More astroturf riots in Greece.

At one minute fifty seconds in this you tube video, a man carrying a burning molotov cocktail rushes up to police. They don’t react. He hurls it onto the ground, not at them, but right in front of himself. There is a huge spectacular whoosh as burning petrol sprays everywhere. They react only slightly. He runs away. They don’t chase him.

They act as if they knew in advance that a man was going to come rushing at them and hurl a molotov cocktail, not at them, but right in front of himself.

At forty seven seconds in this video a molotov hits right behind a cop. He does not turn around. He acts as if he knew in advance the molotov is coming and will land a short but safe distance from him.

You are supposed to believe that unless the Greek government gets more money to allieviate the condition of the oppressed masses, there will be communist revolution, but it is all fake and staged.

At two minutes and five seconds in this video you see a fuse burning, then an explosion goes off.  It is right on the gutter, in the safest possible place for an explosion, where there is no risk it might hurl stuff onto anyone on the pavement.

Alrenous, however, links to some real Greek rioting, which I would interpret as copycats getting carried away.


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  1. Tschafer says:

    “a typical protestor seems to have gone about thirty five thousand dollars into debt to get a degree in hating whitey”

    That’s the best line I’ve read about OWS so far…

    • jim says:

      I made that call just seeing photos of them, but subsequently found photo up of a woman with a lengthy handwritten sign explaining that she will be thirty five thousand dollars in debt and highly qualified for feminist activism when she completes her degree. She is calling for more funding of feminist activism.

  2. Alrenous says:

    Injury dot jpeg. I was surprised too.

  3. anonymous says:

    isn’t it at least conceivable that the riots are genuine but the greeks are just that lazy/incompetent?

    • Alrenous says:

      Aiming behind people without hitting them is hard. Have you ever tried it? That man shows craftsmanship.

      That said, there seems to be at least some real rioting. (From Foseti.) I think the astroturf protests are spawning ‘real’ protests through the copycat mechanism.

      I suspect the OWS is seeing a similar phenomenon. It is all predicated off the Tea Party, which actually is real, but was also sparked by astroturf.

      • jim says:

        If some real copycat rioting, would expect some real injuries among rioters or police. So far the only casualty is a heart attack brought on by unusual exertion in a man who did not get enough regular exercise.

        Burning the parking facility down looks like an inside job – the parliamentary parking building would be secure, so the obvious suspects are the parliamentarians themselves, who are also the ones organizing the riots.

        With the occupy wall street protest, free food and free place to camp seems to have brought out several hundred non astroturf campers, but when the organizers try to lead them out of the park to confront wall street, only a handful follow.

        The reported odor of the camp, and the complaints of Brookfield’s tenants, suggest that the campers, the non astroturf part of the protest, are in large part the kind of people who are not only falling out of the upper class, but landing on their faces in a pool of their own shit and vomit. A typical protestor seems to have gone about thirty five thousand dollars into debt to get a degree in hating whitey – the kind of person who would find a free place to camp and free food rather attractive.

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