Herman Cain sticks it to political correctness

At 41 seconds into the ad, the speaker says:  “We can do this, we can take this country back”, and takes a drag on a cigarette.

So who are we taking it back from? 

We are taking it back from the scolds and self righteous naggers.

Obama could take a public dump on the American flag and no one would blink, indeed, in a sense he has done so, but this ad is shocking them.

Of course blacks have long been taking advantage of being black to say shocking things that whites are not permitted to say, for example Chris Rock telling us that when he is about to withdraw money from the ATM, and fearfully looks behind him, “Ah’m looking for niggas”, plus all the wonderfully truthful things that they have been saying about women, and white women in particular, but such permissiveness does not extend to black conservatives, still less to their white campaign managers.

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  1. AnalogMan says:

    First visit to this blog, so I’m late to this thread, but I had to comment.

    Those scolds and self-righteous naggers… would those be the same ones objecting to OWSers crapping on a police car? At what point does objecting to anti-social behavior become self-righteous nagging? At the exact point where you stop objecting, presumably. And agreement on where that point should be is a valid qualification for the presidency??

    I’m constantly amazed at how much White people invest their identities in this filthy habit adopted from savages.

    • jim says:

      There is a large and obvious difference between crapping in public and smoking in public. Civilizations that let people crap anywhere come down with plagues, whereas the evils of second hand smoke are difficult to detect, except by the usual methods of PC science.

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  3. damaged justice says:

    Cain is every bit as much the banksters’ man as Obama.

    I resent the fact that it looks like the second half of my life is going to be “interesting” instead of relaxing. But I’ve spent my whole damn life backing up, and I’m done.

    • jim says:

      Indeed he is, but the banksters are not the biggest problem. The banksters would not have pissed away a few trillion had they not been confident of a bailout, but they would not have pissed away a few trillion had it not been for politically correct ideology. That wall street is stealing a lot of money is a serious problem that he probably would not correct. That the politically correct are stealing and destroying a vastly greater amount of wealth is a problem that the cigarette in the ad at least hints he might correct.

      Who are we going to take back America from? The ad at least hints that he will take it back from the scolds. Who pissed away over a trillion dollars on loans to unemployed no-hablo-english wetbacks to buy million dollar houses no money down – well I guess it was crooked loan officers, but they did it to please the scolds. In the S&L scandal, the money was pissed away on insider loans. This time around it was, bizarrely, pissed away on outsider loans.

      Since many of the applicants, perhaps most, could not read or write, let alone in English, it is probable that the lies on the application forms were created by loan officers, rather than applicants (crooked wall street rather than crooked Mexicans). But the important fact is that most of the money went to outsiders, not insiders, poor Mexicans rather than rich Wall Streeters. Political correctness really is to blame, not the banksters, who, though villainous enough, were more victims than villains.

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