The unsafe schools initiative

In Australia there is a program, called the safe schools initiative, targeted primarily at school children near puberty and below puberty, aimed at presenting gay, lesbian and transgender role models as normal, happy, healthy regular people, despite the fact that gays and male to female transgender have an extremely high rate of death, disease, crime, suicide, murder, assault, self harm, and drug abuse, with lesbians and female to male transgender not far behind.  The reason there are not that many old gays is that most of them die of murder, suicide, disease, or drug abuse before they get old.  As the New Testament says Romans 1:27:

And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

These happy healthy role models depicted in the material are slightly older than the target audience, the role models being just past puberty, and the target audience just before puberty, the obvious point of the propaganda being that the target audience should grow up into these happy healthy well balanced role models.

Here is one of the role models, pushed on pre pubertal children:  a schoolboy with an obviously gay fifty eight year old cuddling him:

This is blatant gay recruiting of children – it is obvious that those pushing this initiative do not believe that gayness is innate, that people are born that way, but rather that gay sex is an acquired taste to which children can be inculcated.

And, indeed, it is obvious that gayness is transmitted from pedophiles to children, Afghanistan being an example of a place and culture where gayness transmitted in this fashion is very prevalent.

While a sexual preference for young males is disturbingly common in all cultures at all times, in places and times where this preference is very severely repressed (death penalty, vigorously enforced) a sexual preference by males for adult males seems to be entirely unknown. In such cultures there is some sodomy of adult males but it is like sodomy of donkeys, an inferior substitute for the real thing. Thus, for example, during the War of Northern Aggression adult male on adult male sodomy was rare, and adult male on adult male pornography entirely nonexistent. No one wanted to look at pictures of adult males getting tapped when they could look at pictures of females getting tapped.

If what gays officially believe, that gays are born that way, is true, then suppressing homosexuality is just pointless cruelty.  If, however, what gay activist behavior suggests that gays believe, that male sexual preference for adult males is the result of gay sex environment near puberty or before puberty, is true, then we should have the death penalty for male homosexual acts, and lesbian acts should be discouraged, with females being coerced into heterosexual relationships.

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  1. “If what gays officially believe, that gays are born that way, is true, then suppressing homosexuality is just pointless cruelty.”

    The traditional method of dealing with homosexuality is (1) keep it in the privacy of the bedroom and (2) hate the sin, not the sinner. One can be born gay and practice quietly, or choose not to engage in acts that are deemed sinful. Public homosexuality is seen as a tool of division and thus a political act, not a sexual one.

  2. Thrasymachus says:

    The truth about homosexuality is not known, but I suspect it is very bad. I think it is closely associated with pederasty and is unofficially tolerated by most authority figures. My theory is Fred Phelps saw this with the pedophiles in Gage Park, and with the city officials who declined to arrest them.

  3. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Pederasty was supposedly a prevelant thing even in the more traditionally religious past, well, if you believe so many sources which have a lot of the agenda of the Cathedral’s religion of Political Correctness throughout the rest of it. I don’t care about traditional sexual morality enforced at a society level though, because an established church takes care of all of that and apparently if a church isn’t established an unofficial “church” or religion sneaks up on you and persecutes other religions while claiming to be Truth.


  4. Bo says:

    As an Australian I can tell you that this is the tip of the iceberg as far as left wing indoctrination goes at public schools. It doesn’t just play at the edges. I’ve approached the minister for Education in my state (a supposed conservative) about union indoctrination, aboriginal issues indoctrination, female superiority indoctrination, anti-white indoctrination and a host of other issues. Their response was simply to shrug. The attitude was “yeah, you voted me in, but it’s a lot of effort to change something like that and that’s where things are going and you can’t fight change”. The implicit understanding was that he’d written off the society he’d been charged with protecting despite having a majority and a mandate, but he didn’t give a crap because in two years he could step out of his office and into a six figure pension.

    Nothing in either of our societies is going to change absent large scale violence.

  5. Irving says:

    Though I do think that homosexuality is something that needs to be suppressed, whether or not it is caused by genes, I don’t know that this is possible anymore. Certain countries, particularly in the Asia-Pacific, are reporting a dramatic rise in HIV, and epidemiologists are ascribing the increase to Grindr and other such technologies, which are allowing previously suppressed homosexuals to easily find gay sex without compromising themselves to the authorities or society.

    >And I think gay is a distinctly underclass affliction, but people wind up noticing gays of their own social class or higher, akin to the female apex fallacy.

    Perhaps. Though there’s evidence to suggest that Ashkenazi Jews, who are assuredly NOT an underclass population, have abnormally high rates of homosexuality.

    (Just a heads up, Jim, in case you’re interested and haven’t heard: the SAT has been “revised”, which is to say has been made easier, again. According to one description, the “changes include fewer questions, relevant vocabulary and no penalties for guessing”. Here’s an article about it: )

    • jim says:

      “relevant vocabulary”= dumbing down the language, in a test that is overwhelmingly biased towards superficial verbal ability.

    • jim says:

      epidemiologists are ascribing the increase to Grindr and other such technologies, which are allowing previously suppressed homosexuals to easily find gay sex without compromising themselves to the authorities or society.

      Come the restoration, the inquisition will monitor grindr, and locate users by signal strength at nearby cell phone towers. Shortly after two or more male grindr users meet, the Inquisition police show up. If immorality is under way and one of the naked guys in the pile is a member of respectable society, part of the upper class, or one of the naked guys in the pile is under age, all the naked guys in the pile get executed.

      • peppermint says:

        What’s the difference between this and the Oscar Wilde strategy, give them every opportunity to deny it, then a harsh sentence?

        Gays aren’t actually subversive. Cuckstains and ultracuckstains are when they champion gay rights, as when the champion rights for niggers, women, the poor, and so forth.

        What’s the most subversive cuckstain doctrine?

        Is it to vote for Ted Cruz because save the fetuses? Or is it to vote for dhimmicrats because niggers, women, gays, bean niggers, and sand niggers? Or is it to vote for Abraham Lincoln because niggers?

        Is it to deny that humans are animals and human behavior must be studied in the context of animal behavior?

        Is it to assert the “lottery of birth” according to which Whites are guilty of receiving stolen privilege and must be brought to justice as quickly as possible?

        Or is it the beatitudes – “blessed are the meek, they shall inherit the Earth”? As expressed in the cuckstain novel To Kill a Mockingbird, when Atticus Finch lectures the children to not take pride in what God gives them as natural talents?

        Without cuckstainty, no one would feel sorry for Oscar Wilde, and so he would not have made the court impose its sentence.

  6. viking says:

    first very true the gays are targeting young boys, when they get caught they call it pedophilia and disavow but for instance in the church scandal 98% was against post not pre pubescent boys not girls. so it was not pedophilia, ans since the straight priests had no problem keeping it zipped with the teen girls it was not celibacy.And youre right therea an insidious campaign to interfere with the sexuality of children as young as three.
    However I think theres ample evidence of homosexuality being genetic, and even expressing itself pretty early. Which does not mean it ought to be encouraged. Theres also evidence of this spectrum meme which contrary to their plan ought to be taken as a call to to discourage as many away from that end of the spectrum. The death penalty is good for messing with children as its deserved and it culls the genes. But there is also evidence that children interfered with become psychologically addicted to this behavior and may never escape.and for all intents and purposes are non genetic gays or bisexuals .

    • jim says:

      However I think theres ample evidence of homosexuality being genetic, and even expressing itself pretty early. Which does not mean it ought to be encouraged.

      The features of homosexuality that express pretty early are being little child cute and little girly cute, for example and most notably the gay smile. The early expressed characteristics of gays are those characteristics which make them attractive to pedophiles – the exaggerated display of little boy characteristics often retained into adulthood.

      So its either psychological imprinting through gay sex, or a gay germ that manipulates a wide variety of characteristics to promote gay sex.

      • viking says:

        Im with you on 90% but I grew up in NYC during the 60s – 70 in an artistic intellectual family and lived here at least part time since. So I have known a lot of gays and almost all report knowing very early they were gay even before they thought about sex.I have also seen kids that were gay not cute. granted I have seen the opposite, kids that turned out not to be and kids that were targeted for being cute.we have all met men we would swear are fags and turn out to be straight this could be poor socializing it could be the spectrum at work and good socializing.
        I dont think there being a gay germ or gene really hurts either way we soon can simply eliminate it, gays may howl but who will purposely infect their kid with that gay gene/germ, if gays tried to in their testube babies it will expose them as child abusers and question their parental rights.
        In the meantime gayness is seen as a handicap, no one admits it as such but thats what supports it, they cant help it they are “born that way” concede that in preparation for the remedy and embrace the spectrum meme stressing that the conclusion is many borderline children can be saved from the disability by discouraging it and not propagandizing them about the wonders of perversity at early ages.At the same time use the data to attack gay parenting its demonstrably bad for children even without the sex abuse which is much harder to find.The choice should be stark who is more deserving of societies protection gay parents or children denying them the right to purposely bring children into gay homes [ i would not go after divorced gay parents of straight unions except case by case]
        The trans thing I think is an epidemic this sissy thing among white kids seems ubiquitous and insidious and should be stopped as child abuse also the whole autogynaphelia thing seems valid and should be researched till proven.

        • jim says:

          almost all report knowing very early they were gay even before they thought about sex.

          1. Afghanistan

          2. How can you know you are gay before you have thought a great deal about sex? I did not know I was anything at all until I found myself with a girl. Up till then I had thought that girls were yucky.

    • peppermint says:

      Where’s the evidence pf a gay gene? That would be politically correct. There is no evidence.

      Imprinting is too strong a word for an individual’s endocrine and nervous system choosing one of the available behavioral strategies

      • John Morris says:

        Oh no it wouldn’t be PC. Which is why it would be an instant career ender to even write up a grant proposal to look for a ‘gay gene.’ They must have it both ways, to be able to claim that they are ‘born that way’ and act like it is learned in that they expend a great deal of effort to ‘turn’ children.

        Imagine what happens if somebody manages to locate a gay gene. Total war between the gays and feminists as sexual orientation selection abortions become a thing. Especially as family size is dropping, who wants a gay or lesbian who won’t produce grandchildren / heirs? Especially in China.

        I suspect it is both genetic and environmental. We now know that most males never reproduced. So if some of the losers in the mating game went homo and buggered each other it wasn’t a problem from an evolutionary perspective and lesbians certainly weren’t a problem since women generally didn’t get a say in the mating game until quite recently. They could play with each other in their harem if they wanted but they were going to be producing children until they couldn’t. So a propensity for homosexuality might be conserved in the gene pool at low concentrations, especially if there are any positive tradeoffs and the high incidence of homosexuals in certain industries do suggest it.

        • Greg says:

          You can’t count a man a loser in the mating game until he’s dead. Becoming gay because “it doesn’t matter” doesn’t compute from an evolutionary perspective. Genes for retaining the hots for hot girls til the day you die (sporting a boner for that hot nurse) that’s what works.

        • peppermint says:

          » We now know that most males never reproduced.


          » women generally didn’t get a say in the mating game until quite recently


          (1) Look back further than the first “humans”. Evolution has been acting for longer than “humans” have been around.

          (2) Male homosexuality and female homosexuality are so different that talking about them in the same way is going to confuse you, which is the intention of the people who try to make you talk about them in the same way.

    • Zach says:

      “since the straight priests had no problem keeping it zipped”

      Would have figured the priests to be closet homos.

  7. Greg says:

    Do English boarding school boys all turn out Gay later in life? If Gay is learned, they should, if the rumors about English boarding school life are true.

  8. jay says:

    The Taliban had it right when they punished the “Bachi Bazi” pedophile practice with death.

  9. Alf says:

    I’ve seen some evidence for the environmental gay factor, but I’ve seen more evidence for the genetic factor.

    • jim says:

      Among the identical twins of gay men, 52% are gay. This indicates that genetics matters but is not determinate. You need a genetic propensity and an environmental stimulus.

      Also the category “gay” conflates men with a sexual preference for twelve year old boys, whom we know occur spontaneously without exposure to gayness, and gays who have a sexual preference for manly men, who seem to only occur in some cultures, places, and times, and not others.

      I would like to see a twin study where they ascertained their gays were genuinely the politically correct kind of gay, turned on manly adult men, since there is substantial evidence that this is primarily environmental, whereas preference for twelve year old boys is not obviously environmental.

      • Alf says:


        I take it to mean that gay predatory behavior is genetically imprinted as a way to establish dominance, like in prison.

        Then the environmental gay preference for manly men is perhaps an evolved defensive mechanism to survive such predatory behavior, in the same sense that women evolved a lack of loyalty to survive hostile takeovers. It implies nasty things.

        I was once told that in the gay community the bottom is mostly/always bottom and the top is mostly/always top. If that’s true then the act of gay sex can always be seen as an establishment of dominance.

    • Magus says:

      It’s likely a pathogen warping sexual targeting in the brain of young boys, as per Cochran and Ewald.

      A few million dollars of gay ram research would be great (or humans even better).

      Cochran on how to do it:

      It’s hard to say, depends on how complicated the path of causation is.
      Assuming that I’m even right, of course. Some good autopsy studies
      might be fruitful – you’d look for microanatomical brain differences,
      as with nartcolepsy. Differences in gene expression, maybe. You could
      look for a pathogen – using the digital version of RDA
      (representational difference analysis), say on discordant twins. Do
      some old-fashioned epidemiology. Look for marker antibodies, signs of
      some sort of immunological event.”

      • jim says:

        If it is a gay germ, then spread by gay sex – otherwise it would not be in the interests of the germ to manipulate the behavior of the infected person in such a specific way.

        • Magus says:

          It is not in the “interest” of HIV that people die but die they do.

          Germs don’t have some Long thought out plan. Unintended consequences happen. Thy simply do what they do, multiply as they can in specific environments, and if hosts die well f it as Long as enough germs left host to continue spreading.

          Ebola for instance would spread far more if it killed slightly less quickly but it does what it does.

          Rubella makes you go deaf. There is no fitness advantage to rubella from host going deaf. It just sorta happens.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        I tend to think there’s a split simply because the number of adult male homosexuals who were molested as boys is very high.

        Cochran’s germ hypothesis doesn’t postulate that adult gays are the carriers (well, they don’t have to be) – just that the pathogen got to them at some point. Speculation – pathogen gets to them early, effects brain development, and leaves other signs (like the recognizable gay-face). Others get molested and develop a mind problem rather than a brain problem and don’t have obvious gay-face (since their physical development wasn’t messed with).

        • Greg says:

          I think Cochran’s earliest writings had gays as vectors. He later seems to have gone silent on that part, possibly out of politeness, possibly because gays as vectors aren’t well supported by the evidence. It doesn’t seem likely that most or even many gays were gay-raped as prepubescents.

          • jim says:

            Does it not?

          • Greg says:

            To maintain themselves at about 1% of the population, gay pedo rape would have to happen at rates that I don’t think we see any good evidence for. (I could sort-of believe it if Gay was a distinct underclass affliction, similar to how nobody cared much about underclass victims in Rotherham.)

            • jim says:

              My estimate of all rates of sexual misconduct are far higher than yours.

              And I think gay is a distinctly underclass affliction, strongly correlated with fatherlessness, but people wind up noticing gays of their own social class or higher, akin to the female apex fallacy.

          • Steve Johnson says:

            “In research with 942 nonclinical adult participants, gay men and lesbian women reported a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than did heterosexual men and women. Forty-six percent of the homosexual men in contrast to 7% of the heterosexual men reported homosexual molestation. Twenty-two percent of lesbian women in contrast to 1% of heterosexual women reported homosexual molestation.”


            First hit on google scholar for ‘molestation history homosexual men’.

          • peppermint says:

            Yes, people only notice gays above them because they feel threatened, because gay sexual activity is a way of ranking men against other men.

            (1) Gayness is a behavioral strategy involving sexual activity.
            (2) Gayness is more common in cultures where men have a harder alpha path to marriage and supporting their children
            (3) Gayness can be imposed on children by telling them that they’ll never be able to be an alpha

            How much more obvious does it need to be? Do we need to observe higher rank animals sodomizing lower rank animals? Because that’s also observed. Do we need to observe teenage gays going straight? Wait until the stories start coming out when the whole gay acceptance thing blows over, and look and the foam party candidate. Do we need to observe trannies being made of straight men who can’t get any? I know one for sure.

            • jim says:

              Quite so, but the high death rate and low reproduction rate among gays indicates that it is a strategy gone horribly wrong.

              Maybe in the ancestral environment practitioners of a related sneaky fucker strategy avoided getting killed by the alpha male while sometimes (rarely) managing to tap his harem.

          • Greg says:

            Steve, that study asked gay men mostly recruited at a gay pride parade: “Before you were 16 years old, did you ever have sexual contact with a man or boy 5 or more years older than yourself and at least 16 years of age?”

            That’s entirely consistent with the “sexual contact” having been eagerly consented to by the boy, maybe actively encouraged by the boy, because the boy was already gay, by gene or whatever. The study didn’t ask those questions, so no way to tell.

            We do know from the study that a majority of their male gay pride sample recalled themselves being gay before the first such “sexual contact”.

            • jim says:

              We do know from the study that a majority of their male gay pride sample recalled themselves being gay before the first such “sexual contact”.

              Could be ideology and retrospective rationalization. They were, after all, inquiring at a gay pride parade.

      • peppermint says:

        (1) Cochran posts his slightly non-PC theory that gayness is caused by an autoimmune reaction, or maybe a pathogen, on his slightly non-PC blog

        (2) It gets picked up by a good newser and moved to this blog

        (3) the resulting autoimmune reaction makes this place faggier

  10. k says:

    Apparently actually a bisexual girl and her biological dad, and theyre also Jewish

    • k says:

      Actually, it’s written very confusingly and the name is Marco, so you may be right and I may be totally wrong

      • jim says:

        It does not matter what they actually are, or are actually supposed to be, the picture is likely to be interpreted by the target audience as I interpreted it. The old guy looks as queer as a three dollar bill.

        If they wanted to illustrate a biological dad accepting his gay daughter, could have chosen a straighter looking dad and a girlier looking daughter.

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