We won the battle of Berkeley

A free speech rally was held at the symbolically important location of Berkeley

Was the free speech sometimes anti semitic?

Yes, damned well was.

Naturally antifa, a wholly owned subsidiary of George Soros, tried to shut it down.  Failed dismally.

It is a symbolic victory.  Symbols matter, often more than the things that they symbolize.  We won, because police were relatively neutral this time.  That police were neutral this time, and that we win if police are neutral, sends an important message.

And, of course, based stickman was there.

“They picked Berkeley because they want to feel they could do this in the most liberal place in the country,” said Geoff Millard, an anti-Trump protester, Iraq war veteran and Mr San Francisco Leather 2017. “It’s important that we shut them down and let them know they can’t pull this crap here.”

Well, they could not shut us down, and we can pull this stuff there.

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  1. Turtle says:

    Jim, I’m commenting off-topic here.

    I saw a hilariously plagiaristic article: “55 things learned as a 19 year old VC,” by Tiffany Zhong.


    “Lots of doors opened up to me because I spent a lot of time in the last 3 years building my online brand and persona, specifically on Twitter. In fact, for the 1st year I started using Twitter, people started referring to me as “Tiffany from Twitter.””

    “I sometimes speak at conferences and a big portion of my talk is about how “Twitter changed my life.””

    “Reply to emails within a few days (I was unfortunately terrible at email management and wish I was better).”

    Is she there for diversity, prostitution, obsessive networking, or a mix?

    She’s aggressive for a nouveau-riche class woman, but writes like a retard, perhaps because she consider her audience stupid, and her mentors are rich fools. I don’t get how this hiring and firm founding happened. I’m concerned the VC investment industry is a bubble.

    Here’s the most retarded excerpt:

    “Transparency + Honesty + Empathy + Integrity. Work with people who possess these traits. And obviously, hold yourself to the same standards.

    In addition to those core traits, I would say intellectual curiosity, passion, hard work, hustle, and self-awareness outweighs intelligence and analytical skills.

    No one knows what they’re doing. Seriously. No matter how much they pretend like they do 😉 I’ve met a ton of successful partners who you would expect could predict the future based on their track record and are aiming to skate where the puck is going, but when I talk to them, they seem to have as much of a clue as I do…”

    And she’s proud of the lamest foolishness:
    “I’m happy about this but it also means I think about an idea for weeks before I decide whether it’s worth pursuing rather than just hacking it together in a weekend and shipping it.”

    Contradictions indicate she knows little:
    “For Series A rounds and onwards, data wins, after you believe in the premise/vision + team, of course.
    Early stage VC is 95% based on team, product, and market, and 5% on numbers and data.”

  2. vxxc2014 says:


    Fight for yourselves and for your posterity even if only your good memory still better than naught.

    If you fall your unit is your family’s new blood kin – this is practice not talk – and if National Guard where you live. Better to fall leaving your sons and daughters allies worth more than talk than fall leaving them nothing.

  3. vxxc2014 says:

    Short version of Step 3 [Obtain Police Neutrality]

    Place the bets;
    Left: Fuck the Police/kill cops. Bums.
    Right: Yes Sir, support police, go to work.

    That’s done. Collect the chips. Win the Table.

    4 Steps to Victory in America
    1] Man up.
    2] Organize – loosely and for ‘self defense’ perfect.
    3] KEY obtain police neutrality. Basically done. See above.
    4] Victory=Man Up+Organize+Police Neutrality.

    • vxxc2014 says:

      Step 3A: If police ask tell them neutrality in politics their default.
      They don’t interfere in elections.
      So they shouldn’t interfere in other politics either.
      In particular for the side who’s very War cry is Kill Cops.

      It’s tough to fuck this up but I’m sure someone will try.
      Good news is any damage is pre-contained as Police are LOCAL and we don’t have a National Police Force.

  4. Art says:

    That’s a very low bar to judge this as a victory.
    They succeeded at showing up for a brawl and surviving the beating. Failed at delivering speeches that can be attended by non-combatants.

    • Jack Highlands says:

      Don’t be ridiculous. The speech war is won on the internet, and even guys like Greg Johnson started winning it years ago, let alone more forceful people like William Pierce, Sam Francis, Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow, and more original people like Steve Sailer and Kevin MacDonald.

      We didn’t know we were winning it, because we didn’t know just what a high percentage of young White men had become totally disillusioned with endstage Leftism via high school, university, military service etc. But in hindsight, the signs were there in the year before Trump announced.

      We are winning the speech war because endstage Leftism is so easily falsifiable, and memes have proven to be simple, powerful tools to highlight the falsity.

      The street war is just a mopping up stage, ideologically. It also appears to be easily won and for the same reason: Leftism is false. Pretty high-school girls standing 61 inches tall and weighing 100 pounds, ruined into ink and porn by Yvette Felarca and all she represents, go down in a trice when punched, even by a little guy like Damigo.

      The populism war rages on from one Alt Right victory to the next. That is not the issue.

      The issue is whether Trump will truly embrace populism via )))Bannerism(((, or reject it via (((Kushnerism))).

      • Art says:

        Antifa had a clearly stated objective – to “deny platform”. Trump supporters had no platform at Berkeley.
        What exactly was the objective that Trump supporters succeeded at accomplishing?

        • jim says:

          I see videos of one of our people giving a speech about free speech at Berkeley with no big problems. Looks like a platform to me.

          The police initially kept the two sides apart. Then they decided that they were enabling fascists and giving them a platform, and the police disappeared, whereupon the trumpists, the kekistanis, the fashi, and the unironic nazis proceeded to beat the crap out of antifa.

          Numbers were about equal, but the trumpists were better equipped, braver, and physically much stronger.

          I recall an online discussion as to whether the unironic nazis were real or agents provocateur, to which the reply was that they had to be real, because they were much stronger than the antifa.

          • Alrenous says:


            David proposes the left is better organized. I was surprised to find this idea was even slightly plausible.

            This event is such a nice, clear demonstration of something that should have already been obvious.

            The left is unconscientious. The right is conscientious. Conscientious violence is rare, but far far more effective when applied. If it comes down to blood flesh and bone, the left will lose spectacularly.

      • Jack Highlands says:

        correction: )))Bannonism(((

      • vxxc2014 says:

        The street war is mopping up?
        Well perhaps ideologically. but not in reality

        Free speech war was won by blood, maintained by the bloody and is an inheritance rapidly being depleted. Which is no matter as it’s only talk.

        The actual war began with campaign of shooting against police and has yet to begin in General but it is likely.

        The only questions remaining that matter are yet to be posed or indeed known for war is walking into a Dark Room.

    • jim says:

      It is Berkeley. A low bar is fine.

      • Turtle says:

        I have heard that Berkeley has some nice Jews, who mind their own business and are politically peaceful. I think the issue is that being happy, with their own people, makes people conservative, so Berkeley’s leftism gets exaggerated. There are plenty of soft liberals, who will never attend a rally or convince anyone of anything, and they are not real opponents. Berkeley is also a college town, which is inherently fascist. The ‘diversity’ consisting of Asians (south and east) really limits the white-American leftism potential on colleges these days. Asians are more into corporate jobs, getting upper middle class rich, not complaining or activism. I find that they are somewhat fascist this way.

        People forgot that demographics can favor reactionaries. When leftists tried to stir up conflict over violence involving blacks on campus, that didn’t work. The Asians just don’t care.

        Berkeley would do better if the students were not selected for leftism, besides other prog. values. Also, “antifa” is a weird word, so normies can’t support this bad meme.

    • vxxc2014 says:


  5. Jack Highlands says:

    California may be ethnically occupied territory, but Berkeley is definitely ground-zero for the convergence of Trumpism and the Alt-Right.

    Round 1, Feb 1: Milo’s talk is cancelled, Leftist victory
    Round 2, March Forth on Mar 4th: Tactical draw, symbolic AltRight victory: Based Stick Man
    Round 3, April 15 Patriot Day: major Alt Right victory
    Round 4 is scheduled in 11 days, with Ann Coulter to speak on April 27

    I predict salt in the wound. Soros money can’t buy vigor.

  6. Turtle says:

    “Failed dismally”

    Have you seen the jarring photos, posted often by antifa themselves, of their ‘comrades’ taped by Trumpkins to stop signs, etc.? Antifa somehow got pwned recently. I think they lost their confidence. Maybe, like jim says, they depend on funding and symbolic support from the President. And perhaps they have failed to achieve critical mass, while fa and anti-fa in Ukraine did succeed, together. If so, then American antifa are too…anti-nationalist.

    Being truly anti-fa might be workable, but these guys are anti-everything. Even leftists are unwelcome by them. There was also a video posted recently where the Boston antifa complained about the lack of women in antifa, and one ‘guy’was dressed in drag. I suppose gender-queer nonsense further weakens them.

    I am wondering how police can be neutral. Does this mean no arrests, or what?

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      That taping antifas to traffic signs is the bomb. Humiliating, because you’re stuck there while people come take pictures of you. The modern-day fire-hose.

      Punch Them in the Status.

      • jim says:

        We are not actually taping them to road signs and such, but pretending that we are doing so is almost as effective.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Ah shoot. Still, a boy can meme, and now it’s out there as an idea amongst the cool kids.

          We got “Romanovs” to pop, so maybe “Tape-a-Tifa” can get some legs.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      >Being truly anti-fa might be workable…

      A bad tree cannot bear fruit; the ‘antifa’ lexeme is ineluctably bound up with an exosemantic load of pro-chaos leveling and degeneracy.

      Of course, even before that, to speak of being ‘truly anti-fa’ would commutatively demand an example of true fascism.

      If your definition of fascism is the same as the guy who pioneered fascism, that it is mergings of state and corporate power, well, you can’t really be reactionary if you oppose that by necessity (or can’t, for that matter, even be capitalist).

      • Turtle says:

        By workable, I meant that antifa could have their own elected politicians and policies. I don’t think these politicians would accomplish the social justice they crave, but that’s a separate issue.

        Merging the state with corporations is an issue when there is corruption or monopolies, not always. Opposing crony capitalism can be reactionary.

        Capitalism is not mildly reactionary, these terms refer to positions on very different axes. My definition of fascism is the comprehensive one, which includes an ugly, high-status aesthetic cult, like swastikas or calling modern Italy Roman. It also includes promiscuity of labor/ jobs and marriage/ sex, lots of conflict with other extremists, and compromise ideological positions, like relying on Heidegger, Luther, and Nietzsche all at the same time.

        It’s quite describable, and does not include commercialism. Capitalism is a communist meme, please don’t use it.

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          As a general rule, it pays to be reflexively suspicious of any attempts to prevent power sources from coalescing together.

          The nominalistic atomization of power is an essential characteristic of leftism; and, topping power structures is a lot easier than putting them together. If you have a problem with an aristocracy, and your response to this contingency is to abolish aristocracy, you will find you will not get another aristocracy in return, but no aristocracy; you will get kakistocracy.

          In more civilized times, it was not considered unusual at all for a noble to have business interests, to hold property, collect rent, and so forth. Rather, it was expected even.

          The sovereign should be the chief banker, because lending at interest and holding debt provides supreme power over men. The sovereign should be the high priest, because pronouncement of what is holy and the setting of status provides supreme power over men. The sovereign should be the general officer, because the loyalty of fighting men provides supreme power over men.

          The true sovereign in fact is each and all of these things, especially when it is said he is not; and when he is not, there is war until he is. Such is the nature of power sources.

          I would say i am not opposed as a matter of necessity to monopolies, broadly construed. Calculative, but high time preference, low time horizon thinkers, often criticize in terms of efficiency, but it is a superficial one. A cost on the margin as such, is a wise investment indeed i think, if it serves to better preserve the hierarchy altogether. The loss of which would be a much dearer price; wondrous new inefficiencies abound, scarcely dreamt of in their philosophy.

          Breaking up a trust may perhaps provide one with cheaper chalupas, but you pay for the privilege with alien invasions, welfare, and feminism. For such is what the system that was wrought naturally entails.

          For what does it profit a man, to gain .13 cents on the gallon, but lose his civilization?

          • Turtle says:

            The sovereign is not likely to be good at finance, martial arts, and theology all at once. Also, both giving loans to your soldiers, and leading them in prayer, is kind of awkward. They might want diversity of leaders, as in, the king’s brothers or servants helping out the monarchy.

            I think status is mostly a matter of wealth and ability to allocate resources and control who lives how.

            Wasn’t the Byzantine emperor officially a deacon in the Orthodox Church, with “caesaropapism” varying over time?

            • jim says:

              The sovereign does not need to do any of that stuff most of the time. The Archbishop does priestly stuff, the general does military stuff, and so on and so forth. The monarch takes care of exceptional situations, as for example if there is a power struggle between the Archbishop and the general over holy war, or if somebody performs badly.

              The King looks over their shoulders, and can question them, or any of their subordinates, and throw any of their subordinates who are disinclined to talk into the dungeon, but mostly he does not tell them what to do, short of firing one of them, and appointing a new one.

    • Jack Highlands says:

      This isn’t just a tactical matter, as in ‘if antifa had more solid white union leftists and less trannies they would have done better.’ This is what the left has philosophically become: they hate White men with union jobs and love self-employed Black drug dealers and unemployable White trannies. Antifa is the logical embodiment of end-stage leftism. They cannot not have trannies imagining they can win a street fight against recent vets, Hell’s Angels and Oathkeepers.

      It is absolutely a consequence of their Principle Idea: nature denial. A man becomes a woman when a surgeon lops his genitals off, or even if he simply says he’s a woman (they draw the line at saying your Black, since that has tangible advantages). A woman is a you-go girl who breaks a man’s nose halfway through a back flip. Trayvon Martin was waiting to hear from Harvard Law about his application.

      Yesterday at Berkeley a well-known Alt Righter, pretty much a self-avowed fascist in this case, punched a not unattractive (with a bath and a nether-shave) antifa girl in the face at the height of the melee that led to the final rout. She was wearing a lower-face bandanna and had dreadlocks so gnarly I had to see the pictures a few times to be sure she was female. It turns out, having reached 19, she recently made an intro-porn vid, naturally in the category of ‘hairy’. Her and an organic dildo: bush-league – heh – stuff. This is antifa.

      She facebooked before the event that she was off to ‘take some Nazi scalps’ and videos of the melee show every sign that she believed this Uma Jolie Theron stuff as she charged into battle.

      Naturally, far-left sites today are wailing that the fascist punched this “female-bodied person.”

      Female-bodied person.

      • Anonymous says:

        Every woman (99%) should get punched in the face by a grown man at least once in her life, to set her straight. Not kidding here.

        • jim says:

          Some women need to be beaten, and some women need to be beaten rather frequently. Most women do not.

      • Anonymous says:

        “People who are opposed to the policy of forced teenage marriage are cucks and feminists” – Andrew Anglin

        Our work is done. It’s beautiful.

      • jim says:

        So delightful.

        I have a great big smile on my face.

        No doubt she watched one thousand Hollywood movies where action girl takes out half a dozen mooks during a backflip.

        • Eli says:

          Seconded. I was once attacked by a woman in similar fashion, but didn’t dare to hit back. It feels nice to watch the natural and healthy putting back the nasty and ugly in its place.

          • Anonymous says:

            Should’ve crushed her and her delusions. A woman who assaults men is no woman at all, and deserves no protection.

            • Eli says:

              Heh. Some of the irony is that even though I was trying to escape that nut while avoiding fighting back, she tried to chase me. A big police guy was nearby, since a holiday event was happening on the street. She screamed for help and the burly policeman proceeded to arrest me, together with the other buddies of his that came immediately thereafter. They didn’t believe that she was in fact attacking me, all the while claiming that I attacked her. I was subsequently charged with assault, and, to top it off, had my name published in the local newspaper/Internet, potentially affecting my reputation.

              After several months of stupid delays, $3K, and a great Jewish lawyer, I successfully dismissed the case against me. Nonetheless, the local paper refused to publish an update. See, it’s always better to ruin someone’s reputation to get ratings rather than pursue truth. Hence, I hate journalists with a passion.

              The other little tidbit, I still remember the hateful remarks of a cop that was leading me to the police transport during arrest: “How could you attack a woman?!” he asked me with hateful eyes. I *wish* I could tell him: “Guys like you would sell out your own parents for an evil slut’s smile.”

              • Anonymous says:

                Many “domestic violence” cases are somewhat similar to your description. Man calls police because wife is throwing knives at him, etc. Police arrive and arrest the man, for domestic violence. I’ll give you this, Eli: this excessive concern with the comfooooooort of women is a Puritan meme, not a Jewish meme.

                (Puritan memes usually result in life being miserable. Jewish memes result in millions of dead bodies piled up, in addition to life being miserable)

                What I want to see, if the “white sharia” meme comes true, is police cracking down on sexual harassment – by which I mean, immodest women who sexually harass men in the workplace and in myriads of situations with their revealing clothing, teasing, etc. Let’s defeat sexual harassment. Let’s make women modest again.

                I suggest for everyone interested to start using the phrase “sexual harassment” with the explicit clarification that it refers to women being immodest and cockteasing. I just love “appropriating” leftist memes.

              • Anonymous says:

                A certain lunar entity once proclaimed: “control the memes, control the planet.”

    • pdimov says:

      “Have you seen the jarring photos, posted often by antifa themselves…”

      Those are parody accounts.

      • Turtle says:

        Good to know, that’s even funnier. But why does jim say “We are not actually taping them to road signs …” then? The photos look real to me.

        • jim says:

          The people being taped are not actually antifa or progs, they are fellow reactionaries, fashi, meme magicians, and worshipers of Kek. Not that it matters. The meme is more powerful than the reality.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Of course. Duh. The easiest propaganda photo to false-flag ever. 4K Warfare.

          • Turtle says:

            Wow, I was fooled… but I’m not sure why it was so easy to convince me. Thanks for explaining, both jim and pdimov. This is a powerful meme, but normies won’t understand it, I think. Normies are even duller than they seem.

    • vxxc2014 says:

      “I am wondering how police can be neutral. Does this mean no arrests, or what?”

      It means they don’t stop us just like they didn’t Saturday.
      Arrests are unimportant. Be polite, yes sir and defer to them and let them control situation when they assert themselves. Left invested in shooting police let them reap the benefits. The Left wanted the cops stood down and so they did.

      The Right invested in supporting police, tradition, being police, fighting for America and it is time to reap the returns. NEUTRALITY is all we need. See/Hear/Speak no evil. Arrests are trivial. Shut up, yes sir and if charged get a lawyer.
      Fighting is important, winning is important.

      There is no risk free life, survival or fighting for your own.

      4 Steps to Victory in America
      1] Man up.
      2] Organize – loosely and for ‘self defense’ perfect.
      3] KEY obtain police neutrality. Basically done. See above. Polite, defer, clean up and trash and if IF the Police tell you to stand back do so. You have rest of your lives to fight. And you will.
      4] Victory=Man Up+Organize+Police Neutrality.

      Step 3 is the key and it’s done and waiting for you to politely and calmly* accept their neutrality. Leftists literally shot the police into our arms.

      OTOH if you give the police trouble you need to know it’s over for you and your group before you achieve anything. You may sacrifice Jail, hardship and enormous funds or worse harm in exchange for being childish and undisciplined in the face of the police. You achieve nothing. IT’S A GAME NOW. The cops don’t want to help the Left the Left shoots Cops. Hillary had the BLM baby mamas on stage at her convention.

      You see follow step 3 you win it all at low cost.
      Be an idiot and lose it all and achieve nothing.

      *[then they know you are controlling yourself so they control you as they need to]

  7. Their tribe was unable to defend its core tribal territory. That sends a huge message of their weakness.

    It also tells everyone that even if they subvert Trump, MAGA is going nowhere.

    You know when political groups are battling in the streets that things are heating up.

  8. jim says:

    Oops, wrong date

  9. Space Ghost says:

    I knew Jim was good, but futureposting is a whole new level…

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