Trump and social class

There is a bit of drama about a pressman being thrown to the ground at a Trump rally. There were fifteen thousand people at the rally. There were a few hundred black-lives-matter protestors who got thrown out. There were some illegal immigrant rights protestors who got thrown out. Did no one else get thrown to the ground?

A horde of black-lives-matter protestors are being herded out by security. They are leaving peaceably. The pressman gets out of the press box. Security guy stops him by getting in his way. Pressman is absolutely shocked, outraged, and indignant. Pressman gets right in the security guy’s face, screaming at him from an inch or two away. His spittle must be spraying all over the security guy. Security guy grabs him by the throat and pushes him out of the security guy’s face, laying him quite gently on the ground. Pressman kicks, tries ineffectually to fight. But the wonderful thing is expression on his face. He is absolutely incredulous, he is astonished, he is outraged he cannot believe that the security guy has dared to lay impious hands on him.

Observing the black-lives-matter protestors an arms length away, it is obvious that they believe that it would be entirely ordinary and expected for security to lay hands on them if they failed to leave or resisted being ejected, and don’t see anything the slightest out of the ordinary about security laying hands on some guy. That is what security does. Business as normal, nothing to see. They are leaving quietly because they believe that if they make trouble, security will kick their ass. Pressman thinks he can make trouble, and security cannot kick his ass.

But there are a bunch of people around the incident who also find security laying hands on the most holy pressman startlingly impious.

Pressmen, even though they are usually paid with the smell of an oilrag, are a much higher class than mere menials like security, security being working class, even though this security guy was secret service, who draw way better pay than pressmen.

So how does Trump come into this story I hear you ask. The security guy was not a Trump employee, he was a government cop, not a rentacop. So how is Trump involved?

Trump is involved because I am pretty sure the security guy would ordinarily have internalized the class dynamics, and let his social superior spit in his face, but listening to Trump made him less submissive, raised his spirits, made him remember he was a man.

Now if we were governed by real aristocrats, I would be entirely in favor of menials knowing their place, and would find Trump’s populism disturbing, but we are governed by scum. An aristocrat would never scream in a menials face. He might kill the menial, he might have him killed, he might permanently blight the menial’s career, but he would not scream in the menial’s face.

Which brings me to those trade deals that Trump has been denouncing.

I don’t know what Trump thinks is wrong with those trade deals. But what I think is wrong with those trade deals is that they treat making physical things in America as evil and oppressive, a sinful activity that needs to be phased out as soon as possible, as a lower class activity. These deals demand that other countries go along with America’s outrageous and oppressive copyright and patent laws, and open their doors to American capital, while opening America’s doors to physical manufactured goods, without really much asking foreigners to open their doors to American physical manufactured goods.

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  3. theshadowedknight says:

    In a sane society, media would be included with other entertainers and actors as the lowest class in society, save slaves. They would be seen as degenerates who have little to no social status who are only allowed to come out to amuse their betters. An entertainer accosting a member of the soldier class and subsequently being put in his place–in the dirt–would hardly be worthy of note other than further proof that entertainers are degenerates and have no place among proper society.

    Reality and sanity are beginning to reassert themselves around Trump. Through sheer force of his tearing through the pretty lies, he has created a hole into which truth slowly seeps.

    The Shadowed Knight

    • Eli says:

      I suspect that many view themselves as members of scribal class, not as mere entertainers.

  4. Eli says:

    Yes, I concur. Ordinarily, knowing that this country is inhabited by approx 80-90% trash/semi-trash (I’m referring to whites, as, for coloreds, this figure is much higher), I find populism naturally repugnant. But given the perversions being promulgated, this is a lesser evil.

    Btw, if there was profit to be made (a scandal to create), fellow journalists would stand in line to sell their own. The security minions/police imbeciles would not: and one must have cohesion, if not among the populace, then among the ruling oligarchy, to have a large scale civ. So, that’s another thing to note.

    • Robert says:

      I don’t think it is accurate to say that 80-90% of whites are trash/semi-trash. (I’m talking about in America.) Most whites are followers. It has always been that way, and it is not a bad thing. They simply follow the ruling class of the day, and the ruling class of our day are degenerates. Do not dismiss the potential that lies within the white race to triumph once more.

      • Eli says:

        Being a follower vs leader is not the criteria for qualifying someone as trash/semi trash.

        Being an individualist is a stronger criteria, but even that isn’t the sole one. Same even for IQ.

        Although, yes: sometimes a good person by birth may be driven to become trash.

        In any case, as opposed to old days, it is very hard to explain to modern trash what non-trash really is. Such things are far from always discernible immediately, even to a trained eye. There is no sharply defined boundary there. Trashiness does strongly correlate with old notion of class.

        • upeppermint says:

          Good men have families and work to build civilization.

          Trash do not have families, and exist as parasites off civilization.

          Donald Trump is the only man who has run for president in my lifetime.

  5. vxxc2014 says:

    All correct Jim.

  6. jim says:

    He claimed free speech rights to yell “Fuck you” at security.

    Security guy says “Back in the pen”. Reporter gets in his face and says “fuck you”

    See those black-lives-matter protestors leaving? Security told them to leave. What would have happened to one of them if he instead of leaving, got confrontational?- And chances are that quite a few of them did get confrontational.

  7. jim says:

    Deleted the reference to him being Jewish. There is no evidence that he is Jewish, and if he is, it is irrelevant.

    He is, however, full of holy entitlement. It is not so much that he looks Jewish, as that he looks low testosterone.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:


      You’re not only getting that one bit I keep bringing up wrongly, you’re also getting it wrongly because you’re comparing a white with a coloured.

    • upeppermint says:

      I would guess (1) Jew, went to Ivy League due to ideology (2) “studied” leftist hatemongering because couldn’t compete at anything else in school (3) believed that he was facing Trump’s rentacops and calculated they would let him do whatever because it would cause trouble for Trump if they touched him

      Affirmative action is finally destroying the dhimmicrats

  8. The reporter actually grabbed the secret service agent first by the throat, according to photos. This seems to refute much of your psychological analysis about what went down, eg the secret service guys reaction is more normal.

    • so many ads on that site. thanks Jim for not filling your blog with ads.

      Last week, in what some view as a prelude to a fascist future for America, Trump suggested he would change libel laws in order to give himself greater scope to sue journalists who pen negative articles about him

      This affirms what I suspected for years that Zerohedge is run by leftists or at least some variant of chomskyesque socialist libertarianism. They whine about the debt and ‘big mean trump’, etc.

      • ZH is not leftist or Anti-Trump. They run the actual news, rather than the propaganda you find almost everywhere else. Wouldn’t be surprised to find Trump reads them, although he pretty plainly reads InfoWars and has given interviews there (and Stone has given many, is practically a regular), which runs most of the same stories.

      • peppermint says:

        That’s the most exciting proposal from Trump. If he does it right, he breaks the power of these leftist NGOs that own a printing press or a TV transmitter, by splitting the NGO from the printing press, where, to leftists, loss of prestige is death.

        I would hope that he would slowly ease enforcement of snivel rights, but, he can’t say he’s going to do that.

    • jim says:


      Reporter acts entitled – can’t believe that event security can prevent him from going where he wills.
      Security guy tells reporter to get back in the pen (crowd control)

      Reporter says “fuck you” and tries to push past. Security put reporter on the ground.

      Reporter fights security guy, kicking and stuff. Security helps reporter get up. Reporter grabs security guy by the throat, whereupon he is instaswarmed by umpteen security guys and “escorted out” – which is to say, thrown out.

      Reporter perceives himself as being arrested, and is perhaps disappointed to find he is merely ejected like anyone else disrupting the event.

      • Examining that more, looks like the reporter grabbed his throat after he was picked up, not before the altercation. ZH doesn’t say, just says the reporter is lying when he says he never touched him.

  9. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Academia is the clergy, and the media is the degraded commercial third-estate, the latter which partake in the state religion since they think it’s the truth. Media is the same thing as advertising.


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