The lesson of Gaddafi

The brutal death of Gaddafi teachers all rulers a lesson:  Emulate Syria, Iran, and Turkey.  Obstinately continue to do bad things to Americans, do not give in.  Do not imitate Gaddafi, who stopped doing terrorism, backed off and went on his best behavior after Ronald Reagan killed various members of Gaddafi’s family.  Still less should you emulate Egypt, and be an American ally.

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  1. Bill says:

    And never, ever give up your nuclear weapons program.

  2. RS says:

    > I think the clearer message is put the Islamists in charge or else. Syria is next on the list for Obama.

    Gonzalo Lira says nothing more will take place in the mideast, if the west can help it. It would spike oil and kill the EU.

    • jim says:

      This seems to presuppose that our ruling elite is sane.

      Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

      Within the ruling elite, adherence to doctrine is high status, thus paying attention to external reality is low status. Equivalently, conformity is high status, so they listen to themselves, which has effects similar to paying too much attention to the voices in your head. If the ruling elite pursues some tactic, then the beliefs that make that tactic rational must be high status, so the tactic must be rational. If anyone should doubt, he must be racist, which has come to merely mean low status.

      • RS says:

        I think doctrine worship applies most intensely to race/gender/homo stuff. Present mideast affairs are only modestly connected to race (‘Arabs can have democracy just as well as Europeans can’), so I think the govs might perform decently (though probably not brilliantly).

        • jim says:

          “Present mideast affairs are only modestly connected to race”

          Consider the response to Major Hasan murdering a bunch of people. Supposedly the great tragedy was not that a bunch of people were murdered, but that this might undermine support for affirmative actioning unqualified murderous Muslim fanatics to positions of authority within our defense establishment.

          Consider the “Crescent of Embrace” Demented enough for you?

          • RS says:

            > Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad

            I’ve always liked it in Latin, which I once learned a touch of, though I can read no foreign tongue: quem deus perdere vult, primam dementat.

            The Crescent of Defeat is pretty damn supine and decadent ; maybe I’m just a huge racist but I kind of thought the heros putting the plane down off-target would have been celebrated, and not the terrorists. And I’ve heard some of the silly quotes about Hasan.

            However, by present mideastern affairs I really meant big doings over there… Arab Spring, regime change, any sort of civil wars, blobkade breaking at Gaza, or big diplomatic fallings out. For that is what spiked oil – the Arab Spring did it, and I recall that sometime a few decades ago OPEC got mad over something and did a boycott of a few months, which had big effects on the oil price for a while.

            Moldbug thinks the Libyan war stemmed basically from ennui and boredom, and/or the usual dogmatic ideas about doing humanitarian good. I’m not so sure it wasn’t directly self-interested, but I’m not so well equipped to evaluate theories like the following one:


            • jim says:

              The reason that the rebels launched a central bank is that a major issue in Libya was Gaddafi effort’s to force people to use his worthless currency at gunpoint. The penalty for having any form of money that is worth anything was immediate on the spot execution. We are starting on that path, with TSA giving you a hard time for transporting gold and silver.

              I don’t think ennui and boredom. I think our ruling elite believe that the natural and inevitable state of any democracy is to become muppets of the state department, hence they are pleased, rather than displeased, when middle eastern democracy is violently oppressive.

  3. The real lesson in Gaddafi is that the national IQ of LIbya is 83, but Gaddafi the Bedouin probably had an IQ closer to 75 – borderline retard.

    Check out the vid if you don’t believe me.


    • jim says:

      The crowd he was addressing was pretty dumb, but word is that Gaddafi was smart enough when talking to white people.

  4. red says:

    I think the clearer message is put the Islamists in charge or else. Syria is next on the list for Obama. I’ve listened to a ton of progressives talking about the horrible things going on in Syria and I’ve read that where funding a lot of the opposition over there.

    All of this does nothing for America but it some how serves the greater cause of the international cathedral. I’m still at a loss to understand what game they’re playing.

    • jim says:

      Islamic rule is democracy: The Cathedral believes that in the long run it can successfully manipulate democracy, that all democracies become muppets of the state department and Harvard, except for a few irritating and objectionable democracies where the Pentagon has undue influence, and even those will come around eventually.

      When they meet Muslim theocrats, they see people very like themselves – upper class theocratic rulers, quite unlikely those horribly lower class Christian trailer trash, and so find it easy to believe that the Muslim theocrats will join a Cathedral dominated consensus upon receiving this generous offer.

      Of course, in practice, anyone in Turkey who leans in the direction of democracy being authentically Turkish, let alone US inclined, winds up in jail, but the theocrats in the state department figure that is merely the Turks defending themselves against those horrid pentagon people.

      And if they actually worry about Muslim theocrats – and Obama has killed quite a few Muslim theocrats, so some in the Cathedral do worry – they figure that they easily defeated those horrid Christian theocrats, not realizing that they themselves are those horrid Christian theocrats, and the Christians that they defeated and dominated were the non theocratic Christians.

      They make a distinction between good Muslim theocrats, such as the Turkish government, and the Imam of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, and bad Muslim theocrats, such as Taliban and Al Quaeda. They generously reward the one, and punish, or at least fail to reward, the other, thus, by degrees, Muslim theocracy will, they hope, be subsumed by Cathedral Theocracy.

      Of course Muslim theocracy has ten times the fanaticism, logical coherence. emotional coherence, and inherent attractiveness that Cathedral Theocracy has, so I think the reverse is more likely: Cathedral theocracy is being subsumed by Muslim theocracy.

      • PRCalDude says:

        Hard to say. God willing, we’ve inadvertantly created a big enough Sunni-Shia rift that they’ll fight one another. If we have done this, it’s entirely by accident.

        Also, the Turks I’ve met IRL have been a lot more reasonable than anyone I’ve met from our theocracy. They seemed mostly interested in smoking cigarettes and drinking – things we can all understand.

        • jim says:

          Of course Turks are more reasonable than our elite. Turks have only had religious government since 2002. We have had a quasi religious government since the civil war. In two more generations, they will all be as brainwashed as Palestinians.

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