychometric tests. Subjective factors and competition will no doubt play a role in sorting out the exact ranking, but all considerations have to be reduced to a single number on a scale with a zero and evenly spaced divisions. They have to operate not by consensus and committee, but by responsibility and accountable chain of command, and the best had better be at the top for that to work.

  16. Inquiring Mind says:

    Is it any consolation, comfort, or encouragement to know that “Academia”, as in Faculty Senates passing resolutions condemning Trumpist bigotry or corporations making their money from fossil fuels, that these Cathedral outposts don’t even know this place (Jim’s Blog) exists?

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