Google censors Google censorship

Recursive censorship:

Typing climategate booker into bing four of the first five hits are about Google censoring Booker’s climategate article.

Typing climategate booker into google, none the first four hits are about Google censoring Booker’s climategate article – the same hits are all there, one of them at rank five, and they have fairly high page rank, but a markedly lower page rank than bing gives them.  Further, the rank is better for the ones most favorable to google.

This of course, reflects page rank at this instant, and will no doubt be different soon, but that is what I saw.

Despite its utterly villainous and richly deserved reputation, Microsoft, unlike Google, has an impressive record of defending freedom.  Of course, they recently came under new management, and if we are dependent on Microsoft to protect liberty, we are in trouble.

2 Responses to “Google censors Google censorship”

  1. Fat Bastard says:

    Google removed my blog with no explanation and no warning.

    Google is a corporate gangster.

    • jim says:

      Of course, if they gave you an explanation, that would leak information about what information frightens them. And that is information I would like to have. What information did you post that did frighten them?

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