The neg in romance stories

The authors of A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the Internet Tells Us About Sexual Relationships have surveyed thousands of porn sites and great stinking piles of slash romance fiction. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

They tell us that the ideal-looking hero of a romance story has “dark hair,” which accents the “white teeth” in his “sensual mouth” curved into a “crooked smile.”.

But a crooked smile is an expression of contempt. If the hero is looking at someone with a crooked smile he is laughing at them. I checked one romance fiction for a crooked smile, that being all I could stand, and yes, that is what hero was doing, negging the heroine most savagely – no he was not negging,  since a neg is back handed compliment, an unsettling comment that could be interpreted as insult.  He was just insulting her.

So yes, all women are like that.

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  1. Bruce Charlton says:

    I thought ‘slash fiction’ was homosexual? Derived from Kirk ‘slash’ Spock joke fantasies?

    I came across the genre in relation to Lord of the Rings – where there seem to be stories focused on an imagined ‘thing’ between Legolas and Aragorn; and on Haldir (presumably due to the very camp actor portraying Haldir in the Peter Jackson movies).

    On this basis, androgynous blond men would appear to be popular – although Aragorn (in the movies) fits the dark hair, white teeth, lopsided grin stereotype.

    • jim says:

      You are correct. I meant fan fiction.

      It is all pretty disgusting, but the slash fiction must be worse.

      I am starting to realize that older romances were somewhat censored to present a more favorable image of female desire, an aspirational rather than actual image, and were somewhat furtive about appealing to their real desires.

      • Bruce Charlton says:

        Or –

        “because women are more peer orientated, they are more vulnerable to influence by the mass media – which is an evolutionary novelty functioning as a superstimulus that is perceived to represent the female peer group…”

        • Samson J. says:

          I can’t believe you said “orientated”.

        • jim says:

          I would explain the reproductive failure of high IQ women by two factors:

          1. High IQ women tend to marry higher IQ males, whereas lower IQ women tend to “marry” Uncle Sam the Big Pimp, and Uncle Sam the Big Pimp requires them to spawn bastards as a condition of support.

          2. High IQ women spend more time in the holy church of progressivism, and are more indoctrinated with progressive doctrine, which is anti natalist.

          • bgc says:

            These are proximate explanations which exemplify my point that women are mismatched with modern society more than men – their very motivations are more corrupted.

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