Winning gamergate

A few days before the election, the feminist blogger Go make me a sandwich has thrown in the towel, despite being handed large bags of money and unenending praise for her “courage” in complaining about sexism in games.

Another victory for the power of Trump, who has made every man stand a little straighter, walk with a slightly bigger stride, and grow bigger balls. Win, lose, or draw, he has already accomplished more change than every previous Republican candidate.

Her complaint has been to endlessly point out that male game characters are depicted as manly, while female game characters are … female. Which is to say, hotter than she is. This oppresses her. Not only that, but when she attacks artists for allegedly bad and sexist art, they have been known to disagree. It is supposedly horribly misogynistic for a male to do anything other than politely agree when attacked by a woman. People disagreeing with her cause her great pain. It is extremely cruel that anyone in the world publicly disagrees with her after she publicly attacks them.

Every fertile age female writing a book or blogging or giving a speech on anything she is passionate about is arguing that the world should be remade in such a way that the writer or speaker should be considered hot.

All her complaints are pretty similar to this one

She complains that Taki is physically impossible, because of waist to hip ratio.

When you compare the two, you can see that they’ve given Taki so much of an “hourglass figure” that her rib cage is practically inverting itself, as is her stomach. This begs the question, where does she keep her organs? Also, you’ll notice that I fleshed out Taki’s ass a bit. That’s not me making Taki a bit fatter, that’s me giving Taki the musculature needed to connect her legs to her torso.

So I put a tape measure the images of Taki in the link. Taki, as originally drawn, by the artist depicting a sexy ninja, has a waist to hip ratio of 1.9/2.8 = 0.0.67 (That is putting a tape measure on my screen, your screen will have different measurements but the same waist to hip ratio.

As “corrected” by the blogger to be supposedly realistic 2.2/3.0 = 0.73

In the bloggers black and red diagram, original Taki has 2.2/3.2 = 0.69, and supposedly realistic Taki 2.6/3.6= 0.72

But a real life hot caucasian chick is typically 0.7, and a real life hot East Asian chick, which the character presumably is, being a ninja, is indeed about 0.67 and yes, you can find, and bed, lots of real life asian chicks with a waist to hip ratio around 0.67. We are not talking freakish supermodels, but the reasonably slim and fit girl next door – well, next door if you visit East Asia.

My recent East Asian girlfriend had a waist to hip ratio better than Taki, and while her boobs were not nearly as large as fictional Taki’s boobs, which are indeed unreasonably large, they were better than the “corrected” Taki’s boobs. My recent East Asian real life girlfriend was way less “realistic” than the bloggers “corrected” Taki.

And the same is true of the regular complaints of “ünrealistic” depictions of females. They are only unrealistic if you demand that artists be forbidden from depicting that minority of women able to push aside the extra pizza slice.

By and large most videogame females correspond to a realistic slim athletic woman with big boobs, and most videogame males correspond a body builder male, reflecting what men and women want to be, and would like to have in their sexual partners – they are idealized, but except in deliberately cartoonish art, usually not absurdly exaggerated, nor are males any the less idealized that females. Pretty much every male in video game art looks like Superman.

The problem is that dumpy chicks find hot chicks far more threatening than dumpy males find hot males, and the blogger’s depictions of supposedly realistic female characters show this. Her “realistic” female characters show a realistic need to push aside the last slice of pizza and hit the gym. If she finds Taki threatening, she would find plenty of real life East Asians threatening.

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  1. JRM says:

    This woman apparently (based on what I’m reading here) has a monomania about sexy girl art, right?

    I would be surprised if she has a male corollary- that is, is there a less-than muscular male blogger sitting around grousing about the muscle-bound heroes of this kind of fantasy material?

    My impression is that scrawny or pudgy or otherwise deficient males enjoy the adventures and fantasy of fictional powerful men. Is there a demand for anatomical “realism”?

    Another example of a female being a wet-blanket killjoy who is disgruntled about trivia. And who is trying to evangelize her unhappiness through “enlightening” the masses.

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  3. Salger says:

    As someone who’s played Vidya for over a decade, I find it amusing how Taki and other sexy women in Japanese Vidya are drawn as racially ambigous (if not Caucasoid) even when they’re ment as Northeast Asian. Not just in the case of hair color, also legs (the leggy model look is in the domain of Caucasoid women), busts, even rears. Aside from the eyes, you couldn’t tell the Northeast Asian women apart from the European women.

  4. dumboi says:

    here is the real life Taki:

  5. pdimov says:

    “Every fertile age female writing a book or blogging or giving a speech on anything she is passionate about is arguing that the world should be remade in such a way that the writer or speaker should be considered hot.”

    AKA Sailer’s law of female journalism.

    • jim says:

      Steve Sailer:

      The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking

    • Cavalier says:

      Maybe it should be called the Ayn Rand law.

  6. Zach says:

    Now about Gamergate… being so close to the technical industry where a bunch of millennial scum are practically running the joint… it feels good to see this cunt fall.

    Sexism in games? Yeah? So what? Mostly guys play them. Why can’t we just let the markets work, and if one doesn’t like it, then make games where you put a bunch of sorry bitches to save the world?

  7. Zach says:

    Just going off the Trump comment…

    Trump is a low bar for manliness IMO. Clint Eastwood being a high bar if we take his output as being a part of the man. I personally find even Clint to be a little girly. He has an odd run. Speaks effeminately etc.

    I was raised on the movie Conan the Barbarian at a horrifyingly young age. I can not tell you the positive influence that had. Without the pops saying a word, I was inspired to be a killer. Not to mention, the movie has the greatest soundtrack in the history of movies!

    Ahhnold was a huge inspiration! The kick ass westerns came later. But Clint was the man!

    /pointlerss rant

    • jim says:

      Trump took on the Cathedral, and is still standing. That is manly.

      • Zach says:

        Yup. Very manly compared to most.

        I’ve been watching a lot of old Trump footage. I find him to be almost unhateable. Particularly his history with loyalty. I find loyalty to be very very important.

      • EH says:

        Not just manly, but awesomely courageous. Many have died rather than undergo attacks far milder than Trump has, let alone what’s likely coming.

    • peppermint says:

      schwarzenegger has a mestizo baby and his wife divorced him

      eastwood is a mischling and only the first dirty harry movie was any good, after that he just acted like an angry old guy in a bunch of movies

      • Cavalier says:

        Is there any actual evidence of Eastwood’s mischling-ness? His name doesn’t suggest jewish ancestry, his family tree doesn’t suggest jewish ancestry, and he has the stereotypical English look, especially the stereotypical English frame. In fact, it’s really very hard to look more English (or more precisely, colonial American) than Eastwood does. And he nets a big fat zero on my unimaginably finely tuned jewdar.

        Also, Eastwood may be remembered in the Dirty Harry movies, but all his best movies were the Westerns he made in the 60s and early 70s well before any of the Dirty Hardy BS, over which movies the Sergio Leone trilogy towers like a skyscraper, which trilogy marks the three best movies ever made, before or since.

        The Man With No Name has no and never will have a rival.

        • peppermint says:

          …okay, I don’t have any evidence, but since I hate to concede a point, hopefully AJP can come along and tell you who the real Israelites are

      • pdimov says:

        Eastwood’s recent movies (that he directed) are pretty good.

  8. Alfred says:

    She says she suffers from imposter syndrome and low self-esteem. Sounds so therapized.

  9. Anon says:

    I don’t understand the fascination with gamergate and anime among alt-righters. Videogames and anime are, largely, for fucking faggots, and East Asians are not that attractive. To each his own I suppose.

    • peppermint says:

      Vidya are at least not passive and give money to White developers or send it out of the county to zipperheads.

      Anime is less pozzed than Americuck TV.

    • Antipas says:

      I don’t think it’s the alt-right’s fascination as much as it is gamergate people and alt-righters found themselves to be fellow travelers against SJW tactics.

    • Alfred says:

      Videogames are fun. Faggots are not the only people that like fun.

    • jim says:


      A bunch of non political mildly progressive people found themselves under attack. Beloved characters were getting rewritten as transexuals and traps – which the author of the “make me a sandwich” completely fails to notice. Even when a character is a grotesque disgusting transexual or a trap, her only concern is that some faggot will find it hotter than she is. She insists that trannies and traps also be slightly overweight and out of shape.

      Also, the SJW movement, in addition to demanding that games demonize the male players, just did not like games being fun. They insisted that a game be the kind of lecture that SJWs use to punish people.” They demanded that the play be taken out of games, that games should be stories, not games, and that those stories should be patronizing lectures that spit upon the victim of the lecture.

      This pushed a lot of people who thought themselves progressives into the alt right. Artists found themselves censored, and engineers found themselves censored by the demand that games just stop being playable, and become lectures.

      • Javier says:

        Can confirm. I am right-wing now because of Anita Sarkeesian and Gamergate. Feminists attacking my favorite hobby woke me up.

  10. Stephen W says:

    Will you be criticizing this recent and popular youtube video: (Rules for Rulers by CGP Grey)

    • jim says:

      His error is complex. He ignores the role of faith, of synthetic tribes, and genuine loyalty. You cannot rule by money alone.

      • Cavalier says:

        I think the sort of economic take as espoused in the video (and the Dictator’s Handbook) has applicability, if somewhat limited applicability. For instance, I think it is actually a fairly valid way of describing how Africans behave. It clearly is completely invalid as a way of describing how Whites behave.

        Perhaps there is some axis going from “materialist” to “spiritual”, with human species located on the materialist side being driven by money and bitches NOW AT ANY COST and the spiritual side being driven by holiness competition. The more I think about this concept the more it conceptually melds with mating patterns, and the more it melds with mating patterns it seems like religious competition is dominant in civilized species and resource competition is dominant in the various nigger species.

        So for instance, I don’t think Africans believe in anything beyond hunger and sexual release, the more sophisticated among them perhaps believing in climbing up the greasy pole to get the largest possible share of the take, and they certainly don’t have synthetic tribes or genuine loyalty.

        Therefore I have reason to believe that CGP Grey’s video can be summed up in one word: niggers.

        • peppermint says:

          that’s a good idea, but it’s phrased in christcucked language, translated to Natural Selection, you’re saying that there’s a spectrum between uncooperative and cooperative people with uncooperative people focused only on what they can get with no in-group loyalty and cooperative people willing to eschew personal gain in order to try to work for the group

          • Cavalier says:

            Cooperation does not necessarily imply loyalty, nor does cooperation necessarily imply altruism, some sort of self-sacrifice for the greater whole, or some sort of sacrifice for the greater good. Your imagined spectrum is not a spectrum of cooperation but a spectrum of selfishness to selflessness.

            Cooperation can be, and often is, a mutually beneficial endeavor, as in trade. Trade is one way in which two genetically and culturally unrelated peoples can both benefit by cooperating with one another. One thing about trade is that it is usually initiated and arranged between two long-time trusting parties, or in other words, friends. It follows that there are other ways in which genetically and culturally unrelated persons and peoples may cooperate without needing in-group loyalty (unless you count an in-group of two, perhaps), or to eschew personal gain, there probably being quite a lot of ways.

            The single biggest difference between the evolutionary environment of Africans and the evolutionary environment of Whites is that in the evolutionary environment of Africans, men had little control over the distribution of calories, whereas in the evolutionary environment of Europeans, men had exclusive control over the distribution of calories. The implications are, I think, obvious.

            One interesting, perhaps less obvious implication, is that when unmarried daughter is bound to her father, potential suitors needing to go through the father to get to the daughter, the father will exercise a large degree of selection on the suitor, but that isn’t the interesting bit, which is — in addition, potential suitors will naturally exercise a non-trivial amount of selection on the father as well as the daughter.

            This means that in a patriarchal system it isn’t just pro-social males getting virtuous, chaste, and obedient wives, but pervasive selection of pro-social behavior mediated by natural selection mediated by sexual selection.

            So it’s really more about the sophistication of how we organize to make raiding parties versus the sophistication of how they organize to make raiding parties, the difference between BP in the Middle East and a Chechen raiding party. It doesn’t mean nobody’s getting paid.

            (Nor does cooperation have to be voluntary, as defect and the law will come down upon your neck. It’s really a form of group selection when you think about it.)

        • jim says:

          Therefore I have reason to believe that CGP Grey’s video can be summed up in one word: niggers.

          Exactly so.

          Of course the Cathedral is trying, with considerable success, to impose google mating patterns on whites. We have to reverse this, in part because whites cannot successfully reproduce with google mating patterns, but also because stable good government requires a non google mating pattern. You want your ruling elite to be related to each other by blood and marriage, and you cannot do that without marriage.

          • Cavalier says:

            One interesting thing I noticed about Trump’s roast is how many seemingly unaccompanied men there were in the frame.


            I don’t pretend to understand our rulers’ cultural practices, so maybe there is some good reason for this, but I think myself a bit more sane than them, and if I were king and I were throwing that dinner I would compel the invitees to bring their wives and I would sit those wives with their husbands, and any stubbornly unmarried man would not survive very long in my ruling class, nor would any habitually unaccompanied husband.

            Here’s a slightly better view:

  11. Salger says:

    Feminists and White Knight Gammas like webcomic author Dave Willis try to say that meat men like Superman don’t count since they’re “male power fantasies.” Here’s both the comic itself and a collection of romance novel covers:

    In the comic, you see the cute yet totally geeky mouthpiece for Willis get into it with the neckbeard strawman. After Strawman brings up male superheroes being drawn in an idealized fashion, Mouthpiece goes on about how she, speaking for all women (which gets funnier when you note that the author is a man), isn’t attracted to those men. She goes as far as to redraw Batman to have ridiculously feminine looks. Strawman gets uncomfortable at this, surely meant to show that if men were REALLY “objectified” they’d get triggered.

    Of course, the comic is trash. If the redrawn Batman looks off-putting it’s from putting ridiculously feminine looks on a noticeably masculine character. It’s like how so many men are put-off by trannys, fags, and crossdressers.

    • peppermint says:

      Women are also put off by not faggots and trannies but betas who try to agree with them. Faggots and trannies get excitement points by forcing other people to say ridiculous things.

      Faggots can get pussy because they have power, which is more important than looks.

      • jim says:

        Woman are told, and believe, that jobs and education make them attractive. Sorry girls. They make you ugly.

        • peppermint says:

          yeah, women need part time jobs so they can look for a husband in the city, or to go to the women’s college so they can get a husband from the university

          • Cavalier says:

            They rather seem to spend less time looking for a husband in the city or in the university than they do cruising for another dick on another night.

            Perhaps, instead of the girl, her father needs a part-time job so he can spend his time looking for a husband in the city or in the university.

        • Zach says:

          Doesn’t it get back into not needing us? Only in their minds of course.

          How crude and ridiculous is it to have a woman always trying to prove themselves and endlessly trying to prove they don’t need (nor require) men? The propaganda of feminism confuses women like this.

          Wife is highly educated. Is very successful. However, she is attracted to real men. Loves real men. Had a real man as a father. Now has one for a husband. Professed to the world (facebook) she is voting for Trump. Probably the only woman in the entire company that would dare say such a thing.

          I wouldn’t want to kill her social life. I think that’s important to her. So she will work, and I am okay with that.

        • EH says:

          Status on a woman is as attractive as tits on a man.

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